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12:00 AM
But instead of threads, it'll spawn new processes.
I think I'll go back to writing a small game instead.
In JavaScript?
Yes. Networked multiplayer, because I cant start of with anything simple. It'll just render in the browser but do a round trip to talk to node for no good reason.
You could probably look up the source code of WPilot. That's in node.js.
What will the game be like?
I'm working more on a framework to be honest. I'll pump out some classic demos like tetris, pacman & pong. Eventually ill write a more original side scroller
12:06 AM
Multiplayer tetris.
There both multiplayer & singleplayer.
A cool main menu background could be someone else's game as they play it.
An easy excuse to include node, even if it's singleplayer.
The idea is to just write simple games to test the design of the whole thing and fledge it out with common game related objects
Okay, tell me when you get pong working so I can play it with my friends.
There should be play by email pong. When the ball passes the halfway point, the game pauses and saves a file that you can send to the other player.
heh :) If I actaully get anything going it should be done by sunday.
12:51 AM
Why do $(window).click, .mousemove, .keydown all fire in firefox and chrome but not IE8
4 hours later…
5:07 AM
@ClemDesm Geesh, that's really really old. Eric Meyer was the first to create it, for goodness sake...
And to be frank, I really dislike that method - it's horrible horrible abuse of the border property
I love it when I get a downvote
Then I have 3 downvotes myself to get back to a nice round number :D
@IvoWetzel I know! Hugely annoying...
5:32 AM
Q: javascript menuproblem

Praveen kalalhi friend in one of my project multilevel tree menu i made this one but there is little problem in it that menu is always open on each page is called. its working fine with mozila but creating problem across IE8,7. so plz helpz help my code is following its javascript code var persisteduls=new ...

look at the code
not even VIMs auto indent can help here...
That code makes my eyes sad. :(
left a comment
At first I thought I link him: bonsaiden.github.com/JavaScript-Garden/…
but that's pointless...
the more I look at it...
Hey wait I have 3 free downvotes! :D
Make that 2
    for (var i=0; i<thearray.length; i++){
        if (thearray[i]==value){
            thearray.shift() //delete this element from array for efficiency sake
Heh :P
5:47 AM
even jsbeautifier can only partly repair it
the best thing, the above code doesn't even work to begin with...
3 hours later…
8:19 AM
Do we need bold italics and underline for em elements?
It's a little too much emphasise, perhaps...
Indeed, it was just that only italics didn't stand out enough from the text, hm
I'm already working on the use of em
it will only get used for special terms
e.g. prototypical inheritance
I'm rewriting great parts of the docs atm, merging stuff improving / changing the wording
Also, no consolas in the pre code font stack for the Windows people? :P
Just copied it from gitHub:P
I'll go add it
added it
8:22 AM
(I hate the fact that github doesn't use it when working on Windows)
changed lots of stuff in the CSS too
link color for example
hm, where could I show you a WIP
gnah I'll just push it
I'll do a bit more copy editing I think
Everything after Function Arguments is still in need of a partial rewrite
Also some more interlinking would be good
8:49 AM
Hey !
@ClemDesm Good morning
@IvoWetzel Good Morning !
> **Note:** A `{...}` notation which isn't part of an assigment and is neither a
> function argument
Is that wording correct?
@IvoWetzel It isn't a complete sentence
And sounds a little weird
Note: A {...} notation which isn't part of an assigment and is neither a function argument gets interpreted as a block in JavaScript not as an Object this, in conjunction with automatic insertion of semicolons can lead to errors.
any ideas? (besides from fixing the typos)
9:02 AM
@IvoWetzel How about: When not used for assignment or function argument, a { ... } block in JavaScript is interpreted as an object...
Sound good, although you're missing a not
Oh, right. I was copying your words as tightly as possible but somehow missed that one
> **Note:** When not used in an assignment or as a function argument, the `{...}`
> notation will get interpreted as a block statement and **not** as an `Object`.
> This, in conjunction with
> [automatic insertion of semicolons](#automatic-semicolon-insertion), can lead
> to subtle errors.
guess we also need a doc about the global object
9:37 AM
also there will be the need for fixing the capitalization of words like Constructor etc.
Is there any way to communicate between css & javascript
I.e. pick up the element:hover event
CSS is dumb
You can always use event listeners, but they're not the same
Anyway, CSS and JavaScript should be strictly separated - just look at Microsoft's CSS expressions thingy for how bad it can get
CSS input:hover is the only thing that triggers on disabled inputs in firefox. I want a hack
@YiJiang shudders
9:46 AM
@Raynos Use :after to create the tooltip then
@YiJiang can't get :after to work
:after doesn't work on input
@Raynos input:hover:not([disabled])
@Greg then you can click it :) Removing the point of disabling it.
@Raynos no, that only styles hovered inputs that don't have the disabled attribute
10:05 AM
@Greg I wan't to get around the disabled inputs in firefox don't have title or mouse events problem by using css:hover[disabled]
only 4 sections to revisit..
and at least 5 more to add >_>
@IvoWetzel work harder.
@IvoWetzel But of course :P
10:30 AM
Where can I find the exact css equivelant of a title tooltip?
3 more to go..
@Raynos does the jsfiddle not do what you are looking for?
@Greg I needed this jsfiddle.net/Raynos/cgYgR/42
10:46 AM
Why didn't anyone tell my about moz-transitions and the event I can hook into them :\
Why didn't you tell us about FX's 100% marketshare?
@Raynos Firefox 4 only, kiddo :P
FireFox 4 still doesn't work on my home PC or work PC
text is all garbled...
Don't use Windows then
It's a Direct2D issue
MS needs to fix it's broken API
Yes IE9 does not have the issue
but it does not accelerate text...
@YiJiang really? :( That explains why it doesnt work
11:03 AM
@IvoWetzel What is your OS of choice?
@Greg Linux
Q: Capitalizaing a string in JavaScript

