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5:02 AM
underscore requested access. Rep: 5618 - Questions: 62 - Answers: 360 (ratio 4:23.2)
@underscore welcome. Please start by reading the rules and confirm you have read them before saying anything else.
posted on December 01, 2020 by Android Developers

Posted by Posted by Purnima Kochikar, Director, Business Development, Games & Applications Today, we announced Google Play’s annual Best of 2020 awards, highlighting the year’s best apps, games and digital content. None of this would be possible without the developers that created the amazing content that made a profound impact on us in 2020, or should we say a Genshin Im

In Azure for the notification stuff, we can use SignalR service. For the mobile, we also trying to use SignalR for notification. But since Android API 26 they killing the background service for performance reason. Is there anyway to use our service rather than re-start the service ?
5:52 AM
A good way to use this room is to start by carefully reading the rules, otherwise you'll have to restart here too
3 hours later…
9:10 AM
I revoked his access
and just saw that we can now have mod roles in this room
Tim, wanna be a moderator here? :D
\o which tim
9:45 AM
sup warren
9:59 AM
hi new guy
lots of new guys with the same avatar as you lately
Do you participate in AoC?
no I stopped lying to myself
10:52 AM
This was the most starred message last year on this day:
Dec 2 '19 at 16:35, by Tim
his ugliness is on the inside
2 hours later…
12:56 PM
Yo o/
@Mehdi where you from again?
1:21 PM
We are all the same in the eyes of silicon
@RaghavSood Are you still at that investment crypto company?
Yes he bought the company
botnet at work
The company is still with me, yes
see told you
Ah nice
How do the employees feel being controlled by an AI?
1:32 PM
They are happier than most people
Will they be spared in the bot revolution?
Everybody will be screwed regardless
1:48 PM
Your god returned
1 hour later…
3:15 PM
Guess i'm the god of nobody
Close, more like you're no god at all
You're as wrong as your Android books
If my Android book was a bible, you'd feature in it with the same level of respect as evolution
@Jordy You are as right as your number of your Android books
that sounds like lot of respect for jordy ,raghav
3:18 PM
@RaghavSood What's a bible
The gods book maybe
My followers don't need no sketchy book
3:49 PM
3:59 PM
@R15-Zucc :D
@Pochmurnik the only thing Tim does with AOC is download her feet pics
im building my own CD thing
jenkins too complicated
y'all i'm convinced billy joel invented the mac mail sound effect
this is the mac mail sound:
now listen closely to the background of stiellto at 54 seconds
am i crazy?
I dont hear it at all
replay from 54-55
I did, don't hear it at all haha
guess im crazy
4:11 PM
yep! hahah
@JBis anything half baked solution?
4:30 PM
@JBis That sounds like a good way to hate your life even more.
Also, have you tried Azure DevOps? its very pleasant, and the free tier gives you an outrageous amount of server time.
(I'm just assuming you already hate your life, since you are using CI/CD)
I like the azure devops, it's nice
@twiz i like how you assumed he has a life
@ballBreaker And I'm like 90% sure I'm not using it as intended, but it's still pleasant. lol
@twiz i hate devops in general. I'm locked into an existing VM with the company im working for, so i dont think i could use Azure.
I don't want to reinvent the wheel but i can't find a CD solution that runs on the server and doesn't require an enormous setup.
Jenkins is stupid complicated for a such a simple task
it is
4:43 PM
All i want it to do is pull on merge to master and run a script.
not everyone uses jenkins only for trivial operations
If anyone has a suggestion for another program that integrates with github, im all ears.
Not sure of the situation, but maybe they're planning to add more functionality later?
@JBis github actions dude
why reinvent the wheel?
@CrabsStew I have CI setup on GitHub Actions. I don't know how to do CD on it.
And I don't like giving github access to my server.
4:46 PM
I was planning to implement a gh webhook.
When you say "VM", you don't happen to mean docker container do you?
no, unfortunately not, straight old fashion vm
@ballBreaker You don't happen to know why "pipelines" and "releases" are two separate things do you? I just release using "pipelines" and it works fine. 🤷‍♂️
@twiz yeah I'm not sure about "releases" to be honest, I just use pipelines as well
4:49 PM
when you want to release something you use a pipeline to pipe it through the release so that it gets released instead of piped, except when you want to pipe it you use a release so it gets released into a pipe to get it piped. Make sense?
My vendor has them set up for one of our really big and new applications but our older stuff doesn't have them, so I'm not sure how the Releases functionality even works or what makes it different
Kinda looks like it's just an easier way to set up multiple pipelines and kick off triggers between them from what I can tell
Yea, that's the basic idea I got from it, but I haven't really seen an explanation of what it does in a practical sense.
Really not sure what the benefit of using it would be
yeah me either tbh
I guess just so it's easier to track the various builds you do for a particular release
maybe for some sort of reporting
Sounds plausible.
Someday I'll try to actually figure it out.
4:57 PM
asifsidfasdf this is so stupid
@twiz haha let me know if you do!
I'll be back in 45 ish
fuck it, this in gonna be shittily built but ain't nobody got time for well designed software
5:32 PM
5:44 PM
this is terrible, @twiz you were right. I hate my life.
lol what are you working on jibs
2 hours ago, by JBis
im building my own CD thing
0 world problems
try going outside for a change :p
5:47 PM
any recommendations for simple CD?
@JBis you would be an amazing client 👌 got the right attitude and everything
any luck with using a webhook?
im trying but its a bit more complicated it seems
i want it so it reads a config file from the repo and runs those commands
6:06 PM
put the commands in a python script and run execfile on it
6:17 PM
Nishat Anjum Lea requested access. Rep: 21 - Questions: 2 - Answers: 2 (ratio 4:4)
posted on December 01, 2020 by Neal Eckard

