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12:37 AM
Why do I keep on getting this error when making an AJAX call?
Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property '3' of undefined
Here's my code:
$.get('<?= makeURL('application'); ?>', function(){
    window.location.href = "<?= makeURL('application')?>";
It's driving me nuts because I have no idea why it is throwing this error!!!!
Well, make sure you debug the correct line.
When I click on it, it shows me an "error" in Jquery watermark
Maybe the plugin is fubard?
Any ideas?
@OctavianDamiean It is!
All I can say is, THAT IS STUPID!!!!!
@daviesgeek What is stupid? You're debugging with a production version of the code - just switch to the non-minified script
12:46 AM
@Dennis Yah, but that won't fix the issue will it?
Watermark will break my call, no matter if it is the minified version or not. :-(
Anyhow, it works now.
@OctavianDamiean Thanks for making me think!! :-D
Well, you're welcome. :D
1:05 AM
@daviesgeek I was bored so I glanced at the code - they attach a listener to the window for the beforeunload event which is probably getting fired when you change pages
1:23 AM
rlemon.github.com ok so on my end the downloading and loading of the images are not bad (most are like 2meg) but the page interacts very slow past that (and trust me theonclick action is nothing special to begin with)
possibly because there are many very large images now loaded? idk?
+1 for batman
Firefox works really well, but I'm seeing slowness in Chrome
Google Chrome is slow. I use Chromium.
1:54 AM
2:36 AM
Hello World jsfiddle.net/9f3gu
3:04 AM
go enter chat i put up
somebody please: I have a 100 rep bounty on a question of mine, and I was really hoping to get some decent advice, or at least an relevant explanation to my predicament. If nobody even tries, my rep is going to somebody who doesn't deserve it IMHO. So please [check the question]( stackoverflow.com/questions/11331203/…): I tried a lot different things, and I feel as if my question does reflect that
I don't want to give my rep to an answer that doesn't address the matter at hand
3:55 AM
@TomShreds You mean you want to waste other peoples time by having them "learn" the specifics of your framework and then be frustrated about how it falls apart as soon as they try anything non-trivial or custom. Maybe instead they should just learn node?
@TomShreds if you want to use the same codebase then write modules. And include modules into your app. Thinair doesn't solve the problem of having to look for what packages to use. You had to look for what packages to use when you were writing thinair. You already know all the modules, just use them when they are correct.
@TomShreds A framework vs libraries is a swiss knife vs a box of tools. Sure you can always use the swiss knife and it might solve most of your problems, but it sucks. A box of tools allows you to grab specific tools and them use them
@TomShreds learning the content of the tool box is the same as learning about all the things on your swiss knife. It's just that the swiss knife has all the tools in one place at the cost of having a bunch of mediocre tools in one place
@FlorianMargaine @TomShreds I'm not working with ncore anymore, recent apps I build just use browserify and don't try to do magic. I may re-implement dependency injection when I feel like I need it again.
helo, want to know one simple question reagarding Java arrays
i have this array String[] accnums = new String[20];
so when user types something i want to store in a sequential manner like index 0, index 1 and so on..
until 20 how to do that?
not sure what to use or how to initiate..tks
additional lines of code for ur understanding
System.out.println("Enter the account number:");
accno = sc.nextLine();

accnums[0] = accno;
4:11 AM
@FlorianMargaine @TomShreds I'm not working with ncore anymore, recent apps I build just use browserify and don't try to do magic. I may re-implement dependency injection when I feel like I need it again.
4:53 AM
@FlorianMargaine , @Raynos good morning
@dievardump I dont see anything wrong in that statement
@Abhishek did you see discovery-network and github.com/Raynos/stream-chat ?
came back yesterday bro still catching up
@Raynos looks nice so far !
may i use this in Tapeer ?
on a much bigger scale ?
// though i will need to keep the central records for privacy
2 hours later…
7:02 AM
7:26 AM
i'm trying to make this js more functional
could someone give me some tips? i'm mostly used to the imperative style but i'm trying out functional with js and scala
i have a couple of blocks of very similar code in my onresize handler and i'm trying to factor out the commonalities into a function and call it twice
here's the code: jsfiddle.net/rKcv6
working on an interactive conway's game of life
8:30 AM
Hey, I'm trying to make my website as responsive as possible, but I've never done it before, I'm using javascript to get the current width and height of the window'
Can I integrate this with CSS transitions so that the content slides into place, for instance, my navigation bar is positioned using position relative and put off to the side. When it's at half window size, it's not visible, with my code, I want it to slide over in some way, is this possible?
8:55 AM
so later today i amma learn canvas :-)
9:09 AM
pretty cool stuff
just wait until browsers all implement webgl
any stuff ?
that can help ??
@Loktar , @rlemon . ping me with tutors or tips
Q: Can I improve my jquery dialog code, critisicm welcome

pinguFairly new to jquery, can i improve this code please? HTML <a href="#" class="dialog" id="login">login</a> Javascript function Dialog() { // Event handler for a dialog click. $('a.dialog').click(function () { var dialog = $("#" + this.id + "_dialog"); /...