akshayIs there any method to captitalize a string in JavaScript? I want a JS equivalent of following Java: String st = "aks"; String st1 = st.toUpperCase();

11:27 AM
Do we need more CSS magic and less javascript?
I mean I'm sure we can write a nice beautiful menu system purely in CSS. Rather then relying on javascript & jquery
@Raynos cssplay.co.uk/menus Go find the one you want ! :D
@ClemDesm I see there already heavily in circulation. It's just most of these things rely so heavily on javascript
not on that site.
pure css
@ClemDesm I know. I just feel the internet has too much over engineered javascript where css works just fine
Some of those menus are easier to make in JS, mainly because of cross-browser reaction with CSS
I already made a menu in pure CSS for an old job. Seriously, it took me 3 days to make it just because of IE / FF incompatibility. The same would have take me 3 hours in JS. Anyway, I agree that 1- it's better in pure css 2- you got a real satisfaction when it works on all browser in CSS :)
I'm pretty certain that with patience and work I could do it in CSS in 3 hours now :p
11:45 AM
@ClemDesm youve got 30 minutes. Go
I can't, I'm @ work and hungry !
11:58 AM
Time to eat >:D
@ClemDesm Baguettes? dundun
or Frogs? runs
@IvoWetzel Clichés ?
@IvoWetzel Escargot!
@ClemDesm Hm, maybe... anyways I have to get some Sauerkrauts...
@IvoWetzel Bratwurst und sauerkraut ?
12:00 PM
@ClemDesm Don't forget the Sauerbrauten and some Brezeln
Haha I made my GF discovering Brezel not so long time ago
She loved it (as everyone anyway ;))
I liked german food. Ate and drank well when I went there
@YiJiang I like it.
@IvoWetzel And this too :)
@IvoWetzel But that's the best
But enough with the food cliches...
Yeah ! alright
Moreover, I'll eat indian today so...
@YiJiang Is there any difference in taste when it comes to dogs?
@CodingKitten What's your favorite food?
@IvoWetzel mmm I understand. But I got a good
12:03 PM
(finished his sentence)
@CodingKitten Your answers are..... fascinating, as always
@IvoWetzel I dunno. I will a) mock you set and check for async' question
@CodingKitten Don't mock me!
@IvoWetzel Ok what do you feel I need a number just x10 and round, then eval ? The only other option is superior than just fixing a counter"
@IvoWetzel I don't know, I haven't eaten any
@CodingKitten Nicely done!
12:06 PM
@YiJiang I got a list of number remain an integer if you take a year
This is hilarious
(If you don't speak German, well then you don't get it...)
To sum it up: They're talking about animal tails
"Tails are a great invention"
The problem arises from the fact that the German word for tail "Schwanz" can also be used as a slang word for penis....
12:30 PM
what is
12:48 PM
@IvoWetzel your an idiot
1:00 PM
@IvoWetzel Not the same word but it's the case in french too.
Oh and KIKA stand for "KinderKanal" "Children's Channel"
A: Why does IE nuke window.ABC variables?

RaynosThe core issue can be seen here http://jsfiddle.net/Raynos/UxrVQ/ I have yet to find out why IE overwrites window.hiya without checking. [Edit] From the specification. Page 38: For each VariableDeclaration or VariableDeclarationNoIn in the code, create a property of the variable object whose ...

