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10:28 AM
This was the most starred message last year on this day:
Hmm. Actually, nothing interesting was said on this day last year.
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1:59 PM
posted on September 25, 2021 by CommonsWare

The Warescription program will be ending at the end of 2021. All subscribers will get book updates and access to the other Warescription benefits through then. I am expecting to put out one more update to Elements of Android Jetpack and one or two more of Elements of Android Room.

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7:37 PM
@ballBreaker you don't owe the company anything. If you feel its time to leave find a job that fits you better
@ballBreaker and yeah I wouldn't use that recruiter if he's gonna squeal, this is business and he doesn't have any reason to tell your CIO and jeopardize your position.
be selfish when it comes to your career
@asim They are not polar bears.
7:58 PM
missing the joke
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10:35 PM
Name checks out
A: The address entered appears to be invalid. Please correct your address and resubmit

BrtgmadenYou can try this solution found on AppDeveloper Just found a solution. Try clicking the add/save/submit button 3 times. It worked for me.

Apple is the best at UX.
I'd really like to know how that bug happened though. My money would be on some dev not wanting to figure out the actual problem and just skipping all validation after 4 attempts.
Actually the next answer makes it even more interesting. Apparently they also introduced a bug with their half-assed fix. They're just incrementing a number on the front-end to tell the backend how many attempts you've made, but at some point they broke the code that increments. lmao

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