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12:00 AM
@theHeretic that its a fucked up format for hangman
(the numbers are because the underscores don't have spaces between them.)
@Cereal I dropped out of college after my third year (of double majoring, so I had 1.5 degrees worth of courses) to pick up an $80k/yr job in San Francisco. A little over a year later, I'm making much more than that.
@theHeretic e
12:01 AM
__e ______ __ __
What's your job title @SomeKittensUx2666
I know about e, but is r/s/t/l/n also used often in the english language?
RSTLNE are the most common letters
you get them for free in the last puzzle on Wheel of Fortune
@taco Software Engineer
Just curious, since you mentioned your pay
12:02 AM
@Loktar what's your position?
I'm a Software Developer I aka dev noob
I make 135k base now with that title
Lead front end/ui developer
hehe I got to pick my job title :P
Though my unofficial title is 'Vice Duke'
12:03 AM
@SomeKittensUx2666 I would think that wouldn't be too crazy in CA
whats that @rlemon
so, what's your job title @rlemon?
I always expected base was over 100k in CA
but I guess not
hmm, I was trying to see if the wizard of oz is really weak. I thought that it was mostly because it has two two letter words in a row, which seems rare from my memory.
on my business card it says Software Designer
12:04 AM
@SomeKittensUx2666 I'll update my resume this weekend, then. It's not particularly impressive, but what the hell
Its rare to see a software engineer job here for less than 80k in the midwest
L5's at Google make ~300k with stock, bonus and base salary.
They let me put a whimsical title under my name, so the subtext says Matrix Hacker
Cost of living in CA is much higher, seems like it would be hard to live alright there with a fam making 80k
whereas here its easy
What's L5?
12:04 AM
btw, I'm a lazy couch shit developer if anyone asks
I do a lot of Software Engineer tasks, but I am not an Engineer so I didn't feel right giving myself the title
Level 5?
@m59 Level Five
@Loktar did you see that infographic for how far a dollar goes in all 50 states?
I got that lol...
12:05 AM
@taco no! That would be cool to see
@m59 You and I would be L4's
@taco I'd be interested in that
@taco why not put something something that actually means something simple in programming but sounds fancy?
Did you just put me in the same league with you?
@m59 According to Google, yes.
are there negative levels at google?
12:05 AM
I might even be a L3 due to lack of degree
or what do they really mean?
Obviously CA and NY are the worst bang for your buck
like on border of new york
/me is in NE
def great cost of living here
12:06 AM
nad place south of it or so.
ATL isn't too bad
@taco I feel like averaging it over the whole state gives a false impression.
@SomeKittensUx2666 where do you find that stuff? Whatever you are, I've got to be like half that =D
@SomeKittensUx2666 yeah like IL or MI for example
It's probably the best out of the big cities I've frequented bang-wise
12:07 AM
@m59 Skuttlebutt.
Having lived in Western NY, $100 goes very far there.
> Equivalent income in the city you are moving to: $217908.48.

