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12:00 AM
@CarlAnderson Are you looking for whether or not this makes sense/if there's a faster way?
Find will return as soon as it finds something. So this is effectively a sequential search that breaks as soon as it has something. Feels like O(n) to me.
LOL looks like under the hood find is literally just firstOrNull { } with fancy wrapping
public inline fun <T> Iterable<T>.find(predicate: (T) -> Boolean): T? {
return firstOrNull(predicate)
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8:39 AM
9:20 AM
honestly I can't remember that the first lock down was that hard... I have 2 days of 10 days of quarantine behind me and I am ready to break it...
germany is under lockdown?
i thought you guys got corona in control
10:05 AM
Nope, we had a light lockdown starting mid november, harder lockdown starting short before xmas, probably until end of March (numbers are going up again)
my son is now under quarantine because in his kindergarten group there was a positive case
we have a slot for him to be tested on friday
but that means since monday he and my daughter are at home all day
Have kids, they said, it will be fun, they said....
no, they are fine and doing their best for their age (3 and 5 1/2)
well they never said they will raise them tho :p
i know
10:20 AM
rofl indeed :D
10:39 AM
This was the most starred message last year on this day:
Mar 3 '20 at 14:33, by Raghav Sood
Forgot to mention, I graduated last week
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3:07 PM
o/ morning
Wasn't around much last two days - was moving in to a new apartment (partially). How's everyone doing?
I was gonna say how I always request people to use firstOrNull over find in PRs because the first is explicit about what it does and the latter is not
Congrats, Adam! I assume it's difficult to find a new apartment right in your part of the world, right? so lots of fun in the coming weeks for furnishing etc... :D
Actually we have most of everything already! My girlfriend and I are moving in together. She moved in yesterday, I'm moving in fully this summer. But we are just reusing all the furniture from her old apartment / some new things. :)
Yeah I never thought about it that way but I think I agree I like firstOrNull better to.

