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6:44 AM
Gooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooood Morning Everyone!!!!!! :D
7:11 AM
Hello, Good Morning
7:53 AM
8:23 AM
@grrigore let me know once you get online
8:46 AM
i'm here
9:01 AM
what did you wanted to talk
do you have any specific questions?
well kinda
so i've heard about this keycloak from someone
but i'm building that flutter and kotlin backend stuff
and now I wonder if it's a good tool for what I need
what do you need exactly?
well I've used ktor
and I have jwt auth, but I lack the refresh token
my users are supposed to have roles too
I think I can implement that refresh token too
it's not supported out of the box by ktor
9:05 AM
ok, so first lets talk about keycloak
i'll be in a meeting for ~ 20mins
roger, il post some things so you can read in the meantime - I'm not sure when I'm going to be available again :D
some google search keys could help :D
Keycloak is a standalone identity server responsible for authentication and authorization.

Keycloak supports SAML and OIDC, roles, permissions, custom claims, 3rd party identity providers (like Sign in with google), different oAuth client grants etc.
This is all nice, but management and proper configuration and maintenance are relatively complex since even default configuration requires a deep understanding of the oAuth2 protocol.

I believe that you don't need to bring this level of complexity to your system since the requirements of your authentication and authorization system are not th
9:27 AM
yea I've seen it's quite complex
Now for the roles and permissions, to understand this you have to understand what's the difference between authentication and authorization.

Authentication is verifying someone's identity, while authorization is verifying is that authenticated person has access to the requested resource to on the resource server
If you combine this two, there is a concept of claims
you can use claims to describe a user and its permission
Greetings o/
@IvanMilisavljevic now the thing is there will be two flutter apps
one for one role and one for the other one
9:42 AM
I'm in a meeting sorry, i kinda stoped in the middle explanation
no problem
just thinking out loud
claim is something that you can use to describe what roles/permissions users has in your system
now implementing roles/permissions model is generally trivial, and i bet there is already premade solutions that can help you out
next is jwt
il explain that in 30
gotta go for 30 too
so no problem
and thank you :D
10:28 AM
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I think I'm gonna head out in 24 minutes exactly
11:02 AM
Alright 15 minutes before the next one
JWT is an open standard that defines a way for securely transmitting claims between parties, its not an authentication protocol
Security in this context means that you are able, at all times, to validate and make sure that claims in the JWT come from the trusted source
i'm back too
now if you decide to use JWT you have two options on how to approach sending them back to the backend with each request
When you sign-in you can issue an JWT that will contain acess_token in itself, and a cookie that's going to contain refresh_token
With each request you would send the entire JWT as a bearer and that's it
This has a limitation thats made for web tho.
For mobile, you can issue a JWT that will contain both acces_token and refresh_token or an use an entire JWT to issue a new JWT with a new access_token, or issue an JWT that's coming to be another JWT
11:28 AM
sorry man
my back hurts
took a break
i'll have to google some more
i mean i understand what you say but not sure I get it like how to implement it
Does anyone know a plugin for android studio that shows which conditions need to be true for me to reach this specific line in code?
Too many if cases in this code. I need to constantly scroll up and follow the closing braces.
oh that would be interesting
Added it to my list of things I should make someday but probably never will
i guess it's kinda hard to achieve that
use a debuger
11:43 AM
not really hard. If it just shows the code with all the non if/else switch cases filtered out it would serve my purpose
Or just not work in shit code would also be a solution
11:58 AM
@miva2 that's even harder
while developing? I don't mean in runtime
not working in shit code is hard
yes, true :D
I'm like 3 if levels deep, then they create a new thread which has a while loop and a bunch of if statements, then a bunch of else's which confused me because I thought they were still inside the thread but it was from the if's before
logs maybe?
copy the if and log it
maybe you ll get the flow
yeah that's a good tip, thanks :D
12:04 PM
no problem
let me know if it works haha
not sure if i'll run it now but i'll keep it in mind for later!
there you go
was watching that
would you use a different db for this?
or just a new table?
different table, no need for a different database
there is also an official ticket for this
yes i know about that
but didn t read
12:14 PM
and this one
should be natively supported soon
maybe i ll wait haha
got a lot of things to do
12:32 PM
wink wink ;)
Let me know if you need anythign else
12:43 PM
thank you
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3:04 PM
2 hours later…
4:53 PM
I wonder if Tom will be back after his suspension
5:13 PM
when's it up?
ah tomorrow
5:27 PM
life on parole after
5:41 PM
ill get my popcorn ready
loool I do hope he comes back, super entertaining
I'm doing "Active Shooter" training for work
lol this is a first for me
when you work for an american company
5:56 PM
ngl thats pretty dumb
6:08 PM
what's that
the training for it?
or the fact that it's needed?
or both
i kinda highly doubt it's necessary
probably just as necessary as the 2nd amendment lol
shots fired!
how's your classes coming along?
i like discrete math a lot, although im not great at it
my other classes (two history, and psych) are meh
6:19 PM
ah damn, one of those "filler" semesters?
@JBis yeah it's definitely interesting thats for sure
basically yeah
tho i tried to at least pick somewhat interesting fillers
one of the history class is american constitutional history which i find interesting so thats good
psych is always interesting, but I feel like 1st year psych / psych 101 is less interesting because if you took biology you basically know it all
we went around the room and everyones like "pre law, pre law pre law" and then i go "cs" and get looks
LOL for the history one?
6:24 PM
haha that's jokes
makes sense though
it's surprising to me how monodisciplinary people are here
they are good at one thing and focus almost exclusively on that thing
really? because it kind of makes sense from a career standpoint, but less sense for a rounded individual stand point
in fairness, a couple years ago i was the same (or planning to be)
I think it definitely depends on the program as well
some don't really leave time for other learning, where as some have a lot more flexibility
also it's funny how stereotypical people are in these majors lol
all the polisci kids are extremely liberal, all the econ kids pretty conservative
6:34 PM
posted on January 28, 2022 by Android Developers

