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7:53 AM
@VLAZ there are some families here with having one letter as a family name. There has been an article in the newspaper because who would expect that someone have a single character family name. Some of the members have changed it to one with a longer sentence because of practical reasons.
been a fan of it since I worked with Intellij IDE, especially the ultimate edition. Visual Studio comes next. I've been coming from times with NetBeans or Eclipse ._.
Java programming has been a small torture session until I discovered Intellij
hmm.. I prefer VSCode, it just hides all the complexity. IntelliJ (I'm mostly using Android Studio, sometimes PHPStorm) feels so overloaded
XCode sux thought.. it was a good IDE some years ago with Objective-C.. but ever since Swift I mostly get crashes and autocompletion isn't working half of the time
8:28 AM
@KarelG Perhaps the G family? :P
hi I have question regarding pagination using dropdown button. I have a dropdown button with 10,20,50,100 values. the entries per page should be change according to the dropdown. However it did not do so.
> Java programming has been a small torture session until I discovered Intellij
So it's not just me, then.
NetBeans was painful. Eclipse was tolerable until I got into IntelliJ
Eclipse is still not terrible but IntelliJ is just much better.
I've been using Rider for C# and it's also amazing. It's still by JetBrains.
8:59 AM
Folks, why do some programmers define a property square to which an anonymous method is assigned and other programmers define a method cube as shown in the following illustration? Which one should I follow?
export class Math {
  square = (x: number): number => x * x;
  cube(x: number): number {
    return x * x * x;
Please kindly ping me if you answer to my question above.
If you really want to lock in the value of this, use an arrow function.
I would consider the second option more idiomatic
@phenomnomnominal Sorry. What does "lock in the value of this" mean? I noticed both scenarios can access the instance property c in the following example.
export class Math {
  private c: number = 1;
  square = (x: number): number => {
    return this.c * x * x;
  cube(x: number): number {
    return this.c * x * x * x;
Both can capture the value of this.
I will be back later. Thank you folks!
Math.prototype.square.call(somethingElse) will behave differently if you have an arrow function vs a method declaration
9:27 AM
^ Another a viable way to lose the this value which is probably more common: const cube = math.cube; cube(3)
This is basically the case any time you try to pass the reference as a callback, e.g., someFn(math.cube)
Hello guys! Can someone help me with this topic? Thank you
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Q: NodeJS & Sequelize: How can I join 3 models?

David Encina MartínezI'm new into NodeJS, and I'm experiencing some problems with the relations, models and controllers. I've been reading and trying to understand the Sequelize API, but I don't really know how to perform things, and so I'm stuck. I'm having 2 main models. One is called Project and the other one is c...

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11:19 AM
@VLAZ it has a minor disadvantage though
its RAM consumption can be way high lol
hence I always request for laptops with at least 16GB when one of my (new) team members are eligible to get another one (we have a 3 years recycle rule 😀 )
@KarelG Hmm, might be an issue. I can't remember how Eclipse went. It was also a resource hog at times but usually when running some background task. It would occasionally decide it wants to re-index all files and in the mean time you cannot search or jump to files. And the entire PC slows down to a crawl...
@KarelG We have 32 gig machines now. It's good. Also annoying since we shouldn't really need them but dev deployment is bloated as hell.
oh eclipse is worse with CPU. it consumed fewer RAM, but at price of lots of CPU activity
I also used Eclipse to write JS for a time. It was, to this date, the worst experience I've had writing any sort of code.
32 gig is an overkill atm. But yeah, when I am deploying, my laptop has issues with it
so I became a smart person
I created a virtual machine for building and deployments :D
with scripts to pull from this or that repository, and this or that mvn / yarn / docker
and that machine is 64 GB 😂
with only one core
11:24 AM
(deployment) live went smooth after that
I'm not even doing anything stressful.
I'm at ~75% with a 16GB one
OK, technically the current machine has 24 gigs of RAM
and I am thinking that we have ugly project structures
got a meeting in 5 mins.... forgot to prepare it 🙄
preparation is for dummies :D
PowerShell is just running yarn serve
Happy meeting!
12:15 PM
I've got 32, my memory tends to stay between 30-50%

