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12:45 AM
Did you ever hook it up with certbot @JBis?
ig it's just pointing it to the right place
@DavidKamer there's no reason to
cerbot for prod and prod shouldn't use node certs
good point, but I guess I'm just assuming the only reason to put certs in node like that is because they've optimized something
or baked something into it because of a protocol
It's just to get the demo to work.
well that's obtuse lol
For security reasons, HTTPS is required for certain APIs
|| mdn secure context
Look at that "Note" about firefox 86
I think it doesn't apply to localhost.
I've been using the twilio SFU and it doesn't need it during dev
that was a dumb thing to say
yeah I see what you mean
twilio does use it for the SFU. Anyway, you'd think with something so complicated they'd just auto generate the certs if you pass dev: true or something.
I mean it downloads openssl
@DavidKamer media.getusermedia.insecure.enabled media.devices.insecure.enabled are the ff config stuff i change iirc
idk if it's documented, but pretty self explanatory
1:12 AM
yeah just use fake certs was super easy too.
1:29 AM
the fact that insecure appears twice in that call chain
13 hours later…
2:04 PM
4 hours later…
5:40 PM
Guys I am trying to access a json object, this works json.rates.INR
but if INR is stored in a variable say symbol and I do json.rates.symbol it does not work
5:53 PM
Q: How can I access and process nested objects, arrays or JSON?

Felix KlingI have a nested data structure containing objects and arrays. How can I extract the information, i.e. access a specific or multiple values (or keys)? For example: var data = { code: 42, items: [{ id: 1, name: 'foo' }, { id: 2, name: 'bar' }] }; ...

step one is to determine the actual structure of your data
if json.rates.symbol.INR is undefined, then symbol exists and INR isn't a property of it.
6:37 PM
What is your JSON object
@KevinB is it possible to pass object keys/vals into new array with flatmap?
7:14 PM
i'd have to look at docs/try, i don't use flatmap so am not familiar with what it does or how it functions.
7:28 PM
creates a new array
dentical to a map() followed by a flat() of depth 1
i also don't use flat
!!mdn flat
You have any experience using it Vlaz
@KevinB It's like .map() but if you return array you get a longer array. So it's not 1:1, it's 1:many
||> [1, 2, 3].flatMap(x => [x, x])
@VLAZ [ 1, 1, 2, 2, 3, 3 ] Logged: [ ] Took: 0ms
        "Department": "Department 1",
        "Employee": "Beerus Dev",
        "Days": [{
                "Day": "Monday",
                "Date": "10/4/2021",
                "Status": "PTO",
                "Location": "Vacation"
                "Day": "Tuesday",
                "Date": "10/5/2021",
                "Status": "P",
                "Location": "Office"
                "Day": "Wednesday",
                "Date": "10/6/2021",
data.flatMap(t => t.Days).forEach((dayArray) => {
    if(moment(dayArray.Date).isSame(moment(v), undefined, '[)')){

just can't imagine a single scenario where i'd want it
7:31 PM
trying to do something on a date search where if it is the same as date searched, that dayArray returns
                "Day": "Tuesday",
                "Date": "10/5/2021",
                "Status": "P",
                "Location": "Office"
if I search 10/5/2021, but I also am trying to access the outside object key/value of employee
wouldn't that just be an array find?
Yeah, I don't get what flatMap() hat to do here. Is it not data.Days.find(x => /* whatever */) and you can then use data.Employee inside?
i'd imagine it'd be two finds
one on the employees array, then one for each on that employee's days
Oh, wait data is not the object you showed, it's an array of them?
7:35 PM
Yes that is one of the responses
array of objects with another array of objects nested
If so, and if you have to use .flatMap(), then you can do data.flatMap(({Employee, Days}) => Days.map(Day => ({Employee, Day}))).find() and then work with those. Produce a flat array of objects with the extra data you need. But I'd probably use generator functions instead of creating multiple arrays:
function* find(predicate, iterable) {
	for (const item of iterable) {
		if (predicate(item))
			return item;

