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4:02 AM
well those are 4 hours of my life i will never get back, fuck you unix permissions
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5:03 AM
5:43 AM
2 hours later…
7:35 AM
Hello,I am doing a food ordering app. Can anyone help me with it
I am doing it in kotlin language
@ballBreaker what is skidaddle
1 hour later…
9:03 AM
@Tim i dont remember India getting any, but dutch india company also sucked and got kicked out real fast
@ballBreaker ask the british man, where are our trillions of dollar looted?
I see
@JAAD 200 years is "real fast"?
pretty sure we will see british justify colonization by the making them civilized argument, well that is what happens when you are poor
@grrigore how about taylor swift?
btw tim where did the dutch was succesful in colonizing?
9:11 AM
hang on
trying to decipher that message
what? lol
brotherman, I don't understand your question
you said that you paid people for exploitation so i am asking which countries you did exploit
ah indonesia
indonesia, lots of countries in africa, suriname and some others I think
lots of them
9:13 AM
@JAAD didn't they invest a lot in your infrastructure?
afaik dutch got kicked out of indian by the british, even french most failed here
@MwBakker lol what infra?
do you know what infra this country had in 1947?
railroads and such
i will answer it for you , null nada zilch
sup gents
those garbage tracks that are so bad that india has to make everything ourself since our gauge is totally different
@MwBakker looting our money and spending 1% of it , on crappy infra
is investment?
9:15 AM
I am not politically correct enough to prevent enfueling this convo to digital amok
infact it was so bad that someone famous from US came to india and recalled that indias education budget was less than New york city education budget just to give an example
Beating procrastination is extremely difficult if you are suffering from ADHD
guess I have adhd then
I have most symptoms for ADD but when I once did ritalin it rushed me up instead of calming down and now I don't think I have AD(H)D
9:19 AM
@Tim Do you have other symptoms ? If not then you are normal
he is from Brabant
ADHD not a joke
I don't know but I find it extremely difficult to beat procrastination
you are just lazy
lazyness is not a joke
9:20 AM
what is brabant? Sounds like a joke
Procrastination and laziness are totally different
@JAAD it is, except nobody laughed when it actually got created
@GeekDroid laziness can lea to procrastination, though :D
geekdroid dont worry about tim, nobody even knows when he is serious or joking
i do
9:21 AM
@JAAD the cold void will tell
except when tim is talking about mwb we know he is serious
@Mehdi One can easily overcome that, you are not re-wiring your neurons for that....
@GeekDroid XD that he is
@GeekDroid possible to overcome, probably not "easily" though
a sweet hardcore heat wave is expected here in berlin the next few days...
If you make up your mind you can..not the same with ADHD where it is a neurological order
9:24 AM
ah ok
time to stop assuming people who don't have adhd can not have similar problems
"just don't be lazy it's easy" yeah thanks man great advice
feels like a contest, "my laziness is justified, yours is not"
9:26 AM
tim is in his savage mode
9:51 AM
After doing some research when it comes to testing Android UI with your network calls, I came with the below approach,

1. Store REST webservices responses in as a JSON file. Parse them and mock those using
using MockWebServer during Espresso UI testing.(If your app is tightly bound to network calls to show/display or depend on network calls)

2. You can use Idling Resources, but that has a downside. You need to either add Idling resource code to your production code(such as Activity or Fragment or in data layer) or maintain separate flavours which can have maintenance problems.
Better to avoid real network calls during Android UI testing using Espresso
Let me know your thoughts
This was the most starred message last year on this day:
Hmm. Actually, nothing interesting was said on this day last year.
@Tim what?
she cool
What are your thoughts on the above ?
yee I listen to her from time to time
I like it
10:06 AM
first I thought this album was boring but now I kinda like it
kind the same
the more you listen the better it gets
you should give a try to matt berninger/the national
I read a different surname
how is your boss treating you mwb?
10:21 AM
I sense passive aggressiveness
I was asking about the different surname one :D
wie bitte?
