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12:18 AM
why the interest is so low
6 hours later…
6:24 AM
hi guys! I have been trying to find solutions to FAIR queuing of tasks.
I intend to make a service where people could submit tasks(specifically transcoding) to the system and they should get serviced soon but at the same time it should not starve anyone else, ie, if a person submits 2000 tasks the system should not cater to only him all the time but instead do a round robin or something like that among other people's requests... Are there any solutions available?
4 hours later…
10:25 AM
I have a question concerning the creation of a generic array
Compared to other rooms Java Enthusiasts are Low . y is it so ?
10:57 AM
I have a question and I need a general answer
I need to convert some web application from http to https on Oracle Application server
I need some one just to redirect me to the correct location that I should look at
Hey, any help here?
there should be a server.xml or something similar
2 hours later…
1:25 PM
First topic: it's Java, not JAVA.
i have some problem to implement jqgrid .. can any one help me in that.
why nothing to happens in this room..
is there anyone in this room ,still live?
1:43 PM
this room really only started over the weekend
2:05 PM
this is a neat idea to have a chat room dedicated to each topic. Thanks SO moderators !!!
2:15 PM
@DhrumilShah: jqgrid is javascript, not java, right? Try the javascript room.
2:31 PM
Argh I need a meta.chat.stackoverflow.com site
Anyone know how to have your "set of rooms" persisted over multiple sessions?
Maybe the favourites does what I want
Ahh nice, "rejoin all"
Hello from Spain! 1st I apologize for my English, I know is bad :(
2nd If the chat is going to be a main part of stack overflow.. whould it not somehow compete with the forum as an aswering system?
@Random: I think there's a danger of that. For the most part I'd plan to redirect people to the main Q/A site for anything other than a trivial question
2:46 PM
I think if people ask questions applicable to the main site, they'll be pointed towards it
I see it as being useful for things that need lots of back and forth ("I tried this and it didn't work"->"ok now try this"... etc)
Or "what are your thoughts on <new development>"
But then how would we get way too much reputation for conversational topics?
If people ask questions in chat first, hopefully it will reduce the number of duplicates. If it's legitimately un-asked, they can post to the main site. Makes sense to me!
Hi there
when does this chat was launched ?
2:55 PM
There should be a "propogate" function to propogate a post to a question :-)
I mean, normally people ask in the SO forum becouse they want the question asked, not to post it for the future, so other than redirecting to the forum I see no way to stop the chat beating the forum (faster, has back and forth as you say...).
Hey yeah! that would be a nice add-on :)
@Random: as long as they don't introduce rep, it shouldn't cannibalize too much
we live for rep after all
@Ankur, there are techniques available for fair queuing, not necessarily requiring specific software system.
I don't have many of that so I don't care that much (also I'm on the asking side normally). I just use the site a lot when I don't know something and I whould miss it.
3:20 PM
Funny stuff
3:35 PM
Hi all ... I want to have remote access to a program called VLC in my java program. one way I have tested is using ActiveX. But I don't know how to use ActiveX in java. I used EZ project but it was not free. please guid me. Thanks.
@sajad do you mean the steinberg vst plugins?
VLC has a http interface you could maybe use
oh, read wrong sorry :)
3:52 PM
Any Wicket users here at the moment?
Sorry, tomcat fan here
@Random Well, not mutually exclusive at least.
I haven't used Wicket, but am Wicket-curious.
hello guys
@TomAnderson How so?
4:01 PM
As in it sounds like it could be fun, and i'd like to try it, but i worry my colleagues won't understand.
@Lord Torgamus too bad it is the first time I hear about Wicket :(
@TomAnderson Are we talking about the same Wicket?
no xml... tempting...
4:07 PM
@Random Until you need to figure out how to dynamically remove and restore elements on the page. (Not that that's the hardest question about Wicket by far, if you look at some of the [wicket] questions on SO.)
@Lord Torgamus like some dynamic menu or toolbar or something like? (wich I do not know hot to do anyway... ;_; )
*how (sorry)
Q: Can Wicket have AJAXified drop-down menus?