@Abhishek , i had that idea to .. though in past year or so it has turned into "im gonna learn canvas next month"
9:31 AM
hah, sounds strangely familiar.
time for pizza party
9:52 AM
@Abhishek Canvas is pretty simple
Just look at MDN's tutorial
10:22 AM
@OctavianDamiean something wrong with commander's password()?
@FlorianMargaine see fb
10:57 AM
@FlorianMargaine Yup, it is broken since Node.js v0.8.
arf, really?
oh, yeah :/
1 hour later…
12:06 PM
12:46 PM
Q: Is this a good way to fetch tweets using nodejs?

askmikeI've written a nodejs script that fetches tweets from my twitter account (using the REST api at this moment), does a couple of things and stuff the tweets into a SQL database. The script intervals every 5 minutes. The script has a Twitter object that has a couple of methods, the first one fetch(...

1:14 PM
"your browser becomes a web server"
"create desktop apps using node.js"
every one
does any please tell What should I store after a “Login using Facebook” ?
1:41 PM
the facebook user id
2:12 PM
Q: Get closest elments of corresponding list of elements in javascript/jquery

tejinderssI have a list of elements: var checked_inputs = $('.select-feedback:checked'); Now i want to get their closest division element whose class is 'MessageRow'. I have done this trick to get it: $('.radiusRight').click(function(event) { event.preventDefault(); var feedbacks = new Arra...