@IvoWetzel what do you think?
What about using > to make it a quote?
@IvoWetzel thanks
I mean do you think IE treats the variable object and the window object differently?
Since it cant find the property of said name on the variable object. And assuming that IE follows the 3rd edition spec it must do.
@IvoWetzel why isn't IE js engine open source. Then we can just fix it and make pull request
@Raynos And you think they would merge that request? :P
1:13 PM
@IvoWetzel yes! we get @NickCraver to make all the requests
1:37 PM
hey everyone, how could i get the height of the document window? i mean, the whole height = the dimension of the scrollbar (if any)
:kitten quote
> "Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic." - Arthur C. Clarke
1:57 PM
@misterjinx use jQuery
@ircmaxell ?
@IvoWetzel I see that you're asking someone about their lulz. You should totally drop that and use jQuery.
@CodingKitten I can haz moar jayQuäriez?
@IvoWetzel JavaScript object do not so much powerful
2:00 PM
@CodingKitten You mean that those are to powerful for us to handle?
@IvoWetzel google it is ! everything + compiz = instant crash joda time for a break
@Raynos i don't like jquery...i did it using pure js anyway :)
@misterjinx: quirksmode.org/dom/w3c_cssom.html speficially getBoundingClientRect()
var rect = document.getBoundingClientRect(); var height = rect.bottom - rect.top;
@ircmaxell thank you, i used a similar way to calculate the value :)
no problem...
2:04 PM
:kitten quote
> "People think that computer science is the art of geniuses but the actual reality is the opposite, just many people doing things that build on each other, like a wall of mini stones." - Donald Knuth
Any idiot can make software that works. It takes a true master to make software that's also correct...
:kitten quote
> "The evolution of languages: FORTRAN is a non-typed language. C is a weakly typed language. Ada is a strongly typed language. C++ is a strongly hyped language." - Ron Sercely
:kitten quote
2:06 PM
> "Some people, when confronted with a problem, think "I know, I'll use regular expressions." Now they have two problems." - Jamie Zawinski
I both love and hate that one...
:kitten quote
> "Always code as if the guy who ends up maintaining your code will be a violent psychopath who knows where you live." - Martin Golding
:kitten quote
2:07 PM
> "The trouble with programmers is that you can never tell what a programmer is doing until it’s too late." - Seymour Cray
You can say the same thing about programs...
:kitten quote
> "Fine, Java MIGHT be a good example of what a programming language should be like. But Java applications are good examples of what applications SHOULDN’T be like." - pixadel
Speaking of Java, is it dead already?
2:10 PM
I mean, with the good parts of JDK 7 not coming before uh... after the world has ended, you can just as well call Java dead
What's the alternative?
@ircmaxell Al.. what? Alternatives aren't enterprise enough
Well, in order for it to die, there needs to be something to take it's place. .NET isn't cross-platform, so it's not a great candidate. What else is there?
Well, we should first figure out what Java is mostly used for
As a StackOverflow discussion grows longer, the probability of Jon Skeet's name being mentioned approaches 1.
2:13 PM
And don't tell me about horrible IceFaces applications...
@IvoWetzel Keeping people awake?
@ircmaxell What about "Teaching CS students how write crappy code"
Nah, they can do that with any language...
@IvoWetzel why CS ? Surely we should teach website developers instead. CS students will eventually learn good practices. Its a waste of time
@ircmaxell Java makes it really easy though, "What is that stuff besides System.out.println('Hello World')?" "Don't care about it for now, lets just say it does some magic"
@Raynos Depends on what kind of CS they do... in Germany we have en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Business_informatics
I know some people who "studied" that....
They know more about economics than about programming
no, scratch that, they know nothing about programming
2:18 PM
Somebody write the "Low level DOM API you didn't know existed because your a jQuery whore" tutorial. I didn't know getBoundingClientRect() existed
@Raynos Go ahead do it, I've got plenty to do in my garden
@IvoWetzel I can't be bothered to write the "DOM manipulation the hard way!" tutorial :(
@Raynos Indeed, to hard. Let's start by writing a "Learn how to implement the DOM in 21 days" book
You know, just so that we know the basics
The only problem with the book is, that you already spent more than 21 days just reading it...
And not to forget we should also make an IE Version, so if somebody wants to implement a broken DOM they can read that
@IvoWetzel Maybe I should read jsdom
@Raynos: Just browse quirksmode.org (And that's not a low level dom api. That's a normal level. JQuery provides a high level API, but that method is by no means low level...
2:24 PM
@ircmaxell I may have used the word low level wrong. I just consider creating events manually and dealing with selections, ranges and documentfragments alien. Aswell as editing the HTMLElement prototype interface.
That's fair
        case 0: if(phone.readyState == 0){
        case 1: if(phone.readyState == 1){
but my point is that's it's not low-level. Any time you deal with objects, it's not low-level (I don't consider anything "low" unless you're dealing directly with pointers and bits/bytes)...
@IvoWetzel :D
You can never make sure those switch statements work
Q: Loose response from the server in AJAX

