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12:27 AM
@Tim I think the best we can offer is a free month after he paid for a full year premium membership
2 hours later…
2:16 AM
You guys would be proud. As I am starting to write in other languages I am hating JS more and more.
2:37 AM
I said 'guys' not robots
2:59 AM
Ok then. No.
3:12 AM
I said 'guys' not frogs
4 hours later…
7:00 AM
good going JBis
hello mwb
how are you today?
Good Morning..!!
How to obfuscate file name and variable name? I have tried but when I de-compile APK on http://www.javadecompilers.com/apk then it show all real name
Good morning
I need help for the following questions
Q: SSL Certificate on Tomcat - Alias name(tomcat) does not identify a key

A StrangerI am working with an SSL certificate in Apache tomcat. I have created CSR and got a JKS file. Then when I have given the CSR to certificate authority, then they have given me the certificate. When I have tested the JKS certificate using the following command, keytool -list -keystore ava_bankasia-...

7:08 AM
@grrigore tense but ok, you?
7:24 AM
dead room
I haven't worked out for 2 weeks :/
@AStranger im sorry I have no experience in that matter
are you ashamed of yourself?
@MuratKaragöz quite, but I still have the summer body
7:39 AM
aight, stop ditching the gym
yesterday i was jumping from puddle to puddle
7:53 AM
8:04 AM
@MuratKaragöz do you know any people in the urbex community?
never heard of them
ah too bad, but you did hear about urbex?
Ah you mean Urban Exploration... the thing where you trying to hunt ghosts
No that is a different thing, it just means visiting abandoned buildings for the sake of documenting it
are you still into that?
8:15 AM
Yes, this month I visited two places
But I need new info on locations
@MuratKaragöz if you want I can share the albums
I am gonna be honest with you
I'm not really interested into random abandoned buildings
That's alright
unless it is actually a quite famous structure
Famous in the urbex community, but I get you
They are buildings with a sad history that I visit at night
8:30 AM
bro, hit the gym instead
My activities do not exclude visiting gyms nor visa versa
Unless it's a breakup or such category
You could combine those two things together
I am
slamming the 50kg dumbells into the building ... lmao :D
I can only hit 50kg dumbells on back excersizes
chest goes to max 35kg x 10 dumbs so far
8:33 AM
did you try to lifting it with the legs
but while in the gym, have you really been far even as decided to use even go want to do look more like?
Man I can't find the scene from King of Queens where Arthur is shouting "LIFT WITH YOUR LEGS" while doug is carrying a big ass TV down the stairs
8:47 AM
@MwBakker not sure what you mean by that
it's alright, most Germans I know don't speak English that well but you are a really good exception
@MuratKaragöz I used to watch that show with my mum during dinner, good times
I tried to find the scene, but no luck..
I had a huge crush on his wife
She is a former member of scientology
so she has woken up
9:30 AM
👋 @murat!
9:45 AM
@MwBakker sorry got caught up with work
me fine
kinda tired
@MuratKaragöz like tom cruise?
10:04 AM
This was the most starred message last year on this day:
Hmm. Actually, nothing interesting was said on this day last year.
2 hours later…
11:34 AM
user image
11:51 AM
Tell me more... my engine warning has lit up yesterday again after being in the workshop already last week for an engine warning. Next free slot: Friday!
fucking hate the trouble my cars are causing currently...
is it a Benz? :D
Seat and Hyundai
The problem mainly is that none of these cars are carrying a Ford badge
you don't know that, someone may have vandalised the cars
12:51 PM
I am no longer rich
we are no longer friends
@IvanMilisavljevic do you know a way to get rid of Multiple<Diamond<Operators<LikeThisOne>>>?
there must be some refactor option
@grrigore You dont need them with type inference
Otherwise you can wrap them in a class
well I use them to delcare variables
this is my case scenario
where event is that shitty single event wrapper and result is for handling api request status like loading success error
guess I should wrap em up
That or use a type alias
but I'd still have to use Event(Result.loading())
as an example
hmm I'll start with a type alias/class
1:30 PM
Morning meatsacks
1:49 PM
how you doing?
@MwBakker lol
that was the BMW model I owned that was a total lemon
awesome hahaha
it pains me when i see that image
@IvanMilisavljevic good
i gave mine 2005 e90 to my father
replaced it with 320GT
1:52 PM
the hatchback model?
