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4:04 AM
4:44 AM
Time for Deno?
@VLAZ Deno can go extinct. Time for Done.
And next is Nedo
I don't really know where I was going with this, to be honest.
4:56 AM
fun minute of trivia: in Russian, "nedo" is a prefix meaning "insufficient", "defective". So... Nedo.js sounds quite funny to me :)
3 hours later…
8:11 AM
So many TS questions that are "How do I fix literally the reason to use TS?"
> How to fix Argument of type 'string' is not assignable to parameter of type 'number'?
Gee, I dunno - either don't pass a a string where a number is needed or change your types if they are wrong.
8:32 AM
that strong typing must be too strong for 'm
"How do I defeat this mighty foe - the Typing boss?"
8:46 AM
git gud
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9:54 AM
@VLAZ simple - you just cast spells! That tends to backfire if it hits you back, though
which spells man?
AskStackOverflow ?
ok, the joke about type assertions and Dark Souls fell flat ^_^
@OlegValteriswithUkraine Amazingly apt comparison, actually. In the tabletop Mage: the Ascension and Mage: the Awakening, the titular mages are able to cast spells (duh) but to do that, they basically twist the universe. That leads to spells risking Paradox. It's what happens if you stretch the universe too far, you get a Paradox backlash.
@VLAZ well, for some of the more complex types, it feels like twisting the universe too
Hence the apt comparison :D
And yeah, the spells just impose new rules on the universe. Like, if you have proficiency to manipulate space, you can make a gun shoot anywhere you want because you make the bullet chamber actually a curve, yet the bullet travels it in a straight line.
@VLAZ it actually makes more sense than most other magic systems
Yeah, I love Mage. It did manage to make magic actually feel magical. Since it can accomplish anything. As long as you know how to manipulate it. It rewards creativity but also spells still are deeply personal. If you want to have your character just use wands and throw fireballs, you can.
what about (magic) healers?
Easily doable. In both games mages can manipulate Life to have control over living organisms. Closing wounds, purging poison, even regrowing limbs all falls under it.
Essentially MtAs (Ascension) is the old one, MtAw (Awakening) is the new one. They tackle things broadly the same way. Magic is divided in several different "areas". 9 in MtAs, 10 in MtAw. Each is some fundamental type of interaction with the universe. For example: Forces is about manipulating energetic things (magnetism, heat, light, electricity, etc), while Life is manipulating living organisms. Each gives increasing levels of control as you advance.
Combining these can make for spectacular effects. And in what fashion those effects manifest depends on the mage. E.g., if one is technologically inclined, they can build a subdermal implant that sets your fists on fire. A religious mage might pray to the gods/spirits to get the same thing. And many more.
10:14 AM
tbf I like to read fantasy novels
it is a nice form of escapism for me
especially if there's magic involved. Or inspirations from Tolkien's work
If you haven't read the Dresden Files yet, I'd recommend it.
It's about a wizard in modern day Chicago.
my local library does not have it
I have read other large novels like Sword of truth, wheel of time, ect though
I have Hobbit/LOTR in english though. Felt correct to purchase it.
Was not sure at start and yeah ... his English is something not usual. I had to google some words from time to time
I need to get into the Wheel of Time. It's been on my "to read" list for a while.
The problem is there is many other things on there :(
I've got a literal stack of books sitting that I've not read yet. And WoT is not there yet.
10:30 AM
did not have much time for reading either. Clearly I considered playing a game more important >.>
adult life :) plenty of money, not enough time
10:43 AM
Can we vote for making the days longer? Like 48 hours per day. That help with the time.
gotcha move the earth in a different orbit :D
Oh we keep everything as it is. Just make the days last 48 hours instead. We still work the same time. So, for example, on Monday, you wake up at 7 o'clock, you start at 9 o'clock, have lunch at 12, finish around 18 o'clock, have dinner, go to bed at, say, 23:00. Then you wake up at 31 o'clock which is morning. You do whatever you want to do, have lunch at 36 o'clock, then dinner later and go to bed at 47 o'clock. Finally, you wake up at 7 o'clock on Tuesday and start your second day of work.
11:13 AM
> currently am developing a web application that deals with fitbit web API. Using javascript I somehow manage to display the profile of the user inside debug console. Now my question is how to fetch those details in to my USER INTERFACE of my web application. My web browser is not based on PHP MySQL server. It's firebase.
That is a whole lot to take in.
Somehow they managed to log something to the console.
The browser is not based on PHP and MySQL
12:03 PM
