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posted on September 27, 2021 by shows

In this episode, Kaushik talks to his good friend Prabhjot and learns about "Android Enterprise". This is the official way for companies or organizations to enable the use of Android devices and apps in the workplace.  Prabhjot talks about how he setup the infrastructure to provision devices and the different capabilities the solution allows. If you ever wondered what kind of control is possibl

6:04 AM
@Tim true story cheers @MwBakker happy birthday
6:31 AM
Hey guys, someone around?
6:54 AM
hello there
7:27 AM
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1:47 PM
The office one?
@MwBakker happy belated birthday
He got older and you guys are happy about it
2:04 PM
means he is not dead yet
Hey bb
hey man hows it goin
Fine, bit of a headache
2:20 PM
GOOOOOD - smashes a maple syrup bottle on the door - MORNING PEOPLE
Also hi, how you doin'?
@Nyakouai lmaooo yooo
It's been a while. Missed some stuff apparently. When was bakker bday?
hows your natural habitat doing @Graeme? I heard you learned to throw stones at walrus recently
@Nyakouai yesterday apparently!
hows everything going? anything new in your life man?
2:26 PM
what about you?
Happy belated birthday @MwBakker !
@ballBreaker Oh nothing much. I blew it with the girl, still lonely af, still not getting my team change at work, still keeping the smile on
Could be worse, overall. What about you?
@grrigore Hey Grigg!
nm man
living the dream
@Nyakouai basically the exact same lmao although I'm looking for a new job atm
my job is becoming obsolete and they're trying to force me into a role change, so I'm looking for a new job
Had some drama with a girl a few weeks back... we had an amazing connection/chemistry but it didn't work out, and it made me feel lonelier than ever haha
But I'm pretty good now though, been working through some stuff and trying to just foucs on finding a new job
@asim Haven't heard that in ages.
2:35 PM
@asim classic tune
one of the only rap songs I still know all the words to haha
Also, I just want to point out the awkward white dude at 0:52 youtu.be/_CL6n0FJZpk?t=52
@twiz xD
I'm pretty sure that dude was mexican
He's like "Excuse me miss, I believe you have mistakenly fallen on my lap."
but also lmao yeah I never noticed that
@twiz hahahahahah
2:37 PM
@ballBreaker Good silverlining, still sucks overall, sorry for you. Gl with all of that
thanks brother, sorry to hear ur in a poopy place too
we'll get ours soon enough
woww there's people here
heya tim
I started watching "Squid Game" yesterday
it's pretty sweet
some gold ol fashioned korean entertainment
hit level 6 in pathfinder yesterday <:)
my party is getting ridiculous, loving it
@ballBreaker The same am I
2:53 PM
I use stremio to watch all that stuff for free
because of my poorness
Wrath of the Righteous? Or Kingmaker?
The last one I think
@Nyakouai wrath of the righteous
kingmaker is amazing too
@ballBreaker I am not familiar with this episode of handmaid's tale
Did not get that into Kingmaker, did not really like the available NPCs, but WotR is really nice. Will have to shut up to avoid spoilers tho, nearly at the end of the game here :/
2:59 PM
oh really eh? I loved harrim from the first one, nihilistic dwarf was the best
lmao damn dude, how many hours have you put into it??!
I'm 40 hours in and I just left kenabres
About 75-80. And I did not rush... I'm lv 20, mythic 10
I'm also playing on the Core difficulty though
did you do normal?
Story mode.
ah XD hahah
I played Kingmaker at the release, when difficulty was absurd and gameplay broken. Left some mental traumas :P
3:01 PM
hahaha yeah I played that when it came out as well on one of the harder ones, was painful
This time, I went "F*ck it" and just put it in baby mode to enjoy the ride.
makes sense
I did mine on core which was I think is the 2nd or 3rd hardest
the first boss was ridiculously hard :\ lol took me like 20 tries
Stag Lord? Completely bonkers
I used to die to the spiders and centipedes in the kobold cave, because there were so damn many and I couldn't just spend 10 days resting in those ruins
I feel that lolol
my party right now feels OP
I have
1 paladin
1 monk
1 rogue (w/ spells)
3 mages (1 witch, 1 wizard, 1 oracle)
Bow users are utterly broken in WotR
3:06 PM
all of em have a huge focus on crowd control lol the enemies spend 90% of their time greased, webbed, stuck in a pit, etc
@Nyakouai yeah they do so much friggen damage
The monk and some other NPC you get later carried all the fights so far.
lol yeah lann is a beast
I just have the other stand as meatshield at that point
my witch is ridiculous too, she can go invisible as a free action every single tuirn
If someone is a big bad evil doodoo, I have my character drop high level spell to deal with it, but otherwise, go gatling
3:07 PM
so I come out of invisible, nuke some guys, then go back invisible lolol
Wait what? How do you do that?
