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2:43 AM
@DaveS I'm afraid I can't let you do what you want, Dave
3:36 AM
Flutter problem: somepackages use or override deprecated api
4:14 AM
Hello All
Would you please provide you guidance on below question


Also please forward it to anyone who can help.
Thank You
1 hour later…
5:42 AM
Gooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooood Morning Everyone!!!!! :D
5:54 AM
@DaveS, @Mauker, @Pochmurnik, @Graeme, @ballBreaker, @Jordy, @WarrenFaith, @grrigore, @Reno, @Code-Apprentice This is your weekly reminder of New Free Games on Epic Store!!!!!!!!!! :D
@bluetoothfx, @FélixAdriyelGagnon-Grenier, @asim, @qki This is your weekly reminder of New Free Games on Epic Store!!!!!!!!!! :D
6:22 AM
thanks wompaa
np :D
6:37 AM
hello there and thanks womps!
2 hours later…
8:37 AM
what do you think about this nerds?
why as in why I ask that or why does that dev do that?
why is it needed to have 10 modules for 2 simple features
well it's an example
I guess
what I don't get are all those dependencies between modules
there is no legend to that so I don't know the difference from the dotted line and the normal one
8:50 AM
I mean if abstractions is already used by persistence and definitions
app could already access that
apparently it only uses implementation and not api
here is a nice article about Clean Arch where you build an app with two main modules - app and core. raywenderlich.com/…
it looks really sexy with MVVM
I know that one I think
9:35 AM
best way to handle internet connection status changes?
broadcast receiver?
I think this is quite "the old school cool", are there any new ways?
@grrigore nah
the hero I need
I wanna achieve something like this
could be a listener on the main activity? maybe
nice :)
I rarely to never use LifecycleObserver
I should get into it more see what I can do with it
thank you
i think this is the code i found somewhere on the web tho
but its used in prod
it should work
9:42 AM
but what's that isActive?
why is it set to false on onAvailable
flag that controls if the connectivity monitor is active
yes, I've thought so
once the network is available, if I lose it
will the monitor still notify that I've lost the connection?
it looks like a one time thing to me
its going to post a value once you lose a connection yes
play around with it
its been ages since ive used this
9:54 AM
might have updated that deprecated stuff
might be wrong xD
10:20 AM
this only checks if you're connected to a network, if you have no internet connection it will still return true
my version?
it's tru because I turn it off and still doesn't work
well yes
you are right
when I turn it off it doesn't go false
well no
i mean yes but no
in my case I disable the WIFI and it should word I guess
This was the most starred message last year on this day:
Oct 15 '20 at 17:05, by Tim
Suckafart Outof My Ass
I remember this
10:29 AM
how are you monitoring the state?
Oct 15 '20 at 17:12, by Tim
yeah will take at least a year
god damn it's still in early access
the one from ivan stopped once network was available
@grrigore bro how are you monitoring the state of this monitor?
it doesn't magically start
in me baseactivity
start it on onresume
stop it on onpause
observe connectedStatus
10:31 AM
Oct 15 '20 at 17:11, by ballBreaker
you're like an addict who gets rid of his crack pipe to stop smoking crack, and then has to buy a pipe again cause some good crack hit the streets
@grrigore manually?
protected void onResume() {
the idea is that you pass the lifecycle of the consumer to the monitor and then it will start/stop itself
init {
internal class MyLocationListener(
        private val context: Context,
        private val lifecycle: Lifecycle,
        private val callback: (Location) -> Unit
): LifecycleObserver {
something like this?
10:36 AM
will do
if you start/stop manually then the annotations are of no use
if you really want to check connectivity you need to ping google or something, or the server you need to connect to
will try
shall I ping it on onAvailable?
I think this is the only case that makes sense
I do that
10:47 AM
thank you
1 hour later…
11:51 AM
Hey people anyone an idea regarding:
Q: Alternative Smartlock for Passwords implementation?

rekireI had to sign in to Netflex yesterday and got an unexpected UI. Can you tell me which library they are using? This is not the normal Smartlock for Passwords UI which I'm using in my own App. Even on the documentation is an old screenshot of Netflix with their old UI.

google account?
like the password is saved in the google account?
12:13 PM
interesting, yes that is possible. I'll check this. I will ping you when you where right to give you the chance to get rep for it^^
no worries, no need for that
we ban people who answer questions on SO
well I get a lot of help here it's nice when I can give some back
@DaveS how'd you know? :D
12:39 PM
Time to go~~
Cya on Monday everyone!!!! :D
later chomper
bye womp
have a nice weekend
gota go too, bye everyone!
bye maan
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2:22 PM
@asim this is the cutest thing I've seen all week
2:46 PM
android sucks when it comes to 1) Detecting Internet connectivity 2) Detecting soft keyboard visibility
3:05 PM
android sucks when it comes to 1) Detecting Internet connectivity 2) Detecting soft keyboard visibility
Anyone ever used RevenueCat?
3:23 PM
Not me Mr. Tweezer
2 hours later…
4:54 PM
@Tim Thanks I'll read this soon

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