a justified close
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1:21 PM
Not sure how to attack this.
I have a long `<ul>` where each item takes up about 50-70% of the screen height and want to add a keyboard trigger that puts next list element in focus. I.e. «n» scroll so that next is at top of page, «n» once more scroll next etc.
Issue is how to detect which element is in view. It is easy enough to detect if an element is in view by using getBoundingClientRect and the like - but rather not loop the entire list for each key-press.
Had a look at elementFromPoint - but that is somewhat sketchy as one have to guess the point to look at.
just remember the position
store it where you're controlling the state
@KarelG Sure, but then user scrolls by mouse or scroll-bar ...
@VLAZ Thanks, I'll look into that
@KarelG What I mean is that user can scroll N% down the page, then hit «n» (or possibly some sticky button). Then hit «n» a few more times and then perhaps «Home» or PgDown or scroll down or arrows etc. Thought is to be able to check which element in the list should be displayed next, or «u»/«p» or what ever for previous.
Sorry for the long ramble lol. Now I look at VLAZ's link.
1:47 PM
well ... I may be kinda vague but I have solved that way because of the marketing dept wanted something like you want, but it was horizontal back then
scrolling the wheel made it rotating
shitty requirement and took my fellow worker DAYS to get something and that was fairly acceptable for me, but not for him.
eventually - after two sprints? - it was "buggy" and thus not accepted. I had to look into that because he got desperate. I just shoved a state machine somewhere to get it so-so marginally better.
we're talking about an impovrement of 90% to 95%
eventaully he accepted it
when that worker heard of it, he came to me telling with a joking-frustration tone "screw you"
So then you perhaps first «on trigger» (e.g. keydown):
1. Locate element in view
2. Add listener to scroll
3. If scroll triggered, then re-do 1. on next trigger (e.g. key)
4. If trigger repeated use remembered pos
I don't locate. If scroll down -> +1. Scroll up -> -1
pressing n = +1
But how do you know where in the list you are?
I remembered my position
fyi that "position" i've been talking about is the index of the list
Ah ... horizontal scroll, but not as in scroll-bar, but a fixed list?
1:53 PM
yeah, caroussel
there are libraries for that but he did not liked 'm
I'm talking about actual scroll of page (i.e. scrollbars etc)
he's a good/cool dude but sometimes he comes with crazy requirements
Crazy makes one think. Crazy is good lol - problem is when spec is bad and requirements changes heh
It's like 75% trough a project or feature and they add something new that screw up the 75% and makes the requirement 200% more dificult
those are the worst :)
But, OK, some requirements can be very, very bad as well - I'll do not deny that
1:59 PM
I reject 'm.
Perks of team lead :)
2:12 PM
I am trying to implement throttling in my loginForm...after a number of failed attempts a delay will take place...do you think I shoud display a countdown timer to the user informing him.her for the delay in seconds?
The IntersectionObserver looks interesting, but have to do some memory benchmarks. Hate memory hogs and in this case I can have ±1k elements (which is a RAM hog in of itself off course) but do not want to make it twice as bad. From what I understand I do not get past the looping either.
@DimitrisPapageorgiou Sure. An element simply saying try again in N-seconds is not as user friendly. A countdown with disabled submit (and proper server side filtering) sounds more user friendly to me (and should be rather simple to implement). One could of course also disable the submit button (or what ever) with a «Bad person! Wait N seconds»
A countdown should be rather user friendly
And it's all about intuitiveness and user friendliness. (But That's Me :P)
Not all … but on the front end :P
Thinking of it it – something like «Too many attempts. Retry enabled after N seconds» might look better
A count-down-clock might look off. Depends a lot on the whole site design / theme
Personally; and I emphasize personally - I do not like too much going on in a page unless it is very well crafted.
I.e. I find this one has too much fancyness: cutcodedown.com/for_others/medium_articles/fancyLazyImages/…
I find it much more pleasant in the long run when it is more static.
Fancy transitions and whoop a loops are cool and I love to do it from a «omg this is cool» standpoint. But it is very energy draining compared to a more static design.
Imagine looking at that for 8h a day. I'd go even more crazy.
Games are different though.
Another medium so to sepak
2:39 PM
VSCode IDE, truly am disliking this application when compared to IntelliJ. Can anyone please tell me how to properly set up the Prettier formatter? I am trying to prevent code from wrapping and set the characters to 120 but it still wraps some lines automatically and the length is < 120.
Here is an example of what I'm talking about.