I went Winter witch, so I might not have the right patron :P
there's a subclass "witch of the veil" that gets that as their special
Ah. Ofc. Veil.
at level 8 they get to blink/teleport as a free action and go invisible lol it seems OP
but v0v
helps with the core difficulty xD
Does not work on TTRPG, but if they made it nice in the game, won't complain
3:08 PM
yeah exactly, apparently that subclass is garbage in real pathfinder
my kingmaker class was pretty OP as well lol I have a knack for finding these classes
but I spent 3 hours on character creation <_<
... hey apparently there's pathfinder in my steam library, is it cool?
if you like dungeons and dragons/baldurs gate/pillars of eternity/divinity original sin games then you'd really enjoy
so there's "kingmaker" and "adventures", are they, as the name would imply, respectively a game and a game that lets you play other player's adevntures?
not sure what adventures is
@FélixAdriyelGagnon-Grenier that's a different game entirely, some card game
pathfinder adventures, that is
oh. I see thanks!
3:14 PM
Pathfinder: Kingmaker and Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous are the CRPG ones
also, since my mobo board burned, I bought another one, but now I'm looking for thermal paste (I could swear I had kept some from last time), and I'm deadlocked into procrastinating searching for it, because this here toaster kinda works, but then I can't play cool games
thermal paste is super cheap.. you could get it on amazon pretty easily
oh, I can literally walk to a store and buy some
yeah haha
Felix, just a hunch... you wouldn't happen to live in the french part of maple country?
3:16 PM
yeah get Nya to buy some for you and drop it off
@ballBreaker You do remember that you have a pretty large country, with pretty large states and ludicrous distances between cities, right?
yeah but you're a really nice guy
Yeah, but Toronto by foot is quite far tho
anything is possible with the power of being a nice guy
Except finding a gf
3:18 PM
"I like you, you are a really nice and kind person, but I don't have romantic feelings for you" aaaah, f*ck, again
Worst is, there is nothing to argue about that.
I had something similar
High five!
3:19 PM
"I can already tell you are so considerate, fun, and generally amazing.. but I've started catching feelings for someone else.."
it's like gee... thanks I guess? lmao
Yeah, same
Only a month ago
haha damn, I about the same time for me
Minus the generally amazing part
3:20 PM
I had another last week too
I feel like I need to teach you two "closing the deal" skills :P
mmm I'm going to say at least for myself that I don't need any help there
@Nyakouai I nearly ragequit the game at this point because of that, I was also killing everything on sight which doesn't exactly make the game easier
@ballBreaker "catching" ah yes, I see the spring pollen infections are spreading far (:
@Tim That's how it's supposed to be played, full murderhobo course :D
3:22 PM
I hate good guy approach
@FélixAdriyelGagnon-Grenier lool if only they could catch for meee
because nearly every game forces it
I like that pathfinder gives you a happy medium between the two
@Graeme But Graeme, I thought you... How do I put that poetically... hunted another kind of beast?
the second one is a lot better for allowing more chaotic responses
3:23 PM
They clearly learnt from their mistakes with Kingmaker
@Nyakouai indeed :)
The tribe of Gagnon-Grenier is strong here
soooo many gagnon's in canada
groans tribalistically
I have 3-4 coworkers sharing one of those last names
3:24 PM
I have 2 gagnon's
have a big crush on one of them, although she's like 37 with 3 kids
so that is... not realistic
Too close to QC for your own good ;)
I'll admit.. she kind of turned me onto the quebecois accent
hah! yeah we speak english real bad
@Tim pathfinder has a great neutral path.. I just choose good/evil depending on what sounds like more fun
chaotic neutral is my fave
@FélixAdriyelGagnon-Grenier he he he he some better than others for sure
@ballBreaker Hey, if you go that way... About three days ago, I woke up, grabbed the phone completely drowsy, opened an app... then nearly fell of the bed cause the girl on the app was one of my "ex" (kinda). After rubbing my eyes, turns out it's just her doppelganger living in Montreal too. And now, I have to beat obsessive-Ben in a corner of my brain as not to go full stalking mode out of curiosity and unresolved issue
Chaotic neutral is true freedom. I kind of dislike Evil dialogue options, cause most of the time, it's just you being an ass for no good reasons. Like telling Lann he is ugly when he comes to wake you up.
