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1:34 AM
Any react native folks in here?
I'm trying to figure out why a view with width: 100, height: 100, backgroundColor: 'green' wouldn't render
@duhaime code?
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11:12 AM
11:40 AM
hi is there is away to align those two inside a canvas based on their center line using js ?
11:57 AM
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5:08 PM
i have university project, and i been struggling on the same problem for the past 4 days, trying everything, and when i post my problem, i get down voted, sadlife for you
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Q: Marking plate, Control unique Cell in row/col

mikoto dreadlet me clarify it, i have 7 rows, 7 cols, each containing random numbers, i want one of these cells to be empty, and replaced with symbol, so 7x7 giving me 14 cells, 13 cells random generated numbers, and 1 cell to be empty, and given unique symbol, now when i have that, i want to click on any of...

any help appreciated
Hey, im having issues killing process with nodejs on linux.
On WSL (Windows) await process.kill(*pid*, 9) works fine but on actual linux it doesn't.

I tried just doing kill -9 pid on terminal and it gave me permission error.
So then i tried running app as sudo node app.js but stopping and killing my process is still not working.

What can i do?
The error message is:
kill(*pid*) : {}

Doesn't really give me much information.
6:12 PM
hmm so either I can have autosave on a webform.... Or have google autofill working.
using onchange event makes google not wish to autofill the forms, so I'm now wondering what is best for the user: forcing to press a save button, or not filling in the fields.

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