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12:06 AM
is it just me or does "speech" look like it should be spelled "speach"
2 hours later…
2:33 AM
i feel like "H-T-M-L-5" would have worked better
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4:31 AM
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Hi everyoneI am very beginner to vue js learning from tutorial and my code is
<div>Capacity: {{ capacity }}</div>

import { ref } from "vue";
export default{
const capacity = ref(3);
return { capacity };
Error in terminal is "export 'ref' was not found in 'vue'
But in the tutorial he said like this nothing here I want to print capacity: 3 in the web page using ref please help me anyone
Does he use a script tag in the tutorial?
yes he used
1 hour later…
5:42 AM
Hi All
im using express-mailer for sending emails.
although the path of my directories are rightly configured im getting the below error
Failed to lookup view "/welcome-email" in views directory "\\myPath"
5:54 AM
@JBis can you help me please?
6:28 AM
view.path is coming undefined in the application.js of express
1 hour later…
7:44 AM
@G.Lakshmi can you post a link to the tutorial that you're using?
@Neil yes vuemastery.com/courses/vue-3-essentials/… this is the video I followed
@G.Lakshmi well I need an account to see it and frankly don't want to create one for just that purpose
the reason why I asked is that it seems a little sus to me that you would import just ref from vue
you usually import the "vue" instance
but in the tutorial he said like that only @Neil
Okay @Neil leave that tutorail even the basic example vue-composition-api-rfc.netlify.com/#summary in this link also not working for me
@G.Lakshmi ok, if we're assuming the code is correct, then you need to verify the version of vue that you're using
if it is the latest version, then try with another browser
tutorials aren't designed to work with every version of the platform or with every browser
it's supposed to be simple primarily
so just double check these things
yes getting error right if not getting anything then I should check browser support
7:59 AM
I'm not a new programmer, but I'm not experienced with vue
this would be my approach
thankyou for your suggestions
no problem
incidentally, this is one of the more stressful parts of delving into new platforms and technologies
don't be deterred. It is normal to run into problems, seriously
yes but it is a basic problem @neil trying from two days
once you get it working, the rest of the tutorial will likely work as well
it may also help to search for example starting projects using vue to see how they did it
But I am not understanding that error just duplicated the code thats it @Neil
8:04 AM
@G.Lakshmi The error is telling you that import { ref } from "vue" is problematic
that there is no "ref" to grab
that could mean you aren't including the library properly
but it could be caused by several factors, not just this
that is not the error @neil
> Error in terminal is "export 'ref' was not found in 'vue'
this is what you said. Is this not the case?
that error is gone I came up with another error today in console
oh ok
vue.runtime.esm.js?2b0e:619 [Vue warn]: Property or method "capacity" is not defined on the instance but referenced during render. Make sure that this property is reactive, either in the data option, or for class-based components, by initializing the property. See: vuejs.org/v2/guide/…
this is the error @Neil
8:10 AM
that's a warning, not an error
warnings don't mean it won't work, rather that there is something which may cause problems later
yes but output is also not coming thats why I thought like that
try renaming it from capacity to something else
if you change capacity to c, do you see the same warning, but for "Property or method 'c'"?
@G.Lakshmi do this then. Start the tutorial from the very beginning. Read everything and do everything that it says to do
don't assume you've already done it, because the devil is in the details
Ok @Neil I will try once again as you said
8:19 AM
Also because I don't know if I could help you more than this
@G.Lakshmi are you sure you have done your setup correctly?
yes sure @KarelG
try to import Vue from vue
if that fails then the answer is no.
Failed to compile.