Or, if you just want to know _if_ something exists, `List.any { }`
I have been saying for two years that I should write a blog post just on Kotlin collections. They're so powerful.
3:32 PM
nice, good news :)
3:43 PM
@AdamMc331 staying in NYC?
Heard prices are good right now cause of COVID
3:58 PM
Greetings, fellow humans and carbon based lifeforms
I got my tax bill today :(
Taxes are optional
Not in Singapore
I have to pay a whole 4.6% in tax :(
How will I afford an additional 6 monitors now?
4.6% oof
ikr, unfathomable
I worked hard for that money
Sometimes I even woke up before 10 AM
Is clicking buy and sell buttons all day really working hard?
4:02 PM
@JBis hahaha
What's worse is I'll have to pay even more tax next year, since I'll move up a couple of brackets
@RaghavSood 4.6, that's it?
Might even hit 11% next year
@Mehdi I feel robbed
All I got in exchange for 4.6% was an excellent nationwide lockdown, free vaccine programs, assurance that there will be no price gouging, and various other benefits
4:07 PM
I'm not a citizen, so none for me
But if you are a citizen, yes, you'd get that too for most health issues
I had to buy health insurance instead
A whole S$110 a month :(
how come you're paying taxes without being a citizen?
Well, I live and work here, so there's that
sorry I meant resident
so if you're a resident but not a citizen you don't get healthcare?
@RaghavSood how are you able to live and work without citizenship?
@Mehdi Correct - only permanent residents and citizens get that stuff - if you are just on a work or student visa, you're on your own
@JBis Work visas
4:13 PM
@RaghavSood that's.. odd
Pretty normal in most countries
New Zealand gives you everything even on a work visa, they're nicer
@JBis Yep. :)
But most other places I've been let you fend for yourself
@RaghavSood I don't see a reason why would that be, if you pay your taxes and contributions, why would it be like this? it's even in the best interest of the state if you're young to have you pay for it to enlarge the contribution pool without taking much from it
@RaghavSood can you renew that for ever?
4:15 PM
If I knew this pandemic was coming I'd have bought a 1 way ticket to NZ and stayed.
@Mehdi Yeah, I don't either, but governments aren't known for making logical choices
@JBis Has to be renewed every 2 years, you're not guaranteed a renewal
May 20 '18 at 20:43, by Raghav Sood
I can save you some money, just book a one way ticket, and make sure you meet me one of the days you're here
@RaghavSood ah
@Mehdi Healthcare in Singapore in general is fairly weird - even for regular citizens, you effectively get a government provided insurance policy with caps and limits and everything - most citizens end up topping it up with a private policy to cover higher expense ranges and more things, since healthcare on its own is quite expensive
So really, I pay about the same, sometimes even less, than what citizens are paying
And given that I pay basically nothing in taxes, I really don't mind
I literally spent more on rideshare services in 2020 than on taxes
that was gonna be my second remark, 4.6% or even 11% is nothing, it only makes sense if everything is privatised (such as pensions etc...)
For citizens and PRs, there's a provident fund which you pay about 20% of your salary into each year - they'll give you 4.5-6% per year on anything in that, and you can access it after you turn 60 or something similarly ancient
You can also borrow against it sooner for some preselected purchases like buying a house
So for actual citizens, the effective tax is much higher, since a good portion of your pay automatically goes into the provident fund
But that doesn't apply to foreigners
So we get the advantage of the really low base tax rates, without the additional overhead
4:24 PM
@RaghavSood Welp, let this be immortalized forever. I should have listened to Raghav.
@RaghavSood I would still prefer to have a choice in the matter, i think it's in the best interest of everyone to have more contributors. Then if you decide to leave for good, you can cashout
@Mehdi That is how it is for citizens - if you give up citizenship, you can cash out your share of the provident fund
For foreign workers, it's basically the ideal situation
You pay minimal taxes, and can choose how big you want to go on healthcare etc.
I guess it makes sense if SG is a temporary platform for foreigners
4:49 PM
Yeah, most people who come here for work don't intend to stay forever
5:02 PM
@WarrenFaith because of kids and wife?
wow adam is here
damn celebrities here today
@Tim yup always the first
@CrabsStew don't flatter me, it's just 20 people on fb that are my friend: it's not a biggie
@MwBakker i was talking about @AdamMc331 donald but ok
I'm no celebrity
rare sight for you to be here?
what honor for us to have your presence?
5:12 PM
I'm just trying to come back more often now haha
Miss y'all. <3
@AdamMc331 why
haha you sure didn't miss all these while tho?
@MwBakker because the rest of humanity sucks but this room is alright
how is our familiar idiot kotlin nerd doing?
posted on March 03, 2021 by Android Developers

Posted by Florina Muntenescu, Developer Relations Engineer 3...2...1… Time for another challenge! Welcome to the second week of the #AndroidDevChallenge! We loved seeing your creative submissions in week #1 so we can’t wait to see what you’ll build in week #2. Here’s your challenge: Week #2 - Countdown timer ⏲️ Create a working, single screen countdown timer. You have until Ma

5:15 PM
@AdamMc331 for humanity
@CrabsStew I'm doing alright. :)
yo 17 cucu
how's it going man
on a scale of 1 - 10 how stupid is this:
I had a typo in an email so i sent a corrected one right after it hoping that they'd read the correct one first, start to read the second, realize it's duplicate and stop reading before they got to the typo.
genius or stupid?
5:24 PM
@JBis jbis level
life hack
Idk how I feel about that haha tbh
I feel like I'd think someone is more dumb from sending two emails than for sending one with a typo
just send another email only with the correction mentioned
IMHO I think it's fine, I think we as humans tend to over think this stuff, especially as senders.

