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12:04 AM
it has the stream things but not a nice listener setup
there is no way of statically enforcing that a stream has been processed before accessing the results of the listeners
Java's native streams are very basic
That's why you have RxJava etc
backpressure is a pretty complicated issue to solve
I can't believe I am saying this, but I think I'm starting to like React.
ah yes, come over to the dark side
I'm using MobX and stores combined with the idea of controllers solves many of the issue I had with it the first 3 times I tried to use it.
12:13 AM
interesting, I still haven't tried mobx
Its magic (until you understand how it works)
It detects changes automatically. Even when you change vars directly. No setState nonsense.
@forresthopkinsa I'm not there yet. I still hate SPAs in general.
you'll come around :P

How React shit works

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I great explanation on MobX from Madara
@JBis React is the ui framework we didnt deserve, but the one we needed
That's a great bookmark and I'm saving it
I appreciate the line he draws between React and Angular/Vue because that's absolutely true
And the effect is that React is a lot easier to use but definitely less capable on its own of handing stuff outside of view logic
12:37 AM
My biggest issue was that I tried to store everything in view states. No concept of a controller or a store. So for example, the settings view component of an app stored all the settings. So I had to try and access the settings view state from every other component instead of storing it in an external store.
really basic stuff you can make your own external store just using a JS object
like I've mentioned before
it is not difficult, but you have to come up with the idea of not tightly coupling it to your ui
which is where most people struggle
MVC was very new to me
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2:12 AM
Quick git doubt: Does git honor the environment variables $http_proxy and $https_proxy of the shell environment...when it has to work behind a proxy? Or is it only through git config we can do this?
8 hours later…
9:45 AM
@deostroll you can run shell commands via git aliases
10:35 AM
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11:41 AM
I swear, my parents are insane, I talk about SO jobs, or another platform for something like that, and they get into a 10 minute debate about how everyone online is a pedofile and they can hack my pc instantly
Im sick of this crap :L
They yell at me like they know everything and im a piece of crap, yet Im the one with more experience online
Hi, using angularjs, I'm doing an ng-repeat.
cube in cubes

my cube "name" is for example "john", and the cube object contains multiples child.

How I can't get the cube name "john", I tried {{$id}}, {{$index}}, cube.constructor.name.

But i cannot make it work. :/
Thank you everyone
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2:15 PM
2:25 PM
@KevinB šŸ’©
Anyone know of a good nodejs animation library that can run outside of the DOM?
"run outside of the DOM" ?
Yeah, most animation libraries need to run inside the DOM for obvious reasons
I want to animate something over a network connection using a nodejs script but AnimeJS needs the dom for requestAnimationFrame
I think that all animation libs needs access to the window, especially for that requestAnimationFrame function ._.
ofc I don't know 'm all but could it not be that you've made things complicated? :)
(don't see why you should render something on the server unless you're making a game. but the display is still rendered client side)
I want to make a Node Library that can easily run animations for a DMX controller over ARTNET
2:35 PM
first time I have heard of ArtNet
Hello all, if anyone knows anything about socket.io I would very much appreciate if you could look at my question stackoverflow.com/questions/61062284/…
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hope everyone is enjoying quarantine!!
2:59 PM
ArtNet is used to control DMX lights, I can set a DMX channel values over the network with this protocol
So I want to create a server side script that can animate lights over the network. Running inside Node all animation libraries fail because requestAnimationFrame. I have tried using the browser-env node module but I have not had success
For anyone following, this is how I have gotten AnimeJS to work inside NodeJS
if(typeof window == "undefined") {
        pretendToBeVisual: true
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@JimmyLeahy yeah, took some time to read on that topic. It's a specific use protocol
@JimmyLeahy tbf, should you not send light signals from your node server and animate the signals client side?
You have a weird ... setup from my PoV. But I don't have access to the "grand view" of your project, so it could be that you have a reason.
so far, animations with Javascript in canvas are done on client side.
a server can be used to feed the data.
what you are trying to achieve is something unusual and not right (read it as "correct") imo
I am making a node module for easy DMX control over the network. I want to have an object that I can pass an ip address to and then use animejs to animate between colors. This module wants compatibility both inside the client side browser and inside a server side nodejs enviroment
That is why at the top of my class file I have the code above, if the global window instance is undefined then spoof it so that animation libraries can work
3:37 PM
hi everyone o/
@JimmyLeahy isn't there a lib that replicates canvas in node?
Yes, there are a few I was just not passing in the correct settings
with browser-env it wanted pretendToBeVisual set to true because it defaults to false
3:56 PM
Q: How to configure webpack-dev-server correctly

AirThere is such an assembly ... const webpack = require('webpack'); const path = require('path'); const HtmlWebpackPlugin = require('html-webpack-plugin'); const { CleanWebpackPlugin } = require('clean-webpack-plugin'); const webpackConf = { entry: './frontend/app/app.js', output: { ...

