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4:59 AM
@Mehdi I think we definitely should make here a russian week
starting from singing russian anthem, then exchange some recipes for snacks
everytime someone new appears we should spontaneously write "Putin is my comrade and idol"
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8:05 AM
8:21 AM
8:43 AM
New motivations to my app
More magazine owners want to have a coffee with me and talk about the app
But I am a bit afraid to tell my plan and show the concept cause they might have a team of developpers ready and set to re-produce the app in a few weeks
while me, doing this in my free time, need a few months
9:05 AM
Synced starred message data. Took 111280 ms.
9:36 AM
Hello can anyone help me?How to hook into the Power button in Android?
I tried almost solution but unable to detect power key onPress
why would you want that
I need to call app on click of power button
can Anyone suggest any idea? How can I achieve target?
9:56 AM
maybe check the accessibility apis
@Pochmurnik hahaha some sort of cultural week for russia exclusively :D
@Developer_99 why? the screen will be off
This was the most starred message last year on this day:
Apr 19 '20 at 5:30, by Raghav Sood
I say things won't work not because the project idea is bad, but because you're in charge of it
I can smell who he said that to
10:27 AM
@Tim that is what I have to achieve no before SCREEN OFF i need to call application
10:54 AM
@Tim I used this but using this I achieved screen on and off but nothing related to onpress of power off button
11:13 AM
what's the difference, and why does it matter
@Tim Difference is when I take phone anytime then screen on and screen off will call ...and I can't call app every time. I need to call app when some unknown person will theft my phone and try to switch off my phone so that is why I required power off on click ..or Any other perspective
11:36 AM
@Mehdi Using this phone was off but no action detected
did you register in manifest or in code
@Tim yes
@Tim <action android:name="android.intent.action.ACTION_SHUTDOWN"></action>
> As of Build.VERSION_CODES#P this broadcast is only sent to receivers registered through Context.registerReceiver.
11:47 AM
how was your weekend Tim?
hello all o/
I don't remember
must have been a really good weekend then
you participated in one of the Fieldlab experiments?
11:59 AM
@Mehdi nice
I get really happy from this stuff
same, I would really like to try working in a structure based a social or environmental mission
I have been doing that for in total a full year and it was great, everybody should be a garbageman some momen in their life
I've been a garbageman since 2012-11-21 21:16:13Z
It's been more than 2 years since I last answered a question on SO
12:16 PM
savage XD
posted on April 19, 2021 by CommonsWare

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1:18 PM
that's a nice message mehdi
1:32 PM
this one is pretty nice too and yes I am this old
1:44 PM
@Mehdi lmfao
those are both great
@MwBakker I recall this one from TV commercials
Goooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooood Afternoon Everyone!!!!!! :D
youtube's recommender system is wild XD
this is my new favorite reaction video youtu.be/1ghn9e4yYHA
@Tim me too
@W0MP3R hi Womp3r
@MwBakker same
1:54 PM
@Tim yeah same here
2:18 PM
whats up everyone
can anyone answer this question or is it directed at mwb exclusively?
@ballBreaker doin' alright had a really nice weekend with friends
only downside is I couldn't bring my gf cause she works in a restaurant
So I decided to overthrow all the corona rules and pray for that sector to be shut down asap, I'm now in an anti-corona-rules community since sunday
I mean, the things you do for love you know
and you?
2:30 PM
@Mehdi lmao
lmao nice man sounds...
like you became one of the crazy people
lol 'became' ?
yeah at birth
but so how are you doing?
hahah nice though sounds like a good weekend! I took friday off and had a 3 day weekend and barely left my couch the whole time
2:32 PM
so i'm pretty good, :D super relaxed
@ballBreaker nice, except the couch part
heya womps
how is the weather then?
it was rainy and stuff all weekend
and we're in lockdown so there isn't really anything to do anyway
2:43 PM
How has the weekend been???
Hello, Android!
@ballBreaker what would there be when there wasn't a lockdown but just the rain? Bars or movies I would think
yeah somethin like that
In our news they said more of corona-like virusses are already pending to put down a nation in our future
I think deadly viruses are constantly a threat
2:50 PM
yeah but usually it were just the less hygenic countries that suffered from them
I mean not that that isnt horrible stuff, but corona like virusses go full on global
experts have been warning about a global pandemic for years, if not decades
this has been a thing for like 150 years
they also warned my country would drown by.. I think by now more or less
where are you? bengladesh?
anyway, an interesting future we are about to approach
2:51 PM
I'm surprised it didn't happen sooner tbh haha
and yeah definitely
all this crap + climate change + seemingly every first world country going to shit
@Code-Apprentice im from the producer of the frikandellenbroodjes
I mean you have a boy with his finger plugging the holes in the dikes, right?