Android Studio Arctic Fox Canary 1 (2020.3.1.1) is now available in the Canary and Dev channels. If you have Android Studio set to receive updates on the Canary or Dev channel, you can get the update by choosing Help > Check for Updates (Android Studio > Check for Updates on macOS). Otherwise, you can download it here. For information on new features and change

posted on December 01, 2020 by Neal Eckard

Android Studio 4.2 Beta 1 is now available in the Beta channel. If you have Android Studio set up to receive updates on the Beta channel, you can get the update by choosing Help > Check for Updates (Android Studio > Check for Updates on macOS). Otherwise, you can download it here. For information on new features and changes in all preview builds of Android Stud

6:50 PM
@Tim only problem he doesn't have the money to be a client
posted on December 01, 2020 by Android Developers

Posted by Jamal Eason, Product Manager Today marks the release of the first version of Android Studio Arctic Fox (2020.3.1) on the canary channel, together with Android Gradle plugin (AGP) version 7.0.0-alpha01. With this release, we are adjusting the version numbering of Android Studio and our Gradle plugin. This change decouples the Gradle plugin from the Android Studio versioning s

7:42 PM
so Ellen Page came out as transgender and is now a He/they and is going by the name Elliot Page
"Elliot Page is known for his roles in Juno, X-men etc" which is weird because his part in that movie was being a pregnant teenage girl
I can accept the situation but it's a little bit jarring
wait what?
Ellen page came out as transgender male today
before it was not known?
nvm lets not get into it
7:53 PM
It was known she was a lesbian before but not transgender
so what is news regarding it?
that she is now a man
and her name is no longer Ellen but is now Elliot
nice from a female to a feminist
It's just weird seeing the internet change, her wikipedia page now is all "he" so you'll read stuff like "His role in Juno where he portrayed a pregnant teenager" just seems so weird
lol just ignore who cares , its her life anyway , she can do whatever he wants
7:56 PM
yeah I don't really care that much just saying it's weird
tomorrow she might came out as gay making it more weird lol
so she was straight all along until becoming a man and is now gay
8:10 PM
How's work going for you man?
good wbu?
not too bad
today's been slightly annoying with a vendor but meh
haha what did he do?
I've been trying to get them to do a UAT test, and they forgot their credentials.. what the end point was for the web service.. just a royal shitshow
I literally didn't change anything on their side, we were testing to make sure we didn't break their end of things and they don't even have it set up properly
like wtf
lmao shitshow alright
8:14 PM
posted on December 01, 2020 by Android Developers

