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1:14 AM
good morning,
can someone let me know , html to gif convertor js library name
1:34 AM
2:02 AM
(∩ ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)⊃━☆゚. * ・ 。 ᵀᴴᴱ ᴳᴬᴹᴱ
2 hours later…
3:48 AM
Hi All
im using nodeMailer for sending emails in my nodejs api.
is it also the best module to go for bulk mailing.?
4:04 AM
i would never do bulk mailing on any server i own
Use a service. Mailguns good one, send grid, mailchimp
@KevinB ok, but then what is the alternate, should i iterate all the list and send one mail at a time.
4:24 AM
Hello everyone
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9 hours later…
1:14 PM
@SamSam any 3rd party service for sending mass email. mailchimp, emma, many others
For my new job I started looking into Angular now and good lord, compared to React it feels so incredibly clunky to write...
1:46 PM
@SamSam we are using Mailtrain (git.wscsoftware.com/wscsoftware/mailtrain or github.com/Mailtrain-org/mailtrain) for newsletters. since your playing by the rules everything should be fine
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hi everyone, I'm working on a project that uses a template an imports lots of dependencies. So every page I create comes with those dependencies, I only set the html body and scripts. Unfortunatly I'm getting some conflicts, is there a way to disable specific dependencies on a specific page?
but your question thus far is far too unspecified to really make any suggestions on how to do it.
I'm trying to create a custom tooltip, but it's getting screwed up by bootstrap. So I'd like to disable bootstrap from that page
Why not change the selectors to allow for custom css so it doesn't get screwed up by bootstrap?
1:55 PM
At least from the body of the page
by selectors you mean the id e.g.?
ids and classes yeah
No matter how much css a prebuilt framework provides you with, you should (in most if not all cases) be able to force your styling onto it
I've tried that, but the tooltip is inside an ag grid component. So I couldn't get css selectors to work
Right click on the element, inspect it
in the left pane, you can see all of the styles that are affecting it
err, right pane
including what file those styles are in
so you can easily see all the bootstrap styles that are affecting your element and then override them.
This was pretty annoying to do, because since it´s a tooltip it keeps deseapearing. I needed to record a video to get the id. I´ve tried using that ID, but maybe I didn't apply the right rules
ok, let me try that
if you right click the element, you can set it's "focus" or "hover" to on
so it stays hovered even when you move away from it
in the inspector
2:09 PM
If you have an <input type="date"/> tag, is there any event associated with the calendar widget closing?
yeah, change and input.
That gets triggered whenever there's any change to the data resulting in a valid date
but it's all you've got
What's the difference between change and input in regards to a date input tag?
how can I change the hover? on right panel? checking the box?
2:15 PM
checking the boxes enables and disables the style to the righ tof it, or you can add new lines within any of the selectors
or add a new selector
but when I click on the tooltip it desapears from right pane
what shows the tooltip
hover css right?
yes, I entered debugger on console so the panel froze
If I change any css rule will it be applied? since debugger is on
well, if you right click the element on the left pane that has the hover that enables the tooltip, you can force it's state to hover
thus it will stay hovered until you stop forcing the state
2:33 PM
found it, for some reason tooltip i not being displayed with hover forced. But my debugger method worked.
What atributes should make tooltip float next to cursor position??
that would need some javascript
i wouldn't do that
what do you mean? I just need the tooltip to work as a tooltip, to show up next to cursor. But to use html I needed to create a custom function to generate this tooltip, but for some reason it's rendering at bottom of the page
Right, but css doesn't know where the cursor is
you can make it show somewhere specfic on the page, relative to the element it is based on, but you can't make it follow the mouse or positioned relative to the mouse.
ah, ok. Got you
well, not without javascript
I tend to avoid custom tooltips, the browser's built in one is plenty
2:47 PM
@KevinB hmm, i think you could
with css only
the cursor css property can accept a URL of an image
You'd need to generate an image with a fake cursor and then convert the tool-tip text to an image and add that next to the fake cursor with a bit of an offset
and then just make that apply on hover
Or you could be boring a use js
and a different image per OS so that you keep the right OS pointer, at least for people who haven't changed the default
"people" used loosely there, ofc
people who change the cursor on their OS are aliens
i used to have the cursor set at like 5x size cause i thought it looked funny
1 hour later…
4:17 PM
Hi, can anyone recommend decent Angular components for: Tree view and Source code highlighting?
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I'm currently using angular-tree-component and ng2-handy-syntax-highlighter but they're both poor
Also, can anyone recommend an Angular-specific chat forum? (as in I want to chat, not I want to build a chat forum)
4:38 PM
I've no recommendations for any of the above
Darn. There was an awesome tree component for Angular 1 but I don't think it got updated for Angular 2+
We use Angularjs at my work but I don't think we'll ever upgrade to 2+
If anything we'd probably rewrite in React
AngularJS is quite old now. Does that cause you any problems?
5:02 PM
I have an if statement that always seems to return Undefined even though it has an else statement that returns 0
map.back.forEach(a => {
			if (a[0] == "back") {
				var cond = map.back.forEach(b => {
					var part1 = a[1] - 1,
					 part2 = b[1];
					if (part1 == part2) {
						return 0;
Heres the whole code for context: codepen.io/SkylerSpark/pen/OJMJrWb
Wups I pasted the wrong one
Just imagine an else statement :L
also the else returns 1, not 0
5:18 PM
forEach never returns anything.
ok thanks
I'm trying to figure out the logic, so I can suggest an alternative.
But maybe you just need regular loops.
I changed the entire logic system to an older method
Array Maps
Same thing I used to use to make video games in canvas
the game is just numbers in arrays and each number is viewed as an element on the canvas
But basically what Im trying to do is achieve automatic merging
So that when 2 squares touch in the map, their borders will be removed and they will be rendered as one cube
or one rectangular cube**
5:36 PM
@VLAZ you mean non hypothetical?
Man I love that I can go to work and back in peace
So I have a canvas like that
16 cubic
and Im trying to create an effect where 1s in an array are drawn as blocks, and they are merged when rendered
Kevin B... jesus im just trying to picture something here
why ya gotta judge it...
who says i'm judging your stuff
5:44 PM
I even bother to go take time to write out pixel perfect pictures to "imagine" what Im trying to create and Im still criticized...
Anyways, Im trying to create the effect by looking for 1s on the left and right side of each cube.
and then use moveTo and lineTo to create the edges
Ok I got it formatted correctly, or atleast to a point where the coordinates are in the correct locations: https://codepen.io/SkylerSpark/pen/OJMJrWb

