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12:26 AM
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2:44 AM
Q: Why is there a small gap between an absolutely positioned child and parent? All margins, padding, and positions are set to 0

dev sandboxI recreated a stripped down version of the phenomenon I'm facing. So the parent has position: relative and the ::after child has position: absolute with all directional values set to zero. This would normally stretch out the child directly over the parent perfectly in my experience. Also * { marg...

why tho :`(
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4:27 AM
hello guys
if a webpage used any sound, audio with runtime like multiple sounds or whatever, can I get the sound path by javascript?
whenever sound start to play and showing the icon beside page title, I want to get the sound path by javascript, can someone help me how it will possible?
@NIKHILCHANDRAROY maybe, you could try document.querySelector('audio') and see if you get anything and then get the source.
@JBis whatif the page use javascript to play the audio like new Audio('source')
then you'd probably want to overwrite the Audio object but either way its not gonna be a great solution
The things are I wanna replace the audio path with chrome extension but I am unable which audio path webpages used
so, first of all, I want to know which path the webpage used so that I could find it easisy
Is there any api or whatever javascript way to find whenever sound play and show the sound icon beside the page title to get the sound path?
@JBis yes, I can overwrite the Audio object, but I don't know where is the Audio object located, Is there any solution?
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8:51 AM
recursively search it on the window object /s
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12:37 PM
Can anyone tell me how to trigger the click event of mat-button-toggle in typescript?
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2:54 PM
hi guyst
there is some way to change the name of properties
lsomething like this
constructor(private _code as code: string, private _descr as description: string) { }
hello guys
can anyone please give me the above solution?
|| mdn Proxy
2:59 PM
no not that
read it and use it on the Audio
@KarelG I thing this will not give me my solution, I have read it
when I don't know which variable, object used existing audio,
you can register which information is sent to the object
so ?
it even supports constructors
3:22 PM
Working on an Ionic app that has several pages that might only be opened one a month. For the more common sections, I figure it makes sense to store the API response in the service to prevent multiple unneeded requests.

Should I do the same for these less used pages on the off chance someone might access them several times fairly quickly, or is that not needed? Response time is half a second at most.
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^ interesting that I've finally been noticed after a year of infrequent messages
@KarelG how can I know information which I am looking?
3:40 PM
uhm, by reading the whole page like I did before?
4:11 PM
why doesn't java and other langs have eslint and prettier equivalents?
what particular feature from eslint do you want?
the "lint" part :D
such as?
I mean, the Java IDEs (except Eclipse) are quite good at linting
most devs would think it is useless to try to compete with IntelliJ anyway
so few would actually make a java linter
although, there are some
4:29 PM
@Wietlol exactly. In JS IDE's also have built in linters and foramtters but we still have formatters and linters installed as dependecies with config files in our codebases. Why not in java?
can you name a specific feature that a linter should provide that IJ doesn't?
^ that is prolly why
also, maybe Javascript is just too... dynamic
this codebase wants semicolons, this codebase does not want semicolons
this codebase wants arrow functions, this codebase wants non-arrow functions
Javascript has many things that many people think of differently
I suppose most linters wont satisfy everyone
also naming conventions and styling conventions
I suppose too many people start with JS and thus creating more conventions as they come
learning to accept existing conventions later on
in Java, first of all, we have the compiler to catch errorneous code
and provide warnings in some cases
then, we dont use a text editor, we use an actual IDE, and imho, the best one atm
that, on top of the compiler, has a smathering of additional validations
and quite configurable
even though linters for java (apparently) exist, I have never thought of adding one to IJ
@Wietlol same in java, maybe less so but same, tabs vs spaces, new line here, etc.
and IJ is perfectly capable of configuring your preferences and sharing that with your team
4:45 PM
so then why do we need it in js?
maybe because we use many tools to write js code?
Visual Studio, VS Code, IDEA, Atom, frigging Notepad++
synchronizing the settings between apps would be difficult
linters might just provide sufficient abstraction
5:09 PM
hmm, i mean there are plenty of java editors
the IDE config should never be the source of truth for any linter, style checker, etc. that should be in a config file, and linting should be done by a standalone tool. the IDE should integrate such tools of course, but not try to reinvent the wheel (or if they do, publish them standalone so people can use it in CI as well)
eslint etc are good examples: you don't need any particular editor/IDE to use it, and you commit its config file to version control so any editor that has an integration for it will just be able to use it
5:42 PM
i agree with @ThiefMaster
hi, i cant understand why this.httpClient.get("/documents", { params, responseType: 'text' }) always return a json even when i have a param params = params.append('typeDocument', typeDocument); which in my case is csv or txt or jsn, the return is good on postman but the http.get always gets me json
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7:45 PM
posted on November 23, 2020 by Bindu Suvarna

Hi, everyone! We've just released Chrome 87 (87.0.4280.77) for iOS: it'll become available on App Store in next few hours. This release includes stability and performance improvements. You can see a full list of the changes in the Git log. If you find a new issue, please let us know by filing a bug. Bindu Suvarna Google Chrome

8:24 PM
hey , are we allowed to share codesandbox here?
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