This line ...
const [formattedValues, newDates]: [string, Date[]] = this.getFormatAndDates(this.calendar);
Becomes this...
const [formattedValues, newDates]: [string, Date[]] =
This is driving me nuts.
Second is better
Only an indent on 2nd line
with true tab
it does have an indent my mistype
:P, but that's me ;)
it is doing it to my log statements as well so instead of

I get
Well, - that is stupid
2:43 PM
merge requests are insane because of all the changes VSCode is putting into a file from simple edits made to them.
I'm using the Prettier extension.
Am ready to go bed the PM to just buy the damn new license for IntelliJ
Do you happen to know how I can adjust the details for Prettier to leave certain things alone?
Sorry I'm mainly using VIM
But sure someone else is on the boat
In short I hate editors that decide to do things with the code that I did not ask for.
They can have a lot of very useful features, but that is another game
(I think I might sound very opinonated (or whatever it is called) and sure of myself, but I'm not) – just my reflection
I keep my code on short lines. But then again I have a history of C code and Linus influence. In short I used to write insane code with insane deep blocks and what ever. JS is not C, but thinking of it while coding surely has made my code more readable if I say so myself. At least when I look at old code - the tab indented short line code is far easier to read when one have to dig trough thousands of lines :P
3:41 PM
The silence is deafening hah
A loo instead of a lol. A water loo even. So you want war? That's it? It did not work out too god last time Napoleon!
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5:46 PM
posted on May 19, 2022 by Prudhvikumar Bommana

 The Dev channel has been updated to 103.0.5060.13 for Windows, Mac and Linux. A partial list of changes is available in the log. Interested in switching release channels? Find out how. If you find a new issue, please let us know by filing a bug. The community help forum is also a great place to reach out for help or learn about common issues. Prudhvikumar Bommana Google Chrome

I must be misunderstanding something
oh i see, that's annoying
Wrap<Bar<Foo.A, Foo2>> is not the same as Wrap<Bar<Foo.A, Foo2.A>> | Wrap<Bar<Foo.A, Foo2.B>>
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7:02 PM
It's like a Picasso painting on MDMA threw up in a paper-bag that rifted and ran out into a sewer drain and your task is to paint a replica of the picture Mr. Picasso painted there after based on the reminiscence told by the bags insides with no lighting and your hands tied behind your back with barbed wire trying to see trough duct tape directly plastered on your eyeballs while a stranger is pulling your hair only equipped with a cut of finger as your brush
and a mixture of blood and a can of pitch as paint and the backside of a tiger as your canvas
2 hours later…
9:11 PM
@user3342816 lol... what?
10:04 PM
posted on May 19, 2022 by Ben Mason

Hi everyone! We've just released Chrome Dev 103 (103.0.5060.13) for Android. It's now available on Google Play. You can see a partial list of the changes in the Git log. For details on new features, check out the Chromium blog, and for details on web platform updates, check here. If you find a new issue, please let us know by filing a bug. Krishna Govind Google Chrome


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