Guys any advises on the above approaches to testing that I put up ? I would happy if there is a better approach
I'd use PostMan for this
better approach = remove http code from activity/fragment and provide a fake UI state from viewmodel so your UI test only involves UI instead of providing fake json data and relying on the whole app logic to test only UI
10:25 AM
you can make calls to your api and get the response in JSON, pretty good mimic tool that has easy ways to set parameters in the url
10:44 AM
@Tim youtube.com/watch?v=g9GQJgbGZJU that outro
1 hour later…
11:48 AM
@MwBakker oh that was addressed to me? XD I should have maybe asked "how is work"
no I mean I sense it in my team or from my manager
even from your team members?
one, I think
but I'm not sure
do you have 1:1 meetings with your manager?
no but tomorrow I have an evaluation
11:59 AM
you should talk it out, "i have noticed that the professional relationship we have has degraded in the past month, and I can't say this helps me being productive, so I'd like to discuss it and clear the air if needed to move on constructively."
and maybe it's easier to just look for another job where the boss is not childish
12:22 PM
man, losing the girl and the job: tough stuff
perhaps I just can't handle these responsibilities well, and will I ever?
but maybe it's not you
@MwBakker maybe you should move to a big city, where the workplace and people are more unified / predictable
I won't be happy in a big city, I have family there and spend time in these cities
you a big boy
12:29 PM
I mean I had family and spend time in the city too but I've moved
I stated the spending time thing to know I am not just assuming
"I won't be happy in a big city, I have family there" xD
if someone has an idea
@Tim can we be happy in a big city ^^?
12:44 PM
you can't use assertEquals to compare objects like that
other than that, this test is useless
hahah I agree
but maybe a lill usefull
if someone change the limit logic the test will fail
MutableLiveData<Pair<String?, Throwable?>> this is very weird fyi
agree I don't like it
must be a Result<Success, Faillure>
something like date
I will try to clean it
@Tim what is the recommended way to compare similar objects(Pair,..)?
@Tim I read that wrong lol
posted on June 16, 2021 by Saurabh Chaudhary

Android Studio Arctic Fox Beta 3 is now available in the Beta channel. If you have Android Studio set up to receive updates on the Beta channel, you can get the update by choosing Help > Check for Updates (Android Studio > Check for Updates on macOS). Otherwise, you can download it here. For information on new features and changes in all preview builds of Android

1:03 PM
Arctic Fox lel
Gooood morning people
@Tim I changed it to MutableLiveData<String> and I created another data holder for the error state
you should not have multiple livedatas that represent different versions of the same state, but do what you want lol
agree but I have limited time Tim
at least it's better than Pair
1:20 PM
@MwBakker want me to trash his message for assuming that?
no need to, but thanks
i can also kick mute him in case you feel like trashing the message is not enough
what did I do
1:39 PM
nothing, no worries
I can't really be offended by anything, unless it's passive agressiveness
that stuff I can't handle
We believe you
well I didn't mean to offend you
I am sorry if I did
1:53 PM
you didn't and no worries
@RaghavSood xD
@MwBakker he won't improve if you keep lying to him
2:12 PM
gonna ask the designer girl out later this afternoon
I dk if 'yay' is justified yet
well asking is better than not asking
what if's are the worst, yes
You think us cheering for you would improve your chances?
2:27 PM
well someone once told me the secret to happiness is:
Sep 14 '19 at 20:47, by Raghav Sood
Life is easier with low expectations
my parents told me the exact same thing
and one of them had passed away
Gooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooood Afternoon Eveyone!!!!!! :D
Hey Womper!
@Nyakouai I think the idea is very kind
@MwBakker Yay!!!! :D
Afternoon Womper
how goes it
posted on June 16, 2021 by Saurabh Chaudhary

Android Studio - Bumblebee | 2021.1.1 Canary 2 is now available in the Canary and Dev channels. If you already have an Android Studio build on the Canary or Dev channel, you can get the update by clicking Help > Check for Update (or Android Studio > Check for Updates on macOS). Otherwise, you can download here For information on new features and changes in all preview builds of Andro

2:47 PM
ok guys see you later
good luck mwb
cya dude!
