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12:00 AM
so just with line vectors
Mac only? :(
Yep :(
Would have loved to use it on my surface book
12:41 AM
I forgot how much I loved drawing
I used to be a lot better
oh man discovering sketch has me remembering again
What happened to the Surface Book?
What do you mean what happened to it?
36 mins ago, by Ahmad
Would have loved to use it on my surface book
Seems like he betrayed it
The Surface Book trusted you, Ahmad
Bought an X1 Carbon, first thing I did was undervolt it and replace the thermal compound :P
It thought you would care for it
Not abandon it like this
Lots of people at work use the X1. They're pretty 'eh' about it
12:46 AM
46 mins ago, by codeMagic
Mac only? :(
He can't use sketch on it
There are other drawing things that work
@RaghavSood It was either that or the attrocity that is the current gen Macbooks
When coding I need a keyboard that works like a keyboard :P
I bought the Edge 2 last year and fairly happy with it
I would have bought a Macbook Pro, but they ruined them :(
That being said, Windows is a horrible OS coming from a Mac. Just constantly interrupting me and trying to upsell nonsense.
Slow as hell
That is true. But it's a hell I'm comfortable with:)
I try not to open my mac at work anymore than necessary because I'm always confused
12:54 AM
Once you get used to MacOS you don't want to use Windows. It's just too painful
But for Android dev it's okay since you're in the Android Studio walled garden
I can definitely see that being true. Unfortunately, I'm too lazy to get used to it
Even logging in is a pain with Windows. Fingerprint reader needs to turn on before I can use it lmao, almost as slow as typing in the password
That's true. My fingerprint reader on my old HP was always a pain. To be fair, that thing is quite old and haven't bothered with having a fingerprint reader since
This laptop is brand new, just typical PC quality
Can't compete with tight hardware/OS integration
Maybe the Surface is better, but those keyboards are even worse :P
They seem nice but I'm not sure they are worth the price
I'm trying to get work to buy me one but I don't think I'd spend the money on one just for myself
But I don't have a problem wasting their money :D
My "Check Engine" light is on. What could be the problem? — Jim Garrison 1 min ago
Ok, that's hilarious
1:44 AM
I wouldn't know what to buy if I was in the market for a new laptop rn
Def not the new macbook
Horrible keyboard
@RaghavSood tbh it's collecting dust. A 3k dust collector.
Surface Pro's fingerprint reader is great, keyboard isn't too good for lots of typing
I still occasionally use my SP4
1:56 AM
Has anyone else been watching APB?
Pretty good
2:07 AM
I still haven't gotten any advice on this - stackoverflow.com/questions/42895689/…
tf I just matched with a genuine super model
please someone take this app away from me
Adam, is it a public build?
@RaghavSood it has a finger print reader?
It might not be by default let me see if I can make it public
2:14 AM
Why does the SB not have one :(
On the keyboard, yeah
Because you're not worthy
Any idea how I can make it public?
I mean I can tell you which branch of my project I'm using if you wanna fork it and try for yourself
I edited my question with that info incase anyone else wants to do the same.
4 hours later…
6:19 AM
any one tried tensorflow for android on windows? can help me running a sample app. I tried seems i am missing something
6:30 AM
morning r15
6:50 AM
@Glitch false. i love windows 10 compared to osx. osx is painfully simple
it's an OS made for childish hipsters that hasn't got any major revamp since ages
still, i own a mbp to be able to do work stuff
@Williams thanks i followed the same. basel seems to be causing problems. The rest are fine
7:04 AM
what os you are using
Disagree :) @CptEric OSX performs so much better on less resources. It has a functional console. It has Emacs bindings OS wide by default. Windows makes it hard to do anything without installing a bunch of hacky tools from the 90s.
windows unfortunately
Also if it tries to sell Office to me one more time... FUUUUUUUUUUU
i hate windows
osx spends half my resources on crappy stuff i don't care about, i couldn't care less about emacs, and has a better configuration and file management systems
7:06 AM
I propose we all move to microcontrollers and assembly
Goooooooooooooooooooooooooood Morning Everyone!!! :D
Never had an issue with resources on OS X
How's the sun, W0MP?
you need to try to use xcode more
I can't get my trackpoint to scroll without being choppy with an gen 7 i7 CPU!
what is a trackpoint?
7:07 AM
Aha, that's where I win. I only use real IDEs, such as textedit
yeah that hardly eats ram
@Raghunandan fuck
That little red thing on laptops in the middle of the keyboard
you should use linux
Sorry but there's no excuse in 2017 for an OS to lag
7:07 AM
laptops still have that stuff?
