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4:19 AM
Good morning to all
Any idea ?
4:38 AM
Any help?
3 hours later…
7:32 AM
@IntelliJAmiya care to tell a bit more than a screenshot of a zoomed in blurry screenshot?
It is like me sharing my bank account balance and asking for help...
@IntelliJAmiya use guns to stop the rainforest decreasing
ugly font changes unite
Does it look like this for everyone i.imgur.com/ziASJXO.png
I like the font, it's a lot more clear to me
I'm glad the SO team picked up my request
The comment section looks not that great
7:46 AM
it just takes some time to get used to
how is life on the brotein side? Besides the closed gyms ofc
@MuratKaragöz what?
Actually its fine.. as always
fun fact: my gym actually moved their fitness devices to their parking lot
so i can train there.. even in the rain like a champ
they do the same at my gym
except they also let people inside, 6 at max
yeah i have to "book" a hour block
it's against the law but the owner works at the justice department and he says it's foolish to have flooded supermarkets etc but not a huge gym with max 6 people inside per hour
and I gotta be honest I agree'd
he is still very strict on cleaning and keeping distance etc
7:49 AM
some states actually have their gym open while some do not
@MwBakker this is true
germany is just a joke in handling this pandemic
I thought Germany was doing quite well and most people agree'd
here in Holland they also act quite foolish at some things
in romania
cool guys and girls are having parties
Most of the laws are knee jerk reactions
7:55 AM
@grrigore having parties is disrespectfull, youngsters can deal with covid but you can infect someone who can't deal with it and die
I do hope the illegal parties still go on after covid, cause the locations were amazing here but I never participated
not all youngsters can deal with covid
then they should be the last to party
8:15 AM
@WarrenFaith Actually This is one type of Overlay. If user Drag UI from left to right then Amount will increase. My question is, Is there any demo present where One layout semi open and user pull this.
8:41 AM
any idea if this needs jitpack github.com/halcyonmobile/android-common-extensions ?
9:17 AM
I use that lib
@IntelliJAmiya "If user Drag UI from left to right then Amount will increase" <- we call that a Seekbar
he has 70k rep btw. And can't formulate a question
@Tim I am poor in english
@WarrenFaith i know. here functionality difference
9:47 AM
@Tim Actually I am from very rural place. My mother tongue is not English Language. Learning English. Encourage me. We make world good.
10:04 AM
This was the most starred message last year on this day:
May 11 '20 at 16:02, by Tim
like spraying gold paint on a turd
10:31 AM
I have to admit sometimes I say the funniest shit
10:50 AM
so yesterday my code was working
now it's not
11:02 AM
hey guys! may somebody answer my question
Q: too many arguments for public constructor `constructerName` defined in com.example.`constructerName` Kotlin

Sachin Burdakin my MainViewModel class, I have 1 constructed. when I call this in my MainActivity.kt private val mainViewModel: MainViewModel by lazy { MainViewModel((application as MainApplication).repository) } I am getting an error Too many arguments for public constructor MainViewModel() defined ...

@ADM that is primary constructer of kotlin — Sachin Burdak 17 mins ago
not true
your question doesn't need to be answered. You shouldn't manually instantiate viewmodels
11:19 AM
@IntelliJAmiya that is called a Navigation Drawer: developer.android.com/guide/navigation/…
11:55 AM
any idee how to use this lil piece of poopoo developer.android.com/reference/androidx/fragment/app/… ?
in a fragment
Q: Update to androidx.fragment:fragment:1.3.0-alpha08: registerForActivityResult not allowed after onCreate anymore. How to use after onCreate?

goldensojuInitial Question (18/05/2020): So with the latest Update from androidx.fragment:fragment:1.3.0-alpha07 to androidx.fragment:fragment:1.3.0-alpha08 I get the error: FragmentXY is attempting to registerForActivityResult after being created. Fragments must call registerForActivityResult() befor...