3:28 PM
yeah exactly, the evil choices are usually.. too evil, but they are also evil, so I get it haha
it's just indescriminately killing everyone and being an asshole all the time, but I guess that's the beauty of the system in that it changes a little bit each time
it's more a statistical total representation
@Nyakouai oof that's rough man.. I was using bumble and saw 3 of my exes in a row on the app and that made me decide to delete it on the spot lmao
You get the choice of killing most NPCs... even some you just rescued. Because evil. It's good that you have the choice, but why would you, tho?
lol yeah exactly
@ballBreaker women with 3 kids at 37 need love too y'know!
@FélixAdriyelGagnon-Grenier hahaha yeah, she deserves someone who wants to help with her kids though xD
why? did she ask for that?
3:30 PM
They do, but I also understand bb's stand that maybe, just maybe, it'd be simpler with someone around his age and no kids :P
She's a single mom looking for a father for her kids as far as I know
@Nyakouai I mean - samsies
For some reasons, I doubt that :P
definitely not the same
Well, women are easier, but that might be because I'm less thrown off by my own feelings
3:32 PM
I should've been gay, ffs
Yeah, bad choosing guys
my chances would increase tenfold or more if I was gay
there's really nothing stopping any of y'all :)
mostly psychology and genetics, etc
3:33 PM
so yeah I really need to install pathfinder
haha yeah do it, btw the second one is completely independent from the first if you wanted to go 2 then 1
separate story lines and all that
they're also both on fitgirl repacks if you don't wanna pay
@ballBreaker They didn't say you had to enjoy it.
lol xD
pray the straight away
3:39 PM
There is no straight
spoon i guess
is this... Amélie Poulin with the Matrix Spoon-bending thing? that's pretty rad
I don't get the Amélie Poulain ref
You need Neo
Cause all I see here is someone about to enjoy a crême brulée...
bb got it
what did i get
3:41 PM
Btw, distantly related stuff, my best friend back in France finally made his coming out to his parents!
Which took it in stride - just the father that is glad, but kinda wanted grandchildren. I died laughing seeing my friend's face telling me that - since he is definitely planning on having kids.
@ballBreaker fitgirl
Apparently, it did not occur to the father that maybe, there were ways to have kids
ohhh hahaha yeah
@Nyakouai hahaha that's awesome
@Nyakouai some humans feel a difference between adopted and bloodline kids?
I think he did not just think about it on the moment
3:43 PM
he could still have blood kids through a surrogate though
yeah. props to your friend!
That's also something he considered. I'm not quite sure it's legal yet in France tho
Or at least, not for money
Why would that be illegal?
makes sense
Officially, you can't sell or loan your body
3:48 PM
hah interesting.... How do people have jobs then?
Sex workers aren't legal, and for the same reasons, loaning your womb isn't exactly legal either, as far as I know
Of course, we had coal miners regularly inhaling vast amount of coal dust, so...
Hey, I did not say I approved, I said I did not think we made that legal yet :P
It's like when gay marriage wasn't legal. I know it wasn't, did not mean I agreed
Lots of old views that are still implemented in the law.
Yeah, it's just really weird, because how does anyone possibly decide where to draw the line for what is considered your "body".
I unno, ask florida or texas I guess
they seem to have figured that one out
That's actually the opposite of my point. It doesn't matter how stupid/nonsensical their reasoning is, there's still a clearly defined line as far as the law goes.
I unno, you asked how they could decide, and those places made a decision
maybe they're onto something we don't know
I think the key is to get a bunch of 80 year old men into a room and then a decision will be made
3:54 PM
Haha that's true. It just seems really crazy to think that there would be court cases in France trying to argue what is or isn't selling someone's body.
hahah yeah that seems pretty strange to me
> Surrogacy has been prohibited in France since the Court of Cassation condemned it on the grounds that 'only merchandise can be the object of contracts' (in 1991), and decided that 'any contract concerning procreation or gestation on behalf of a third party is void' (in 1994).
@twiz There must be court cases about that all over the world :p
It's legal in canada, but illegal to pay them for it
If you go that way, from what I read, you can in France. But no money or contract involved :P
@Nyakouai Well yeah, but I assume in France a lawyer can't just be like "well god said so..."
3:56 PM
hahaha I think what god wants coming into legal cases might just be an american thing
@twiz If a lawyer try to pull that shit in France, I'd be the first to throw my chair at him, and I wouldn't be the last
A couple of his friends did offer but... Imagine having your friend's gf carrying your child. Incredibly generous, but I think there is a slight potential to make things awkward.
definitely a chance
that being said, I think surrogacy for a gay couple would be less awkward than for a straight couple.. probably less complications
It's kind of interesting, because you can still basically buy a child (adoption).
