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10:55 AM
Another release, more failures from Remis build :-( I'm grateful to Remi reporting that, but ... I wished our own CI would… just catch everything :-(
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1:15 PM
1:32 PM
I could use some help with this line of code:
`preg_replace('/DATE/', "Wednesday, Sep 27 2023", $mailBody);`
$mailbody is a string of html with the token DATE in it. I've tried #DATE#,(DATE), <DATE> with no success
@Girgias do you have less terse feedback than "I don't understand"?
Frankly that doesn't help me, to explain anything beyond what is in PR's
documents dependencies, moves some (minor) things around, so that lots of the things @IluTov has asked for can come (in the future).

Has been tested on a new-install windows 11 box and windows 2019 box (assuming that all spaces between will be more-or-less compatible).

The windows builds, are a large, __neglected__ area
@Jimbus Here would be an example for a simple replace 3v4l.org/vEDnW does that help you?
@Jimbus Any reason why you can't use str_replace instead? Although this ought to work.
OH, returns the changed string instead of what you sent... can I
Email may not be contiguous lines, so both str_replace and regex may not work is all I can think of. Can you print and share (via pastebin or 3v4l.org) a sample of email body which is not working?
1:42 PM
$mailBody = preg_replace('/DATE/', "Wednesday, Sep 27 2023", $mailBody);
@Jimbus @Jimbus Yes that will work, I used $replacedMailBody just to make it a bit more clear
You're the boss @Arne_
@Derick no reason other than I like regex and had already used preg_match as part of the string manipulation
YES! it worked! Alright, does anyone have a favorite way of marking up token for replacement in HTML? "DATE" doesn't seem foolproof enough. I tried #DATE#, but that seems bad in a regex environment
{{DATE}} is what you see often
and FWIW, str_replace is significantly faster
2:13 PM
@MrMesees As is, I don't see the value in the PRs other than being churn. I appreciate you trying to look into the Windows build, but from the glances I had it didn't seem to have much documentation and doing stuff which looks weird (like the tearing down and replacing the DB)
2:29 PM
Re sec priorities @Derick. PDO and in specific our fake (emulated) prepares
@PeeHaa I have started collecting them at docs.google.com/document/d/…
I don't get the SPL thing tho, the memory is allocated by ZMM
Not saying it might not have any issue considering it is SPL
My gut also tells me (un)serialize and funky reads/writes with unsafe data, but I don't know anything about the code so might just be that a gut feeling
@MarkR It shouldn't anymore with the latest versions
2:46 PM
@Girgias Yeah, I didn't get that either. I'm (so far) only collecting these. We can chat about them on Thu.
Also JIT and potential side channel attacks, but not sure who will be able to audit that :)
3:07 PM
@PeeHaa unserialize is well-known for possibly allowing RCE if you pass it untrusted data, because of __destruct().
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10:27 PM
I'm trying to determine if ob_start has already been called, but I'm getting some weird behaviour. ob_get_level returns 1, while ob_get_status shows a level of 0, an ob_list_handlers doesn't show anything, but it evaluates as not empty? gist.github.com/landproDATA-DrewE/…
10:40 PM
small changes, so that it runs predictably outside of GitHub actions

If you leave a DB in it's state, then you have flaky tests. While the PHP test suite may teardown, I don't know this to be the case. I'd much rather have "CREATE DATABASE test IF NOT EXISTS" if that is known to work, but I got flaky tests when I ran that locally, so... Right now, it's an area for iteration, which doesn't harm the automated CI at all.
Even, the pieces like "why is he moving this code here", is all to consolidate chunks, that I hope to be able to separate, as @IluTov has mentioned in some of the feedback. But I also will not work on a 500 line MR. Much past the size it's got now, I'll simply leave it to rot. So far 4 weeks in, all we have is turning off echo off commands, which should show where any current PHP builds or tests are failing.
backlogged, although I have looked a little, are why github.com/cmb69/php-ftw might not work with newer PHP versions
It uses github.com/php/php-sdk-binary-tools which I think is php-sdk (or maybe php-sdk uses). In any-case, having one canonical set of tooling to iterate on is a goal.
I'm doing this as a "wouldn't this be fun to learn" from my side, only in spare time.
I understand what is going on, but not really why. I Think you might have seen other efforts in this regard on GitHub in other PR's from other authors https://github.com/php/php-src/pull/11125 for example, re-does builds, but without using any of current CI, so it's like a leap from what you have to what was reverse engineered from a wiki https://wiki.php.net/internals/windows/stepbystepbuild and seems to miss parts.
I don't see how anything I've done degrades anything either. The %~dp0 weirdness is now readable at the cost of a little oddness running env.bat before all scripts, or hard-coding anything.

Has anyone actually tried doing what the PR says, and logging any errors or confusion?

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