Module Error (from ./node_modules/eslint-loader/index.js):

9:8 error 'Vue' is defined but never used no-unused-vars
12:13 error 'ref' is not defined no-undef

✖ 2 problems (2 errors, 0 warnings)
got like this
yarr that's node.js verification
the error message should be clear, no? 😀
8:23 AM
what I didnt undestand sorry @KarelG
vue is a frontend library
Yes @Neil
> error 'Vue' is defined but never used <---- no-unused-vars
no-unused-vars is a rule from eslint (good that you're using it). Don't have variables that aren't unused. Or remove that rule.
same story for that other error: no-undef
@Neil well, you can write vue files in backend (node.js env) and then compile it into usable front-end files
@KarelG like a typescript version of vue?
Is that a thing?
jsfiddle.net/3gkywLdh/3 this is code written in tutorial and he got output as capacity: 3 in browser
8:29 AM
@Neil nah, it's only a less known feature: vuejs.org/v2/guide/ssr.html
1 hour later…
9:30 AM
@Neil Yes I had did what was said in the tutorial the error is same
@G.Lakshmi welp, then I'd say it's time to start using a different tutorial
but it is vue mastery which was given by the vue official documentation @Neil
@G.Lakshmi yep indeed
I don't mean to say the tutorial is wrong. I mean to say that you can't follow the tutorial as given
@Neil actually this composition-api is not working for me not only this even the basic example in this vue-composition-api-rfc.netlify.com/#basic-example link is also not working getting same error
did you ever did this
9:36 AM
as you are experienced in vuejs once seethe link which I kept now you will understand I think
I never said I was experienced in vuejs
2 hours ago, by Neil
I'm not a new programmer, but I'm not experienced with vue
oh sorry ok
9:59 AM
I have following promise based events for socket connections
this resolve when connect the socket
otherwise reject on error
are you guys recommending this approach ?
Hello @Neil please once see this codesandbox.io/s/cranky-sky-bg65m I had replicated the same error which I am getting in this link..
I believe you.. I never said I thought you were making it up
what I didnt understand @Neil
so look at existing projects
you're asking the wrong person.
Ok @Neil Thank you..:)
10:04 AM
@underscore use class and using new Promise( is an exception. Use async function for that.
it's not much differ with async/await and promise then
10:47 AM
Guys Thankyou for everyone who guided and helped me Finally I got it :) and thankyou for your suggestions
I am taking portrait picture from iphone device, but it's landscape in my html view.
I don't where is issue. can anyone guide me.
it should show in according orientation of picture
Where is issue in CSS, JS , or upload server side.??
11:19 AM
Hi all
11:33 AM
@RaheelAslam If the picture has been taken in landscape mode, then the actual picture is that way
you can still clip the sides, but it will have less resolution than a portrait picture
alternatively, you can use css to clip the picture (though the size of the picture would remain the same)
Hi, can I get help about reactjs issue here
@NIKHILCHANDRA ROY Welcome to the JavaScript chat! Please review the room rules. If you have a question, just post it, and if anyone's free and interested they'll help. If you want to report an abusive user or a problem in this room, visit our meta.
@RaheelAslam hmm ... errmm
that really depends
check on your server if the picture is in portrait or not
if you really took the pic as portrait on your iphone and
1. it is still portrait on server, then the bug is in your html view.
2. it is landscape on the server: check upload process
I need to use this js library in my reactjs project github.com/VincentGarreau/particles.js but not understand how I can use this
11:49 AM
@Neil I am taking picture and convert into base64 then send to server.
is it issue of base64 or not???
16 mins ago, by Neil
@RaheelAslam If the picture has been taken in landscape mode, then the actual picture is that way
but some picture show correct orientation
if it were an issue with base64 then you wouldn't be able to properly interpret the binary data on the other side
some show landscape
1 min ago, by Neil
16 mins ago, by Neil
@RaheelAslam If the picture has been taken in landscape mode, then the actual picture is that way
some pictures are taken using landscape and others aren't
11:52 AM
@Neil No all
@Neil is any way of to reset base64 or method for correct orientation?
reset base64? that doesn't even make sense first of all
reset orientation
Quick question: What does one put in the developer story personal statement?
Hello everyone o/
methods for correcting orientation: 1) use css on the page to crop the image, 2) paint the image on a canvas smaller than the image, or 3) clip it in the backend
11:55 AM
@NIKHILCHANDRAROY either inject it yourself or use github.com/blueberryapps/react-load-script
@geisterfurz007 a what?
@geisterfurz007 probably a quick introduction of your career
seems that you have to fill in your own statement about technology
is it to be inserted in a cv?
11:56 AM
I would add
> Java is a joke. They are both 4 characters long and starts with same character together
there is a little "help" link. Did you have clicked on it?
@Neil No, but I want to set my account to actively looking for jobs and it makes sense to have it somewhat current. I am long done with starting to learn Java :D
@KarelG Yeah, it's the editing help
11:58 AM
@TaylorS that boo isn't for you fyi
@geisterfurz007 probably a good thing to keep it short
@KarelG that's what I thought too!
just the same
inspect the element and check the name
it could be that the label is just badly worded :P
11:59 AM
@KarelG !
There is indeed a placeholder in there :D
> Share what you enjoy working on, what inspires you, or what you hope to build someday. It's a quick, simple way to convey what makes you unique.
@geisterfurz007 I strongly dislike these gimmicky "give me a quip that describes everything you've done in 20 words or less.. go!" things
Does it make sense to add the pilot license to that as certification to show that I am eager to work on other projects in my freetime?
feels like HR department trying to put importance on something that lets them eliminate candidates without ever doing an interview
@geisterfurz007 hard to tell. They can be afraid that you could not have time for their projects or that if you have a career opportunity as a pilot, that you go away
12:04 PM
sigh I havent typed a single letter/char of js in like a week... I need to get to work
Given that the latter is probably true, I guess I will leave it out then. Thanks :)
but this shitty keyboard of a loaner laptop is SRWED..... see? typed a c and e and it didnt type.

