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8:39 AM
Hello all
8:55 AM
one small help I need from you
I am getting a object nodelist in alert
so I want to get the value of that node list
how to do that?
2 hours later…
10:29 AM
|| mdn nodelist
Just index it like an array: elements[0] for example
@JamesBot thanks
@VLAZ I wrote like this
var folio = window.parent.document.getElementsByName("txtPortfolio");
it throws object nodelist in alert box
@JamesBot and @VLAZ There are two popups. 1. parent , 2. child
I want to assign a value to a textbox which is in parent popup
can you help me with this
11:29 AM
Any one from React ?
1 hour later…
12:53 PM
I was asked to update the spy description to: “afterClickCover-callback”
Where is the spy description?
  it("defines the afterClickCover event", function() {

    const callbackSpy = jasmine.createSpy("afterClickCover");




4 hours later…
4:34 PM
5:04 PM
Hello, does anyone know what is the equivalent of .attr() from jquery in javascript?
for getting or setting
!!mdn getAttribute
@KevinB to take the name attribute
dont' confuse attributes and properties
@KevinB well my line of code is as follows var currentName=element.attr('name')
@KevinB ok you're right, I'm super newbie
5:09 PM
you don't need to reply to every message
form and input elements have name properties, you access them directly
@KevinB okay great
5:22 PM
can I combine a function that is in jquery with one that is in JS?
in the same script?
jquery is javascript
thank you very much: D
6:18 PM
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    hello guy can you help me i have an array with name tabs and i want to read the microparcelleID please ?
    Array [
  Object {
    "_id": "61b720b3caceb532c805cb71",
    "colonne": "2",
    "idEssai": "1",
    "idMicroParcelle": "4",
    "ligne": "1",
6:56 PM
7:52 PM
i forgot how quick and easy scripting in js is
    return [salary2021, salary2020, salary2019].every(people => people.some(person => person.includes(firstName) && person.includes(lastName)));
boom easy and expressive
i mean, what if two people share teh same first name and last name
doesn't matter for this
this is providing a whitelist so i want to be pretty liberal
8:06 PM
var string = {foo: 'bar'}

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