Tim also claims to be from there, but I figured he is from broabant instead
@Code-Apprentice haha how do you know him
2:53 PM
I heard that story when I was a child
not all Americans are completely ignorant of the rest of the world
I didn't even know you were american
do you know anybody from law enforcement over there?
are you still looking for that VIN
I have the VIN, I am looking for the owner
what are you trying to do? find someone based off a car's VIN?
I think, correct me if wrong, he has VIN and is looking for the owner
3:06 PM
hmm true that's technically PII so goodluck getting that from anyone
it's against the law
it's america who cares about PII
if there's evidence of them breaking the law itmight be possible
or maybe just bribe the police
I feel like that'd work in USA
brb groceries
@ballBreaker oh no! anyway....
Meanwhile I'm here trying to fix some data
"New, reversible CRISPR method can control gene expression while leaving underlying DNA sequence unchanged."
@override void createChild(string dnaSequence) { ... }
3:18 PM
{ while (!dnaSequence.contains("blue eyes") || !dnaSequence.contains("blonde hair")) { createChild(); } }
3:35 PM
Hello, I'm trying to include shimmer animation in recycler view but it doesn't show the animation, here is my question link stackoverflow.com/questions/67052848/…
maybe an advice, reduce the length of your question, no one is gonna read that much code
I don't like shimmer, keep the dots :thumbs-up:
3:54 PM
Hello everyone
Hiya!!!! :D
@Mehdi Brother when I asked the question first I have made it small but some people tell me to show the full code which is important to show the shimmer animation so I upload it fully but then they just downvote the question and then the question is closed, that's why upload the full code in the next question
4:08 PM
o/ back
@Tim :(
you don't want to have a blonde haired and blue eyed child?
just brown eyed white dragon for tim
Where did I hear that phrase :thinking: 🤔
bB you are asking for a d-d-d-d-duel!!!
@RaymondArteaga yu gi oh
@W0MP3R xD
Today in the awesome course i'm doing we are exploring the wonderful world of html forms
4:19 PM
o/ greetings, nerds
haha nice womps
nothing like a blast to the past with some html
the thing is... i've already finished the "forms homework" so i've got nothing else to do
101 o/
4:29 PM
@Code-Apprentice I found the netcode changes were poorly implemented and resulted in a different experience for some classes, specifically for hunters with their feignt ability and things like that. But yeah let down was a bit of an exagerration, it was pretty close to the original thing. But yeah mostly the people ruined the experience if I had to pin it on anything, the community definitely shifted away from playing the game and more to min/maxing
@Ahmad Not available for you TT^TT
@W0MP3R o.o
is your twitter blocked?
they dont like spanish peple
4:31 PM
i just can't see that one x'D
now i can
I can see it :shrug:
twitter is trolling me
You are transitively trolling us =_=
4:40 PM
I need a new game to play
Play dota or don't starve
meh on dota
already played dont starve
what kind of game?
4:46 PM
I'd love an RPG but I feel like I've played all the good ones
Have you played Prey?
I just feel like I've played all the good games, period. lol
I kinda liked it
it's old but good
4:47 PM
is it a singleplayer game?
yes :(
oh nice, that's better, that's what I'm looking for xD
can't trust my friends to commit to a game these days
I enjoyed it a lot
(the first part)
nice :D I'll check it out
the second one doesn’t have quite as good story as the first one
4:49 PM
Been playing "Hunt: Showdown" with my buddies the past weeks, pretty fun multiplayer game.. very cool twist on the battle royale style of games
I'll ask around for some games and i'll send the list
i hope there is one there you haven't played and it's good xD
that'd be awesome :D
@JBis did you hear about the cop that went to fire their taser and accidentally shot their trebuchet and killed a man
5:05 PM
Does trebuchet means something else than this?
hahah nope
that is a trebuchet
@RaymondArteaga im making fun of the cop that mistook her taser for a gun and killed a man
5:10 PM
I don't get it
its okay
Do cops uses trebuchets in Canada?
(like the one in the picture)
or it means something else there?
@ballBreaker I haven't played a hunter, but sounds like what you describe is what they call "spell batching" which from what I understand is one of the more significant changes that affects actual game mechanics.
I've started a run of D3 with a crusader :O
5:14 PM
oo is that a new one
it's soooooo different from playing a demon hunter x'D
@RaymondArteaga no hahhaa forget it, I wa making a joke
Can you please explain the joke?
