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12:46 AM
good morning
1:04 AM
good night
3 hours later…
4:04 AM
hey guys I neeed help
2 hours later…
5:35 AM
Goooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooood Morning Everyone!!!!! :D
i'm dead inside
I'm tired TT^TT
I'm ok
i should go and get some coffee
5:42 AM
I got a nice view
how's doggo?
whata boss
it's a big boy now
also so white
he decided he didn't want to go home
the light in the photo makes him whiter than he is xD
6:06 AM
hello there
that is a cute boy
6:22 AM
6:33 AM
Q: Is it possible to update Android Manifest programmatically at runtime?

MashukKhanWhat I want to achieve: I am creating an application which changes the app icon and app name programmatically. What I have achieved: I've already achieved this because there are only 5 names and icons by declaring activity-alias in android manifest. Problem I'm facing: If you have only 5 na...

@Tim the album is out
A: Is it possible to update Android Manifest programmatically at runtime?

azizbekianAssuming your question is the one in title: Is it possible to update Android Manifest programmatically? The answer is no, it is not possible to do that programmatically. You can enable/disable components that are declared in your manifest, but you cannot add or remove something from there...

6:49 AM
yes, a very cute boy
7:07 AM
it is fridaaaaay!
@Mehdi and yeah just a bit :D
7:40 AM
morning everyone
morning cool
@W0MP3R thats a gut boi
he is a very good boy
hey womp, how is everything?
cool cool
7:53 AM
hey grrig
hello my man
still in budapest?
8:44 AM
No been back since wednesday
9:02 AM
@grrigore tea is best
9:30 AM
@grrigore wrong link?
10:28 AM
This was the most starred message last year on this day:
Oct 22 '20 at 20:00, by ballBreaker
also I have a thing for big noses, oddly enough
10:58 AM
what's the best way if OP of github repo doesn't maintain it anymore and you created a pull request?
you clone the repo, do the stuff you wanted and post it in a new repo?
@qki you shame him publically on social media
11:28 AM
@qki Or ask them if they want help maintaining it. (assuming you'd want to do that)
I could try that, but he updated it 6 years ago, there are 9 pull requests with no action, I dont think he will even answer me back :D
11:52 AM
I figured it out without having to change his code
But Im curious for future situations like this, if the maintainer is a goner and you actually want to maintain it in some way?
12:09 PM
@Tim it was for that guy
@qki Those are really the only two options, right? Either you get them to pass control to someone else or you create your own fork.
I guess so, yes. Was wondering if thats just a common way to do because I've never been in that situation really :D
@PayelSenapati You try way too hard to start arguments. lmao
@qki Well, actually there's a third possibility that is fairly likely, which is that someone else has already created a fork for the same reason.
fair point
Although I managed to workaround this, I think I will fork it, rewrite it in Kotlin and add some stuff in my spare time
Thanks twiz
12:25 PM
@twiz ??
Time to go~~
Cya on Monday everyone!!!! :D
(or if you ping me here or in discord x'D )
bye Womps!
12:49 PM
sweet time of 2:45 PM Friday has some, so I can finally go home :D bye everyone, have a good weekend!
1:02 PM
have a nice weekend
1 hour later…
2:31 PM
2:47 PM
3:03 PM
3:26 PM
Swords ?
3:44 PM
Passwords ?
@twiz you nailed it :D
@PayelSenapati That's a new one
4:03 PM
4:25 PM
@Smarticles101 assembly jokes ha
4:48 PM
4:58 PM
1 hour later…
6:06 PM
6:20 PM
most US states could pretty easily make it near impossible to make fake IDs using simple cryptography
I wonder why they haven't. NY used virtually the same idea for covid passes and haven't had an issue.
7:19 PM
@JBis cause cryptography is for nerds
this is true
7:51 PM
Don't most states do that? I mean I assume that's basically what the magnetic strip is on IDs, although that does nothing to prevent duplicate IDs.

Do you mean something more like the chips in credit cards?
(not that I remember at all how that works)
3 hours later…
10:39 PM
@twiz I was suggesting a QR code (or whatever scannable format) of a signed validation of the data on the id.
10:57 PM
it's not the same and i hate to use the comparison but basically like a JWT
11:51 PM
@JBis How is that different than the magnetic strip on IDs though? Actually, a QR code would be much easier for someone to steal. Unless you're talking about providing proof of ID through your phone or something.
@twiz most id's use a differnet format for scanning that simply has the information
i am suggesting that information is simply digitally signed
most fake ids are scannable because there is no way to verify the information

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