4:33 PM
hi guys how do i link my front-end (Vue js) to my backend (express js) so that my client can display the customer information from my database. (im using a RESTful api)
4:45 PM
Hi guys, I'm new to chat, not sure what it entails... Though I do have a very basic question about looping through a Map in Java, am I able to ask it here?
@ShanNicole Welcome to the JavaScript chat! Please review the room rules. If you have a question, just post it, and if anyone's free and interested they'll help. If you want to report an abusive user or a problem in this room, visit our meta.
pff my boss really is putting me in a pickle: he's wishing to have a minimal product within a month.. Where we know the full product takes half a year to create.
And a minimal product "with as many features showing as possible, even if they might be slightly buggy so consumers can use it before competitors show up".
Should I now just omit all unit testing to make it?
Ok I'm just going to ask anyway... hopefully someone can help!
So I need to create a public instance method called findPeopleWithAgeCat(char age) that returns an unordered set of 'People objects'. The method should loop through peopleMap looking for instances of People whose ageCategory matches the given argument. As such instances are found, the method should add these instances of People to the set that will be returned.

My method so far (in the place class):
BTW: People is a class and Place is a class.

public void findPeopleWithAgeCat(char age)
Set<People> ageCatPeople = new HashSet<>();
The loop is where I'm stuck. The people class has a method get.AgeCategory() which I should be using
5:16 PM
This is the JavaScript room, and while some of us have experience with Java on the backend, this room should help you faster: chat.stackoverflow.com/rooms/139/java
Thanks so much
How do I bring it to my boss that something really really cannot be made faster?
In project management, a death march is a project that the participants feel is destined to fail, or that requires a stretch of unsustainable overwork. The general feel of the project reflects that of an actual death march because project members are forced by their superiors to continue the project against the members' better judgment. Software development and software engineering are the fields in which practitioners first applied the term to these project management practices. Other fields have since recognized the same occurrence in their own spheres and have adopted the name. Death marches...
5:47 PM
@newtojs i don't think you need socketio just remove it general. Be aware tho, your API keys are accessible to the client.
6:26 PM
guys, I made [this slider], but it swaps per 4 slides, how can I make it swapping one by one?
Is it possible for a shadow DOM to have it's own document object?
!!mdn shadow dom
i'm not sure what you mean
what purpose would this... theoretical document object serve?
6:36 PM
@KevinB when you clicks on either next or prev arrows, all four slides goes to left or right, I want just one of them gmove
@Shafizadeh right, but, you built it... therefore there's nowhere i can go to get documentation on it.
ah ok thx
Basically I want to add custom script (by the user) to the shadow dom. Say the user types $(document).on('click'). How can that string actually be applied to the shadow dom (and actually manipulate objects within the shadow dom)?
actually I followed this, I don't know why the result is not the same :P
It be best if you actually show us YOUR code..
6:44 PM
Here is an example. I am trying to allow the user to type some html, css, and javascript and then apply it to the shadow dom. I'm not sure if it's possible to do so but I want the javascript written in the js editor to actually work inside the shadow dom. Also, the codemirror isn't quite rendering correctly so you have to click inside the css and js editors to view the code within them.
7:32 PM
Hmm, well I found this answer and it's apparently not possible. That sucks because I really wanted the shadow dom to act as a "javascript sandbox" :(
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8:35 PM
mobx is so cool
currently i'm 98% satisfied with it
what would it take to earn that extra 2%
not suggesting i use @action when modifying state mobx.js.org/refguide/action.html (its only 2% because it works even without, but you're supposed to)
not when you're in strict mode
(which you should be!)
From Madara:
> You should know if you do that, that you will need to treat async functions a bit specially, which I don't 100% like, but is understandable.
Because of how async functions get transpiled, the @action only applies until the first await.
Read this for more details https://mobx.js.org/best/actions.html
But yes, I should. I will probably enable it once I'm done and track down all the missing @actions.
8:51 PM
I miss working on a react/mobx project,
that project is unfortunately going away, but there's another possible project coming up that I can (ab)use it for
come work on mine, its open source :D
and we have cookies!
@JBis how do you filter an array with a smaller array in order to make a 2d array?
I'm trying to test each element of the original with the elements of the smaller, but cannot get "abt" to test for all possible combinations.
The smallest problem I can work on is getting "abt" to find "bat"
match(/abt/g) won't work. Is there a regex principle that can find all possible combos?
@Matthew Please don't ping people unless in a conversation with that person. Just post your question and anyone that is available and wants to help will :)
@JBis understood.
@Matthew I don't understand this. What do you mean filter an array with a smaller array?
9:05 PM
Instead of creating a new array from the original, I'd like to create multiple.
Instead of one test case, I'd like to use every element from the other array as tests.
let arr =  ["eat", "tea", "tan", "ate", "nat", "bat"];
["abt", "aet", "ant"]
I want to create a 2d array, where each of the conditions results in a subarray pushed to a new array.
"abt" should create [["bat"]]
how do you get from abt to bat?
"aet" should create [["bat"], ["eat", "tea", "ate"]]
I was hoping to use "abt" as a series of characters that can test any combination of them
could letter be used more than once?
/abt/g and /[abt]/g and /(abt)/g all seem to fail at finding it
no, just once each
I want to be able to find any combination of the three letters in each string
function (letters: String, word: String): boolean {
    const bank = Array.from(letters);
    for(letter of word){
       const index = bank.indexOf(letter);
       } else {
          return false;
   return true;
thats how i would do it
9:16 PM
I am not sure why the save button isn't resetting the form here. Anybody have any ideas? codepen.io/byuilazenbyt/pen/KKpLBeq
tnx, I'll look over it
btw, that codepen is uses Jquery and Jquery UI
9:44 PM

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