I sold my e46 for like $1000 or somethin
1:53 PM
that car was such a fucking piece of shit
there are some very nice BMW's but then I'm talking about the < 2002 era
i dont know i like em
from the newer ones I solely love the 4 series
my next one is x6
Gooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooood Afternoon Everyone!!!!!! :D
1:54 PM
series 4 is awesome
series 7 is nuts as well
I've heard the x6 has tons of issues
x6? I drove one and wasn't able to shut it off
the thing was a damn circus
it had a diamond-ish looking shifter. Diamond! Who does that?!
new one?
because im planing to buy a new one :D
1:55 PM
it was a 2019
haha yeah those are fucking garbage
diamon shifters i mean :D
they look really cheap
anyway soooo many buttons me and my dad couldn't turn off the car
so we left it running
haha yeah that works
im pretty satisfied with the gt
tbh I am no fan of the X6, can't afford it either but I just don't like SUV's
its has that pesky n54 tho, so il have to replace the chain eventually
wich is like 2000e+
1:58 PM
for 2000 I had bought my dreamcar lol
had to put another 3000 in it to make it look nice but still
i was looking for something like this actually
something between SUV and a caravan
like what?
but it was fucking expensive
this GT model
1:59 PM
you consider an X6
4 series GT is half that price?
im not sure if they make GT series anymore
then buy a 2nd hand
the GT is usually a good market for the 'normal' BMW drivers
i do have one
im not sure if im following :D
I thought you wanted a 4 series GT
i bought a 2015 320 GT
2:01 PM
i mean i do want that new series 4 tho ;D
or x6
but its gonna have to wait a bit :D
I once had to transport a 4 series convertible by trailer and I remember the trailer started to swing at 100km/h. When I looked at his specs the car was as heavy/heavier than my Ford Transit
I dk what they put in these cars, prob lead since it is a german vehicle and they might melt the car for bullets when AFD gets elected
@IvanMilisavljevic I won't stop you, but I dk if you are married
I have a Yaris now
I fucking love this car
I would suggest the series 4, unless if you consider a career change as rapper or druglord you should definitly go for the X6
get a bmw i6
man up and get an i6
2:15 PM
I just got my first vaccine, anybody wanna exchange serial numbers? Wanna try that free 5G calling
my serial number is 8008569
nice mine is 8008135
which one did you get?
which flavour of microsoft
@Tim is this the first step to a meet up?
I got the microsoft P-series
2:20 PM
nice nice!
I have an appointment for my second dosing of M-series later today
cool does it have good reviews?
I've heard of some side effects like a sore arm, or rash, or bill gates peering through your window at night
but most reviews seem positive
@ballBreaker he is not taking his divorce well
@ballBreaker remember to ask him a free licence of office365
2:32 PM
Someone save me :P
I'm being driven insane
invalidate cache & restart fixes most insanity related issues
there is no stable CI in this world.
there is no stable world in this CI
I've surprisingly never had an issue with azure for CI/CD
2:45 PM
@Graeme do some physical work, does wonders
I mean. Murder is physical right?
it trains all of the muscles
there was something
@ballBreaker do you use it for Android?
on the internet
nope not for android
3:07 PM
@Cool I use it for both android and iOS Fastlane builds/deployments.
Hi JBis
Azure DevOps gives you an insane amount of server time for free.
Its the only way I know of to automate iOS builds without spending an insane amount of money.
@twiz what lang do you use for ios?
Javascript lol
3:11 PM
@Cool I use CircleCI and it works really well
our contractor pushed a deployment to prod and she didn't merge months of my changes into it
maybe your code was shit
I wish
she re-broke 5 things I fixed
and now gotta emergency brake fix her mistake
Fucking Verizon. I hate this god damn company.
3:26 PM
let her do it
oh she already did it.... her build hit production
oh I see what you mean
let her fix it
now let her fix it
I don't really trust her at this point to fix it properly lol so I'm gonna do it, also it was maybe 20% my fault
@ballBreaker see told you your code was shit
ehh it wasn't the code, it was because I didn't merge my changes back into dev
but if she had more than half a brain she would have realized that there were branches further up the chain
3:28 PM
Why does she even have access ?
to the system she works on every day?
so that bb can delegate the work to others
haha yeah I push stuff onto her to deal with quite often
"I didn't merge my changes back into dev" somewhat surprised here, your code does not get reviewed?
"I" didn't merge into dev, there isn't a door keeper?
3:32 PM
nope, it's just self reviewed basically
the team here is me and her
@ballBreaker @twiz we use bamboo :(
do you guys communicate at all? XD
hahah we usually do, IDK what her malfunction here was
that's why I say I have 20% responsibility here.. I should have merged it back into dev, but she shouldn't be blindly making deployments when there are other branches
can you guys keep messing things up so my Ford stonks go up?
3:34 PM
maybe she did it on purpose, to bait your reaction hoping you would say to her "hey you made a mistake but it's ok let's fix it together on friday evening during dinner"
@Tim ^ this
it would be my immediate thought, and def play in on this
now is the time to make an aggressive play
and polish your resume, just in case
bleach and polish, the two things you do before dating an employee :D
well she already gave me covid last year
What's the worst that could happen
3:36 PM
lmao she named her kid covid?