ThinkPads do
Maybe some Dells
Sure there is, it's called a web browser
i haven't had a single lag ever on my i7
but i've had on my brand new mbp®
My i7 lags, but only because I never close stuff
^ that helps too
i might have had occassional lag while netflixing + streaming + playing bf3 at ultra while leaving two genimotions open
7:08 AM
i was so much happier with linux. windows is real a pain
kill -9 CptEric
Personally I prefer MacOS for getting work done without wanting to cry
Europe was a little laggy
It's by no means perfect but the HW/software integration and proper console is bliss
I'm moving to linux if Apple hasn't got their head out of their ass by 2018
7:09 AM
Current MBP is worthless
i could prefer macos if = finder wasn't such a useless file system
So glad I bought the 2015 one
Yeah new ones are shit, that's why I got a ThinkPad
i could run software as sudo from app launcher
7:09 AM
But kinda regretting it
and xcode got fucking fixed
I'm getting comfy raghav :D
+ android studio :I
I replace my macs every 3 years, too expensive without warranty
it doesn't burn anymore :3
7:10 AM
If 2018 has nothing useful, Linus is my new friend
Thinkpad has an amazing keyboard and form factor, but Windows ruins it and Linux distros are worse
there's something inside osx that makes AS and chrome eat quadrillion times as ram as in windows or linux
and that isn't normal
Don't thinkpads support Debian natively?
also try elementary OS
comes with dozens of drivers for stuff
No, we don't need another Tristan
7:11 AM
Probably, but the UX in Linux makes me want to cry
hey it was fine
that's where EOS comes handy. El cap UX on a debian
Unless there are nicer distros these days. I cbf hacking away
@CptEric same here
my windows can run three AS's emulators and still play any game at high or ultra
7:13 AM
Honestly, almost everything I do outside of programming is in a web browser, so I don't care much anymore
meanwhile both my work imac or my mbp 16 struggle with AS alone
I'll still need a Windows/Mac for photoshop and lightroom
@RoHiT You need at least 80 rep to talk here. Please see this link for more details.
But a random one will do for that
ugh photoshop on mac
there goes another dark hole of energy in the osx enviro
my canvases start to lag after 16.000 x 16.000 on the imac
7:15 AM
Q: Can I cook a fairy?

PyritieFairies are listed in the same section of your inventory as food and other things you can cook with. I've received a pink-shaped elixir in a bottle shaped like a fairy, and its recipe says it was made with just one fairy. Can you use fairies in any other cooking recipe?

@RoHiT Woah now, hold up right there. Spamming the request access button will only get you banned. Come back in 24 hours and request again IF you have fixed the issues outlined in the last message. Requesting access again in less than 24 hours will result in a ban.
> reason #1 i got a mac - xcode and stuff like that. reason 2# be able to blame it on apple with legal and first hand facts
I just miss being able to use my laptop without it lagging randomly, having jank, having poor keyboard mappings for manipulating text (Emacs bindings are super useful(
Logging in without waiting for the fingerprint scanner to initalise...
Just lacks polish
7:18 AM
that isn't available to mac anymore
i have to put my finger there for it to scan
That isn't available anywhere anymore
Computers have become meh now
RaSkyNet will solve that
I remember having a simpler time on Windows 98 even if it looked terrible
My ThinkPad is a nice piece of hardware, but it feels wasted (shrug)
Hardware these days is great
It's one of the reasons I actually prefer doing server stuff nowadays
No need to look at UI
Just SSH in, do stuff, get results
7:20 AM
It's hard to avoid UI in Windows
No fingerprints, finders, explorers, or whatnot else
yeah, my day job involves building and maintaining an AWS based service
much nicer :P
It's also partially why I've slowly cut back on Android and stuff
on UX, usability and achievement of work stuff, this is my OS scale : W10 developer mode ( bash shell + no animations) > OSX > EOS > W7 > anything else
7:21 AM
Shell scripts and terminal editors just feel so much smoother than AS and whatnot
Windows shell is so bad though :/
git bash
ha yeah
windows powershell is nice
has both unix and dos commands
so you can dir and you can ls
and crap like that
+ the built-in unix-ubuntu bash allows for your favourite unix terminal stuff to be run natively
7:24 AM
tbh any os that allows me to randomly stack folders and files above eachother without contrains, doesn't have a cut option,doesn't have a by route explorer, and doesn't have a reorganize option, loses any point UX wise it could have. (looking at you osx)
I use the console shrug
then you can't compare UX stuff. a console has 0 ux
it's you, the computer and a dozen cans of sudo lube_yourself_this_command_you_damn_pricky_cpu
Fonts, column size, shell support
A lot can go wrong before it goes right
Console is a plenty good UX for most devs
It's a matter of perspective
7:29 AM
i use the console on mac, but i don't need it on windows.
