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10:08 PM
me: You should put that in a function
him: Why?
me: Closure
him: You mean scope?
me: Do you know the difference?
him: what should I name the function?
I'm not a fan of the word "closure" either. It really is just a scope.
yeah - but I got used to saying closure :)
what's the active/visited color attribute for <a>?
that's non-css
then why?
for a stupid email
10:12 PM
the email doesn't support css?
a lot of email clients don't support the style tag
oh, it's vlink
var dates = (startDate) ? startDate : getDate(); //- facepalm
@nafizaalam Welcome to the JavaScript chat! Please review the room pseudo-rules. Please don't ask if you can ask or if anyone's around; just ask your question, and if anyone's free and interested they'll help.
lookup how to use jquery .on()
10:27 PM
what was the thing you need to put in a constructor to inherit from another constructor?
this=Constr2.call(this, args)
I'm sure that's wrong
function foo(){}
function bar(){}
bar.prototype = new foo();
Q: Constructor or Object Inheritance in JavaScript

Jan NetherdrakeI am new to JavaScript (started learning it this week). I've completed the CodeCademy course (actually just Objects 1 && 2 parts, rest was boring). I thought I learned prototypal inheritance with constructors, but than I've started watching Douglas Crockford: Advanced JavaScript Right at the be...

here uses object.create
which is probably better
I remembered it being something like:
at the end
10:30 PM
bar.prototype = Object.create(foo)
There's a function B(){} example in that link that looks to do what you're saying @towc
@taco well, there is A.call in there
1 min ago, by rlemon
read this
btw, im a noob, I found that by literally copy/pasting your question lol
Inheritance hasn't sunk in for me yet
@rlemon may Object.create(foo) be then
10:33 PM
@Zirak @Abhishek perfect translations
also @towc rlemon.ca see my new site?
@rlemon looks good!
but wouldn't say it's better than the old one
then again, I know pretty much nothing about design
@rlemon are you using js for the cloud animation?
@rlemon it's pretty much just a page with link to other websites?
10:34 PM
@towc it's just for now
nice man
need to finish some other stuff
@rlemon future plans?
build a blog and put all of my demos in it, and maybe re-work that contact page to contain a few other links
Hi all. I got a question:
setTimeout(function() { notification.close () }, 4500); // 1
setTimeout(notification.close, 4500); // 2
The first works, the second doesn't. Why?
10:36 PM
It's not the same
a.x() and b = a.x; b() are not the same
@rlemon site renders perfectly on phone fwiw
@rlemon good luck
@FlorianMargaine almost perfect for me
when you change orientation and go back the clouds script bugs
(for me)
Ah didn't try orientation
@copy arrgh, thanks. Where can I read about it?
10:38 PM
Yeah it's buggy
In Python they would be the same
Yeah it's buggy
tldr; notification.close.bind(notification)
@rlemon it's strange... obj1.prototype=Object.create(obj2) does not work for me
instead obj1.prototype=obj2.prototype does
oh, forgot to change the constructor in the first case
anyway, the second way is shorter and probably the same
it isn't the same
@copy got it. Thanks :)
10:52 PM
@rlemon difference?
Q: Understanding the difference between Object.create() and new SomeFunction() in JavaScript

MattI recently stumbled upon the Object.create() method in JavaScript, and am trying to deduce how it is different from creating a new instance of an object with 'new SomeFunction()', and when you would want to use one over the other. Consider the following example: var test = {val: 1, func: functi...

