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1:00 AM
@JBis they were deprecated in 20th century and have been removed in 21th century, i tested they don't work anymore
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5:05 AM
posted on May 10, 2021 by shows

In this episode, Donn talks with Mitch Tabian about Kotlin Multiplatform Mobile, also known as KMM. Mitch explains what KMM is, why he decided to use it, and how it works from a developer's perspective. The goal was to build an app and develop both the iOS and Android versions. Mitch talks about his experience in building a KMM app. We cover the pros and cons, what worked vs what did not, and h

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7:21 AM
7:32 AM
@asim bullets
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8:40 AM
How is everyone this fine Monday morning?
8:59 AM
good so far, just have to pick up my dog to refresh her vaccination. Back in an hour or a bit more :D
Synced starred message data. Took 161648 ms.
9:21 AM
Mark dropping them fresh profile pictures
mornings are not nice
how is the long lost brotein?
crying every day
9:37 AM
how do I add these?... I only have my dependencies there..
10:02 AM
you have to register a task in your gradle
and than it will show up there
this is how to do it with .kts
This was the most starred message last year on this day:
May 10 '20 at 10:46, by R15-Zucc
This was the most starred message last year on this day:
but they were all of them on my ubuntu laptop
what do you mean exactly?
you are not seeing some of the tasks?
let me take a screenshot gimme a few mins
10:18 AM
this is all I got
10:34 AM
@MwBakker gyms are closed forever man ):
not mine
@grrigore sync with gradle
10:59 AM
@MuratKaragöz the freshest for R15
@grrigore hey grigg
how is it going?
haha and how are you doing Tim?
11:30 AM
@Tim i know this one
I was a young boy
@IvanMilisavljevic that did not work
11:50 AM
@grrigore try deleting your .idea and .gradle folders
thats a cache issue
oh yeah
check your build tab as well
maybe that sync failed
thanks I ll have a look later
might be some settings I did
because some strange thinks happened
12:35 PM
Working from home today, at my gf's house
She's at work, thought it'd be cool to scare her shit and tell her I let loose that weird animal that is hiding in the ceiling cause I was "curious"
poor girl has been terribly stressed for an hour now thinking I let loose a stone marten in her house
relationships goals
she is completely mad at me, I told her "in my defence, it was supposed to happen without you noticing it"
I also recieved a spare key for the apartment building from her neighbour yesterday without her knowing it. So we went to the door and I was like "hold on" and opened the door. I got a blank stare lasting a few minutes from her "how did you... what.. ??"
She is still trying to solve the mystery about how I got a key to her apartment home
what does she see in you I wonder
not creepy at all
lol timmy g
12:50 PM
@Tim furtheron and outside of R15 like area's I'm quite a lovely person I suppose
well i guess mwb is at least not a foreseeable person
how do you get away with not telling her how you have a key to her home lol
I told her "many doors open for me"
followed by "so, whatcha wanna eat" and she was hungry so that subject changed quite smooth
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2:12 PM
Gooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooood Afternoon Everyone!!!!!! :D
friend it's boras here
u mean borat
tim do you have any idea if FusedLocationProviderClient requires a service to get location when app is in background?
of course
you can't do shit in the background anymore
2:17 PM
Look this cute little thing
@grrigore xD
well that was for tim womper :D
@W0MP3R omg <3
ooooi q boniiiiiiico
2:23 PM
i'll try not to spam too much xD
molt cuqi
please spam
cure our depressions
3:15 PM
letmme look for another
3:50 PM
Require a help on the navigation component (bottom navigation)
Q: Android Navigation Component not maintaining stack on switching between tabs

Sampath KumarI have 3 bottom tabs and it used 3 different navigation graphs for each tab. When user play around and uses device back button then the back stack works fine like Home inner fragment Tap on middle tab say "browse" Now back-press the user taken to "home" inner fragment But when i use tabs to nav...

4:07 PM
Watching the blond one will cure your depression
Old crush
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5:28 PM
5:44 PM
Having an edu email address is fucking amazing
You get so much free stuff
(For the record, I am using the stuff for education but still very cool)
Is there a record?
6:13 PM
there is now
insert dramatic squirrel gif
Time to go~~
Cya on Wednesday everyone!!!!!! :D
6:36 PM
Cya wampah!
1 hour later…
8:01 PM
Ouh, it's quiet
Oh well.
8:42 PM
Are you typing to yourself??
no he wouldn't, that be would be embarrassing
i hope someone aped into that shit gdoge i posted last night
its going parabolic
stay away from crypto kids, lead a happy life
9:00 PM
where can I but gdoge?
sounds ultra stupid, but most people are ultra stupid
look at 90 days lol
1 hour later…
10:15 PM
^ Rare video of distributed concensus algorithm
10:50 PM
@grrigore thats a different coin
this is gdoge
You can buy it on BSC (Binance smart chain) basically you can buy it bnb on binance and than send it to BSC
There you can use panckaceswap to buy gdoge
but if you didn't do it before, I would advise against it

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