some code in there
it s not like I can combine this API with the old way for requesting permissions right?
it's kind of the same isn't it
@Tim why not, custom viewModels can extend ViewModel perfectly
yes but you can't manually instantiate them like that, the system manages the lifecycle of viewmodels
12:07 PM
ah yes
well timmy g let me let you know
that I m using requestpermission and onrequestpermissionresult
and it s not working
i hateee android
and everything
except you guys
it's probably getting delivered in the activity
but why..
because this is not fragment's business
but yesterday it was :(
and I've only moved some code to another kt file
12:23 PM
actually I take it back, I also do it in fragment
how do you request the permission?
@grrigore you have to be carefull about the context you're providing when you request those permissiosn
requestPermission has 2 overloads
1. takes activity
2. takes fragment
if you use first from the fragment, permission results will be delivered to the activity instead of the fragment
yeah that's wrong one. Use fragment.requestPermissions
lemme try
12:26 PM
it's deprecated but whatever. It will take 10 years before they remove it
the deprecated one right?
lol xD
God help me
for I have spent 10 hours on location permissions
don't tell my PM pls
someone here who can speak french as first language?
un croissant s il vous plait
12:32 PM
than your linkedin profile is wrong :D
stalking off
mehdi speaks french
true :D
@Medhi I could need your help with two translations :D
haha lol
@ballBreaker speaks french lol :D
I do not trust BB enough to ask him for anything...
12:34 PM
la maison derrière
@grrigore try ouija board and it will form the letters F L U T T E R
sounds like a horror movie plot
they were innocent iOS and android devs, until one night the found an ouija board and no spoilers but what it spelled made them all hang themselves that night
12:52 PM
@IvanMilisavljevic @Tim using Fragment instead of Activity works now
thanks guys
1:16 PM
@grrigore ;)
2:05 PM
@WarrenFaith what's up?
2:20 PM
damn, gettin pooped on and im not even around
@WarrenFaith I don't speak french myself but I can crowdsource some french people for translations
as long as they're not from quebec
need to watch whatever I've not watched
yeah I think I've missed a season maybe
season 9 ended in december
I don't recall watching beyond 6 but no idea
2:23 PM
yeah likely that one I missed
same lol
last one I saw was when there was an out of town guy dating kate
Nov 14 '19 at 18:38, by ballBreaker
the wedding party thing in quebec was the last ive seen
yeah I saw the one after that I think
or maybe 2 after that
at least 1
ohhh yeah that guy the lumberjack
yeah I haven't seen season 9 yet
saw season 8 though
just finishing up american dad and going to check out hand maid <_<
2:38 PM
@Tim what's this
hola muchacho
or ú
slut o7
2:47 PM
@Tim he looks like the average guy working at Jansen installatietechniek here
sup bb?
not much bro you?
I've been having so many problems with my dentist lol, I made an appointment with a new one and got my xrays from the current one
and blasted the dentist ina review
frickin lady sucks
she openly lied to my face last night, I couldn't believe it
i caught her in a lie and she just doubled down lmao, what an idiot
@ballBreaker about what?
2:52 PM
just working and uni stuff
and dying inside
@ballBreaker so she was married or
@MwBakker I got a nightguard a few weeks back, and they did the mold wrong so it didn't fit properly. I had to explain to her for 20 minutes why it didn't fit right, and even got her to get the mold of my teeth and to show them that it didn't fit. She took a new mold and said she'd send it in for a new nightguard. They make me wait 10 days, I go back, and she gives me the original nightguard and tries to tell me its the new one
there were so many indicators that it was the old one and I even got her to pull out the old mold and confirm
this is for you tim
but she just kept insisting that it was a new one.. and then at the end the receptionist was like "oh okay so this was just a readjustment, not a new mold" lol
yea shut up bb
2:54 PM
I hate it when that happens. Like with my last ex it was told to me it's a different girl than the ex before but it was just the same except with different clothes
what a cry baby
this is after a month of going there every week to fix her fillings that she fucked up
she's just incompetent dentist
10/10 would blast again
@grrigore nooo I didn't see
lol yeah
@MwBakker lmao
2:55 PM
oh I've seen it ok
click it TIM CLICK IT
I saw the movie
funny movies
yea fun one
@ballBreaker hehehuehuehuehehehuehue
2:56 PM
yeh that wasn't the first thing but the last in a long list of fuck ups
man up bb
I have a fear of bad things happening to me teeth
Have you uninstalled it?
You love it more than me
more than anything
more than procrastinating
3:03 PM
I missed a call from itlay was busy couldn't pick it up on time, i called back now after 10mins and the person won't speak
Already asked my cousin in itlay it wasn't him, now i am curious who it could b
scammer 100%
Maybe coz number was not registered on whatsapp
@grrigore I needed my wisdom teeth removed... last year. Covid happened. Teeth suck
feels bad man :(
@Nyakouai try a blunt micro chisel and hammer
3:06 PM
Sometimes, I'm tempted
I suffered from wisdom teeth pain for 2 years, my gims were not allowing them to pop out now they have finally won the battle and i am happy owner of 32 teeth set
I already got orthodentistry done to widen my palate, cause my mouth was apparently too small, and now, it's the right size... minus the wisdom teeth