I find the console faster for a lot of my tasks, particularly when coding. Mostly Git
you can automate git anyway.
I don't painstakenly organise my files, that's what file indexing and search is for
I'm happy with a decent console and a good web browser for day to day tasks
^ this
7:30 AM
Literally all I have open right now is terminal, sublime, and Chrome
Me too haha
have you tried webstorm?
And chat tools I need for work
it's pretty neat
I keep slack on my phone
7:31 AM
remembers to open slack
HipChat master race
10 messages
But I had it on the laptop when I needed it for work, and had to copy paste code
Pfft, Atlassian stuff
Who even uses that these days?
Heck, who even works there anymore :P
7:33 AM
we have a surface pro 4 from a client at office
so fucking cool
2048 touch points.
@W0MP3R i can paint stuff in photoshop with all my fingers
althought i'm supposed to test an app we're making for w10
i'm just making sure the platform works
whistles away
I have an SP4, hate Windows, love the hardware
It's so good
Gonna get a Surface Dial even though I don't need it
looks super cool
SP4 + fingerprint keyboard + monitor + keyboard to actually type on + pen == great
Now, if only it ran Linux :P
and the sp4 pen beats any pen i've ever seen
7:35 AM
I like it way better than iPad Pro + Apple Pencil
it could recognise MY WRITING!
Gave the iPad combo to my mother, she likes to draw on it
i write like a drunken physician!
Hah, my writing's so bad I can't read it
and it got my handwritting
7:36 AM
I've given up on writing
welcome to the club. we do meetings on fridays
I only sign things now, that's all
write your name on a car.... wait no that hasn't worked
print your name on a label
fingerprint keyboard
what is that
Yeah I literally only attach that keyboard for the fingerprint scanner
SP4 Keyboard cover with a fingerprint scanner
oh rite
7:37 AM
It's useless to type on long term
Too thin and bendy
keys too thin
i agree
we use logitec keyboards and microsoft mouses at work
only our designer has a magic mouse
I want a Magic Trackpad type thing for the SP4, but I don't use it often enough to justify buying one of the Windows trackpads
i have never feeled like i needed one
aren't screen gestures enough?
btw yesterday i tried on of the new small ipads
behaves worse than our 200$ tablets womp.
I always use an external display, so the laptop is aligned to that. Too far for gestures on screen
I have the large iPad Pro
It works decently, but I prefer the SP4
that is the only one i've liked so far
but the mini 2 and mini 4 are crappy
7:55 AM
A: Can I show two sides of a card in one photo?

DaanOk, since you've asked for creative ways, here we go. Place the id card at the left side of the frame, take an under exposed photo with a long shutter time (5 seconds), fire a flash, turn the id card around and place it at the right side of the frame, fire the the flash a second time. We now ...

photo golfing is a thing now
8:33 AM
@Ramusesan You need at least 80 rep, and a a:q ratio of 3:4 to talk here. Please see this link for more details.
8:59 AM
9:38 AM
Yeah, like they have enough money to buy those technologies /s
I guess the ones who can travel to the US can buy those as well
Not untrue
damn logic ^^
o/ mark ocus
10:21 AM
10:37 AM
hey everybody
I got a kind of general question regarding MVP and clean architecture (using UseCases) and so on. I'm a newbie who's just tinkering around with Android whenever I get a little time.
we are all noobies tinkering with android here
Basically, I get a list through a remote call, and I need the results both in my Activity/Fragment and in a Service / DataProvider for the Service
I don't know why I'm having such a hard time wrapping my head around this
10:40 AM
What you mean a remote call?