But how would you feel as a reader? Would you really judge someone if they accidentally double emailed you? Unless the typo in the first email was "hey you're an asshole" I don't think I'd really care.
5:29 PM
@ballBreaker mUsT hAvE bEeN a GlItCh
It's a classic "we put more pressure on ourselves than other people put on us" kinda thing
@Mauker!! I see you!
how do you feel about KMM? adam
or the new kotlin backend
@AdamMc331 fair
yeah exactly adam
@CrabsStew I haven't played with it much. I think it looks kind of promising, but I don't know if I'm jumping on board just yet.
5:32 PM
a typo in an email is literally nothing
sending me two emails that are the same though, and especially after I noticed the typo I'd be like are u retarded
sending two emails to correct a typo lol I'd be kinda pissed
People make mistakes. I think we should be more forgiving. I wouldn't hold it against someone. :)
imo just send the correction instead and if its minor leave it
nah hahah
5:33 PM
@AdamMc331 have you heard they have migrated the backend for JVM too
i hope its stable and doesn't lead due to weird crashes
@ballBreaker rude crab
But I mean, following US news over the last year, there are far more injustices and cruelties for me to spend my energy on than whether or not people double email.
thank god I'm not american, so I can get upset about emails
and I find that being kind to people especially over small mistakes goes a super long way.
LMAO fuck
I hate it here
5:34 PM
yeah what did you do to our adam?
as I recall the fall of the Roman Empire started with shit like typo's and double mails
this one seems super nice and somewhat less idiot
very phishy
@ballBreaker :D
5:36 PM
very catchy song about what to do with your pet in the lockdown
Wait I just remembered Americans do care about emails does anyone remember Hillary Clinton???
no who is she?
lmao she was the person who ran against Trump in 2016 and there was a whole email scandal involving her
Bad attempt at a joke on my part
lmao fell for the bait
5:37 PM
Coldfire has a shrine to hillary in his house
he's her biggest fan
damn that coldfire
who's ColdFire /s
idk maybe some unknown like hillary
haven't seen him since he went to china
I'll be 100% honest - I've been gone from chat for so long, that I used CrabStew's user Id and chat history to make sure it was who I thought it was LOL
5:39 PM
@MwBakker damn nice man, I understand all the lyrics in this song
very good lyrics
@Tim rip him
well, good riddance
I'm gonna go AFK and eat some lunch. Be back in a bit. o/
@ballBreaker for real?
5:42 PM
hahaha no
i wish tho
@MwBakker pretty sure that was /s
he has dutch roots
anyway it's a great song
does that explains his butt capacity?
Dude goes to countries after terrorist attacks to get good deals
@CrabsStew The average person can, I believe, fit 4 adult racoons in their sphincter
5:44 PM
@JBis no sound
lmao you sure tried it seems xD
yeah I haven't tested this theory
@MwBakker yeah its annoying, try to read it
@JBis Smart
5:45 PM
damn that guy's 500 IQ
that's why everyone was trying to fly planes into the USA after 9/11
for the tourism.. of course
he is right, it is a great way to fly low budget and be protected at max security
wonder if he went to Wuhan last year
I went to cairo in 2010 and I noticed that nobody would even consider attacking/harrassing a tourist because that was partly their income. Anybody that did got lynched for it. It didnt even require a terrorist attack
@ballBreaker yup
I can't believe 2010 was 11 years ago
5:48 PM
yeah you were a crabling back then
yeah haha still woulda been 18
@ballBreaker after 2007 things went weird
that's also when tumblr first became a website
coincidence? I think not.
Hotel? Trivago
the hotel trivago guy was such a chad
absolute chadley
5:53 PM
How you doing B
not bad man! Pretty solid day so far
Not great, not terrible
6:10 PM
nice man
I can't wait till I get to work away from frontend
you're more of an ass-man?
You can never go wrong by being an ass-man
yeah exactly
6:29 PM
@ballBreaker hahah
6:51 PM
I can officially call myself an engineer without getting sued
I paid my dues
also fuck engineering
Thanks, queen now stuck in head
@Tim simp
7:08 PM
I paid a 1500 euro bill for a car that from the outside now still looks like a project
anybody dares to go on the discord voicechannel tonight?
when you say tonight do you mean in like 4 hours from now, or right now?
7:36 PM
kinda like within 1 or 2 houres
yeah true, I could in about 4 hours haha
1 hour later…
9:15 PM
@ballBreaker make me a bridge
9:39 PM
@JBis to where
A brighter tomorrow
okay in that case, jbis we can get married so you get a canadian citizenship
9:56 PM
still awake
speaking of bridges, I have a bridge in New York I would like sell for very cheap, anyone interested in buying?
hmmmmm nothanks
@MwBakker interesting well I'm still working unfortunately haha and then gotta eat so if you're still up in an hour i'll hit you up on discord
this randomly started playing on youtube and I love it
10:20 PM
@ballBreaker who knows
working on my app this whole night so I think I'll be around for another hour
just not too late

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