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12:13 AM
@Feeds new AGP supports namespacing R classes - this basically means libraries R classes won't be merged into your R class which in turn will result in a smaller apk
1:10 AM
I'm old
Mauker OS is updating...
Mauker OS has been updated to version 3.0
7 hours later…
7:53 AM
anybody there?
Good morning
@Mauker so you had another birthday to celebrate?!
@IvanMilisavljevic wait what?
smaller or larger?
8:12 AM
should be smaller right? but anyway proguard supposed to remove unused resources no?
2 hours later…
10:06 AM
10:22 AM
how is everybody doing?
good man what about you
@Bhargav if you configure it properly. Many people don't even know proguard exists
10:29 AM
yea configuring it properly is not easy
how is r8 ?
Proguard will remove unused resources from the app yes
This is specific optimisation for R classes
cant seem to enable r8 for our project
@IvanMilisavljevic so basically reduce the statics in R classes yea?
r8 is a new tool that replaced proguard
starting from 4.0 (i think) its enabled by default
@Bhargav yes
yea i know r8 but have you applied it in your project?
@Tim also good, enjoying a free day
10:32 AM
what do you mean have i applied it to a project?
I mean i configured all the rules
still deciding in what to build my oldtimer app in: Flutter or start with android kotlin
and i enabled core library desugaring
@MwBakker i will tell you android kotlin @DaveS will tell you flutter
I just can't figure how to go from hamburger menu android to ios and still have the one size fits all app structure
ive spent last couple of days migrating gradle from groovy to the kotlin-dsl
it was pain in the ass, but the outcome is amazing -> kotlin iz amazing
i keep telling over and over again, ios and android are 2 completely different platforms
i see no point in trying to make a single app for both of the platforms
the point is I want the app to run on both platforms
But I have no Mac, nor will I ever consider buying one
10:37 AM
@MwBakker i agree on this one
i think you need a mac to compile flutter for ios
How is the webApp market?
have no idea, ive seen everyone is shitting on react over on twitter
This was the most starred message last year on this day:
Nov 25 '19 at 15:39, by Tim
either he's crazy or she is
11:10 AM
thanks ivan for the iinfo!
12:04 PM
> Android has requested access to Android.
anyway @Android you do not meet the requirement and your username would cause a lot of confusion here. Therefore rejected
12:30 PM
Is there any alternative to Google Photos that actually does implement nested albumbs?
Google Photos is useless for me because of this, but I use their automatic back up system
photos will not be for free in the near future...
it already isnt free, im paying 2.80 euro a month for the back up system
well, "high quality" is/was for free, if you want to store original resolution storage, you had to pay already, true
Yeah I already did that
But they don't support nested albums like Google drive does
Haha goddamn communists
But surely the fire rises if the "gimme free stuff" voters don't get paid for their software
12:54 PM
mwb what's going on in your life these days
Im awaiting the result of my last exam for two weeks now
in the meantime I work as transporter and garbageman
ok not much change since last time
right now in my free time (1 or 2 days a week) I am organizing all the stuff I didn't come to during the school/work life
photos, accounts, docs etc and then I want to start with the app for oldtimer vehicles
and how is yours?
1:37 PM
1:53 PM
> Added the FusedLocationProviderClient.getCurrentLocation() method to compute a single current location fix on the device.
took them like 5 years to add this
@MwBakker I just released a new app update that we worked on for like 6 months, trying to catch my breath now
1 hour later…
2:59 PM
Hey visit www.iceberg-yeshwin.netlify.app
@Tim cool how was the release ?
3:21 PM
@YeshwinVermaTheProgrammer bad cert
3:31 PM
> I've said it before, and I'll say it again: America should invade America to bring democracy to America
@AdamsLostKeyStore it's pronounced "Merica'"
3:46 PM
heyyyyyyyyyyy ya
@Tim grats man! Hope things have calmed down a bit for ya
@Mauker and @Mehdi check this guy out, recently found his stuff. Realllly good open.spotify.com/album/…
@MwBakker this is you?