HTTP request
store in database, fetch where needed
basically I get an RSS feed for podcasts
(waiting for the R-word)
so, the usual way of going about this is
1) check the database
2) if the requested data not there, make the HTTP call
3) store in database
4) return data
no R-word
at least if you're thinking about the same R-word as I am :)
10:43 AM
@CptEric Check out this awesome library >> Realm << What our users say about realm: realm is the best library I have ever seen - Cold Fire, 2017
but I keep running into racing conditions that I seem to set up for myself
there you go
maybe at a later point, but thank you
Eric, that wasn't your job, or was it? ;)
10:44 AM
this is basically a learning project, so I want to get an application running with as little libraries as possible, and then build up on top of that or change parts
i have realmlized how awesome it is.
get rid of the race condition
the thing being, now I execute a UseCase in both the Service and the Activity
how are you doing database then
without libraries?
what is a usecase?
10:46 AM
that too
now, as the data is not there, the http request is made, but this moves the UseCase out of the queue and the other one is fired right afterwards, before the HTTP call is finished, causing it to do another one
some people call them "Interactors" as well
Imagine using SQLite instead of Realm though. I was shown the light and I've never looked back!
I swear Tim didn't pay me to say that
@CptEric at this point, I don't have a db set up yet
it almost sounds like you are saying sql is better than realm mark
so go for realm
realm doesn't care where you ask its data from
10:49 AM
I was planning to go for SQLite as a first step, but I will look into realm
what data are you fetching? why are you doing it in 2 places?
as long as you don't touch it from multiple places at once
@TimCastelijns the "why" part is my problem
I'm fetching a podcast RSS
I would suggest GNI use sqlite before he gets brainwashed by Tim
10:50 AM
but why do you need it in 2 places
Realm might be easier to use and follow, but one should learn the basics first
moves hand centrifugally, international symbol for keep explaining
don't listen to raghav, he has no face
also he might be a bot
so on the other hand I need it in my views, on the other I need it in a background service to build a playable list for the Audioplayer
10:51 AM
we're not sure yet
Kinda like you need to learn to keep important files safe before you start using keystores, right @McAdam331?
@GNi33 You need a Database helper that wraps your database connection and queries
so basically, using a Interactor class, I want to have one central point to fetch this data in Service and Activity
That way, everything goes through one place
sqlite is not "the basics of" realm though
And you can have fetch wait on write ops
Sure, but it is the basic database for Android
10:52 AM
yeah, that's why I would've gone for SQLite first
there's plenty of unrealistically complicated DB systems based off xml and json to say sqlite is the basics tho
he could store binary files locally
that's the real basics
or butterflies. he could use butterflies.
yes and make sure to write all logic in c++, java is too high level
I feel like certain people are mocking my statements
My thing is, I want my Service and Activity / Presenter to be completely oblivous to the fact where the data comes from
10:54 AM
There will be retribution
you mocked realm, you deserve it :D
wot in retribution
wait we neet a meme generator command on the bot
all I want to do there is have a "UseClass" or "Interactor" class and execute it
okay GNI- there's different approaches to doing this
installs Windows Vista on Eric's laptop
moves Tim back into his old flat
10:55 AM
but most or 99% of em go through a Manager/singleton/Wrapper class that handles your data
from your activity and your service, you will ask ThatChass.ForTheData();
yeah, that's basically what I'm doing now
What's your current race condition?
Service asks for data -> HTTP request
Activity asks for data -> HTTP request from service not yet finished -> HTTP request
Jokes on you, I lived with my parents before this flat
moves Tim into Trump's America
Now hush
10:57 AM
you need to move from that to either a RxWiggleWuggle stuff, some BroadCastReciever evil stuff, or some fancy EventBus stuff
option 1 is overengineered for a newbie
and option 2 is mostly dead
yeah, no RxStuff for now :)
@TimCastelijns oh no. I've been there and used SQLite and know the pain compared to Realm.
althought you could go for door #2 if you want
what you need to do is Ask for the Http data, and make the service and the activity get it when it's done
not keep asking it if it has the data
like some very angst steen on the doors of a theater hall
yeah, I got callbacks on these
and I would have a QueueSystem for the UseCase - calls
@RaghavSood this is a good point. I guess it's important to have a fundamental understanding of SQL and how to use it (if you don't already)
10:59 AM
and I'm starting to think that my problem lies in there
Here's what you want:
Singleton that handles fetching of data, be it from db or network
Activity, service, both hit the Singleton calling `getData()`
Singleton has a flag for pending requests, returns some default value if a request is pending (or has a callback for when data is ready)
Singleton receives data, writes to db, shares with both callers via interfaces or whatever you like
Next time data is requested, you check if your db data is fresh enough, return if it is, request from server if not
it shouldn't even execute the second one until the first one either succeeds or fails
Hence the flag
why singleton?

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