Posted by Murat Yener, Developer Advocate Today marks the release of the first Canary version of Android Studio Arctic Fox (2020.3.1), together with Android Gradle plugin (AGP) version 7.0.0-alpha01. With this release we are adjusting the version numbering for our Gradle plugin and decoupling it from the Android Studio versioning scheme. In this blog post we'll explain the

Hi All
is there anyone having expertise using SVN ?
Yeah, old people
I have a master code for Mobile Application, And I have similar 50 different codes which having all same but just an ID Statically passed.

Now I want to set up an system where If I found any bug reported anywhere than I can resolve it to the master & push to all other codes without affecting that Static ID.
just use git
what is the issue?
8:22 PM
So is it possible using Atlassian bitbucket right ?
cant see why not
ok got it
I am not 100% sure how it would be possible as I haven't done it yet
I am still searching for the process how it can be achieved
Buenas tardes gente
I like naps
8:25 PM
naps doesnt like you tho
How do you know?
<whisper>Raghu... is it you?</whisper>
because everybody hates you , like you said
@RaymondArteaga why are you talking to sauces?
Is this new green fella the new Raghav minion?
8:26 PM
frog is insane as always what else
@CrabsStew can you suggest me the better process ?
better process?
Am I in the right room?
8:27 PM
BTW thanks for confirming
i was replying to ray lol , you can use bitbucket dude no worries there
Great! This is the right room
there is no better process here
as nonsensical as always
@CrabsStew ohh yes got your point
8:28 PM
@RaymondArteaga you mean you?
I know you are BB disguised as an annoying green fractal...
Cause you are a crab
and now you are stew
damn busted
yeah i just stew myself just for the heck of it
I love the depth of the conversations in this room
always so refreshing
but you are tiny
tiny likes depth ok
@RaymondArteaga he's our indian prince
8:32 PM
Oh! The crazy paradox is back!
@CrabsStew do I need to create the branches of the master code
or will be fine if I keep it complete different Repos
I'm currently doing a documentation for my massive project lol it's being deployed this weekend so I figured I might as well write up a document for it
wouldn't deploying be so much more fun if there was a big red "DEPLOY" button your desk that you got hit?
@Mayur just create a single branch dude since your code is same except that variable whatever it si
8:47 PM
lol yeha
I'd rather my deploy button be a deploy gun that I aggressively hold against our Middleware team's head until they finish the deployment though
random aside but did it snow down there last night jbis?
the snow here is one of the only things keeping me sane rn
ahh too bad, or maybe thats a good thing for you, idk your relationship with snow
comedy central is blocked for canadians btw
9:18 PM
nah I have facebook deactivated hahaha
sorry guess it's not meant to be
actually nvm it lets me do it without logging in
@JBis hahah this is so classic key and peele
they need to make another season
they are really good
woooooooooo i got into another college!!!
yeah big time, I was upset when they stopped
but I get they have their own stuff
grats dude!
this one, theres a really good shot im gonna go
oooh nice that's exciting
are you set mostly on one? or stuck between options
stuck between like 4 schools
9:30 PM
I basically had 1 choice and 4 backups lol
but this one is in the 4
have u heard back from any of the other 4
not yet
i should hear back soon from one, the other two will take a while
@ballBreaker did you get into your 1?
nice nice
and yeah I did
also arent there only 5 schools in canada
9:35 PM
they accepted me last haha
ah nice!
uhhhh nah theres like a thousand or somethin
It's weird, I can't actually really smell wet paint right now, but there's an undertone or after-smell of paint

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