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posted on May 18, 2021 by shows

In this episode Donn talks about why you need to learn React (or Flutter) - so you can truly understand the Unidirectional data flow pattern in a framework that was built for that purpose alone. Working with other frameworks which bolt on a custom unidirectional data flow is often hard to understand. When you work with React and learn how it works, the concept of Unidirectional data flow starts

1 hour later…
6:23 AM
Can I somehow disable discord auto start without logging in?
7:14 AM
@WarrenFaith she gives the 'r' to tell you she wants the 'd'
@Pochmurnik no, they even showed up at my house to laser a tag in my arm
@MarkO'Sullivan yay
@MarkO'Sullivan there is nothing wrong with that, any company had a start somewhere it's always a risk but as long as you get paid and save enough on the side you are good
you know, pensions insurance etc
8:01 AM
Somebody just got sent home cause he was tested positive
8:28 AM
@MwBakker lol
2 hours later…
10:04 AM
This was the most starred message last year on this day:
May 18 '20 at 22:40, by Tim
"grrigore and I" :)
@grrigore are you flirting with my husband?
Had anyone known that Originally the Android OS wasn’t designed for the smartphone market; it was actually developed as a digital camera platform.
yep, thats why they came with something with an "F" lateron
"Fusion" or whatever that name was
10:55 AM
11:09 AM
Wie geht's?
doing alright, slept at a camping last night with my gf
but she has caught a cold
ouch, hope nothing serious
nah she's alright
I'm also looking for abandoned places near LEverkussen to visit this fridaynight
if you have any sources or whatsoever, I'd be happy to hear :)
how are you?
11:28 AM
i'm not familiar with that region sorry :/
no worries
I'm okay, a bit busy these days, switching my job position
you happen to know anybody in such community perhaps?
@Mehdi oh congrats, from what to what function?
And working at home or..?
within the same company, just a different team, I'm moving from data engineering to data platform engineering (more infrastructure / cloud / devops centered)
sounds cool
11:31 AM
yeah still working from home, for +14 months now
Well at least the 800 a month is well spent then :D
you have pets? Is your gf/wife also at home?
I don't have pets, I think it's a big responsibility, and no my gf doesn't live with me atm :D
for the pets, I was thinking maybe getting a couple of goldfishs or turtle it's less maintenance but also a bit more boring XD
I've been addicted to these videos lately, I think i should take the hint
11:53 AM
@Mehdi always interesting but I prefer the ones where the guy digs underground houses with his hands and a stick
same! it's so relaxing, here is the latest I watched youtube.com/watch?v=IJMu0JZF7s8
12:09 PM
@MwBakker yup things are going well so far, just the payments can be a bit more staggered vs being employed by a company
@MwBakker hehe
@Tim thanks shitty day innit
the worst m8
@Mehdi I'd go for a camper
perfect days to be on a camping...
@Mehdi get a hedgehog
Who's for watching I/O later?
me head hurst
12:18 PM
Looks like they might be finally doing something with Android Wear after 10 years
i m for napping later
and I hope that something isn't a deprecated announcement
Android has announced to decrapte 'emotion'
@MarkO'Sullivan noice
The new Android version looks nice and the Pixel 6 looks pretty damn nice too
I am hoping for Pixel Watch eventually
12:23 PM
be gone working hours
google io today y'all
2 hours later…
2:01 PM
Hello, ANdroid!
haha day two of the camping is already ruined
gf caught the cold badly, says she prefers me to stay at my home tonight after work
it's a test for sure
she wants to know how willing you are to take care of her when she is sick
I told her
"I said no but you should have known I meant yes"
no she actually means no
I said that I want to take care of her, but she doesn't like to be undependable like that
2:04 PM
I don't think that word means what you think it means
dependable, to rely on someone's help?
dependable is to be relied on
so the opposite direction of what you mean
2:05 PM
Goooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooood Afternoon Everyone!!!!! :D
Anyway some women prefer to be alone when the female trouble starts, especially combined with a heavy cold
dependable is the same as reliable
@Tim ofc I'll bring her some tea, honey and vitamine pills on my way home
anyway...enough usage nazi for the day. How are things going around here?
anyone use oauth2 in an android app?
doing alright but I don't like going home while my gf is sick, I rather take care of someone
2:08 PM
not personally, but I understand it's quite common these days
I'm writing a REST API for my baseball card app finally. I figured out how to do oauth on the backend. I still need to figure out the mobile part, though. For now I have an endpoint to register or login, but then I need to be able to authenticate to other end points. Normally, I'd have an endpoint for the mobiel app to get a token by posting a username and password. But with oauth I don't know the credentials and can't authenticate them.
