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12:01 AM
There are better alternatives
Death is one
that or docker
I'll try docker first
One day, after slaughtering countless innocent gradle bugs, you come to know the power of flutter
then you will say, sorry dave, I should have tried it sooner
12:35 AM
@DaveS I can't use flutter
Well I could have but that ship sailed long ago
Using React Native
3 hours later…
4:00 AM
holy fuck
and now I can run rust on Android \o/
3 hours later…
6:38 AM
I have read and understood the rules
4 hours later…
10:13 AM
Q: Issue with Fake Splash Coming in Android before Custom Splash In React Native App (Only on Galaxy S23)

Mayur PrajapatiI have created a Custom Splash In My React Native Application & it works well on All iOS Devices as well as Android Devices Except the Samsung Galaxy S23 Device. So the issue coming in Android device is when I launch Application by Clicking on App Icon first it shows the Black screen with the App...

2 hours later…
12:06 PM
@DaveS you on any supplements?
there are some i use for varicose veins that really help although idk if that would help or hinder your situation
if you're curious, though, horse chestnut and maritime pine bark and grape seed extract are all good (esp the first 2)
2 hours later…
2:40 PM
So the idea with Java is you only have to build once for android right?
Like that's the motivation for not using a native language
But like is it really that hard to build binaries for multiple platforms
2:57 PM
having nightshifts, not very present on R15
still love you guys
3:15 PM
still love u too
man half my country is on fire right now
have had crazy smog/smoke in toronto for a week now
air smells like BBQ
3:41 PM
lol I just closed a tab reading about that
@ballBreaker aliums
3:57 PM
what does aliums mean?
im looking up countries that will be least affected by climate change
to consider moving to
New Zealand on that list..
Europe / New Zealand looking even more juicy
i need to go talk to a travel agent asap but my wrist issues have been taking all my time
4:15 PM
I think NZ is also relatively safe when the zombie outbreak happens right
4:30 PM
posted on June 06, 2023 by Amy Gu

Android Studio - Hedgehog | 2023.1.1 Canary 7 is now available in the Canary channel. If you already have an Android Studio build on the Canary channel, you can get the update by clicking Help > Check for Update (or Android Studio > Check for Updates on macOS). Otherwise, you can download it here. For information on new features and change

5:02 PM
posted on June 06, 2023 by Android Developers

Posted by Dawid Ostrowski, Developer Relations Program Manager, Android Developer Welcome to our Google Developer Expert series where we highlight some incredible Android GDEs. Through the series they’ll explain how they became GDEs and what it means to them to be part of the community. If you tuned in to #TheAndroidShow you may have already spotted some familiar faces as our Google

5:20 PM
@ballBreaker thought Canada did pretty well
if you arent safe then Europe wont be soon either
plus my country is surrounded by sea
and Tim lives there, I mean he can do some stuff against it but until when are his powers reached?
6:15 PM
@Tim exactly!
7:13 PM
We’re first world poor, meaning we have a VR headset to check out negative bank account balance
2 hours later…
9:08 PM
posted on June 06, 2023 by Android Developers

Posted by Dan Galpin, Developer Relations Engineer Google I/O was HUGE for developers with exciting news all across the platform and more around quality. Here are the top three announcements around Android and App Quality from Google I/O 2023: #1 Android 14 comes with new features in privacy and security, system UI, and more Android 14 continues our effort to improve privacy and s

10:01 PM
@JBis well there's your problem
I don't disagree but my frontend dev insisted on RN cause he didn't want to learn dart
@ballBreaker I'm supplementing with electrolytes, sodium, potassium and magnesium to retain water, hydrating a lot, getting calories where I can, also taking B12, Coq10
your front end dev is a moron
and I mean that in the most insulting way possible because flutter is my new religion
flutter looks nice
but i'd still be using rust for the logic
rust is my new religion
use rust for the backend, you don't need rust for front end logic
In this case I do
10:04 PM
what logic do you need rust for that dart can't handle?
Cryptography library, it's only in Rust
build the library in rust and link it to dart
but if I am doing that, why not just build it all in Rust and then link to dart
yeah build your library and build your front end in dart
Ah. Yes, that was an option.
We did the same, but for RN cause that's what he knows
you've used Rust before @DaveS?
10:08 PM
once, my back end dev loves it, I trust his opinion, he also loves flutter
smart man
rust is great
yeah haven't had much chance to use it, but I like what I saw
the syntax takes some getting used to but so does dart
The syntax is the least of your problems with rust
The borrow checker is the real difficulty for beginners
But yeah, get used to it and you're good
ah yeah I mean I developed C applications for several years, so the memory management and allocation stuff didn't bother me too much but again I didn't use it too heavily
Ah having that background is very helpful
10:19 PM
@ballBreaker yeah those look like they help with malfunctioning valves that allow the blood to flow backwards. In this case its veins that too stretchy so they just hold too much blood due to the force of gravity. Lying down relieves the symptoms immediately.

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