However, I cant seem to figure out why curX - 1 is showing zeros in places where there are ones
This condition is what determines whether it should have a wall on the left or not, and it seems to see Zeros at places where there are Ones, while seeing Ones at spots where there are Ones only SOME of the time...
console.log(map.back[this.curY][this.curX - 1]);
					if (map.back[this.curY][this.curX - 1] == 0) {
						ctx.moveTo(this.curX * 32 + 0.5, this.curY * 32 + 0.5);
						ctx.lineTo(this.curX * 32 + 0.5, (this.curY + 1) * 32 + 0.5);
God for saken javascript
posted on June 05, 2020 by Srinivas Sista

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Nevermind Im just a dumbfuck, my top condition was running the same rendering code as the left condition
works fine now :L
6:24 PM
NOW its finished
I can do 8 bit fonts if I wanted on this thing
6:38 PM
@paul23 non-hypothetical sex or non-hypothetical structural sharing?
6:55 PM
VLAZ Where do you even get that sense of humor
"the opposite of sex"
7:15 PM
7:54 PM
whats special about the name prop? says I cant modify read only prop name

const testTagFunction = () => "foo";
testTagFunction.name = "baa";
@SuperUberDuper *shrug* function names are just immutable. Not sure for the rationale but I also don't really see a reason to change the name of a function object.
ah gotcha thx
8:10 PM
imagine the obfuscation madness that would follow if that were possible
randomize function names every couple seconds
@KevinB wouldn't really work, the function names stored in memory would change but in the document they would remain the same
it would mess with logging and traces mostly
but a breakpoint would kill it anyway, as would having a reference to the function
but people would still try
8:30 PM
it would obfuscate enough that people would do it
posted on June 05, 2020 by Cindy Bayless

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