@Tim 😂😂
I only know it works with a private and public key, but not really sure how
ok, well thanks, Tim
ohhhhhhhhhhhhh herro
2:21 PM
@ballBreaker is it common for a girl to want to be alone while sick?
I think it's common in general
I hate being around people when I'm sick
I'm having a hard time leaving her sick like that without being able mean anything
well she's a big girl, if she wanted you to stay around she would hopefully say so
if you offer to help her while she's sick, and then she turns it down and pins that against you, then that's on her lol
pins that against me?
no she just turns it down
sorry I don't really understand what you're upset about lol
2:32 PM
user image
guys guys guys guys guys guys guys guys guys guys guys
i got a job
niceee didn't know you were looking
yeah, i wasn't looking really hard, but i was looking hahahah
@W0MP3R grats! what you gonna be doing?
2:37 PM
@W0MP3R congrats womps!!
@Code-Apprentice i still don't know hahaha
but i guess that hitting myself with AS/400 'cause it's what they are using right now
@W0MP3R do you know what language? Is it mobile dev or something else?
its actually a baby sitting job
2:40 PM
not mobile dev, that for sure
language... 🤷‍♀️
i still have to talk with my boss
did you look at the job application at all
i only talked with HHRR
are you not worried they will give you work you don't like?
not really
you are brave
2:44 PM
@ballBreaker there wasn't job application. You made an exam and depending on the grade you got they put you in a list. And when they need people they pull from that list
@ballBreaker I don't like being expelled from taking care of someone xD
dude you would have been the perfect boyfriend for me
you can cook for me and clean the house all day every day. I won't stop you
yeah mwb you can be my boyfriend
maybe tim will split you with me
tim can I have half of mwb
2:49 PM
is it so uncommon to want me to take care of her?
you're just being weird about it
like if she doesn't want you to visit her and take of her while she's sick then you just gotta respect that she doesn't want help when she's sick
Just tell her that you're there for her if she needs anything and don't hesitate to ask, and then leave her alone
@W0MP3R nice! can you quit your web dev class now?
but be prepared for "you actually left? Dude I am sick and you leave me alone to die? What kind of boyfriend are you"
@W0MP3R Congratulations !!
tim would be the worst girlfriend
sorry hopefully what I said wasn't mean mwb I didn't mean it that way but ill be back in 2 hours or so
2:57 PM
hey I'm just considering all possible scenarios. Blame the software developer inside me
yes only 1 in 100 people are like this. But what if
@ballBreaker not at all, thanks for sobering me up I'd say
the camping is on my way home so I'll just bring her some stuff that will help recovering quickly
@JBis i could if i wanted to.... but i'm having fun! :D
fun while learning is always good
@MwBakker don't listen to me btw I'm just kidding, listen to bb
no worries
3:10 PM
@MwBakker don't listen to bb btw, listen to Tim
don't listen to me! Listen to mehdi
I hope he's tail recursive optimised, don't listen to me! Listen to tim
instructions unclear: the girl is shot
plot twist, mwb is autoromantic and shot herself
plot twist, mwb is a snail and your twist checks out
3:23 PM
true until proven false
we should meet up for that to be proven
@W0MP3R if you are sick and don't want to be bothered, would you appreciate a health-package delivery?
do I have to interact with anyone to get it?
savage xD
jesus christ xD
if i'm dying in my bed the last thing i want to do is get out of it to open a door
3:27 PM
I guess I'll just throw it out my window now
but that's just me D:
@MwBakker I wouldn't recommend attaching it to a brick though
Word up homes
Hiya Graeme!!! :D
3:28 PM
@ballBreaker God I'm glad that's over with. What a nightmare
Hey W0mp3r
And Mwb
Am I going to appreciate it? Yes. Will my thoughts go to murder
momentarily 'cause you made me leave my bed? Also yes
does that help a little more??