that's the difference between new and Object.create, but not obj.prototype
You have failed to understand what new does
11:11 PM
just realized
if I don't actually understand what new exactly does, how can I be sure who am I?
It doesn't matter for now
Keep producing tons of code
(function () { return new $.fn.each.call(code.bind(this)); }());
Why does burning things to a USB take so long. Ohhh my god
...because you're not supposed to burn things to USB?
It's a last resort
11:21 PM
my laptop doesn't have a cdrom
!!> var board=[[1,1,1], [2,2,0], [2,1,0]]; board.indexOf([1, 1, 1])>-1;
@m59 "cheap"
@towc false
Wife pulled out some DVDs looking for a movie to watch, then I pointed out we didn't have a functioning player in the apt.
why does it return false?
11:24 PM
!!> [1, 1, 1] === [1, 1, 1]
@Zirak false
References, objects, whatnot
@SomeKittensUx2666 are you a male 0: ?
@towc No, I'm a conglomerate of young felines.
11:25 PM
oh, right
but really, I've always thought you were a female
^^ this guy
is it possible to programmatically register and login to a github account?
!!google octokit
Why would you want to do that?
11:27 PM
technically, yes
@tejas-manohar What makes you think it's impossible?
Oh register?
meh, stupid question
Automated Turing tests
11:28 PM
Seeing @rlemon's site makes me feel like mine is inadequate ._.
It's not loading
Q: Executing a queue of handlers that return a promise

Jonathan PalumboI have a queue of handlers that I need to execute in order of insertion then wait for each one to return a resolved promise before executing the next in line. I have decided to use a recursive function to shift a handler out of the queue then execute it. When the handler resolves its promise the...

!!tell cereal thatsthejoke
@SomeKittensUx2666 Command thatsthejoke does not exist. (note that /tell works on commands, it's not an echo.)
11:32 PM
it's incredible the amount of shit you find on low rank challenge solutions in codewars.com
/me wanders over to codewars to investigate
@SomeKittensUx2666 oh no man flight assist is almost a necessity
haha just wait until you get it
I turn it off to turn sharp in battle
but cant fly without it by any means
@Cereal haha, well, cheap in comparison =D
@Loktar guess I'll have to try it out for myself.
@Cereal do you have a dev job?
11:41 PM
@m59 Co-op job. I get paid well for a student, I guess
Probably as much as me, lol.
make that more than me :)
depends on location, though.
and weekly hours
@Cereal if money's tight and you can squeeze it in, maybe do a freelance job to get money for the laptop?
11:52 PM
@m59 Not a chance. I got put on academic probation last year. I gotta devote all my time to school this year
I'm working part time over the semester anyway, 20/h week. I'm sure I'll impulse buy something at some point
ah. What are you studying?
Computer Science
Just curious, why not just get a job?
Psh. People who drop out CS programs for a job never do well.
Company I'm working for now requires a bachelor, not negotiable. (I've tried). I have a promised job for something > 65k out of school, so yeah
11:55 PM
Where do you live?
Atlantic Canada
@Cereal eww
Would you relocate to the US for a job?
eww as in a job that requires a BA
Right? I argued for days. I still argue
But it's a huge company, I've got nothing
11:56 PM
I mean w/o experience I understand
Lately, I get offered 45k-60k at least once a week (and that's great money where I am)
I'm gunna have 4 years with them by the time I graduate
and I suck!
and have little experience!
Speaking of sucking... I can't do stylesheets to save my life
@Cereal weird, eh I mean I understand in that situation I suppose
I just hate jobs that don't care about experience and only Degrees
11:57 PM
@m59 Nice! None of the recruiting spam I get comes with price tags.
@SomeKittensUx2666 If it paid well, maybe.
if it was for me I'd probably leave my room just now, and be like this guy:
@SomeKittensUx2666 the last recruiter I talked to was actually an amazing person
@Cereal Send me your resume. rkoutnik (at google's email service)
but yeah, the people around here sound desperate lately.
11:58 PM
@m59 sounds almost like an oxymoron
Oh god, then I'd have to update it
After the last job search, I'm never working with recruiters again.
I always had bad experiences with them.. until my most recent position
can I test someone really quick, what would you guess if you saw this in hangman? ___ ______ __ __ (3, 6, 2, 2)
and then the guy stops being a recruiter lol
so he was an anonmaly

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