PSA: having the roof of your mouth pop and split open is not a nice sensation.
I hate getting modified by doctors, primary reason i kept my teeth despite the pain
see you guys
have fun
3:54 PM
@grrigore toxic masculinity
@Nyakouai yikes
How is my favorite shellfish?
I'm okay, but I'm cheesed at my dentist
seems like there's always a problem with my body
It's not gonna get better
It's only downhill from there, I'm afraid :P
4:09 PM
\o CrabsStew
lol yeah the past few years have been rough for coming to terms with the fact that my body is failing and is going to continue to fail
your shell falling apart crabs?
lol I had a deployment on Sunday... the UAT tester didn't catch a critical fail bug, so it got introduced into production.. then yesterday we asked our infrastructure team to rollback and deploy the backup. They deployed the same broken deployment instead of the backup which caused the problem to extend into today
fun stuff
fuck ups for everyone
sounds good
oh don't think I mentioned it, but I got my first dose of moderna on Saturday
4:13 PM
Neat, gg
ugh lmao my dentist office is trying really hard to get in contact with me after I blasted them on the review
I explicitly said in the review notto contact me as I'm done with them
Should have done better before you had to complain
yeah exactly
they made like 5k off of my insurance
its quite annoying how difficult short not sequential unique ID generation is
on me in the past month
4:20 PM
@ballBreaker lol did they chop some of your teeth or what?
@JBis what you reinventing this time?
MTV just showed "drag race" I thought cool I wonder what cars are involved
Well, there are no cars involved
wtf is going on
@CrabsStew teamviewer
@MwBakker jebaited
that's what you get for watching MTV bro
4:29 PM
@JBis wow just wow
JBis's teamviewer clone is going to be called teenviewer
@ballBreaker Ridiculousness is nice stuff
@ballBreaker speaking of which, TeamViewer is a really poor choice of name. I've asked people if they have "TeamViewer" installed over the phone but multiple people have heard me say "TeenViewer" which just leads to awkwardness and confusion for a good couple seconds.
@Tim what is boras?
4:33 PM
Do you have teamviewer installed on your laptop?
No, but I have it on my Tor client
oh I thought u said teenviewer
@ballBreaker xD
crabs installing teenviewer , instant red flag
@JBis might as well drop it before you make it and drop it
he's getting experience for half finishing a project before management scraps it
I don't plan on finishing this project, the fun was in the crypto design
4:37 PM
so you are done with it already?
that was fast
Mostly yeah, i finished the idea for the crypto design
> Which elliptic curve should I use?
> Use P-256 to minimize trouble. If you feel that your manhood is threatened by using a 256-bit curve where a 384-bit curve is available, then use P-384:
oof ouch owwies, my manhood
4:52 PM
@CrabsStew helooooo friend it's boras here
watched first 3 seconds and I am now $500 poorer from spending on fifa
thanks a lot tim
you have money left? I can send more vids
hi Timme
o/ @ballBreaker
5:05 PM
hi bfx
hey man
why today is slow
5:21 PM
why must I cryyy
because you are wet bb
true true
5:36 PM
Hello There
5:48 PM
well hello there general kenobi
@ballBreaker haha
6:05 PM
today has been such a shit show lol so was yesterday
there's always a tomorrow
yeah haha
one of my favourite sayings I ever heard when you're having a bad day is
"well you'll never have to re-live today"
writing out protocols is hard
6:12 PM
that saying really upsets old people though for whatever reason
@JBis hmm who would have thought that doing something nobody wants to do would be something that nobody wants to do
alright fuck it, im gonna watch a movie instead
cya o/
ciao guy
6:38 PM
And I'm back
For a short time
Heya again
Hey I had a question for the crypto people in the room!
7:15 PM
What (if any) apps are you using? Figured I could bear with losing a little money, if I'm totally wrong, so I'd like to purchase a few cryptos, but I'm not sure what to use. Lot of negative feedbacks on some apps.
@JBis Android is a poor choice of name too. It’s been 21 years. Where is my robot waifu running on Android Zabaione
I'm just here patiently waiting for them to finally release Android 18
7:58 PM
have you seen dbz?
@Nyakouai I'd say go with a broker if you can, most safe way to do it. I think fidelity lets you invest in crypto through them
Otherwise, options get a little limited as a canadian from what I saw over the weekend. Had the same whim as you on a pretty lesser known crypto, but those ones are even worse
but basically canadian banks have blocked cc purchases for crypto, so to do it without a broker, you need to e-transfer money to an exchange.. lol
buy puppers stock
I sent $100 to coinsquare on Sunday by e-transfer..still waiting for my funds to arrive so I can put it into what I want
8:11 PM
some of my friends use wealthsimple and I think they can hold crypto over that, but they might just be ETFs with cryptos
but also fuck wealthsimple
@Tim haha well they were android-17 and other earlier versions :p
you can deny then just because they were male
8:28 PM
18 definitely not male
exactly my point
8:41 PM
9:21 PM
9:48 PM
@Nyakouai I asked raghav some time ago chat.stackoverflow.com/transcript/15?m=52052368#52052368
(I think he's by far the most qualified person to reach out to for specific advice)
10:19 PM
@ballBreaker haha

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