@ballBreaker "you gave me the shivers once before"
@Tim LOL
Hello, Android!
@MwBakker "you take my breath away"
my brother heared about the snitching and he is determined that I should find the snitch and confront the person
but I am no good in that kind of stuff, I just wanna do my job here
3:53 PM
@ballBreaker hmm... in what circumstances did... stuff... get exchanged?
@FélixAdriyelGagnon-Grenier she came into the office while sick and I had to sit beside her and walk her through something
"I had to sit" I feel like her presence matters in this
"I HAD to sit next to Nicole Kidman, it's not my fault I went close to her"
@ballBreaker :O hope both y'all lungs are ok. she wasn't aware she was sick?
"she came into the office" -> bb's home office
thanks dude! lungs felt better after about 6 months, back to normal
it was vanilla strain thankfully
this was in January 2020
pretty sure she was like the first covid patient in canada
she visited wuhan province over december 2019 lol
and came back with covid before covid was even really a thing here
4:04 PM
hello @Tim
wow. epic. glad you're ok
hello my friend from the west
how are you ? @Tim
I'm good @Nitesh
@Nitesh what about you
4:04 PM
@Nitesh nice
i am fine
@ballBreaker Correct - she shouldn't have access to push code to production unless the code has been checked by you
glad to hear it @Nitesh
@Graeme yeah we're going to need to set up something like this going forward most likely
Definitely - I think when I hire someone for my team, I'll set up restrictions on GitHub
4:06 PM
I did a google data archive for my school account. All my files from 6th grade to 12 grade. Crazy.
we have that on our remote too. Nothing happens unless at least 1 senior has verified it
Now see my question. Because I have do the same modify and also fix it design in my question . so you check my effort and dedication.
the problem is that we're just 2 people, and I don't really feel the necessity of having to check over every single one of her changes, but we'll see
clearly it would have been a good thing this time around
@Nitesh what question @Nitesh
She sounds like a menace
4:08 PM
lol i found my essay about how bad tenure was that i submitted to like the head of the teachers union
it's not just checking on each other, reviewing code is a good way to learn as well as teach
yeah but I don't really have time for that shit
@Graeme haha she is a menace for sure
she is pretty green still
if she was actually my underling I'd be more inclined, but she's a contractor
true but if you had made time for it you would not have had to fix the issues now
this is true
@JBis lol
"so here is why I think you shouldn't have job security: ... "
and you tell poop on my question so now tell me good because now that is right question and right answer @Tim
4:10 PM
I love when juniors review my PRs, they have a completely different perspective and sometimes will point out things I had not considered
@Nitesh bro which question? I see a lot of poop questions every day I don't remember them all
yeah that'd be nice
I feel like if we implement this for just the 2 of us, we'll be going through the motions and not actually checking it that closely
@ballBreaker We're in a similar boat then. I've got an Indian contractor - no formal education so... it's hard
@Tim Trade you?
I have a meeting at 3:30-4 to go over this fuckup though so I'll bring it up
yeah I'll whip them into shape
BB - I would use words like "My peer" if I were you :D
4:12 PM
problem is like, is she going to start reviewing my code? even though she sucks?
ok but try not to be like "you fucked up so henceforth I will check everything you do" it's really a win-win for everybody involved
When my answer is right, then you give me vote . Because my answer is right or wrong, if right then tell me good and give me vote
I just don't know if there are enough resources for it tbh, but we'll see what people think
@Tim no no, I already took the blame for this one
despite me chirping her here, we're a team
is that a question or an answer I can't tell
4:15 PM
I think this was a 50/50 problem lol, if I merged into dev we wouldn't be here just as much as if she double checked the latest branch we wouldn't be here
but she's green and you're not (I think) so probably more like 10/90
well she's been working for 5 years now
she's just green in her abilities not in her experience xD
oh boy
i made her cry once by accident so I try not to be too hard on her these days lol
anyway imo you want her to review your code, because reviewing code is a great way to learn. Even if you have nothing to say because you don't understand the changes, it's never a waste of time to check a PR
yeah that's a good point
I think it's worth doing, just not sure how it'll be in reality
ultimately it is up to management if they want it or not, but also if they say no and something goes wrong that could have been prevented, it is on them and not you
but I suppose there is only one way to find out
now are you got it my question ?
7 mins ago, by Tim
is that a question or an answer I can't tell
4:30 PM
This answer is right for the question according ? @tim
probably not, son. But you asked the question so you can tell if the answer answers your question
why not son ?
listen, we cannot be each other's son
4:37 PM
did you know lol spelled backwards is lol?
did you know lol spelled upside down is also lol?
Wouldn't that be l°l
close enough
4:52 PM
closer even, some would argue
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