Sometimes puntuation is broke too. m key is literally falling off
Gotta love shool pcs
if I miss the C in stuff, please dont Call me out for grammar criminal
I need a sreenshot translator, I dont see images, and im mostly-blind irl
In that case it's not funny :c
12:08 PM
I love how when I tell people about my blindness, they assume "Your not blind because your seeing what we chat"
Atleast in video games
@TaylorS I love misconceptions about accessibility they're always fun to deal with.
Like, people don't understand screen readers at all lol, they test voiceover once at regular speed and then assume people who use accessibility tooling either use the internet in a very slow way or they are all literally blind.
They assume anyone using a screenreader has a guide dog, a cane and can't see at all. Given how many visually impaired people there are this always baffles me.
Pretty much
god this c key is tiking me off
well if it's any consolation, I can't see those images either
my proxy won't let me load them
Pretty much what Im going through, but I always have to zoom em in
pain in the arse
Am I doing this right? This developer story is so confusing :D
12:13 PM
image not found cri everyday
@BenjaminGruenbaum I remember a friend saying that it's awesome that X (is blind) has sent his an email. He was enthusiast that the dog is so skilled to help him formulating the mail message.
thats funny but stupid
I was like "he must be joking" but he was damn serious
Why don't blind people go skydiving? Because it scares the hell out of the dogs.
the atmosphere suddenly became silent when everyone started to realize that
12:14 PM
"Oh you cant see that very well, you must be a blind person whos telling their dog to type for them" Oh yeah sure Johnny boy
@KarelG @Neil can i do if first get image orientation then base64 convert to land or portrait scap?
why (removed) JB
    const Main = new MainSocket(arg.servers, arg.ports);

    for (let n = 0; n < arg.servers.length; n++) {

        LoginPromise(arg.ports[n], arg.servers[n]).then(() => {

            let webId = getGlobal('id').main
            ipcRenderer.sendTo(webId, 'login-return-8101')
            if (true) {