Heyo bb, see you grigg
hows it going nya?>
@grrigore thanks bro
Puking blood and crying salt over bugs, as usual, and you? :D
3:01 PM
oh damn dude , should go to the hospital
this would be so much fun
to be in this band
Canada became the #1 country for first doses in the world
3:20 PM
RIP the telecom companies in Canada
haha what
that one went over my head
try to stand on a stool or something, next one should go right into your shoulder
@Nyakouai yikes
3:27 PM
@Mehdi explaaaaaaaaain
@Tim XD
@ballBreaker now that your population is all connected to the Bill Gates satellite, thanks to the microchips injected through the vaccines, you no longer need your telecom providers
okay nice
we're a decentralized 5G network through the vaccines
we beat israel by 2%
suck it israel
just asked her is she has plans this saturday
3:47 PM
if ?
@MwBakker if?
@ballBreaker if (theCrush.noPlans) { executeBBQ(theCrush) } else { executeScotch() }
I read that as "just asked her, she has plans this saturday"
@DaveS is this a gif of bambi holding her breath until her mom revives?
she might be holding her breath for a while
so might mwbakker
forgot to check if(theCrush.isInterested)
3:55 PM
@DaveS it became dead code after the method void convidenceBoost(Booze booze) came along
Warning conditional always evaluates to false
haha noice
forgot to click
4:14 PM
I got left on 'read'
I got a better idea
open this fiverr.com/categories/graphics-design/… and reach out to some designers :D
using alcohol to self-soothe in times of despair is going to turn you into an alcoholic
especially with the amount he despairs
calm down it's just a joke
I'm still at work and will hit the lake afterwards
well at least now you can ask about your logo without worrying about ruining a potential relationship
4:20 PM
what logo?
wait you have multiple crushes now?
@DaveS hilary duff still exists
hilary duff makes logos?
@MwBakker is it? :D
4:32 PM
yes it is
true must just be a coincidence that you drink everytime something doesn't work out then
;) lol
did you ask her about th elogo for this saturday?
did you just assume my habit??!
shes probably like this dude is just using me for my sick logo skills
4:33 PM
don't hesitate to flag messages you think they bully you mwb
I wanna kiss him but he just wants me to design a logo T_T
@ballBreaker no, for a bbq but my first question was if she had plans
hahahah fair fair
@Mehdi thanks, but I don't see any problems here
@ballBreaker IF only
@ballBreaker hahahaha
"he's so stiff and serious thinking about work and that logo it's no use for me to keep responding to his messages"
4:39 PM
well ofc I'm stiff
I mean this a crush we are talking about
xD haha
dating people you have put on a pedestal is kinda rough
never works out for me, ever
and usually I do that with crushes
it's a lot easier to date down
go find the uggo that you'd think, I'd hit that I guess and make her the happiest woman in the world
we're talking about dating?
@DaveS I'm not some charity and I do not believe in 'uggo's' but ofc some have bad luck
as a computer science major, i am sworn into a life of celibacy
4:50 PM
lol joking
Left on read still
At least my stonks go we... Wait
Hiya grrigore!!
look at long term investment mwb
@Smarticles101 You'll go far young man. Follow in the steps of your ancest... brothers in arms!
