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> 2 days later...
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8:18 AM
Hi Everyone can you please help me with this
9:06 AM
@JBis yeah, I believe we can speak of "holiday" effect, now?
I've been busy as well, got some days where I am not even attending the chat
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10:42 AM
I have once again a thought in my head: but why are orms always translating the abstract command to SQL, which then goes through a driver to become direct requests to a server.
Wouldn't the ORMs be much more powerful if they directly talk to a (whatever) server without going through the SQL step?
11:32 AM
@paul23 there needs to be some interface to interact with the database
NoSQL db's obv don't use SQL for that interface.
@JBis sure but that can be just the direct connection commands over whatever protocol/port the database uses
currently it's like: ---CODE---> [orm/tooling] ---SQL---> [driver] ---[CONNECTION]---> SQL server
But the step sql, driver could be taken out and provide more power to the tooling. I know that's possible as pgadmin does this for some parts to improve the interface speed.
@paul23 how do you imagine this? That you write a SQL query yourself?
instead of using ORM's "language"
@KarelG ORM is an abstraction of SQL (in most cases), however it could also just be an abstraction of the database, and just request resources directly - just like drivers like pgadmin can do?
ORM is a layer between your code and the database driver(s) you're using
if you have two different database types, using ORM helps to keep your code consistent and abstracts away the maintenance. Moreover, when you want to switch to another database, there is few impact on your code.
11:47 AM
yes, but why do orms not incorporate the driver themselves? And adapt those to fit their needs.
believe me, changing db's occurs. I've been part of a migration from MariaDB to MySQL which is not much work because the former is a fork of a latter. But since the acquisition, we're not allowed to use MySQL anymore and has to terminate it in favor of the corporations MS SQL databases and data warehouse (azure cloud) to cut costs
@paul23 is it not a lot more work to maintain the differences between each database drivers?
like for MariaDB, its driver was slightly different than MySQL one. For example on closing resources; we need to do an additional step in MariaDB
it's easier to have a layer that accepts a driver. It does not matter which one, only that it has a "contract" (read: public methods) the ORM can use
then each driver has their own dev team to work on that.
yes but also each driver has it particularities, even within version within a driver "branch".... I just wonder if no orm would gain a lot of power by sidestepping the driver. Or equivalently: wouldn't there be a language better suited to "talk" between drivers and orms than sql, which is inherently not suited for really an object model.
12:03 PM
well, SQL ain't a nice fit for OOP :P
but ... another advantage of using ORM is that you do not have to know the table/column names directly, thus not writing any SQL at all. I cannot imagine a dev being unable to write SQL queries but there may be plenty of them
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0/10, there's no JavaScript in there
Also, excessive formatting is excessive.
i think it's funny you call yourself a self proclaimed silent majority
Oh wow
He spammed that all over chat
1 message moved to Trash can
"This user has been automatically suspended for posting inappropriate content and cannot chat for 1 hour 59 minutes."
I just got into a dicussion with that dude 30 mins ago
2:47 PM
Look at his profile
He got me a 30-min chat ban for saying "bullshit"
Look at all the chats he is active in rn
"active" isnt accurate anymore
I flagged what remained
2:52 PM
must have missed something
|| shrug
Some dude dumped a link to a meta answer in some 10-15 chatrooms
And got all of those messages rightfully spam-flagged, and is now sitting out a 4.5 hour chat ban.
Said answer starts with... Wait for it...
> I'm in the (no more) silent majority that would find this useful
Which is currently standing at -4
i'm the silent majority that thinks your silent majority isn't a majority
now he is real silent
Silence before the storm? :P
3:03 PM
I am trying to create a function so when the user searches outside of the current week, and it shows the items only in the week they are looking for. I need to create a count of all of the statuses for every item in each day column of that week like is displayed here in the current week https://jsfiddle.net/BeerusDev/gm10rqp7/499/