yes I do think so??!
but again, that's just me. Not everyone reacts the same
3:32 PM
My gf might want to kill me too, but soft healers make stinky wounds
3:58 PM
seriously though keep it simple, "- should I bring you something? - don't bring me anything - are you sure? I don't mind at all - yes - ok good recovery"
she'll refuse it cause she is as stubborn as I am
Better to send in the paratroopers
Haha, Partner and I have a rule: If we say "I don't want anything" it's the person that says it's fault when they get nothing
sounds logical :D
there is a benefit for me: the sooner she gets better the sooner Ill get to see her again
alright, sorry this is getting boring :/
4:08 PM
so how is israel doing atm?
I didnt hear anything in from our news anymore
should clean my keyboard while in a chat
it hasn't been prominent in my news feed, but I assume they are still shooting bombs at each other.
it's just sad that the world is silent and doesn't force a ceasefire, the civilian casualties and infrastructure damages are getting very heavy especially on the PL side
the pandemic is not even conquered yet, that we humans are already back at each other's throats and killing each others
4:29 PM
I nominate Mehdi to solve the Palenstine/Isreal conflict for us
4:43 PM
mehdi not replying because he is building a time machine to go back in time and stop religion from being invented
5:11 PM
@Mehdi the US veto'd it in the UN
@Mehdi the 50/50 rule m8
There was a motion to call for a ceasefire/etc and the US blocked it lol
Ofc cause they sell the guns
need to meet the quota for exported weapons
5:20 PM
Actually they blocked it 3 times this week
yeah hahaha
how are arabs supposed to die otherwise
there used to be a site that let you change what homer disappeared into
5:31 PM
nice someone remade it lol
used to be called "homerdisappearingintothings.com"
hahaha perfect
his nose is the final state
kinda weird though that china, norway and turnesia drafted up the ceasefire proposal haha
china be like "let's stirr up some drama over there, so they don't look over here"
5:36 PM
makes me wonder what norway and tunisia are planning
what is taking so long for the irobot type robots to be invented?
its 2021 and i still have to go downstairs to get a drink of water
have you tried inventing them instead of reinventing something that is established with market dominance?
we have glasses and bottles and other containers that can be used to transport water and other liquids to other spaces in NL, can send you some prototypes if you're interested
She liked my care package
5:48 PM
Yay!!!! :D
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
6:13 PM
Wrapped it in json
Anybody on discord tonight or will I just drink myself asleep again
why are you drinking alone on a tuesday night?
are you addicted to alcohol
maybe I'm just jealous
I need a name for a remote screensharing app
you don't drink alone on tuesday nights bb?
Time to go~~
Cya tomorrow everyone!!!! :D
bye womper
6:37 PM
The EU is really pleasing israel
In our news israel seems being presented as some sort of innocent
@DaveS I used to, and I'm just jealous that I can't anymore
alcohol makes me feel insanely bad now so it's not really worth consuming
@MwBakker I'm not really sure about here, we've had a bunch of pro-palestine protests the past week and there is a big jewish community that had an israel rally in their cars at some point in the past few days
but no idea about media really
I think our government has shifted towards pro palestine though
6:52 PM
@JBis remotescreensharing.io
posted on May 18, 2021 by Saurabh Chaudhary

 Android Studio - Arctic Fox | 2020.3.1 Beta 1 is now available in the Beta channel. If you already have an Android Studio build on the Beta channel, you can get the update by clicking Help > Check for Update (or Android Studio > Check for Updates on macOS). Otherwise, you can download here. Configuring the Build Kotlin script support is still in preview In Android Gradle Pl

@JBis nowyouseeme
might be a lil long tho
yah just call it youseeme or useeme
maybe not useeme lol
@ballBreaker well imo neither are innocent
yeah neither are innocent for sure
But the trigger was def from israel this time imo
@ballBreaker gonna be honest here, I sleep bad if im not with my gf. I always get very attached to someone. Its my handicap so im controlling it
But it takes time
7:02 PM
its kind of complicated though because israel keeps taking more territory from west bank and screwing Gaza and treating palestines as animals - so hamas retaliates -which doesn't help the situation. They're both creating terror(ists) on both sides
posted on May 18, 2021 by Android Developers

Posted by Dave Burke, VP of Engineering Today at Google I/O we unveiled the first Beta of Android 12, one of our most ambitious releases ever. We focused on a new UI that adapts to you, improving performance, with privacy and security at the core. For developers, we’re giving you more tools to build delightful experiences for people on phones, laptops, tablets, wearables, TVs, an

