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12:30 AM
@JBis that specific part is used on my CI box
win min deps so i had to go with pure bash
fuck networking is confusing
2 hours later…
2:37 AM
@Mehdi I have a number of them - I usually only buy a kit if I'm getting one for a specific use case, the majority of them I just bought the Pis + power supplies. The newer ones have wifi etc. inbuilt so you can just boot them up an SSH in with a properly configured SD card
2:53 AM
@JBis Dunno, don't know networking stuff off the top of my head to that extent - but I would suspect yes, for consumer networks - carrier grade NAT or specially configured networks might differ
1 hour later…
4:09 AM
@RaghavSood Can't find the message. But we were discussing port binding and stuff and you asked how large carrier grade stuff handles so many connections. Is the answer Port overloading?
6 hours later…
10:15 AM
This was the most starred message last year on this day:
Jul 5 '19 at 15:40, by MwBakker
I heared bb ended up with the horse instead
11:05 AM
I have this layout:
I want that the edittext completely fills the space horizontally WITHOUT stealing the space of the button. (If I use match_parent, the edittext goes below the button)
11:29 AM
@JBis NAT (in general, not including specific implementations) usually knows nothing about Ports
@JBis And when it comes to this, the most important parameter is throughput and addressing, one Server can have multiple sockets opened per single port
2 hours later…
1:35 PM
@Curio I think match_constraints will do the trick
2 hours later…
3:55 PM
lmao at AZ
cc @dave
This is actually just a list of places Ahmad has interned in
His presence alone drives the numbers up to the point that it makes the list
1 hour later…
5:05 PM
Sangram02 requested access. Rep: 31 - Questions: 2 - Answers: 2 (ratio 4:4)
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