hidurai have this code that make 3 requests to a server, the code works fine with the request but when i receive the response the code fails, take avoid the first response and give me the third. phone.open("POST", '/', true); phone.setRequestHeader("Content-type", elmnt.getAttribute('ctype')); phone.s...

2:27 PM
@ircmaxell I meant low in terms of how direct you are to the DOM rather then a computer sense
I know @Raynos, it's def lower than JQuery provides...
The idea that I can be presented with a problem, set out to logically solve it with the tools at hand, and wind up with a program that could not be legally used because someone else followed the same logical steps some years ago and filed for a patent on it is horrifying.
-- John Carmack
@ircmaxell I cant legally use something like that? Do people have patents on software?
> Why is useless i used all the times this is the first time that give me this mistake.
@Raynos: are you seriously asking that question? (Not meaning to sound harsh, just not sure if that was serious or sarcasm)...
@ircmaxell rushes off to patent bubble sort
2:35 PM
The software patent debate is the argument dealing with the extent to which it should be possible to patent software and computer-implemented inventions as a matter of public policy. Policy debate on software patents has been active for years. The opponents to software patents have gained higher visibility with lower resources through the years than their pro-patent opponents. Arguments and critiques have been focused mostly on the economic consequences of software patents. One aspect of the debate has focused on the proposed European Union directive on the patentability of computer-i...
@YiJiang: Apple beat you to it
They have patents for a fair bit of OOP algorithms too (including Observer and Mediator design patterns)
I don't care
I live in the EU :P
And for now, we're save from the bane of Software Patents
Copyright, fine. Patents suck.
@IvoWetzel: The EU has trade agreements with the US that grants US companies a lot more power over there than you'd think. I'm not saying it's as bad as being here, but you're not 100% immune either...
@ircmaxell I'm just wondering whether there are patents on software. I'm not well informed.
@Raynos: enough to make you sick if you ever looked at what was patented...
@ircmaxell Well US is the worst place on this planet when it comes to copyright and patents
2:38 PM
And there's a debate if they are legal too (since in the US mathematical algorithms are not patentable)
I'm sure they'll find away to still hold a copyright on love me tender in 2120
@IvoWetzel: Well, ... (I was going to try to argue, but I really can't)
Apparently the regex question is the single most linked to question on SO. It's Linked list is longer than the related one
@ircmaxell See
@YiJiang: The <Center> cannot hold one?
2:44 PM
@ircmaxell Yup
It should be noted that no ethically-trained software engineer would ever consent to write a DestroyBaghdad procedure. Basic professional ethics would instead require him to write a DestroyCity procedure, to which Baghdad could be given as a parameter. --Nathaniel S Borenstein
:kitten regex
A: RegEx match open tags except XHTML self-contained tags

bobinceYou can't parse [X]HTML with regex. Because HTML can't be parsed by regex. Regex is not a tool that can be used to correctly parse HTML. As I have answered in HTML-and-regex questions here so many times before, the use of regex will not allow you to consume HTML. Regular expressions are a tool th...

:kitten quote
> "Testing can only prove the presence of bugs, not their absence." - Edsger W. Dijkstra
2:45 PM
It's at the top of the /questions?sort=faq route, which lists questions by the number of times they've been linked to across the site
bah, I want 1500 more rep
I'd give you some of mine if I could
@IvoWetzel You keep complaining nobody upvotes node.js answers - I can't stand answering any JavaScript questions anymore because they usually suck so much. So yeah, you'll get there. Soon
Python: executable pseudocode
Perl: executable line noise
2:49 PM
:kitten quote
> "Programming is like kicking yourself in the face, sooner or later your nose will bleed." - Kyle Woodbury
@YiJiang Indeed JS questions for last couple of weeks just plain suck
I need 18 more to get bronze in regex, but it's proving hard watching that tag (since so much comes up in the MS branch of Regex that's not PCRE, not to mention it's a slow tag)...
A: Is my code forking?

xil3I just did some tests, and I am sticking it here so that the code is clear. function loopthrough (i) { i++; if (i <= 20) { console.log("bla"); setTimeout("loopthrough("+i+");",242); } else { console.log("lala"); setTimeout("loopthrough("+0+");",1000); } } loopthrough(...