        }).catch((error) => {

Cause I'm paranoid about flangers :)
i coundn't use break or continue ?
is there any error does anybody see ?
12:18 PM
So passengers board a plane and are waiting for takeoff when two pilots, one with a seeing-eye dog, the other with shades and a cane, walk into the cabin. The passengers think it's some sort of joke, but soon enough, the plane starts down the run way. The passengers start talking uneasily.. there are two blind pilots piloting the plane.. the plane gets faster and faster until the passengers are realizing they're about to die, they start screaming.
@underscore dont just paste code with no context or issue
it's electron project
@TaylorS issue is already there
At the last second, the plane lifts up and they soar an inch over the trees and into the sky. One pilot turns to the other and says, "We did it. But you know one day they're not going to scream and we're all gonna die.."
12:20 PM
@Neil What? That sounds like a movie, whered that come from
omg my index finger hurts from hitting the C key as hard as possible to make it atually type out
@TaylorS nah, just a joke. My favorite joke in fact
I ant even type ode beause my C key is friking broken
We can't use break or continue inside for loop ?
cant* code*
You can't even C (sorry I had to)
12:21 PM
literally... I cant ode on this pc... fml...
@Neil Your not wrong, I cant even c
I can sorta C# or ++... but its not that good
@RaheelAslam image orientation is just based on the image ratio ...
I had a weird problem with the s key with my old computer where it would get stuck
so anytime I'd use the s key, it would stick and go ssssssssssssssssssssss
just do width / height. if ratio is > 1 then you know that it's a landscape
I guess you could say that I could python
12:23 PM
I loaned this pc beaause my old one was broken, screen flashing or something. Turns out it started working again, and this one's keyboard is shit
I simply use telepathy to type
Awesome right?
And I cant get my old pc back yet
@JBis if I could do that, Id type at 300 wpm
Code 2 megabytes in 2 seconds or something other
@underscore please no
12:24 PM
I never have enough time to code, always moving around, reaching things in schedule, or going to school... never enough..

But seriously its hard asf
you probably know three times as much as I knew at your age
@BenjaminGruenbaum in electron.js i used break and continue inside forloop but it doesn't start the project
Fair enough, but I started JS 3 years ago.
when I was 14, I knew how to program TI-83 calculators, and that was it
and Im not even understanding the full ability of Classes yet
12:26 PM
@Neil they have some advanced functionality. It's basic iirc?
@KarelG what will be next solution for that.
js doesn't really "lend itself" well to object oriented programming
@Neil I saw someone program tetris on one of those on reddit
@RaheelAslam uhm... you mean to rotate the image before upload?
Ive never dug into one, sounds fun though
12:26 PM
@JBis it has very basic commands for inputting and outputting data
that can give a deformed image.
@underscore why are you telling me this?
@BenjaminGruenbaum pastebin.com/qdGmMHmj
and with loops and such, but it was really quite basic
BASIC I meant but yeah
12:27 PM
why are you sending me a pastebin?
If you would like assistance, please create a Minimal, Complete, and Verifiable Example
just to look the isse
it is better to tell the user that his pic cannot be uploaded because of the orientation
@TaylorS you don't have to do that
@KarelG if user take image in landscape then show landscape and if take in portrait then show portrait and go to servrr
from mobile
12:28 PM
I had ass pains trying to learn how to literally ask questions in the MCVE format here just a year ago, and Im still not perfect now
Um, raheel? are you having a storke?
or stroke, whatever they call it in america
@RaheelAslam yeah, let's step back a bit. Was the issue not that the image is on a different mode when you were showing it in your html view?
@KarelG When image uploaded successfuly to server then show.
Unsyntactic break
does anybody know why ?
oml I just realised... I use canvas most of my JS time, and my C key isnt working... I CANT TYPE CTX EASILY ANYMORE ;-;
@underscore you are in a nested arrow function, you can't break there
12:32 PM
> I am taking portrait picture from iphone device, but it's landscape in my html view.
i didn't aware of that
> but some picture show correct orientation
> some show landscape
that's what you were saying
so ... hmmm idk what you expect. really.
@KarelG I want user take image in landscape then show landscape and if take in portrait then show portrait
blame codepen
@JBis do you have idea how to resolve it ?
    for (let n = 0; n < arg.servers.length; n++) {

        LoginPromise(arg.ports[n], arg.servers[n]).then(function () {

            let webId = getGlobal('id').main
            ipcRenderer.sendTo(webId, 'login-return-8101')
            if (true) {

