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12:41 AM
@ballBreaker how in the fucks did you enable dark mode?
I just unpacked my new macbook
oh man this thing is nice
im still waiting for mine
been waiting for over a month now
oh wow
I got mine right away
why do you have to wait?
okay I think I had to wait 2 weeks actually
totally forgot
they are getting shipped from USA i believe, and there is really high demand
and we have only one official suplier that just cant keep up
ahh I see I see
that sucks
12:57 AM
not really, i dont really need a laptop anyways
but im excited to see what that m1 can do in the wild
6 hours later…
6:52 AM
Gooooooooooooooooooooooood Morning Everyone!!!! :D
7:21 AM
hi, can someone help me about spanableString -> ImageSpan with gradient:
2 hours later…
8:55 AM
@W0MP3R morning wompah
@Tim yay
I'm on season 6 again hehe
it's nice but you can see it's an old series because of that quote lol and many others
oi mauker
2 hours later…
10:28 AM
This was the most starred message last year on this day:
Jan 25 '21 at 22:54, by MwBakker
@twiz the stupid. They said everything was allowed so at one charge I took off all my clothes and stood naked for a few seconds in front of them
10:59 AM
@grrigore oi grr
11:24 AM
anyone writing instrumented tests with hilt?
12:04 PM
no :(
@grrigore I like old shows I mean it doesn't bother me
yea same
but there are some cultural differences or smth
like some jokes are a little too racist or so
we should pin this
2 days ago, by Makyen
245 messages moved to Trash can
also Tim it gets better
after a few episodes
any ios developer here?
1:12 PM
Really wanna test a theory but I can't leave bed it really hurts and feeling chilly
So instead trying keywords if anyone else tried something like that, no one did so i am getting more excited
1:27 PM
Have any of you watched succession? I tried to but it didn't match my taste
2:17 PM
2:49 PM
any glide nerd?
@grrigore ofc
man so I got an url from where i need to download an image but only if the header Expires is expired..
can I get that header using glide?
@asim thats def covid bro
@IvanMilisavljevic xD I use the "DarkReader" extension on chrome/edge it dark modes EVERYTHING, its only been weird on maybe 1 or 2 sites i've ever come across
thank you
3:06 PM
you suck
just a the office joke
ive tried watching it a bunch of times honestly lol could never get passed season 2
might be helpful
@grrigore Il reply in about 30 minutes, im on a interview
3:08 PM
sure np
@ballBreaker i didn't like it the first time
but watched it through coivd
o nice nice
like hardcore covid start
ive already given it too many tries
now I just tell people it sucks and watch them breakdown
yea maybe
that works
hahah enjoyable as well
did you ever get covid??
or do u just mean u watched it over the pandemic in general
3:11 PM
@ballBreaker no fever and every one around is also getting sick for 2 days, i am on day 2 and feeling much better already
lol bro thats covid
I mean obviously I cant say 100%
but if you start feeling better and then it turns into nose/mouth/throat/lungs shit
then it is for sure
Just sore throat
lol RIP
hope u feel better soon though man that sucks
I had it a month ago or so and it was horrible
3:13 PM
We used to get sick before 2019, its the same
ur pp is hilarious btw
My bro had covid, i can tell the diff
@ballBreaker thanks
fair enough i wont argue
im not there
to tell you to your face that its covid
@JBis yoyo
3:14 PM
Dinner time
enjoy dude! was nice chattin, was wondering if u were alive the other day
stay alive o/
have y'all tried rust?
i'm loving it
the game or the language
but knowing you im gonna assume the language
the language ya
3:22 PM
ur boring @ballBreaker
@ballBreaker is this a good thing? idk
@JBis I heard that this is why im single
go find another boring person
theres many
how was tha date?
hmm well I had one on saturday and the girl was like way too good of a person for me
she volunteers and stuff lol and half the stuff I told her she was like O.O
I spent 30 mins convincing her why I would never do volunteering and she just wouldn't believe it
3:26 PM
great start
I had one last night.. and it was VERY cold, but she was okay.. I might see her again but not super into it
@grrigore LOL yeah she didn't wanna see me again
I didn't wanna see her either tho so its all good
win win
yaaaa other than the wasted time and energy but whateva
@ballBreaker "i'm a terrible person. i hate helping people and they should all die. want to have sex?"
lmao basically
i realized last night that im still slightly hung up on the girl from a few months ago but bleh
I just need to meet another cutie I have a good connection with lol
patience.. patience
3:30 PM
maybe you should volunteer with the dogs, heard there's a bunch of cute bitches there
hey everyone, this is my girlfriend, she is a dog
people are gonna think im so mean until they realize shes literally a dog
3:53 PM
anyone know how in kotlin u can transform a list of k,v into a list of map of k,v nicely? like:
['cookies', 'yum', 'user-agent', 'firefox'] => [{'k': 'cookies', 'v': 'yum'}, {'k': 'user-agent'...]
@atx list.groupBy { (it + 1) / 2 }.values
thats going to give you list of pairs you can use to create a map
@grrigore you have different options, maybe create custom model loader, or you can use a custom okhttp clients
dw, got it now
i simply used mapOf and forEach on the existing list
1 hour later…
5:53 PM
Guys and girls
Q: What is the best way to encrypt data in Android Intent between two apps?

badverybadboyI am trying to encrypt the data between two apps. I am creating only one of the apps and SDK which will be used by a demo app that will be sharing data with my app using intents. The demo app will implement the SDK which will be used to do call my app. I decided on using lazysodium (https://githu...