Read more: http://www.bankrate.com/calculators/savings/moving-cost-of-living-calculator.aspx#ixzz3BAYDNCHL
Follow us: @Bankrate on Twitter | Bankrate on Facebook
if I were to move to SF California
@SomeKittensUx2666 yeah, I'm sure there are outliers
/me goes to play Elite Dangerous
@taco I'm pretty curious how they did the study (which doesn't take housing into effect)
here's the link @SomeKittensUx2666 taxfoundation.org/blog/real-value-100-each-state
12:15 AM
some more rift love, top of r/games :P
Man, I'd have to make 36% more to maintain the same standard of living if I moved to L.A.
what is the name of the gaming controller he's using @Loktar
Razer hydra
forgot they were released under razer
ok cool
sixense developed them though
I've heard of them
12:18 AM
its discontinued though and fetches a good amt on ebay
oh damn
I bought mine before I even owned my rift though luckily
Sixense has a new product that will be out soon, STEM
I'm thinking of trading my Oculus Dev Kit on craiglist to see what people will offer
but, Oculus is rumored to be working on their own motion controller which will be much better
makes sense
12:19 AM
@taco oh you have the DK1?
I bet they're working with Valve
yeah the low-res first kit @Loktar
haha well most of the Valve vr team/talent went to Oculus actually :P
I dont know if it's a DK1
yeah its a DK1 then
first kit dk1, newest is dk2, next should be a cv1
12:20 AM
hopefully faster!
They've been shipping out batches at a good rate
Saw a hi-res model of a pretty woman naked in VR. Best. Demo. Ever.
@taco The first consumer version
12:21 AM
ah sweet
It looks like they haven't released a price point
It's rumored to be cheaper than DK1/2
I'm going to guess the Oculus Rift CV1 will go for $149
mainly because it's a peripheral. I don't see the demand being high enough if you price it too high
what did we pay? like $350?
Given I have to wait until October, I don't think demand is something they're worried about
@taco almost $400 w/ shipping and taxes.
I got mine for my wedding, to do a space demo
fair enough
I'll catch you guys later
Just emailed them asking if I can pick up my DK2 from their SF office
12:29 AM
they dont come from there unfortunately
they come from China in batches
omg omg omg
> Another change that's almost as important: Modern apps will be able to run on the standard desktop in a windowed mode, which hopefully means no more switching between the touch-friendly Start screen and the mouse-friendly desktop.
I know that - but it'd be cool to meet some of the team
^ for windows 9
@Loktar nice!
preview due out in Sep
for a second I thought you were still talking about the Rift
12:35 AM
so this means js apps will act pretty much like native apps
/me has never used Win8
ive been on it for almost 2 years now
I build a new PC in Nov too bad 9 wont be out yet
Chat works pretty well on mobile
ermagerd gerthurb
12:53 AM
Some of gerthurb, I can't signup for codewars
1:24 AM
Heh. I haven't found much value in things like that
Let me know if you do
1:36 AM
I have no idea if I do, I can't sign up.
I just got windows installed. I'm now being forcefully reminded of how horrid drivers are for this thing
am I allowed to not understand anything? codewars.com/kata/tiny-three-pass-compiler
or should I know how to do those things?
1:51 AM
im building a node app that auths with github
how do i test it locally
2:02 AM
I can´t sing up.
2:29 AM
whats a safe way to pass an api key read from an ENV var in node to the client side?
@copy alright, ssl, but like which protocol?
setup a route and just have the client side make an HTTP request and grab the api key from back end? that seems unsafe
couldnt anyone go ahead and send a request to that route?
2:32 AM
@copy thats my problem
its a public repo on Github, i dont want someone to just look oh there's a route why dont i just hit it
Then authenticate the client first
@copy sorry new to node, what do you mean by that?
@copy like see who the request is coming from?
@copy how do you see who sent a request?
I told you the what, go figure out the how yourself
2:49 AM
I'm probably having a braindiarrea
var str='this is awesome';
var ar=str.split(' ');
  for(var i=0; i<ar.length; ++i){
ar.join(' ');
is there a reason every first letter in each word doesn't get turned to 'a'?
!!>var str='this is awesome';
var ar=str.split(' ');
for(var i=0; i<ar.length; ++i){
ar.join(' ');
@towc "undefined"
it returns the original str on my console
Strings are immutable
!!> a = "a"; a[0] = "b"; a[0];
@copy "a"
And JavaScript is stupid again
2:51 AM
has it always been like this?
No, they just introduced it yesterday
oh, ok then
wow, my perspective of freedom changed when you told me that... I thought I was able to change strings, but I'm not strong enough
ok, back to cough work
It's not your fault, this should really generate an exception
1 hour later…
4:19 AM
> This web site is optimized for java enabled Netscape4.0 above, IE4.0 above and 800x600 monitor resolution (source)
O.o that is brutal Awal
@AwalGarg lol, awesome.
4:35 AM
it deletes its own message if the original commanding one is deleted. :D
3 hours later…
7:09 AM
Anyone awake
7:23 AM
Is there any possible way to find out a div's height, in document ready method, after the page is rendered properly
as if someone opens a page and then resizes there window, if I type this in console,