4:01 PM
@ballBreaker Fokkin' diabolical, thanks mate
@JBis what do you mean by cert
hehe no worries brotha :D
there are a few songs with lyrics but it's a nice mix
@YeshwinVermaTheProgrammer www subdomain not included in your https cert
found it last night and couldn't fall asleep after listening hahaI was too stoked on how good it is
@ballBreaker yes?
@Tim oh nice, I'll thumb for you
4:07 PM
damn you're jason statham the transporter?!
That movie is my exact dreamjob
Except for the illegal goods...
Ooh you were referring to the video
haha why would that be me, cause I transport cars on a trailer? I can do 120km/h max :(
and most of the time there are no guns involved, and even if so I never had to fire them
you said you were a transporter
and thats the first thing that comes to mind:D
When are you supposed to get your results for the exam?
about 2 days ago
they also warned me that if I fail this one I have to follow the entire subject again
And ofc that class starts in February
hahaha damn
that would suuuuck
but at least it's just one course if you do
just have passed it
4:18 PM
not the end of the world
exactly, it isn't the end of the world for me no longer
I stopped caring, if it will be february then so it will be the anger or dissapointment does not help
I do have to pay my tuition untill february ofc eventhough I don't use any service of my school
4:33 PM
yeah that's fair
any drama in your life otherwise?
as far as I know not
that's good! I think haha
not for r15
I feel like this is a song you'd appreciate
4:52 PM
       / |-------\
      /| |--------\
     /-| |---------\
    /--| |----------\
   /---| |-----------\
  /----| |------------\
 /_____| |-----O-------\
/        |____/ \____|___-\
\------------------------| |
 \                       |
its a sail boat
      mM` `m` `m` `Mm
       \   \   /   /
        `\  \ /  /'
          `\ Y /'
            \\              ``
it's @ballBreaker
browsing the ascii art websites I see
it's me on my MMMmmmmmmmmmmmMmMMMMmmmmm parachute
im retarded
i thought it was a head
                             ~0  (_|
                            TT/_ T"T
ok thats bb
@Mehdi how many more of these can i paste before i get kicked for spam?
5:05 PM
what the hell is that lol
you on the computer
@asim subpar ascii art
why does computer look like a ninja stabbing bb in the belly
hahahaha thats so hard to tell
here is jbis
                           | o o |
                           |  >  |
                           | \_/ |
                           __| |__
                          /       \
                         | |     | |
        _________________| |     | |_____________---__
       /                 | |_____| |         /  /  / /|
mga   /                  /_|  _  |_\        /  /  / / |
     /                    / / / /          /  /__/ / /|
considering they have ceramics, why don't they teach ascii art in college?
@ballBreaker i used to wear my hair like that
when i was like 4
so a few days ago
I getcha
5:11 PM
electronics stackexchange people are not nice, they always tell me to buy stuff instead :(
omg, they have a jesus one
now make a Muhammed one!
@MwBakker ^
I always wondered how he would look like in ASCII
5:14 PM
is it a sideways stickman or a fork bomb?
@JBis there goes any chance of you ever becoming a RO here xD
lol, lets just hope ROs dont look at my removed messages
Tim: immediately logs into zucc to look at Jbis removed messages
nahhh just seeing if there are any interesting SO questions to answer
@Tim hahahhahahahhah
good one
5:26 PM
you should know better than to post such messages. As representative of another chat room as well as in general
@Tim im well behaved in the js room
sounds like a boring room to me
it is pretty boring
room died, unfortunately
probably because rlemon left due to the drama
5:30 PM
rlemon and a couple others before him, yeah
is that why you showed up here?
@JBis try to be better here then. Let's just say you're lucky I'm not RO anymore
@Tim is this pertaining to my removed message?
doubt he can see it, he's not a RO anymore
@DaveS no, but one of the reasons im active here
apparently he can see through zucc
5:32 PM
@JBis we need to get the js room going then
ah that's true
@JBis yes
ok im sorry, guess i went too far
Let me make it up you with the following joke:
> I just found out I’m colorblind.
The diagnosis came completely out of the purple.
my blue/purple colourblind friend would find that joke entirely offensive, PLZ DELETE
@murat got any rent reduction? :D
yeah don't be ableist
5:39 PM
Also I convinced my company to let me expense a replacement keyboardfor my laptop so I caninstall it myself
fucking spacebar
hold on
they seemed stoked that I didn't ask for an entirely new laptop lol
> Ableism is the discrimination of and social prejudice against people with disabilities based on the belief that typical abilities are superior.