6:28 PM
posted on January 25, 2022 by Android Developers

Posted by Adarsh Fernando, Product Manager, Android The Android Studio team has been abuzz with the stable release of Android Studio Bumblebee (2021.1.1) 🐝 and Android Gradle plugin (AGP) 7.1.0; the latest versions of Android official IDE and build system. We’ve improved functionality across a broad area of the typical developer workflow: Build and Deploy, Profiling and Inspect

6:53 PM
@badverybadboy dangerous to say these days
I've just sent a gdpr data request so SO, wonder what juiciness they have on me
oh niceeee hahah yeah
inb4 all 70k of your chat messages get dumped into a text file
should they? I have no clue
7:09 PM
yeah idk, I did a thing like that for instagram at some point and they just gave me a massive photo dump, and a list of all the comments and shit I've made
7:21 PM
@badverybadboy this seems very wrong
@Tim can you make gdpr requests on behalf of people
in the us we don't have those rights so...
@badverybadboy why are you trying to encrypt data between two apps?
@JBis can't you just pretend you live in California? I seem to remember them having similar laws
it's much worse
8:07 PM
@badverybadboy don't bother with advance encryption techniques, simple encryption will do like a simple password (preferably unique for each instance) that both apps know, if you think password can be stolen, so is the case for private key.. simple data obfuscation with weird algos should also work just fine, i am assuming both apps are offline so BAD BOYS can steal anything if they desperate enough
If it is really serious kind of data then you have planned it all wrong, backend server is required
@JBis no it uses your login stackoverflow.com/legal/gdpr/request
my request has failed btw, clap
@asim this is horrible advice
@JBis thanks
Np :)
@Tim lol nice
8:14 PM
If anything touches disk its already too simple to obtain, if not, memory can also be scanned, whats the point of having public and private key both on same offline device?
@Tim its your right, file a case and hire bb as your lawyer
that is not a bad idea
however if opposing counsel is female, we are doomed
Either you will get your data or bb will get a gf
lmfao T_T
8:36 PM
@asim this is right mostly, I was commenting on the suggest of obfuscation and "simple password"/"simple encryption"
In this case simple encryption provides same level of protection so it doesn't matter, no difference
ugh I'm struggling with a method name
Use weirdMethodName
There's a method that inserts SQL records and then flattens the list into a single ID response

I created a new method that does the above but doesn't flatten the list
@ballBreaker Try Mickey
8:40 PM
First one is called insertRecordsTransactional
Right now I have either:
a) `insertRecordsTransactionalNested`
b) `insertRecordsTranscationalUnflattened`
can't decide
One should have flattened, other should not have unlattened word, or use both flattened and unflattened at the end
yeah I was thinking of that as well
Just use insertRecords and let the parameters describe the rest
refactoring though..
@RaymondArteaga good advice transactional sounds too long
8:44 PM
@RaymondArteaga they're identical methods other than the return being different, and scala does handle overloading like that, I could keep them the same name but its confusing
there is already insert records
but it doesn't do it transactionally
Just ignore me then
hence the transactional
I might go with your suggestion asim and change the original one
Do you guys use method overloading often?
I forgot that intelliJ has a refactor built in whoops
that made that super easy lol
8:45 PM
I would say I use it about once every time
yeah overloading is quite useful
I dont see many people use method overloading, i coded erlang alot so i am very used to it
Ctrl+B is best shortcut to exist on intellij based ides
@ballBreaker this reminds me of the patterns of the enterprise aplication architecture
god i hate that book
If you guys haven't already, watch some of buster keaton videos, i like him more than charlie chaplin
8:57 PM
you guys should listen to Beethoven, I like him more than Mozart
@asim is it on youtube?
@ballBreaker yup, comedian very similar to charlie chaplin but his stunts were* far superior
9:12 PM
@Tim's song
I will hopefully receive my earphones tomorrow that i ordered from china
Package is in my city already, my current ones are crap and i dont like to use big pc headphones in bed
Took 15 days
could have went to china yourself
Free shipping
just ship yourself to china and back for free
9:29 PM
Would have but i don't fit in a small bag anymore
just ship yourself in a coffin
they're perfectly person sized
im going to hell
that is true as well
I wonder if there's a market for fetus-sized coffins
Not a good idea heard they put em in freezers, i aint that cold tolerant
set up shop outside of a women's clinic
9:34 PM
Might b
@JBis race you there
just submitted my first big PR :)
hopefully the seniors don't turn my smile into a frown
@ballBreaker to what?
my worky
been working on my first big scala feature ticket
nice nice
serving some data science insights to the front end to display
our app is getting pretty cool
9:44 PM
what is this company again (if you can say)
my probation ends next week so I can say the actual name then xD
but you may be able to google the right things with the above info
is your app user facing or internal?
both, it faces internal "merchants" AKA people who buy things to supply to stores, and external "suppliers" AKA people who provide goods to be sold (like Sony)
cool cool
yeah, supply chain analytics
damn missed it
well o/ pce
10:09 PM
@grrigore watched ep3 tonight. Loved the scene in fez his house lol

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