access token
credit card information
2:28 PM
Hey, I'm trying to make my website as responsive as possible, but I've never done it before, I'm using javascript to get the current width and height of the window'
Can I integrate this with CSS transitions so that the content slides into place, for instance, my navigation bar is positioned using position relative and put off to the side. When it's at half window size, it's not visible, with my code, I want it to slide over in some way, is this possible?
Use CSS media queries.
Can I still use transitions though?
fhtr.org/js-i18n Kill it with fire!!!
Oh my god ...
Can't we report projects to GitHub as abusive?
@IvoWetzel wow finnish example
the "english" in javascript is hardly hard to learn for anyone
in fact I have really hard time reading "finnish" javascript
2:35 PM
Even if this would lower the hurdle for entry
you still have to learn the english version eventually...
otherwise, it will be useless the first time you're looking for examples online
Fuck lowering the hurdle ... it is already as low as possible ...
Also, learning english should be a no brainer anyways (actually, learning a second language should be too, since it changes quite a bit of your mind)
And there are no excuses for not learning it (I've taught it myself after dropping out of school)
english is mandatory for a software developer
2:39 PM
@IvoWetzel What's your first language then?
@Amaan German
all the people I have worked with, nobody spoke finnish
this guy does have a shit ton of projects on github
maybe he was just bored I guess
he couldn't have thought that this was actually useful
On his translation demo, does anyone else get an error?
> Parse error: ReferenceError: JSI18N is not defined
2:42 PM
Hm, maybe blocked by some crazy ad blocker?
Oh, yeah, probably
Still get an error after disabling the ad blocker
2:56 PM
I can't seem to grasp this Sammy.js thing.
3:20 PM
man I hate it when I use .bind in my answers
then, even If I link MDN for compatibility, someone always has to come and say "doesn't work in ie8 trolololol"
It is actually easier to list what works than what doesn't in IE8. :D
@Esailija I am new to html5 ,but functions are full of javascript .Pls tell me that how to be perfect in javascript
3:36 PM
@Ritesh 10.000 hours mate.
@Esailija Another thing i need to ask you,Right now i am working on a fixed layout Epub .Is there any browser to check the output without the IPAD
google ipad browser emulator or something
@Octavia ,Hi dude I am new to html5 ,but functions are full of javascript .Pls tell me that how to be perfect in javascript
Are you kidding me?
3:41 PM
Help Vampires incoming?
Morning Sun vanquish them!!! Oh wait, what do you mean there's no sun coming into the basement?!
Are you guys on Skype?
We have to brain wash @Abhishek. He'll be our help vampire assassin. He is in the perfect location for that.
A help vampire joins, we trick him into telling us his/her address and then we send Abhishek to visit him/her. :D
3:44 PM
@octavia I was busy with work,so i couldn't be online .
Cool, good to know. Didn't really ask but still good to know.
@OctavianDamiean ah ahem
C'mon, that'd be fun, you know it would!
Is there any client you know,who may give work for us regarding Epub?
delete me.brain.memory;
delete me.brian;
var n_b = new brain;
3:48 PM
insert help vampire assassin sequence v1
@OctavianDamiean on whom shall execute master
[Sun Aug 19 2012 21:20:37 GMT+0530 (IST)] : Maximum execution time limit expired . program will now terminate
Abhishek.eliminate('Ritesh').encode('utf-8'); // the encoding part is just to make sure you don't eliminate the wrong one
@OctavianDamiean should be Abhishek.eliminate('Ritesh'.encode('utf-8'));
brb foo
4:13 PM
now initing
@Ritesh before you ask questions here use google and also consult prodigies like very awesome Jonskeet
otherwise i am going to cause a stackoverflow inside u
ending into a segmentation fault
@OctavianDamiean LIKE THAT ?
4:31 PM
he copypasted my answer after seeing it and now he's getting as many upvotes as I
and he still has the code wrong
his initial answer was "No it cannot be done, define it outside"
after my answer, he changed it
Hello everyone, I'm trying to make a slideshow with narration on my website, and i got a version of it working with the html5 audio tag, at least on chrome and firefox. but i've noticed that it doesn't appear to be working on ie or safari can anyone give me some help or suggestions? i do need to have the script know when the current sound has finished playing so it can advance to the next slide.
Hi. Is there a way to differentiate between the left and right shift key being pressed? Both seem to have the keycode 16.
4:50 PM
@Abhishek is it just me or Snipe is actually quite short ?
@Abhishek the mdn tutorials are pretty good
Always use var if you declare a variable. Not using it and making a global variable is a hack. Your code won't pass strict mode. — Florian Margaine 25 secs ago
sigh at jfriend's answer
I think the OP already knows he should do it
5:07 PM
hi dears
how i can render tags in string :
{IMG:'example.com/image.jpg',TITILE:'cooking cake'}
to :
<img src='example.com/image.jpg' title="cooking cake" />
i have render my tag in string body posts to html tag
5:29 PM
I think {IMG:'example.com/image.jpg',TITILE:'cooking cake'} is a really stupid idea.
You really want IMG to be a value, not a key!
pls more help me for find good way to create custom tag in my blogger ?
(looks like this link is the SO-equivalent of a wooden stake in the heart)
@ThiefMaster i have use json for tags ?
@Erfan It's spelled Jason, and he doesn't like being used.
What format do you suggest for me ?
5:39 PM
@Erfan FAT32's pretty popular
i have use a template tag for editor (textarea}
i create this template :

word word word word word word word word word word

---IMG:'example.com/image.jpg',TITILE:'cooking cake'---

word word
word word
word word
and after render i have

word word word word word word word word word word
<img src="example.com/image.jpg" title="cooking cake" />
word word
word word
word word
Is good ?
Well, it's a template system. Usage of '--' in regular text is pretty common so you might want something less likely like to happen by accident than '---'. Less commonly used symbols are more likely to stick out when you add an extra like {{ or ;;. Otherwise I'd recommending learning regEx and the DOM API so you can DIY to a point where you can ask more specific questions than "how do I implement a templating system."
join/split methods can also be really helpful for parsing problems. Especially when combined with regular expressions.
6:01 PM
Q: Is it possible to load external Style Sheet after Internal styles?

blasteralfredIs it possible to load external Style Sheet after Internal (or embedded) styles get loaded. I mean, say I have a div with Yellow background color, set using embedded style in a page, like; <style type="text/css"> div{ background-color: yellow; } </style> And can I change the back...

