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3:51 AM
Greetings! Has someone here had experience setting up a simple hello world app using react native web and can point me to references that managed to get things up and running? I can't seem to find anything on the official react native docs besides the android/ios specific environment setup =/
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5:16 AM
Hey folks, can any of you TypeScript experts help me out with this problem?
Q: TypeScript, phantom types, type inference, variance, and methods

Aadit M ShahConsider the following program using phantom types: const strlen = (str: string) => str.length; type Const<A, B> = { type: 'Const', value: A }; const Const = <A, B = never>(value: A): Const<A, B> => ({ type: 'Const', value }); const map = <A, B, C>(_f: (value: B) => C, { value }: Const<A, B>):...

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8:27 AM
Folks, I read the following from typescriptlang.org documentation:

**Finally, TypeScript doesn’t provide any additional runtime libraries. Your programs will use the same standard library (or external libraries) as JavaScript programs, so there’s no additional TypeScript-specific framework to learn.**

My question is: If we import a library from within our TypeScript file and use it, is the library in JavaScript or TypeScript?
In other words, does TypeScript compiler provide as TypeScript version of the existing JavaScript libraries?
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9:43 AM
@GodMustBeCrazy Yes it is JavaScript, no TypeScript doesn't provide a TypeScript version. Typically when you transpile a TypeScript project (npm package) you will both generate a JavaScript library (f.e. as cjs, umd, esm, ...) and a separate Type Declaration *.d.ts, this library can then be used either by JavaScript projects or TypeScript projects if you include the Type Declaration.
@AaditMShah I can't really help but it sounds like an interesting question. I'll be monitoring it.
Ah also, Type Declaration can be published along with the library or might even be provided by another package (f.e. the @types community). You can write your own Type Declarations for libraries too if they are missing.
@makadev: OK. A nice answer. Thank you very much. :
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12:36 PM
Hey guys, how can I apply style when Tab is clicked? On a <a> tags, :active and :hover does not work. How can I change that default outline to bg-color?
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5:42 PM
Need some help getting values of Divs clicked.

So in my actual application, I have the images pop up for each calendar day. In this case, you see the text slowly fade away. The number that fades is each day, so I would like to be able to use that value so if the page reloads, I can prior send a POST of that value and set it to a true archive value, that way on reload the advent is still flipped
6:00 PM
event.target.parentNode.textContent inside openDoor returns the div text content which in your case is the respective number (as string), so Number(event.target.parentNode.textContent) returns the respective number
should be enough to check if the correct window is opened and fire a post to an api
posted on November 30, 2021 by Michaël Zasso

Notable Changes [06916490af] - (SEMVER-MINOR) async_hooks: expose async_wrap providers (Rafael Gonzaga) #40760 [371ee64c92] - (SEMVER-MINOR) deps: update V8 to (Michaël Zasso) #40488 [675c210b04] - (SEMVER-MINOR) lib: add reason to AbortSignal (James M Snell) #40807 [0de2850680] - (SEMVER-MINOR) src: add x509.fingerprint512 to crypto module (3nprob) #39809 [fa9b5c35d2] - stream: dep

Thanks @makadev
6:19 PM
@BeerusDev np, also a nice idea to create a web calendar :3
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7:51 PM
posted on November 30, 2021 by Prudhvikumar Bommana

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8:44 PM
What is the proper way to set the scrollTop of a react element upon rendering?
using hooks
Anyone know how I could concatenate this response? As of now it is only showing one result when in fact there could be more than one.
var teamData = [{
  "Team" : "Team 1",
  "Employees" :[
    "Beerus Dev",
    "Goten Dev",
    "Trunks Dev",
    "Majin Bu Dev"

  "Team" : "Team 2",
  "Employees" : [
    "Beerus Dev",
    "Shap Dev",
    "Krillin Dev"
function getTeam() {

 const team = teamData
   .find(team => team.Employees.includes(currentUser));
   return team.Team;

 thisUserTitle = "Beerus Dev";

 var currentUser = thisUserTitle;
 var currentTeam = getTeam(currentUser);

 //returns "Team 1"
I am trying to get a response Team 1, Team 2
filter instead of find, then act on an array rather than 1
9:05 PM
@duhaime you mean scroll restoration like it's used for react router?
9:17 PM
Can someone explain to me why Microsoft Windows "ransomware protection" blocks it's own processes like an idiot shooting himself in the feet? Also.. svchost messages like "hey, one of 200 services tried to access your harddrive/memory, should I allow that?".. just awesome.. it's as useful turned off as it is turned on
9:35 PM
Anyone that uses Edge, have you noticed how slow it has been running, like extremely slow. Slow to the point where its damn near impossible to get anything done. If I use the repair tool, it works fine. But the next day it is back at point A
switched to chrome btw
I've never noticed edge to be slow
but i also haven't used it in months
I got my scroll business sorted
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10:57 PM
posted on November 30, 2021 by Daniel Gagnon

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Anyone configure an exposed web server using port forwarding before?
I have a golang server running at a static raspberry pi IP, but even though I port forward it to the routers IP. I cant make calls via the routers IP to the golang server.
but myroutersaddresswithaportforwardedip:4567/jim doesn't work
but portchecktool.com says the port is open though?

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