$("#myDiv").height() then I get height of myDiv as it's now on the page not when it will be rendered
@CustomizedName you'd have to add a temporary div that's invisible and calculate its height then
7:39 AM
invisible div won't get the height until they get rendered too, isn't it ?
I think it should be ok as long as you've added it to the dom, you can add it get its height and then remove it.
7:58 AM
@BenjaminGruenbaum o/
Good Morning :-)
^ Am i an apple fan boy and google knows it ? or Apple really has great SEO ?
@BenjaminGruenbaum I tried to add some code in this
it works fine in fiddle, but in real, it takes more height then what it has been given
8:30 AM
anyone knows a good javascript videos tutorial
Angular JS good practice question, Is it wise to use ngStyle ? ever ?
@Mosho Thanks for helping me with this stackoverflow.com/questions/25447409/… hope you done mind me bugging you. I plan to add collision to it, next. I found this example that uses force layout jsfiddle.net/rdesai/PcjUR/63, I copied that code for collision but it doesnt work. It seems pack layout doesnt have tick in it. What should I do?
Yo all
@AbhishekHingnikar go for it
Using percentages can I control divs to always stay within parent div and not overflow ?
@CustomizedName what do you mean? Example?
8:38 AM
I want heights of C1 and C2 divs to always stay in B1
I dont want them to overflow at all
but you can see my table is going well out of 100px
Right, well what do you want to happen? If your content is much larger than 100px how could it ever fit in 100px?
its just in case
point is, i dont want divs to over populate others
I'm not sure what you mean by "Over populate" - that implies that you don't want the content to actually exist in the first place, which isn't a design decision, it's a functional, calculated one - i.e. you'd need to use something like JavaScript to show only what you want to
@CustomizedName do you mean like this?
Sorry, updated link, didn't realise I didn't save last change
it's ok, thing is that max height will change dynamically
specially for checkboxes row
I cannot guess it
in code
@indieblue I think your problem is this, and I've said it before:
> I copied that code for collision but it doesnt work
8:50 AM
how can I use ng-keyup in angular directive ::
template += '<input type="text" class="form-control" ng-keyup= "fireEvent(productList, NoUniqueIdentifier, pos)" type="text" ng-model="NoUniqueIdentifier" placeholder="Quantity" >';
I don't have time right now, but try to understand what the code that does what you want actually does and if you can't get it to work in a couple of days, let me know
here I want to use fireEvent() for ng-keyup
@CustomizedName well what you're explaining is JS logic. You just have to calculate what the unconstrained heights of your elements would be on DOM Ready and then manipulate them to fit within your box
unconstrained heights of your elements - how can I do that :-)
Well don't constrain them initially
8:52 AM
as when I try to use .height, it gives there current height, not what they going to be after rendering
@Mosho I checked the code. It all comes down to the tick event. Not sure if pack layout has it. I googled but didnt find anything about it.
    hello JS lovers .

    var fs = require('fs');
    fs.writeFile("/tmp/test", "Hey there!", function(err) {
        if(err) {
        } else {
            console.log("The file was saved!");