there are definitely war crimes being committed and I'm only really seeing them being committed on one side though
not mentioning the apartheid, but yeah the situation is a mess lol
I find it frankly sickening
@MwBakker I definitely sleep better with someone next to me, sounds like you need a cat
same mehdi
the more I learn about it the less I like the situation that's for sure
I stopped watching the news in January, haven't felt so relaxed since +4-5y even if we're still in a pandemic, until this mess came up and ruined all my efforts to be disconnected
7:07 PM
oh nice man, congratulations on that break from the news! I felt the same way when I did that as well, huge advocate for taking breaks/disconnecting from it
@ballBreaker im allergic to cats
My friends wanted to give me one though
do you actually sleep bad when you're alone though, or is it just that you sleep better with someone next to you
because if you do, you should probably work on figuring out and fixing that
@ballBreaker keep the 50/50 rule in mind though, we westeners can't just close our eyes to the bad side of nature
@ballBreaker yeah but who would let you do that at peace... someone, something somewhere must perpetuate the fuckup cycle, and it seems to me that this cycle is getting shorter and shorter with time +1 for the global mental health
Because it will slap back a lot harder if not being informed on frequentional bases
7:09 PM
until eventually we all fall into pure individualism and not give a damn attitude, let the world burns, and nothing there to stop atrocities from happening all around because there is just so many of them
@Mehdi we're just being confrontated to the human behaviour by news more often, for a long time we weren't used to all these sources of info
Despite still getting our products from countries being in a lot worse conditions than ours
true, but I also think we're more grown up and informed, the perks and downsides of being educated
We just have the happy time from the shit others have to deal with. Ironically its like the workers on a framework vs the coders for example
Except "coders" are for example people in sweatshops
Or people killing eachother over some source of fuel
don't worry, it's all very sad, but we'll all stop caring soon for our own sanity
Some wont be able to deal with the confrontation
7:13 PM
and we'll just see "people" / "communities" or countries disappear from time to time and it's gonna be life
maybe if we tweet about it we can make it all better
I might not even, such info does not do good to me either. Yet I still buy the products, I still use the benefit of being a westener
So I can turn that "care" off and have been doing it so long it affects me less and less
@DaveS to at least let the future less caring generations that we used to care somewhat
Liveleak videos do a lot less untill as you mentioned you reach a point where the info of cruelty becomes a daily routine
And some might act wrong upon that, hence the lonewolf shooters or whatsoever
Fortunatly, most do pretty well too
@MwBakker yeah always gotta consider the other side, always. Not sure it's really 50/50 though in this instance but it's definitely never one-sided
7:17 PM
Good, just know your personal border ofc as mentioned by mehdi
Cutting off is not the answer imo, just be thankful I guess for living on the good side of nature
there is a book "how will capitalism end" by Wolfgang Streeck, which is pretty depressing but insightful and it gives a glimpse on how will society evolve past that fall
Untill stuff like cancer shows up to which we are vulnerable
yeah definitely, I don't think people should be entirely uninformed, but there's a point where everyone needs to cut out what's toxic to their wellbeing and I stick by that
I think it's near impossible to be entirely uninformed these days
if you're not, you probably know 10 people who are
If I had no idea about this situation at all, I witnessed protests during the weekend etc
thinking that people need the news is honestly outdated
Every mammal needs an enemy or a lower being to grow from by surpressing it. Nature's rules. But we will get a lot of our needs automated sooner or later so we can grow from that, then again if we take our basic insticts like hunting, providing etc completely away we might become dull
at least in terms of watching it on tv
7:21 PM
@ballBreaker and frankly it's also near impossible to twist the narrative too blatantly like it used to be when the info was very limited and from a very limited set of sources
@MwBakker we've already gone very far down that path
I hope that instead of getting dull/numb we will unite as human species to "fight" the obsticles of techbology. Push boundries on space etc
the unabomber's manifesto is really interesting, it talks about that
Then our own technological limits will become the enemy to grow upon