        }).catch((error) => {

12:35 PM
its dumdum format software does that to my arguments in functions sometimes... curse you codepen... yet I have nothing better
@RaheelAslam well, just upload it? The file on the server should have the same orientation. And when showing in in your html, the orientation is same as on the server
@KarelG yes both same
Ima make an account for jsfiddle and play around with it, I hate the UI and wish all the boxes were at the top, but Ill live with it, Codepens pulled the last straw with my patience.
Hey is there a way to change the syntax highlighting of jsfiddle?
like the colour scheme
        let file_data = this.files;
        let form_data = new FormData();

        let fileLength = file_data.length;
        if (fileLength == 0) {
            return false;

        for (let f = 0; f < fileLength; f++) {
            let singleImg = file_data[f];
            let singImgSize = singleImg.size;
            let imgSizeKb = singImgSize/1000;
            if (imgSizeKb > 10000) {
                showAlertMessagePopUp('Maximum image size should be 10MB');
                return false;
@KarelG see this
OMG... jsfiddle actually has a codepen like 3 rows on top result on bottom style
12:50 PM
@underscore put this in an async function and then use await
Here's my new site. Its still in development. Check it out and tell me what you think: socraticanswers.com
It's (hopefully) going to be a better open source Stack Exchange
Anyone using Google Cloud here? I just want to dip my feet in, by setting up some data (for example some Music venue names and their locations, contact information etc), so I can fetch it from Android and List/Detail view the data.

What type of Data can I "get away with", did a little research over the weekened, and think maybe FireBaseUI is the way to go?
I work with Firebase, but not Google Cloud / FirebaseDB
okay cool. Thank you. The recommendation seems to be go with FireBase instead of CloudStorage if you are just getting your first android app started.
are you running FireBase on your own server?
1:05 PM
No, the whole point of firebase is to run on google
you can host your website on it, without a server
Static though
1:32 PM
Any recommendations for setting up a quick db backend for mobile apps? Just treat it like I would a web application relational db and api's?
JoJo, treat it as any other app. Get something robust and relational
@JoJo approach like a regular web service. You never know you have to expand it someday
okay thank you
2:03 PM
We used to run firebase, it works well for small apps and the realtime features are pretty cool.
It doesn't really scale past ~200GB of data
Yes, because it is my first app, with geolocation to locate venues, and no prior experience (i.e. the mobile app could be more of an excercise for me and not a pipe dream) I am thinking I could use FireBaseUI. will watch more pluralsight vids when I get home, it is my side work, not my day job.
Today I gotta mini dive into using VS2017 with Docker in Kubernetes containers...
Cloud is taking over now! :) :/
... or as usual I am just late to the party....
Cloud took over like... 6 years ago - almost no one is running bare metal anymore :D
so I will work day and night as a hobbyist coder again... till I get up to speed. Hoping I can do it in a years time. Plus our company got purchased by a bigger company, so we are now moving to GCP architecute, next iteration in fact! Buckle your seat belts.
2:35 PM
hey you guys know a really simple way to make one of those "typing effects"? Like placing the characters in a string 1 by 1
idk what ya mean
oh, I think he means showing the letters one at a time
like a marquee or something like it were getting typed
You know... the typewriter effect you see on those old game boxes
remember in the old games, theyd scroll through the string, showing chars 1 at a time
as if the pixelated characters were talking
Trying to kinda replicate that
Have a animated vertical cursor thing at the end of a text view to which you add letters from a reversed array/string a letter at a time with a time interval between each letter
That's only from the top of my head, I'm sure there are other ways
2:51 PM
I know there was one way I did before, Ill have to find the project
Found it:
function typeWriter() {
 if (codeOn == true) {
  if (i < code.length) {
   screen.innerHTML += code.charAt(i);
   setTimeout(typeWriter, speed);
its just a counter... Im dumb
 (function type(message) {
    let showIndex = 1;
    const timer = setInterval(() => {
        console.log(message.substring(0, showIndex));
        if(showIndex > message.length) {
    }, 500);
})("yo world");
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