This function only writes once in file. And it ignores the rest. Can you help me with this code?
I am using a node.js
!!tell macroscripts format
@macroscripts Format your code - hit Ctrl+K before sending and see the faq
I did format :\
9:05 AM
Did you hit ctrl+k?
Yes. I edited. IS it better?
Now, what's the issue? Is this the whole code?
this is code I use for saving to a file
the problem is in console I get 10 lines
(I scraped google)
in file I only get first line
How do you get 10 lines?
do you want to open the file in append mode?
@macroscripts Are you doing a loop and each time using writeFile?
Give me few seconds. I will use a paste bin
I am longing for the next release of nexus 7...
<3 the nexus series :D
@AwalGarg I've been waiting for the 10 for aggggges
9:15 AM
@macroscripts I guess you want to unlink the file and then use appendFile as you go
@IanClark better get more money in the pocket than expected.. it is gonna cost high. The entire nexus series will get costly now, probably by $100-200 more.
I sent the pastebin :)
@macroscripts Yep, as I said - though you'll need to make sure that you unlink before you append - so either synchronously, or unlink and in the callback do the appends
@AwalGarg :( - I just wanna see something
I'm looking forward for the 4g lte unlocked 32gig version nexus 7 2k14.
yeah me too. :D
@Mosho I am stuck at that point and I have explained it in this question: stackoverflow.com/questions/25460094/…
9:17 AM
lo @Zirak :)
@IanClark works
Ahoy hoy
@macroscripts cool
stick around I might have few more questions :)
links = $('a');
I am using this to get all the links from google.com. I want it to get all the links from div
9:22 AM
My iPad is better then my PC, wtf ?
@AbhishekHingnikar at what?
div id="res"
how to put that in the code above?
@IanClark at rendering images and running css animations
@AbhishekHingnikar what does that mean?
with big images my desktop lags, also with very complex animations
9:23 AM
@AbhishekHingnikar yeah I too like display of all apple products. it is crisp and fast.
my iPad runs it all super smooth.
@AwalGarg well my screen is as crisp as an apple iPad so ... i spent some cash there ;-)
Are you using the same apps? Do you have up to date drivers on your PC? Is your PC software optimized to use the drivers as well as the Apple etc. etc.
@IanClark yeap, the same website
could be Mobile Safari's optimizations compared to desktop chrome.. also my gpu is very underpowered for a desktop
and then there is Nvidia's performance switching mode
I might not be an Apple fan, but I must say, Apple guys really know how to make good screens/displays.
Nexus 7 2013 also has an amazing display.
very high pixel density :D
I just hope I save enough money by the next nexus7 release to buy one :D
If i get rich, i will buy an iPhone and MacBook Pro Retina 13 on christmas
ps i got whats the problem... its chrome
ie runs super smooth xD
9:30 AM
@IanClark can u answer my question please ?
@AbhishekHingnikar hah, told you to check!
@macroscripts if someone is interested in answering your questions on here, they will
chrome has 35% marketshare thats sad
chrome is nice at most things, but not all.
@AbhishekHingnikar lol, you don't get/stay rich by wasting money on overpriced luxury stuff :P
nexus 5 >>> iphone
@macroscripts Google "css selectors"
9:35 AM
@ThiefMaster +100000 to you.
@Zirak thanks . Haven't heard from u in LONG time.
@ThiefMaster and @Zirak +1 to both :P
Missed you too, baby doll
@ThiefMaster I have a nexus 5
its bricked. and cracked screen.
How do you manage to do that to all of your equipment
9:36 AM
@AwalGarg *-user-select:none; solved it.. i guess chrome was doing way too much work
@Zirak hey my iPhone still runs with the same treatment.
@Zirak driving on indian roads... :P
@ThiefMaster lol, Android is still kind of sucky
CM11 is pretty fine
Yup, I think "pretty fine" is a good description.
Also, no doubt that Android is a better value for price. It costs a lot less than iPhones and delivers an acceptable level of user experience.
Apple has always been bad at price/value but good on total value. You get 90% of what you get on an iPhone in Android for 70% of the price so people buying iPhones end up paying 30% more for 10% more value.
Of course these numbers are totally made up, but so is this entire industry so there's that :D
not to mention, most apps cost lower/free on play store, while higher on itunes.
9:42 AM
Yes, that's because most apps are considerably of higher quality on iOS than on Android - that's one of the things that surprised me the most.
@BenjaminGruenbaum hu? who do you think that an app for ios is of higher quality than that on android?
I was shocked for like a month when I got an iPhone (I'm a traditional Android user and I work with both platforms). It turns out developers put more love into a platform if it actually has paying users.
(most) iPhone people buy apps, (most) android people download APKs or download free apps and don't buy in app purchases. So while there are more Android phones out there iOS is still a more attractive development target. Kind of like consoles vs pc only with less code sharing.
you might be right, but i doubt it could be generalized. you know, there are so many devs who love to share their work for free or open source.
Not really, the only reason open source software is of high end user standards is because it's backed by huge companies.
When I write free stuff I write it for as long as it's interesting and I'm learning. The minute it's not very interesting any more I kind of stop.
agreed. CM too (now).
9:45 AM
*their work
@ThiefMaster xD
> (most) android people download APKs or download free apps and don't buy in app purchases.
Really? I have downloaded maybe 3 apps in total, and bought 2 of them later (and never actually used the third one).
I wouldn't pay for focus groups, usability testers, software testers in general and so on for a personal project.
And In App Purchases are mostly targeting idiots and kids...
9:46 AM
@ThiefMaster you're an Android user, right?
@ThiefMaster When I had Android I had similar usage statistics. When I got my first iPhone the first thing it gives you when you buy the phone is "Enter Credit Card", you can skip it but they're very direct and most people (me included although I knew I can skip it) enter it.
@ThiefMaster And youtubers that want to record videos others might be interested in
(let's plays of those games with IAPs)
9:48 AM
@ThiefMaster I think I bought about 20 apps on my iPhone (a lot of those games, but some productivity apps), I've also paid for songs and I think even a show at some point.
paying for a book is a noble thing, IMO.
I don't mind paying for stuff if it's easier than the alternative. If buying things is easy and you're used to getting high quality stuff you're paying - you pay more. I think iOS still has a much healthier app ecosystem.
I have bought some books from the itunes store. I liked the experience.
More generally, I like the whole "Pay for stuff, you're the client" philosophy apple has much more than the "Go play with stuff and see ads, you're the product" philosophy Google has much more. I just hate the fact iOS is so closed.
the entire Harry Potter collection was once on sale, and I just didn't want to miss it. :D
9:50 AM
As a developer, my intuition is to hate iOS and love Android but as a user it's quite the opposite.

The least aggressive argument in room 17 on mobile OSes and somethings

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\o/ and it includes Harry potter too :D
@BenjaminGruenbaum android doesn't reject apps like apple does ... does it ?

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