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11:28 AM
What's popin
2 hours later…
1:52 PM
tim you were in my dream last night.. i dreamt we gamed together
Can I ask a question? It's not actually a question on android or any specific issue, it's just about how you prefer to "keep in order" your project.
go for it
but i might dream about you tonight just warning
@ballBreaker sounds good to me
In project #1 com.example.root.MyClass has method1() and method2() that are needed for the root version of my app.

In project #2 com.example.rootless.MyClass has method3() and method4() that are needed for the rootless version of my app.

In the unified project with different flavors I would just have com.example.unified.MyClass with method1(), method2(), method3(), method4().

Or would be preferable to still keep those methods separate by putting those classes in different src folders (for each flavor)?
2:08 PM
wht do u mean when u say "different flavour" in this instance?
different styles?
like the UI looks different?
or is it fundamentally different architecture styles
I dont deal with android much so not sure of the specific of that word
flavor is basically a different build
For instance, a paid version of the app and a free version of the app
Using the flavor it's basically like having two projects into one. Because you have shared stuff but you can specify for each build unique stuff as well
But don't worry about the concept of flavor.
Let's say you have 3 projects.
I was asking if it's preferable having once class that wraps all the methods and using that class in all the 3 projects or a class that would have only the code needed for that project
Not sure if it's clear now lol
2:26 PM
right gotcha makes sense, id do a diff folder structure personally
easier separation of concerns mentally speaking, but you can still import/export easily to other flavors while keeping things separate that should be separate. So you'd have basically

alternatively, u do 3
- shared
- flavour 1
- flavour 2
but that might be too much depending on your use case.. i'd recommend the 'shared' style more if u had more than just 2 differnt ones that dont split easily
2:46 PM
Thanks @ballBreaker. Btw let me know how the dream goes
np =] im sure it will be v nice
green and white squares in my mind
3:29 PM
hey bb o/
hey dude!
4 hours later…
7:19 PM
wow you were all hidden in here
whatsup guys
waiting to get sleepy enough so I can crash
not much man - just trying to decide how to ask this girl out on a date atm lmao and prolly gonna go for a hike in like 15 min
@MwBakker hbu?
7:38 PM
hike is always good
date too, whats to lose?
@asim well damn
8:24 PM
@MwBakker voices in my head don't let me sleep, they say that I haven't been as productive as I could be so unless I exhaust the horses in my head with heavy work load i can't sleep
I imagine myself in tough situations like i am in ancient times trying to win a loosing war against a massive army, appoint some weak brain threads as enemies and start the war hoping to fall asleep playing war politics and strategies
Works most of the time

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