Lord TorgamusI need to make a web page with Wicket that lays out the following table: +------------+---------+ | Category | Value | +------------+---------+ | CatA | ValA | +------------+---------+ | CatB | ValB | +------------+---------+ | CatC | ValC | +------------+--------...

Onebox looks horrible, but it's because I drew ASCII art tables.
I had two issues there, the first is solved but the second is not.
I did have the same problem, but in my project I have like 30sec to solve it (hurray for spanish system), so I ended up doing it statically and adding jquery (thanks to the css guy in my company)
@Random Ah. Not an option here unless it is proven that you'd have to do something like exceed the speed of light to make Wicket do it naturally.
@Lord Torgamus hope you find the answer, and I can read it :p
4:18 PM
@Random Ah ha ha! Wicket in Action s5.6.1 looks promising.
@LordTorgamus god 50$ for the book... lets see amazon... well 28pounds. That sounds more reasonable
@Random Hey, if it helps me stay employed, $50 is nothing.
Though I am a little bitter that I bought the book just when they decided to release 1.4, where everything has to be generified.
@LordTorgamus you're right indeed.
that's bad timing, I bought a struts 1.2 book when they released struts 1.3 a few years ago...
Does anyone know if the javax.speech package provides an actual implementation for speech recognition?
hi all
Wait, I may have been looking at an unimplemented interface.
@Lord, I think you were
Because I can't find it anywhere
Is java dying out/Oracle wanting to kill it? I ask this with the apple discontinuing support and the oracle/google incident.
4:39 PM
@Dean, Android seems to be doing pretty well
It makes heavy use of java
@Lord, noooo. None of those look particularly Android-friendly.
Thanks for the link though
@ZachRattner Oh, you didn't mention Android when you asked at first.
Alright, back to work then.
Sorry, I should have mentioned that
4:45 PM
*@Zach but really what do you develop java on? I use a macbook and considering a move as they are going to stop supporting it is the new version going to be the same as the apple developed one?
Anyone going to Oracle Dev Day in NYC?
sorry getting used to this chat system
@Dean, I use eclipse in win 7
no worries
@Zach ahh ok then so i guess your not really that bothered but do your clients require cross platform software or do you find yourself only usually developing software for one platform?
4:48 PM
@Dean, I only develop Android apps, so I guess you could say only one platform
Whenever I have to do cross-platform apps, I usually use Qt
ok cool
@Dean, I only develop Android apps, so I guess you could say only one platform
sorry, chat room flipped out on me
I use Qt when I need cross platform apps
Hello, is there a dedicated room for BlackBerry java development
Is there a dedicated room for J2ME, J2ME Polish, Mobile phone development?
@user357349 indeed, just use the search box
@Graham: as well
5:03 PM
@random, i was really looking for a j2me polish room. the j2me room is very empty :-(
Graham SO isn't really built on the whole chat/forum thing.
This stuff is also very new.
Is there anything wrong with putting components in the popup layer of a jlayered pane?
5:22 PM
Hi people!
@MartijnCourteaux Hello.
How long does the chat already exists?
@MartijnCourteaux 'bout a week?
5:26 PM
bout 3 days is closer, I think
But I think it isn't very interesting of asking your questions here.
There aren't that many people on the chatbox...
I'll read...
5:40 PM
This is pretty cool :)
IMHO It feels very much like a more stylish IRC with too little flow to be worth visiting.
@Fredrik @Fredrik: It's only been announced for a few hours now, give it a bit of time.
@MarkPeters of course, I just have a hard time figuring out what need it is supposed to fill (yes, I have read the post about the third site) except maybe for being a fun project to burn some vc on. It is however a rather cool implementation. I can think of a handful of places where the technology would make sense. But I am not going anywhere, who knows. Maybe this is where all the action will be in a few weeks :-)
@Fredrik Yeah my worry is this will cannibalize SO traffic, which isn't good since this is a worse medium for most questions that belong on SO.
5:55 PM
people just need to realize you link to questions here
hello everyone
Yeah, it would be nice if you could use a conversation on here to populate a SO question.
6:12 PM
I wonder if this is based on XMPP
@John Kind of hard to to without either making the SO question page very hard to follow or making it less complete. I really like the way google can take me to a question at SO with a few answers with comments giving me pros and cons of different approaches. I would hate if that was taken away just because some of the good comments ended up here instead.
oh, hi there!
anyone see my hello?
I do James1
6:18 PM
oh wow
so i can chat here
so it seems! :)
it says on the top that i need 20 reputation to participate here
right, well, i can see your messages
hello every body , this forum is really a nice idea .
Hi alaa, it is indeed
6:20 PM
Anybody tried the obvious yet? <script>alert("OOPS!");</script>
Would've surprised me if it had worked ;-)
its not working
btw. what language is so developed in?
we could start messing around with encoding a bit
after all we're here for testing ;-)
this isn't the first chatroom they have created, so I doubt highly any of that will work
sure, áéíóú ˜˜˜˜˜ñ ˜˜Ñ
seems to be alright!
that's not what I meant
I meant messing around with the embedding of active content (like. js) using different encodings
6:23 PM
right, misunderstood that then
Josmas: maybe you're just a less destructive personality than me ;)
brw. is this stuff indexed by big Mama Google?
no idea, are they making archives available?
@Fredrik I was thinking more like being able to select a set of messages and populate a SO question template which you could then edit...maybe using the messages on chat as comments to the original question. Then somehow link that to a user account. That way for example, if I populate a question from our convo, then you'd get a message asking you to fill in the answer details that we discussed here all the while still having our conversation history to reference.
6:39 PM
Q: Chat "propagate" function?