I need a doc on eval...
@IvoWetzel Go go go!
Anyway, should I FIFH?
2:54 PM
Q: why this Javascript code not working

All  is wellBelow is simple code I am using. But why it's not working. giving javascript error. function postcommnet(wallid) { var txtboxid='commentdata_'+wallid; var commentdata=document.getElementById(txtboxid).value } error is : document.getElementById(txtboxid) is null. Please help.

because it has a bug in it
> I would also recommend jQuery, it makes the job easier.
@ClemDesm: where?
Last comment of the last question @IvoWetzel posted here.
@ClemDesm I see that you're complaining about people overusing jQuery. You should totally drop that and use jQuery.
2:58 PM
Yeah, I started an epic comment discussion
Ahh, missed that since it had dother stuff int he comment
> Does anybody know what "forking" is supposed to mean? – Pointy 33 mins ago
@ircmaxell Haven't you heard that setTimeout spawns new threads processes and thingdagondugeldings all the time?
especially with eval
anything can happen when you're using eval
eval is like using goto, but you don't get the cute raptores
3:03 PM
dude, check out that edit
A: Is my code forking?

xil3I just did some tests, and I am sticking it here so that the code is clear. function loopthrough (i) { i++; if (i <= 20) { console.log("bla"); setTimeout(loopthrough(i), 242); } else { console.log("lala"); setTimeout(loopthrough(0), 1000); } } loopthrough(0); That w...

He edited \o/
I gonna write a setTimeout doc tommorow :P
copying some of that into the examples
Just downvoted since it's wrong. If he fixes I'll un-dv
@ClemDesm I just commented on that... Sigh...
3:08 PM
Why do people stop thinking when it comes to JS...
@Ivo, you don't need to qualify that statement...
Windows + Zip files + sparce files = fail
why ?
@ClemDesm: in reference to what (Why what)?
why fail ?
:kitten quote
3:13 PM
> "C is quirky, flawed, and an enormous success." - Dennis M. Ritchie
Q: Meta or Java redirect

StephanieI am remodeling a website, I have chosen to redirect the small amount of IE6 users to the old site. I will be redirecting from www.etterengineering.com/booster.html or www.ettterengineering.com/booster_IE6.html. Is it safe to use a Meta or Javascript redirect or will my original page be black li...

I'm trying to archive a SVN tree. There are about 500k files, but only around 500mb of data (most of the files are sparse). Windows sat there for 1.5 hours trying to zip it and finally gave up. Cygwin using tar -czvf completed in about 5 minutes...
don't tell me you're using windows xp default folder zipping...
Sure, why not? ;-)
3:17 PM
hehehe... The bigger question is why am I on XP at all... And I do have an answer for that one.
I love the PHP room conversations.
@ircmaxell Sure, I'm on it too
My answer is that Ubuntu's support for multiple monitors sucks (I only have single-headed graphics cards, which Ubuntu doesn't support)
I love it. People ask a question, you ask a followup and they ignore it
Woah, when did FF get Chrome's tab-dragging support?
@ircmaxell Since at least 3.5
wow, never realized that. Now, if only you could drag a tab from FF into Chrome and vise-versa...
3:33 PM
@ircmaxell Ha! Well, you can drag the URL from the location bar, so...
yeah, but it doesn't open a new tab....
A: Character encoding issues: MySQL 5.0 + PHP 5.2

ircmaxellYou need to execute a few queries to tell it to use UTF-8 for the connection (the default is indeed Latin-1). Here's what I use: SET CHARACTER SET = "utf8"; SET character_set_database = "utf8"; SET character_set_connection = "utf8"; SET character_set_server = "utf8"; I know some of these seem...

I think the Colonel is in love with you @ircmaxell
Either he's becoming more of an ass lately, or I'm noticing it more. But he's been really pissing me off lately (Col that is)...
Sigh... Whatever...
3:50 PM
@ircmaxell If you have experience, write it down. Then it becomes a fact...
> US patent no. 6,425,828, which concerns a "database driven online distributed tournament system."
So what do you do with that? Exactly you sue Activison Blizzard
> none of your chants do actually change connection character set as well – Col. Shrapnel 7 mins ago
Yet I pointed out an edge-case that SET NAMES cannot account for with any kind of predictability...

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