I am getting the Days and the Status using flatMap() and map() and all I really have left to do is condition "if these days with the corresponding status" are in between the monday and friday of the isoWeek that was searched, then create a count for each of those
posted on July 27, 2021 by Prudhvikumar Bommana

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@KarelG some user posted on meta and is pissed that comments are apparently not permanent.
@paul23 RDMSes contain relational data. It's part of the name. The mathematical model and theory behind describing all of this is called relational algebra. SQL is super close to actual equations you can solve in relational algebra. It is the most convenient way to describe what you want from a DB and let the database handle how to actually get you that.
What you describe is replacing SQL with...something that's going to just be SQL in another form. Maybe the syntax would be different but it'd serve the same function in the end. You want DB agnostic way of declaring the intent. "I want the names of all users who are admins" is expressed as SELECT name FROM users WHERE isAdmin = 1 in MySQL or PostgreSQL or MSSQL, etc.
How that information is actually stored and retrieved can differ. There might be some differences in SQL implementation, too but usually you'd expect such a query to work. If we drop SQL we'd end up describing the same thing in another way but we'd end up with the same meaning. E.g., FIND users WITH isAdmin = 1 PROJECTION name` might be an equivalent in this new non-SQL. Or maybe users.Select(x => x.name).Where(x => x.isAdmin) (how LINQ does it with methods)
@VLAZ hey, do not come with C# stuff.
XD if I knew another way to describe relational queries, I'd have used it. LINQ is just the one I know. Because it's mostly SQL in method form.
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5:12 PM
@KarelG many new js devs use NoSQL and have never touched sql
Their mongodb crap
@Cerbrus flags have no context annoyingly
@paul23 tbh I like SQL syntax
i think it's very readable. Could some things be improved, especially to make it more OO, sure. But in general I think it's pretty good. I wrote directly in SQL for a while before I started using an ORM.
my biggest complaint is how nonstandard and inconsistent db's are with SQL
5:27 PM
Can someone help me understand why my code inside updateOutsideCount isn't executing when a value is selected in my date picker? jsfiddle.net/BeerusDev/gm10rqp7/519
5:38 PM
@JBis Yea, but justice was served :D
5:50 PM
@BeerusDev just some general advice, I'd work on your debugging skills. I feel like many of your questions seem like little effort was put into debugging.
Maybe some of the other people here can suggest ways to improve debugging skills as I don't have any specific advice
I used the try catch block and it is throwing [object Error] { ... }
I am thinking it has something to do with my var searchMon & searchFri. I read the moment documentation and swear the way I defined those var was consistent with docs.
It is my conditional it appears ;/ dergonit
2 hours later…
8:37 PM
 switch(dayArray.Day) {
                      case 'Monday':
totalOutsideCount(dayArray.Status)++; shouldn't work. You can only use ++ on variables because it also needs to do an assignment.
I have `var totalOutsideCount = {P:0,TW:0,TRV:0,NR:0,PTO:0,H:0};`

In my switch, I get the dayArray.Status which can only contain the values in the variable above. Is there a dynamic way to add that status kind of like my syntax(even though it is incorrect)
sorry I was typing the rest
Or do I have to use a conditional inside each case?
If dayArray.Status is one of these keys, then totalOutsideCount[dayArray.Status]++
Gives me an object Error :/
@ line //totalOutsideCount[dayArray.Status]++;
What is the value of dayArray.Status?
Also, what exactly does the error say?
3 hours later…
11:29 PM
:52707537 I'm receiving this jslint error, how is it fixed? i.imgur.com/InukVl1.png Code jsfiddle.net/6y09z7fu

Expected property ‘playing’ to be ordered before property ‘src’

How is it fixed?

  function togglePlayButton(button) {
    const player = getAudio();
    const playing = isPlaying(button);
    showButton(button, {
    manageAudio(player, {
      src: button.getAttribute("data-audio"),
If that's not the right way of how it should be written, what is the right way?

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