In your honest opinion, how hard would it to build a platform similar to YouTube?
How similar?
It cannot be THAT hard to just have a video streaming service, since there are (or were) many around. On the other hand, it is hard to make it good. As evidenced by the fact that YouTube remains, while many others didn't.
12:37 PM
Well its to take place of a certain category of videos YouTube demonetizes and removes. Not going to get into specifics, but. Would you say its possible with JS, CSS, HTML and PHP?
Sure, of course it's possible.
All I need to learn now I guess is PHP
It's going to take a while, of course. It's not a project that goes down in a week or something. But you can make a video streaming service.
I figured that it would be on going. Not a small project
Got a lot of visual ideas
Do note that YouTube and other sites have a lot of infrastructure to handle the load they get. Streaming video is a lot heavier than just serving some HTML. And uploading videos also requires a lot of storage space. YT in addition re-encodes the video in multiple resolutions.
12:42 PM
I think its 500 minutes of videos are uploaded every second or something on YT
1:05 PM
I have created a component in angular as per this link
<app-dynamic-form [questions]="questions"> </app-dynamic-form>
it is working fine if the questions variable is const and have static values
but if I tried to load the values of questions from API , sometimes it become empty
in the constructor i mention

      this.questions= res;
so it seems the component is getting called before the question variable contains values
can someone help me
it worked this way
  <app-dynamic-form [questions]="questions" *ngIf="questionsLoaded">
is that the best practice ? or there is a better way
1:26 PM
Look up the async pipe
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2:34 PM
Hey o/
3:00 PM
Hey guys, how can I listen for changes in window.location? I don't want to refresh the page, so I use window.location.pushState(), but how can I add an eventListener and see whenever the querystring was changed?

function push_state(query_string_object) {
        const location_search = queryString.stringify(query_string_object);
        window.history.pushState({}, document.title, location.pathname + "?" + location_search + location.hash);
window.addEventListener('popstate', (event) => {
console.log("location: ", event);
This does not work
onhaschange also doesn't
why not
idk why, but it does not log anythin
It logs when the history state has changed
how are you changing the history state?
3:05 PM
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the code up above
what do u mean?
history.pushState(state, title [, url])
I guess we're changing the url then lol?
location.pathname + "?" + location_search + location.hash
popstate works
note that popstate is for when you go back
kinda like array pop
oh damn
yea it does work when I do go back and further
!!mdn onpushstate
but how can I listen for an events without going back or further?
presumably, pushState is something you control
when pushState is called, it's code you're in control of doing it
code that you could use to perform whatever action you're trying to perform
you mean onpushstate?
doesn't exist
popstate is supposed to serve that purpose
3:11 PM
> Note: Just calling history.pushState() or history.replaceState() won't trigger a popstate event. The popstate event is only triggered by doing a browser action such as a clicking on the back button (or calling history.back() in JavaScript). And the event is only triggered when the user navigates between two history entries for the same document.
yeah, I see
see, it's kinda like editing the value of an input
doing it with code won't fire the change event, because that same code should be able to call that function on it's own.
is there anything that would work in this case?
function push_state(query_string_object) {
    const location_search = queryString.stringify(query_string_object);
    window.history.pushState({}, document.title, location.pathname + "?" + location_search + location.hash);
you see, I'm using svelte
and I have different components
So imagine
one component handles the filters and facets, and the other handles the active filters line above all the products
3:16 PM
trigger an event
if you need an event
same difference
effectively, but you'd also need to listen to popstate, for user-initiated state changes
so your custom event can work for both, just have popstate events trigger your custom one
or the reverse
I'll try, gimme a min
3:20 PM
aka you could have your function above actually dispatch a popstate event
const event = new Event('popstate'); window.dispatchEvent(event); ?
you'd probably want to give it some data, unless your handler can get all the data it needs from the history api
const event = new Event('stateChanged', {qs: query_string_object});
this is the correct way to pass data, right?
but why I can't access the qs from the handler
 window.addEventListener('stateChanged', (e) => {
3:38 PM
> To add more data to the event object, the CustomEvent interface exists and the detail property can be used to pass custom data.
yeah, my bad bro
thanks anyways, I'll make something :D
have a good 1
that wasn't meant as a complaint, more I'm lazy and would rather let the docs talk
4:06 PM
@BeerusDev not sure if PHP is a decent platform for streaming services
4:21 PM
Came across website today that collects health care info and sets everyones initial password to "$Initial1Pwd$" and then emails it to them
@BeerusDev why php?
tbh Node would probably be great for an app like that
I truthfully believe that you should be able to report egregious security issues to the government and have them fined
That us what I am trying to figure out @KarelG @JBis it was more of a question than a statement
posted on September 29, 2021 by Prudhvikumar Bommana

