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12:42 AM
Do you use filename or fileName?
1:03 AM
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6:57 AM
@1.21gigawatts I personally prefer tabs. But I'm OK with consistent whitespacing. Don't mix the two.
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9:14 AM
@VLAZ yeah, that's an interesting pattern, although I am unsure whether it has a lot of use cases in practice
9:28 AM
I'd say very narrow. But I did answer a question where the user wanted to run a sync task and async task. I've just slightly adapted the example from there. But if you do const a = syncTask(); const b = await asyncTask(); you'd wait more. Same if you swap the two lines.
Setting off asyncTask() first then syncTask() then await-ing the result of the async one means you'd wait the least. But you're open to async rejection errors. Even Promise.all([syncTask(), asyncTask()]) doesn't handle that as the sync task bombs out. If you swap the order of the two, you get a problem because the async rejection isn't handled.
the sync + async case is gnarly but even two async tasks might have an issue. If you want to set them off in parallel. Well, without Promise.all() at least.
Also, while the wrapPromise is probably a bit narrow, unwrapPromise can have more use, since it handles the results of Promise.allSettled(). Well, with that said, I've probably used Promise.allSettled() all of twice "for real" outside, e.g., SO answers or just playing around with it.
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12:39 PM
I am receiving this error:
Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading 'player')"
  document.querySelectorAll("button.cover").forEach((button, index) => {
    players.add(".playSingle" + index, playerVarsList.filter(pvl => pvl.index == index)[0].player);
How would that be fixed in the code?

function onYouTubeIframeAPIReady() {
  let playerVarsList = [
    	index: 0,
      player: {
      	playerVars: { playlist: "0dgNc5S8cLI,mnfmQe8Mv1g,-Xgi_way56U,CHahce95B1g" }
    }, // 1
    	index: 1,
      player: {
        playerVars: {
          listType: "playlist",
          list: "PLYeOyMz9C9kYmnPHfw5-ItOxYBiMG4amq"
    }, //  2
    	index: 6,
      player: {
      	videoId: '0dgNc5S8cLI'
    }, // This is the sixth button
What in here would get changed?
  document.querySelectorAll("button.cover").forEach((button, index) => {
    players.add(".playSingle" + index, playerVarsList.filter(pvl => pvl.index == index)[0].player);
1:31 PM
Can you help me?
Q: For the purpose of creating 1 unique container that is different from the others

Mary Smith JamesCurrently, clicking on the button takes you to .play2, where it opens, just no video is appearing. Broken Code, I am trying to get working. Has the 1 added container in it. https://jsfiddle.net/bz1oyt2w/ <button class="playInitial cover spinner" type="button" data-container="play2" data-id="EK3...

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4:04 PM
@VLAZ Indeed. Mixed is worse than either by itself
posted on December 09, 2022 by Daniel Yip

The dev channel has been updated to 110.0.5464.2 for Windows,Mac and Linux. A partial list of changes is available in the log. Interested in switching release channels? Find out how. If you find a new issue, please let us know by filing a bug. The community help forum is also a great place to reach out for help or learn about common issues. Daniel YipGoogle Chrome

4:21 PM
I would like to use constants in Typescript that are accessible throughout the app. Do I use a class, type or something else?
i'd just use an object
but i can see using a class
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class AllowableOptions {
   const HIGH:string = "high";
   const LOW:string = "low";

var userOption = AllowableOptions.HIGH;
But what if I want to use it like shown above?
Because it will throw an error if not instantiated?
not if they're static properties
4:51 PM
what about enums?
is that applicable?
5:17 PM
Is there a native way to remove an item from an array in typescript like so:
I know they've been adding new methods to the array class in javascript land
Do people use classes and types in both server and client js?
let's say i have a People class
If nodejs and browser js both support modules i should be able to import and use the class in both correct?
except my classes are a directory up from the public folder so they are unreachable
5:41 PM
Line endings or no line endings?
6:02 PM
whaddup guys
I am currently trying to build a little filter search function, basically this:
Would it make sense to create an object for every user with the name and info, and then loop through it to look for the letter which has been put into the search bar?
or is there a different / better method in js? i heard of the .filter method, but im not quite sure if this would be the right approach
7:03 PM
posted on December 09, 2022 by Cole Brown

 The Dev channel is being updated to OS version: 15269.0.0, Browser version: 110.0.5447.0 for most ChromeOS devices. If you find new issues, please let us know one of the following ways: File a bugVisit our ChromeOS communitiesGeneral: Chromebook Help CommunityBeta Specific: ChromeOS Beta Help CommunityReport an issue or send feedback on ChromeInterested in switching channels? Find out ho

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10:09 PM
posted on December 09, 2022 by Giuliana Pritchard

The new LTS Candidate, LTC-108 108.0.5359.75 (Platform Version: 15183.59.0),  is being rolled out for most ChromeOS devices. If you have devices in the LTC channel, they will be updated to this version. The LTS channel remains on LTS-102 until March 9th, 2023.  Release notes for LTC-108 can be found here. Want to know more about Long-term Support? Cli

!!choose dot/melee dot/spell dot/ranged melee spell ranged

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