Or how to improve startup time by up to 40% Posted by Kateryna Semenova, DevRel Engineer; Rahul Ravikumar, Software Engineer; Chris Craik, Software Engineer Why is startup time important? A lot of apps find correlation between app performance and user engagement. People expect apps to be responsive and fast to load. Startup time is one of the major metrics for app p

business kids focusing on nothing but making money
haha yeah
I thought university was hilarious for that
totally makes sense, but kind of interesting to see it in person
6:52 PM
Hello, Android!
hey dude
How you doing, bB?
work is great, personal life is a bit drama-y right now but overall good. Hbu ??
doing well...just got two cats. And thinking about moving.
work is going pretty well. Not doing much Android lately...in fact like not at all for the last few years.
I switched from python to ruby lately
oh right on man!! 2 cats :O awesome that you started with 2
I have 1 and have been debating getting 1 more to keep mine company but it seems like a bit of a jump
where you thinking of moving to?
@Code-Apprentice you enjoying it?
6:58 PM
current thinking is to stay in Utah. I work remotely, so options are pretty wide open, depending on how adventurous I feel.
and yah, ruby on rails is pretty interesting. Lots of similarity with Django.
nice dude! thats awesome
My imagination is that Utah is just fields
Utah is mostly mountains
but I must be thinking of Iowa
right right
or Kansas
desert/mountains kind of deal right?
7:00 PM
yah, the mountains here are gorgeous
riiiiight yeah just googled, how could I forget
some desert, too, yah. And sand flats by the Salt Lake
Utah looks gorgeous
must have been because it has a boring name
I was in Idaho before. That's lots of desert. Sagebrush as far as the eye can see.
@Mauker Hi!
ooo nice, I love deserts
7:02 PM
it has it's own beauty, for sure
yeah for sure
@ballBreaker So how's the android world?
7:43 PM
@Code-Apprentice I unno!! I've actually never really done android much LOL
currently in scala-land though
7:58 PM
@ballBreaker Wait...you don't do much android? And you hang out here? What are you doing with scala?
8:08 PM
@Code-Apprentice xD hahahaha
the truth comes out
I'm doing Backend Development !

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