I wanna laugh too
a cop mistook her taser as a gun and killed a man with the gun thinking she was shooting a taser
Don't want to feel excluded :(
5:15 PM
so I'm extrapolating that to a cop mistaking their taser for a trebuchet
and killing a man with a medieval siege equipment
i don't know? I inly played amazon/necromancer in D2 so except the necromancer all are new to me x'D
@RaghavSood Hi. I attempted to design a cryptographic protocol and am looking for feedback on possible weaknesses or improvements. Since you've done some cryptography stuff I figured I'd ask you gist.github.com/jbis9051/e045db43979d171b3128894a924115db
@W0MP3R hahah yeah fair enough
crusader def wasn't in D2 and wasn't at d3 launch so I assume it's newish
i think it was included with the Reaper of Souls expansion
ooooh that'd make sense
5:17 PM
if anyone else wants take a look also, feel free
I didn't play any of those
I quit when they introduced the auction house w/ real moneys
i played the beta and then i played again when the necro came out
and now i started again
oh nice :D
'cause i saw all the D4 stuff and I had to scratch the Diablo itch hahah
hahahaha yeah that's understandable
5:23 PM
@ballBreaker lol
@Mehdi I keep seeing this message and laughing
5:38 PM
@ballBreaker hahaha i tried to stay polite though
I had 5 different formulations and picked the most polite one, when I read it now it seems like a 40y old man telling off someone
old man RO at it again
posted on April 19, 2021 by Android Developers

Posted by Dan Galpin, Developer Advocate We introduced RenderScript in Android 3.0 as a way for applications to run computationally-intensive code on the CPU or GPU without having to make use of the NDK or GPU-specific APIs. As Android has evolved, the NDK tooling and APIs for GPU compute using OpenGL have dramatically improved. In Android 7.0 (API level 24), we added the Vulkan API

all this russia talk was really Putin mehdi in a bad mood huehue
Hahaha nice
Reminds me of this dude youtu.be/rF-HEE6PepI
5:53 PM
lmao what a boss
my energy levels are so frickin low right now ugh
Exhausting weekend?
6:09 PM
@ballBreaker Try 5 hour energy
noooooo it was the most relaxing low-energy weekend of all time lol
I barely did anything for 3 days except video games and read
I have returned
Time to go~~
Cya tomorrow everyone!!!! :D
cya womps!
Welcome back raghav
@ballBreaker this can also be exhausting :D
6:22 PM
nah it's what I needed haha
might have been the melatonin I took last night to make sure I fell asleep on time
that stuff kinda screws with me the next day
What's the dosage you take?
the smallest
3mg or something
when I take it I fall asleep earlier, but end up waking up early and lucid dreaming a ton through the night, so I probably had a poor quality sleep
6:38 PM
Interesting, i was reading about it some months ago, and the "maximum" dose suggested in france (so probably also europe) is 2mg, whereas i don't think there is a limit in the US
that is interesting, I think the highest I've seen at pharmacies is 10mg doses
the lowest is 2 or 3
I thinkkkk 3, let me check
yeah, 3
For me, this tells me that we haven't made lots of progress in researching it
hmm I'm pretty sure on melatonin specifically there's quite a bit of studies done
not sure on the dosage though, but definitely on the efficacy
I think the most likely outcome is just that companies don't have to abide by recommended dosages when it comes to supplements, like multi vitamins alone are already higher than a typical dose
when I look online, the listed recommended dose is 1mg-3mg, but yet companies only sell it here at 3mg, 5mg, and 10mg
it's definitely possible they sell it at 1mg but i've never personally seen it
> There is no consensus about the optimal dosage of melatonin although most experts advise to avoid extremely high dosages. In studies, dosages range from .1 to 12 milligrams (mg). A typical dose in supplements is between one and three milligrams, but whether this is appropriate for any specific person depends on factors like their age and sleeping problems. You may find melatonin in dosages of micrograms (mcg), 1000 mcg is equivalent to 1 mg.
is the best I can find about expert recommend dosage
it's entirely possible I've just never looked hard enough to find 1mg ones lol, I'll have to keep my eye out, I wonder if decreasing the dose would help with the next-day side effects
seems like it might
I think if you target french vendors on amazon you'd get around 1.9mg
I've seen it multiple times
yeah I can see some 1mg ones on amazon, but there was nothing in stores
whihc is kinda crazy
2 hours later…
8:50 PM
TIL how to calculate entropy
i feel smart
now i know how @Smarticles101 feels
9:20 PM
I may have had a beer or two but I just gotta get this off my chest: you guys really mean a lot to me and Im happy I have the luck to meet you
9:48 PM
10:40 PM
11:21 PM
@JBis now you must bear my curse

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