Ok I'm not saying you should discriminate but by definition, disabilities are inferior
kinda depends but mostly , yea
abelist thing to say
5:43 PM
@JBis autism is a disability, but just look at how much coding you've done at such an early age!
did y'all see? trump admin finally allowing biden to move in
tim whatdid he say
i said something about the frog thing but realized it was dave who did that
5:49 PM
@WarrenFaith Not quite, since pandemic and stuff
But yeah, it was my birthday
let me check
My 2021 Slogan is make JBis active in the JS room again
oof, better if I don't say. I'll get banned from SO just for quoting it
5:53 PM
sometimes I wonder, if jbis and all his deleted messages were not here, would murat still be around?
this song is v dope
@Tim lmao does the timing line up?
Him and mark seemed to phase themselves out around the same time I became a regular ^_-
I think JBis really started chatting here right around when COVID-19 hit
I bet covid is his fault
I think not
he became the very same thing he hates; China
It's true. During my vacation in China I ordered chicken but apparently "chicken" in chinese means "bat".
yaaaaaaaaaaay, I'm being sent a replacement keyboard and a replacement space bar wooooo
no questions asked
I love people some times
@JBis lol
@DaveS but i'm the one thats gonna be banned (edited: poor choice of words)
you can straight up buy dog in some chinese restaurants haha
I dont see why not
we eat pigs and such too
my friend was there for a year on a university program and ordered it to try it
6:03 PM
if I get banned for linking YouTube let it happen
said it wasn't very good
@MwBakker yeah canines are garbage food though
predators typically suuuck to eat
@ballBreaker did he ordered it with extra woof?
@ballBreaker alligator is pretty good
I think it's more mammalian predators
yeah I've heard it's decent and yeah definitely
more for mammals since their meat structure is so damn lean
@DaveS "let's eat a leather bag"
6:05 PM
and they also retain a lot more contaminants so it's not as good for you
deep fried alligator tail is delicious
@DaveS ew
@DaveS I'd try it haha
You could have fun on a date, let's grow our meat and see what eachother tastes like
did you here about the dude that got his leg amputated and then ate it with friends?
Actually wouldn't be the first time I've said that on a date..
haha awesome
some chicks will eat their placenta after birth
there's a few loopholes for legal cannabalism
this is an odd room
CBS's new show: How to get away with canabalism
this talk reminds me of the old german story (80s or 90s) about the guy who put up an ad in the classifieds looking for someone to help consume his own flesh (it was his dingaling)
Rammstein made a song about it
because someone actually took the guy up on the offer and they ate him together
"Mein Teil" (German for "My part" or "My share", slang for "My penis") is a song by German Neue Deutsche Härte band Rammstein. It was released as the lead single from their fourth studio album, Reise, Reise (2004), on 26 July 2004. "Mein Teil" attracted controversy in Germany; the media dubbed it "Das Kannibalenlied" ("The Cannibal-Song") due to its lyrics referring to the Armin Meiwes cannibalism case, which helped to boost it to second place in the German music charts after its release in early August 2004. It was also a number-one hit in Spain. Remixes of the song were done by Arthur Baker and...
aaaaannnnd on that note im gonna close this tab for now cya o/
but I just linked to a two legged dog walking like a person
hahah omg that dog
that's wild
oh apparently that thingI mentioned happened in 2001
thought it was earlier thanthat
6:20 PM
hahaha yeah I love that song
flaming lips I think,right?
my wife hates it
King Missile
actually nvm I love this song
ahhh right
was trying to remmeber why it reminded me of flaming lips, and it's because this song came out around the same time and has similar vibes
also reminds me of the Butthole Surfers
good times
hahaha jesus I forgot about this song
@MwBakker yikes don't do that here if you want to be alive
6:44 PM
You are a real vicious little man, CF
Not that I would expect otherwise from a Modi fanboy
whats that from
she looks familiar
is that the country singer sitcom
which language is that dave?
saturday night live
country english
wait what lol
6:58 PM
yeah idk either CF
it's redneck english
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