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12:35 AM
hardly on weekends mate
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7:05 AM
Hello Devs. can jspdf support other languages like burmese?
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3:50 PM
hello dev. can anyone know how to translate the header stackoverflow.com/questions/67914333/…
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5:03 PM
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6:11 PM
@JBis do you have some spare cycles to see this:

You see imagine this pseudo code

label input
label input

If state belongs to div, the whole component renders. My thought is make it atomic, meaning each input is a component with its own state. When testing rendering in fact does show only that input rendering. Now here is the catch, I need to collect the states of those inputs, but I do not want to render the whole div component for that. Having the use of useEffect on the inputs, was my hope to achieving this and avoiding the big chunck rendering which it isn't. I
is it just me or am i pinged by randoms much more often then others in this room?
@DRP tldr
@JBis hm?
Invalid command! Did you mean: hellno, help, telll? Try help for a list of available commands..‍.‍.‍.‍.‍.‍.‍.‍
6:23 PM
Invalid command! Did you mean: google, googļe, good? Try help for a list of available commands..‍.‍.‍
my apologies, since I'm noob and I know that you Kevin B and others are well known to be SME's, I just took the chance with you, by no means it is an obligation to answer obviously, I guess a simple 'No' should suffice. To your point, I cannot tell if you are pinged more often, as I do not spend that much time in this room.
anyways cheers!
I tend to ignore requests that are made @ me with a ping, users who do it often end up on my ignore
6:41 PM
Suggested edit queue is full? Never seen that before
Hello devs. I would like to ask. how do I return the value or translated word in react-i18next. cause it returns [object object]
@DRP you question is fine, just ask it more concisely. I don't want to read a block of text.
An example would also be helpful :)
7:18 PM
How do I handle a HTML form checkbox when posting the data? jsfiddle.net/BeerusDev/9uptzwd2/7
7:28 PM
jsfiddle.net/BeerusDev/9uptzwd2/10 here is w the updated Javascript
Because it is one question/label. But it has 8 checkboxes. How do I append that as only one value depending on if it is checked or not
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8:42 PM
You are right JBis, sometimes I find it hard to keep it minimal-reproducible when explaining the code, to which the code itself should already be somewhat explanatory. So let me keep it to the point.:
From Jeger answer, my concern is that keeping a parent ancestor will always rerender both childs. I want common state, yet render only the pertaining child to render.
Sure Kevin, I'll be more mindful about the 'at' ping from now on
9:01 PM
Wish i could help, but i managed such situations with mobx back when i used react
almost all my states were mobx
and even that was years ago,
before the react hooks were added
I've heard about it but never used it. I use react-redux, but so far my testing has not been satisfying. I'm about to lunch the question anyway, meanwhile going over the suggested questions that appear there
ufff yeah and that is another point, I only use hooks now that they are here :)
looks like voodoo to me
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10:28 PM
posted on June 14, 2021 by Prudhvikumar Bommana

The Stable channel has been updated to 91.0.4472.106 for Windows, Mac and Linux which will roll out over the coming days/weeks. A full list of changes in this build is available in the log. Interested in switching release channels?  Find out how here. If you find a new issue, please let us know by filing a bug. The community help forum is also a great place to reach out for help or learn


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