The Beta channel has been updated to 95.0.4638.32 for Windows, Mac and Linux. A full list of changes in this build is available in the log. Interested in switching release channels? Find out how here. If you find a new issues, please let us know by filing a bug. The community help forum is also a great place to reach out for help or learn about common issues. Prudhvikumar Bommana Google

What would you guys recommend
4:46 PM
You already know some JS
For the streaming service, any recommendations. Ik you can embed YouTube videos on your site and use them without any explicit permission. But I want to avoid YT completely that is the whole point. AWS?
who is going to use this service?
If minimal people, you'd like just store the videos somewhere and then embed them, if a large amount of users, then a CDN
So I wouldn't say necessarily a small niche
5:14 PM
I'm trying to word this question correctly but feel like I'm going to mix all my intentions up. womp womp
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6:13 PM
(∩ ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)⊃━☆゚. * ・ 。 ᵀᴴᴱ ᴳᴬᴹᴱ
the gathering*
6:41 PM
hello, anybody home?
6:51 PM
by some definitions of home
More of a second home
yeah I had question about named parameters in javascript but realized javascript doesn't even support it
eh, well, technically,
you can get similar functionality
if you have an example i might be able to demonstrate
!!greataxe or sword
7:13 PM
@Embedded_Mugs You can pass an object which is a common way to do pseudo named parameters. With ES6 and destructuring, it's even closer. Still not named parameters but easier to use.
oh Beerus. nice
Kevin you used to work with SharePoint right?
I swear someone a while ago said they have and I don't know why I thought it was you
Maybe it was makadev
7:21 PM
i mean
we use sharepoint
by some definitions of use
but i don't write any code against it
This is not code related
Trying to map crawled properties to managed property so I can pull info across the tenancy. But this is where I am lost
by use i mean it's in the list of apps in a dropdown that i have access to
planner is also in there
Haha gotcha
7:55 PM
I'm writing a kinda complicated script for me (still a beginner), and it's something along the lines of:
-> form is submitted, and linked spreadsheet tab updates
-> function fires
-> if Column A and B match (variable A) in the linked sheet, collect data from Columns C+
-> paste that data into a specified Google sheet that is listed on another tab that matches Variable A to a specified SheetID.
-> go down to the next row, checking if A and B match again, and sending that data to the appropriate spreadsheet if it does, once again by checking against SheetID listed in another tab
-> go down the list and
I feel like I need to use a For each row command or situation here, but I don't know where to read up on 'if this, then this' with variables and trying to cleanly have it reference other tabs at the same time
8:23 PM
rows.forEach(row => {
    if (row.A === row.B) {
    } else {
I think row in this case would be the active range, right? I should probably do this as a trigger first then convert to an on edit for debuggging
dunno tbh
i work in javascript object structures
arrays, objects
so whatever data you're iterating over would likely be in an array of objects
I'll try that out and see if it recs
representing a collection of rows, each row containing an object or array that represents the columns
8:45 PM
I appreciate it
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10:22 PM
posted on September 29, 2021 by Geo Hsu

The Stable channel is being updated to 93.0.4577.95 (Platform version: 14092.66.0) for most Chrome OS devices. Systems will be receiving updates over the next several days. This build contains bug fixes and security updates. If you find new issues, please let us know by visiting our forum or filing a bug. Interested in switching channels Find out how. You can submi

11:04 PM
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