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6:39 AM

If you want to title your git bash terminals (on windows) 👍👍👍
4 hours later…
10:49 AM
can someone tell what is proper method that after calling a function I do something
it is a normal function, after it finishes I need to do something
var cdict = new Map();

.then(res => res.json())
.then(data => {

	for (const obj of data.result) {
		// insert stuff into Map cdict
	counter(0).then(res => {

  // ^ here after calling of counter i need to do stuff


const cbegin = 0;
const ccount = 10;

function counter(cnt) {
	if (cnt < ccount) {
		setTimeout( () => {

			.then(res => res.json())
			.then(data => {

				for (const obj of data.result) {
					// do stuff
for example in above I am calling some fetch request after delays of 1 second in the counter function which itself is called inside a fetch request then block .. and after all this I need to do some stuff
i guess I need to add one more .then block on first fetch request??
no it doesnt work
4 hours later…
3:18 PM
||> [NaN].indexOf(NaN)
@paul23 -1 Logged: `` Took: 0ms
this is awkward
I guess it stems from NaN !== NaN
||> NaN !== NaN
@paul23 true Logged: `` Took: 0ms
1 hour later…
4:38 PM
Something wasn't adding up, and then I realized i forgot about the month of april
5:32 PM
hey is it okay to use 2 sentences of a 404 error page from another website ?
5:43 PM
wdym by "ok"?
I mean, will it be considered as copyright theft ?
@PremRamman probably not

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