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11:19 AM
Hey guys, what do you use for email? E.g. if you're making a website and need to send email notifications
I really should know a good service for this by now but I don't
I'm aware that you can provision your own email system (IMAP? POP? Forget it). Do people really do this?
Or what's the general approach? Opinions needed
11:31 AM
@EnnMichael depends on size and target audience, a small cms for few people, no specific security? going with the basics like sendmail. Need a valid outgoing e-mail or server that is not randomly banned? Use an account which allows mass sending. (thats normally restricted to X mails per Y users per minute or so)
need more? go for one of many payed services
So if you use sendmail, which e-mail provider do you use?
I'm pretty sure e.g. gmail doesn't play along too well with sendmail
none, server needs an MX entry and a correctly setup DNS record for that, thats basically it
Really? That sounds very nice
Do you maybe have any resources where I could find our more?
it works most of the times, worst is when your servers are on a blacklist for spamming from previous owners
typically the hoster has information on how to setup your servers for e-mail delivery
if it's possible and allowed
So you use e.g. Gmail and you add an MX record for it, and then sendmail for automating sending the emails? Am I following?
11:39 AM
ah no, that's for sending directly (as if your server was a smtp relay/entrypoint), usually pointing your mx record to the hosters mailserver which will do the check and delivery
not sure which is easier tho
sending via account or sending via sendmail with a setup that does actually work.. I think it depends on how much your Hoster already set up and what your CMS/Framework can do
So I guess what I'm asking is, let's say I have an EC2 machine and a domain name pointing to it and there's some nginx server on it and I want to send my users a confirmation email when they register to my website. If I follow instructions from the link that you sent me, what should the MX entry point to? It's the part where in the instructions they say "Points to: The mail server's address, such as smtp.secureserver.net." what am I supposed to put there?
This is the missing piece for me
Am I supposed to bring up an SMTP server on my EC2 machine? Is this a thing that people do?
Or do people just use a service that does this for them, and if so which service do they use? I've seen a lot of them but don't know which are good
ah.. that's a question that I can't really answer, my company doesn't use cloud services at all^^
:D Yes! I've asked people around my company too, and they all said "our clients provide that stuff"
11:48 AM
Now I have a thing on the side where someone wants me to build a very indie website (actually most of it is finished already) but I'm stuck at providing proper mailing capabilities... lol
for the big services I bet there is documentation somewhere or a service, or both
Anyhow thanks for your time and effort, highly appreciated
Amazon SES?
but not sure if it costs extra (most likely)
The thing is, the people I'm doing this for really don't want extra costs
I could use something like mail-in-a-box but it seems like a PITA setting all of this up manually...
And all the services that make this easy are probably not free
I'll probably talk to them a bit more about this and then make a decision
11:54 AM
ye, maybe google around a bit
something like this is interesting.. talking about free tier and "using your own domain" for sending via gmail somewhere later on
but ye.. I don't have knowledge about that, so hmm, good luck finding your solution^^
Thanks a lot, the links you provided are very useful
Amazon SES seems like the way to go tbh
ye, but it's also from 2017
12:15 PM
Q: No response in browser but getting 401 in postman

AbhiI'm calling an API with a JWT. When the token expires or when I send an invalid token, I get a 401 in postman, but when I do it in browser, I get a "Network error". And it works when the token is valid. I use axios to call the API and the error.response is undefined. When I stringify the error ob...

can someone please help me with this
It should be Access-Control-Allow-Origin
Not Access-Control-Allow-Origins
Nvm it's just a typo in the text, but it's OK in the screenshot
Well, axios by default throws on all 4xx status codes
@Abhi Try this:
axios.get("...", { validateStatus(status) { return true; } })
12:45 PM
Hello everyone
I have question. What's the best way to implement registration tutor and student in node, express. Do I have to create two separate objects?
2 hours later…
2:54 PM
a pretty dump question,
Do i need two servers for deplying react frontend (nextjs, gatesby, frontiy...) + wordpress ?
couldn't find anything useful.
4 hours later…
6:53 PM
@aeXuser264 depends what you mean by servers? like physical servers, no. But likely you'd setup a virtual host (probably a subdomain)
3 hours later…
9:57 PM
let userCount = 0
let compCount = 0

rock.addEventListener('click', ()=>{
    userImage.src = 'images/user_rock.png'
    const rand = Math.floor(Math.random() * 3 + 1)
    const comp = game[rand]

    if (comp == 'r') {
        computerImage.src = 'images/comp_rock.png'
        result.innerText = 'Tie'
    if (comp == 'p') {
        computerImage.src = 'images/comp_hand.png'
        result.innerText = 'Computer wins round!'
        computerWins.innerText = compCount
how come my if statement is not executed... e.g. even though userCount or compCount is ==5, it never executes the if statements
only way it works is if the if statement is inside the eventListener

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