Mark PetersTo avoid cannibalizing the main Q/A bodies of our sites, and to make sure that things which are better suited as a question are asked there, what do you think of a "propagate to question" button for your own message or conversation in a chat room? I'd envision that you could click this button wh...

7:11 PM
if a had a weird bug in a Java implementation of Dijkstra, would it be better to ask as a real question or post a pastebin here?
Don't write your own - there is an excellent library out there for you.
I don't remember the name for it, but I guess one could google it.
@Knubo it was for an assignment
Not to mention, I'm curious anyways
Ah... right then you could try the paste :)
so, as far as I've identified for possible sources of error:
I didn't override equals in PQNode
I didn't override hashCode in PQNode
oh, the error is: in the highlighted line, if the commented code is used it explores more states
I did override equals and hashCode in State
@John Sure, I just think the average poster is too lazy to do that "promote to SO" template editing in a way that resulted in something well formatted enough so that people would actually bother getting a context and answer. I hope I am wrong :-)
7:53 PM
In Swing/AWT, is it common to use JPanels/Borderlayouts to create GUIs? I'm finding it hard to envision that one can create client resizable GUIs (b/c don't you have to keep track of all the sizes?)
9:23 PM
@CarlodelMundo JPanels: Yes
@CarlodelMundo Normally you use differetnt LayoutManagers for different Stuff
@keuleJ Can you explain more? I thought BorderLayout was the most used
@CarlodelMundo BorderLayout is good for things that should be layedout like that. For other needs you use other LayoutManagers. Read this: download.oracle.com/javase/tutorial/uiswing/layout/visual.html
9:50 PM
@Fredrik Thanks bro! that helped
I'm making the realization that a combination of LayoutManagers will be useful
@CarlodelMundo that's normally the case, yes
10:23 PM
Hello world!
Does anyone know how a port scanner would work?
What are different ways for process synchronization??
10:41 PM
Does anyone still need Swing help?
I program Swing on a daily basis so I might be able to answer your questions
How to get started with Swing? :)'=
Noone answered my question
posting again

What are different ways for process synchronization??
Find the oracle tutorials and use them for Swing
they have all the code you need for each component. Is there something you are specificaly trying to do?
If you want a super simple swing app to start with I can send you a link
Create a simple port scanner with a GUI but the GUI was meant to come later.
okay well the port scanner I have no idea
a GUI for it would be simple
The Port scanner couldn't be too hard either
10:47 PM
I have an idea of how it would work. I just want to get started with GUIs ;)
well like I said I could send you a link to a simple example. Not sure what else to say
11:14 PM
@Algorist you mean like, different ways to thread in java?
11:25 PM
That is a link to a simple spring app
swing app*
thanks for the link\
oh, so its just like Flex/Actionscript?
11:49 PM
Anyone know some free AOT java compiler?

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