5:01 PM
@MwBakker why are you bbqing your crush?
because she leaves me on read
maybe she ll answer later
@grrigore that is not half as exciting
I know people who wrote the message and forgot to press send
happened to me too
or maybe it was an excuse
but it happened to me
yeah life happens
5:05 PM
@grrigore this has happened to me a lot
there are times when I go to respond and then get busy/distracted and come back later
he also asked if she had plans.. so maybe she's checking to see what plans she has
thinking that i pressed send but no... telegram just decided to open the keyboard options and I wasn't paying attention so the message is there... not sent xD
just fill in your feelings for the nerdy kid and our consolation words, we'll call you king a few times too
macos is a bitch
@RaghavSood do you have a bot for this kind of significant jumps on the market? cointelegraph.com/news/…
5:09 PM
I don't
There's little sense in chasing low cap coins
I meant more "unnatural surges" no matter the coin
+165k% ... that's life 5 generations changing money
how much from 1 dollar?
apes together strong
well that's 1500 profit
what ?
if you invested 1 dollar
at 0.0003711
yeah but 1500 is a factor
5:15 PM
But how would a bot know when to buy
And when to sell
With that one moving so fast
She just responded with that she isnt sure if she is busy this weekend. I told her she can be sure to be busy if she meets with me
they apply ML AI AR grrig
and Cloud Big Data and Blockchain and quantum computing at Scale
shoot your shot king, she gave you an opening
make it good
he surely did
5:18 PM
@grrigore the idea wouldn't be to trade, but to rather alert of an unnatural increase, say an alert of any coin that's increased by +100% in the past 2h or so
got it
told ya she will respond
@MwBakker Add -f after your invitation this time
tell her to take it easy with that job
i mean she ll definitely reach that burnout
or whatever
btw, I reserve the rights to mwb's biography to myself, anyone publishes mwb's biography from the chat's transcript is gonna get sued
@Nyakouai hahaha nice
5:24 PM
@Mehdi We're still waiting on that tabloid regarding the love life of bb
you can't copyright public transcripts mehdi
I'm sure we can work something out Dave
just watch him
@Nyakouai that one's is best seller material it has "russia" in it, so waiting for bb to raise in the corporate ladder and for the next crisis with Russia and will release it
Told her sundays are meant for rest, in the sense of going to a park or grab a drink/icecream
And now writing this it sounds autistic
5:26 PM
"for rest" = "for staying home and seeing no one"
it definitely sounds autistic
maybe the dutch translation sounds better
5:33 PM
@Mehdi lmao T_T
@DaveS worse
oh no
just be like
Too late
imo after she said maybe, she was hinting for you to make it good
so you should have opened with a strong date invitation that sounds fun
5:34 PM
"maybe, but probably yes"
instead you just said some awkward stuff
Was the literal response
"I want to take you out on a nice date, if you're not free saturday let me know a day you are :)" and then she either has to reject you or agree
also what dave said
@ballBreaker nice but too late
5:34 PM
She already read my autistic part
just say "sorry I'm autistic, what I really meant was what bb said chat.stackoverflow.com/transcript/message/…;
lol that ought to go well
"please read this R15 transcript"
5:35 PM
"ignore Tim"
for posterity, hi random internet stranger chick coming to see what MxBakker is saying, I'm really just here for the memes o/
Feels like im 16 again making these kind of errors
Which is also nice in some way
it's nice to be excited
5:37 PM
Felix. (Sorry to interrupt this lovely chat) Wouldn't you happen to be from the nicest part of Canada?
@MwBakker yes, just don't forget to pay your rent and bills in 2 weeks
trick question, there are no nice parts of Canada
There are no nicer * parts of Canada - they are all nice
not in winter they aren't
and you gotta watch out for beavers and moose
@Nyakouai no I think he's from quebec
nicest part of canada is wherever I reside
5:45 PM
@DaveS oh man it's so beautiful here in the winter
but cold obviously
i wish it snowed here
snow is so pretty
assuming you aren't in a big city like toronto where it just becomes grey and slushy and gross
there is just fog in my city (which is cool too, but i also like snow hahaha)
5:47 PM
I just like to talk smack about canadians because it's 115 right now and I'm really jealous
that's 46C to the people without freedom
oh boy
you mean normal people
so high
5:49 PM
here i'm complaining of my 36-39ºC
still hot
meanwhile 22 here
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