Not our own species, killing might becomes useless
I just hope
we will either collapse in a dystopian nightmare or expand beyond earth and eventually collapse in a dystopian nightmare
7:23 PM
@Mehdi That's true, at least if you're smart lol
@MwBakker that's extremely optimistic
@ballBreaker what about buying our groceries? We dont need to hunt, survive or overcome challanges we as mammals should be taunted with. Hence I believe a lot of depressions could be from lack of these challanges. But that is just an opinion
I have the alternative view
My only source is something like the mice experiment on that one
As technology takes away our need for basic survival aspects, we will actually turn against each other more
since people need adversity in their life, they will actively seek it out as they aren't getting it from their life through things like needing to survive
I hope we "turn" the required enemy of a mammal to the boundries of technology and fight for answers
Instesd of eachother
7:25 PM
people desire power and the fearful and stupid are happy to give it to them whenever they feel threatened
until we can educate the majority of people to see past the bullshit that's not gonna change
@MwBakker I agree with you, it's the going reason on why people take on adversity that doesn't affect their life in any way.. like why people fight for causes that mean nothing to their daily lives. It's theorized because they don't have adversity through having to survive for basic needs, that they look for it elsewhere online
it's already a thing that's happening
i think that's good, means we evolved, or at least most of our species unfortunately past mere "survival"
@ballBreaker exactly that
@Mehdi but we are still mammals, I think crossing the rules of nature could also risk huge downsides
can't say everyone gets that luxury of being able to afford taking a break from the struggle and invest in intellectual causes
We already seeing it at burning fossil fuels for example
7:28 PM
@MwBakker we don't cross anything, we just use them better
@Mehdi the cruel it sounds but we benefit from this
we're bound by our environment and the constraints that come with it
@Mehdi are we? Look at marriages. Completely against rules of nature but by the fear of hell we got forced to. The fear of hell dissapears in my country and now we have shit like "second love" promoted on tv
And huge divorce rates. Its rare to find kids with parents together here these days
I don't get it
Its an example of crossing nature's rules
7:29 PM
Our only real hope is for technology to advance in such a way that we can replenish our resources after consumption otherwise we're going to hit the earth's carrying capacity and face a large population loss
100% agree
@MwBakker what does the fear of hell refer to?
@Mehdi religion
Marriage under the word of a being ensuring either hell or heaven to those bounded forever
@DaveS I would also be optimistic and add that we could by overcoming those limitations avoid protectionism, boundaries, comunautarism etc... don't need to if there is no scarcity and nothing to protect
7:32 PM
Another example is the lack of physical challanges. We have obisity rising and it takes a toll on society. The consumend products are too enriched (sugar was meant as a rare treat not a daily thing) and lack of actual surviving challanges
So elvoving is what we do, but we might now cross too much. Its just my vision though
posted on May 18, 2021 by Android Developers

Posted by Karen Ng, Director, Product Management & Jacob Lehrbaum, Director of Developer Relations, Android & Play As Android developers, we are all driven by building experiences that delight people around the world. And with people depending on your apps more than ever, expectations are higher and your jobs as developers aren’t getting easier. Today, at Google I/O, we covered a few wa

yeah humanity is being pushed in an interesting direction in that regard, makes me weary of the future a bit for sure
Just remain aware, you can't really control more than that in our close circle
Yet dont let the awareness bring you down to a point of becoming dumb or whatsoever
@MwBakker they are talking about flutter now on google IO
I guess you knew that already
7:52 PM
yeah it doesn't really bother me, things that I can't change typically don't
but it does make me pessimistic about the future
well we know the slogan of Black mirror
@Tim no I dont
@Mehdi the best series I have watched in my life so far
you just missed the big announcement of flutter 2.2
oh wow
crazy things coming in the flutter world
@MwBakker summarised in 1 simple sentence, "the future doesn't look good"
8:37 PM
@Mehdi lol i thought this applies to flutter
@Tim Ill see it while doing flutter get
I can already do all the stuff I want for my app
@Mehdi we either go down or up by our own succes. Other mammals extinct, how will we do it? I dk
@ballBreaker lol
8:53 PM
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