function* flat(mapping, iterable) {
	for (const item of iterable) {
		yield* mapping(item);

	x => { /* use x.Day for the day data and x.Employee for the employee */ }
	flat(({Employee, Days}) => Days.map(Day => ({Employee, Day})), data)
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Actually, find doesn't need to be a generator.
Just flat.
8:03 PM
Thanks VLAZ
@JamesBot watch yourself
8:38 PM
Anyone who has an experience with Angular ?
I am in doubt how to .subscribe in service and just to return a value in component
Business logic is in the service, also BehaviorSubject
9:10 PM
!!choose slam bow 1h/shield dw poison elemental totem
that's a trap
Choosing a PoE build?
now the question is what do i do with the information
dw what
could be a blade vortex build, dual strike, cyclone,
9:15 PM
Dunno, cyclone I guess.
I've not played it but seems cool.
cyclone is a great option, can go phys impale and hunt for the double dam chance sword
or a triple dam scourge implicit
Makes sense.
idea would be to get the perma fortify and all the fortify passives for my defense padding
top tier weapons will be insane this league
9:18 PM
What's the league about? I've not kept track.
you implant this device in your body, that absorbs blood of your enemies
you use that blood to corrupt items
Ah, I see. Softcore, I imagine.
the corruption has a positive benefit and a negative one
you can corrupt the same item up to 3 times, each time replaces the previous with a stronger random one
maps more than 3, i forget how many
Wait, do they not do soft/hasdcore leagues any more with different mechanics?
they do hc/sc, and ssf/trade for both
same mechanics
9:21 PM
OK. Use to be two - one hc one sc.
there's also the, standard hc/sc, but noone plays that
But I suppose makes more sense to add one mechanic at a time.
they're also redoing the atlas this league, less total maps, 4 regions instead of 8, and no longer need to do map trials for eternal lab
Any word on when PoE 2 is being released?
9:23 PM
OK, back to waiting. I've not played PoE in a while. Sort of waiting for 2.
they're also redoing the passive tree...
Well, that happens often.
this one is pretty massive
it results in less need to travel across the tree
so you can specialize more
also means +stat gear will be far more necessary
Interesting. Also starting point matters more, in that case.
when you take a keystone, the center of the circle unlocks for you to choose a mastery
which is a passive that is shared among any other same mastery across the tree
so you can get phys -> fire from any fire wheel
9:31 PM
Is the passive tree live on the site here: pathofexile.com/fullscreen-passive-skill-tree/3.15.3/… ? or is that not the next one?
can't tell from mobile
ok, np
It says it's 3.15.3, so perhaps it's not the next one.
I assume the next version, whatever it is, would be .0
i've only seen it from the scourge landing page
Saw what you mean. The skill tree page doesn't look like that.
I might give the league a try if I've spare time. Maybe next month or so.
I'm playing Outward right now and I don't like having two games on the go at once.
one of the common issues for DW cyclone is getting enough dex for top tier swords while also having enough hp, because typically you'd spend a bit of points in the maurauder area
probably still will spend points over there, to be tanky
9:41 PM
Roll jewels for stats, I suppose.
boots, gloves
or run a starkonjas
Not a bad item. Probably pricey. Can't remember how much it went for last time I played. Is it something like 15-ish chaos?
Also, I'm aware the price would fluctuate through the league.
yeah, it's on the pricier end for general helmets
but it's not too rare
10-15c tops
easy to afford
Yeah, not bad.
10c - easily gotten in a week from start.
Depends on how much you play, you can probably get it in a few days.
i'd have that before i reach maps
day 1-2
9:52 PM
Oh, most definitely before maps.
Might take me a week just because I don't play that much per day. Hour or two. More over the weekend.
gonna actually take the day off, first ever league start on time
10:09 PM
Heh, I had a friend who also did that at the start of leagues. First time he did it, his boss asked him "So, going anywhere?" and he answer "Yeah, Wraeclast."
10:32 PM
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Hey, has anybody here used Facebook SDK?
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