You do not buy the child, you pay for paperworks, come on
Someone has to make sure the little twerp is up to date in their vaccinations.
4:02 PM
And for a surrogate you'd pay for their time and medical whatever. It seems like if there's any ethical dilemma they should be viewed as basically the same situation.
That's the thing, you said time
So, it can be equated to work
So is paperwork. lol
Yeah, but that's not the child doing paperwork
I get your point, I just don't think it's a good comparison/ground to stand on
yeah basically if you do that, make sure you get a lawyer
In other news, for some completely inconceivable reason Google thinks my ISP is in Costa Rica and I think that's preventing them from accepting my payment information.
4:06 PM
That's yesterday late night downloads VPN you forgot
(Also, you made me look it up, glad to learn that France does not have adoption fees. At least one good thing my taxes are used for)
It looks like it's free in Canada as well as long as you don't do it privately
I think somehow it does have to do with my VPN, but it wasn't set to Costa Rica. I turned it off and went to sign in on an incognito window and it gives me the sign in form in Spanish. lol
lol :D
hmmmm something not good is happening...
maybe you woke up in costa rica
4:13 PM
Which state do you live in Twiz?
Cause you apparently sold a bunch to Latin America to settle your debt
I'm in Pennsylvania right now.
Isn't that almost all the way up north?
Massive debt, if you had to sell that many, I'm afraid
Did what?
I'm not sure what you mean.
ohhhh lol
4:16 PM
How does it feel to wake up costarican?
quite annoyed. Honestly questioning if this garbage ISP or garbage router has been hacked or something.
did u try restarting your computer after the VPN
maybe it's stuck or something
I did an IP location thing, and it detects it as being in Costa Rica using an ISP called "Data Miners S.A."
what VPN service do you use
That's without the VPN
4:20 PM
Are you sure?
Check your phone, "whats my ip"
yeah I'm just thinking it might not actually be off, I'd try restarting
hmmm yea, it seems fine on my phone
that ISP name just sounds so outrageously shady. I guess I try restarting. lol
hahaha yeah, that would concern me for the VPN being used
reasons not to use a vpn...
...or apple's dumbass relay thing
It's NordVPN
And yes, restarting did fix it.
4:28 PM
@twiz lolz
haha makes sense, kneww it
Are they really that bad?
every vpn company is that bad
I meant with the restart, I have no idea about VPNs as I don't use any of em
except my one for work intranet
Haha well public wifi likes to block ports and stuff. Using a VPN is nice lazy way around that. (although I don't actually know what the protocol does to make it works. No one seems to talk about it anywhere.)
4:33 PM
thankfully people like jbis get degrees in these areas so we don't need to think about it
I thought this was only for people who know math
apparently they just let any bozos into security fields these days
@twiz I just setup a vpn on the same server @JamesBot runs on, free and works
But yeah, if you don't want to do that or ISP doesn't let you, then you kind of have to risk privacy when using ISP
@Tim xD
oh boy I hope my ISP doesn't share how much hentai I view, oh boy
can I instead reroute all my traffic through jamesbot?
and instead the FBI will think it's you?
4:51 PM
my point was setting up your own vpn through whatever connection you own will probably be better and cheaper than a real vpn
sounds like work
speaking of which, hows your job search going bb?
it is also work
hahah but not too badly
4:56 PM
sup man
I've just been letting recruiters do all the work at this point and it's super chill
Have a role that I applied for 2 weeks ago that I'm hoping I get.. it's working with scala which would be cool
what position are you looking for?
There's a role that I'm pretty neutral about since it's a support developer just fixing tickets and small enhancements, but it's basically exactly what I've been doing the past few years but slightly more modern architecture, so if I get that one I'll probably take it for a year just to update myself a bit
But I'm kinda holding out on the first one in the meantime because I actually really wanna do that one
@grrigore just looking for some sort of intermediate developer role.. preferably for a company that makes their own apps/products
consulting sucks
@ballBreaker That is 100% the reason. I'm sure it's easy enough, but then you have to deal with updates if you actually want it to be secure or something will randomly break because it's a server you threw together in 10 minutes.
intermediate as mid dev?
or not doing 100% coding
4:59 PM
and I've realized I also don't want to work at any of these monolith companies (facebook, google, amazon, wayfair, etc etc)
they waste so much of my time
@grrigore yeah mid-level dev
I have the years experience for a senior role but missing the actual experience of having a senior above me so I have no idea what to expect
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