FFS nothing but bad answers
cept one
has SLaks ever made an answer that was more than a few sentences long
@tereško it looks short, yes!
@FlorianMargaine , @Esailija , @rlemon o/
useless ping
I came here to see that I was personally addressed
but you were whoring the pings out to everyone
well just saying hello (x
okay i wont ping :P
sincierest apologies
@Raynos your web-discovery and stream modules can be pretty much used to write a p2p file sharing website inside a browser
much like the dropbox but much much more flexible , i mean copying files in the HTML5 filesystem
then breaking them in parts [ so that u can send parts ]
and then sending them to others :o [ no server just p2p ]
6:28 PM
@Raynos Like you said "You had to look for the packages". Exactly. So beginners have one thing in mind: Learning nodejs instead of hunting for dozens of package. I see this as an introductory tool and a tool that will help people to build stuff up instead of wondering how to build stuff that will help them to finally build their own stuff.
@Raynos When I wanted to develop a web app, I didn't wanted to develop dozens of tools. I wanted to develop that damn app. But straight-forwardly developing an app with direct nodejs is almost impossible without knowing all the environment and all the npm stuff. ThinAir will introduce people to this world. It's not the best tool, it doesn't keep you out of the game like Meteor does with its own package manager.
@Raynos And I seriously do not think about my work as "mediocre". I'm currently using ThinAir to develop 3 "profesional" projects (that people agreed and pays me to) and I can tell you it's a freakin' breeze in comparison with dealing with dozens of packages for every project. It fits the needs of my clients very well, it may not fit yours, it may not be made for people like you that builds stuff like crazy (I totally admire how you constantly push awesome packages, frankly.)
@Raynos But for some people, including people that I know in my entourage, ThinAir is a perfect tool. And I hope it'll be for more people. Still, I thank you for the many many packages you created that made development of ThinAir and my life way easier.
@Raynos @FlorianMargaine As for ncore, you job is done, ncore works 99% of the time very well. And I think we can tweak it up so it plays well with our needs.
@TomShreds thats about 5 pings for raynos of urs and 1 mine ^_^ hes gonna love this lol
@Abhishek hehe I guess he doesn't mind, I had 5 from him last night :P
7:41 PM
hi everyone. I discovered that when using the audio tag some browsers require the sound to be in ogg format and others in mp3 format. is there some way i could test to see which is supported? or do I have to try doing browser detection and manually test which browsers play which files?
@KitRamos Have you tried googling?
@KitRamos Just include both versions and let the browser figure out which one it supports
the reason I don't want to just include both is because I'm using JavaScript to change what sound plays when. so I'd have to know weather to play format a or format b when I go to play the 2nd,3rd, etc sounds. as for googgling I've been looking found out the way I gotta do the code so that all the browsers properly run the code is different from the example i found on here. but haven't yet seen anything mentioning a way to test for file type supported.
7:57 PM
There's a method on the audio element called canPlayType. That should answer it
8:31 PM
Q: Embedding real size pdf in web page

La RaisonI try to include fragments of pdf documents in a web page. These fragments are of different sizes. I want to display them in full in actual sizes. I am looking to program in javascript something like: <embed src="my_document.pdf#zoom=100" width="my_document.pdf".width height="my_document.pd...

8:52 PM
someone here?
I'm here
I'm here
oh and @Zirak thanks that did the trick
8:58 PM
@RoyiNamir about the JSON stuff - see my last comment.
you're confusing "string literals" with JSON encoding
9:29 PM
I have the same question as this one
Q: CSS Documentation Template

LouisDoes anyone know if there are CSS templates purely for documentation purposes? I haven't been able to find any. Edit: Looks like I will have to write my own. Basically it would have been nice to have a little css template that has pre-styled notice boxes and lists purely for the use of user guid...

I thought you guys may have another answer :>
you know, something like javascript garden or such
anyone know off the top of their head how to ray cast?
@FlorianMargaine yes, there are some
let me send you 2
that'd be nice if you showed me the websites :p
9:45 PM
Hi. Using a canvas, does anyone know how I would go about drawing an image, but not draw any pixels that have a certain color?
Atm I'm using: cxt.drawImage(img, 0, 0, canvas.width, canvas.height);
Say if I wanted to draw every pixel except pink, would that be possible?
@JoeyMorani can you draw an image then get rid of all the pixels with a certian color?
@JoeyMorani you'ld have to print it to another canvas, search through the image data, and remove said pixels, then print it to the visible canvas
Ah ok. Thanks, I'll give it a go.
use canvas.getImageData()
you might want to look into chroma key methods
9:58 PM
Ooh, okay thanks :)
10:58 PM
hi all
can anyone tell me whats wrong with this code please..?

<script type='text/javascript'>//<![CDATA[
function processForm(formId) {
//your validation code
$.ajax( {
type: 'POST',
url: 'form_process.php',
data: $("#"+formId).serialize(),
success: function(data) {
} );


<form action="" name="form1" id="form1" method="post" onsubmit="processForm('form1');return false;">
<input type="text" name="user_name" id="user_name" value="" />
@LondonBoy I'm going to mind-read and say you should move processForm out of your window.load function
thanks Dennis will do
Also, you don't need CDATA
im a noob in jquery really
thanks that fixed it
good night Dennis.
11:32 PM
Damn I gotta pee

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