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12:02 AM
@Tiffany Heh... was just working on slides showing this today...
@Girgias I wouldn't be surprised if Niki got dynamic property deprecation though
Oh I truly hope this lands
But I was more thinking in regards to new features
Oh, how fun:
> /usr/local/src/php-7.1/Zend/zend_operators.h:130:14: warning: implicit conversion from 'long' to 'double' changes value from 9223372036854775807 to 9223372036854775808 [-Wimplicit-int-float-conversion]
Also @Sara I tried to convert stream contexts to objects... and I can't debug what's going wrong
Same for process resources >_>
They seem to be somewhat functional
@Tiffany Oh I know him, he comes to the PHP London usergroup meetups
@Girgias There's some reference counting hijinks in there which make me curse Wez's name.
@Sara If you kindly want to have a look if you have some time github.com/php/php-src/compare/master...Girgias:stream-context
Cause, it's made me give up :(
12:09 AM
Yeah, I can take a look tomorrow. I'll warn you though, I already tried doing this last year and lost the will to live.
Well, I'll know I'm not the only one then
I've got the one for process also, which might be slightly less painful
12:28 AM
@Girgias Asymmetric property visibility would be on my wish list.
if only we had time
Meanwhile I just started playing with my branch for github.com/Girgias/error-control-operator-exceptions-rfc again
@Girgias there's like a soild 1.7E240 years before the heat death of the universe and that's a really conservative estimate
@DaveRandom PedanticDave has struck again
not really, if you want to pick a number that's up for debate you can't do much better than that one
Okay let me rephrase it, if only we had time, money, and motivation within the next year
12:34 AM
time is an illusion
lunchtime doubly so
ftr I really wish I could offer to be actually useful here but I just can't... I really hope to return to "real" coding one day but that day is not today :-/
I am making an effort not to forget how shit works at least :-P
@DaveRandom ping
Reply from @DaveRandom 2 Pints t=14ms
Network gear?
that TTL is brutal
it's still in the van
it is still presumably all good to go
Okay okay lol
12:42 AM
I should prob just ship it to you? :-P
At this point, you might lol
Although I don't really need it rn
can't until next tues (can't afford to :-P) but will do it properly then
I really need to clear that thing out anyway
I haven;t seen my good RJ45 crimps for weeks, been using the lethal ones that basically have a razor blade on the edge I hate them so much, I know the good ones are buried in there somewhere
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4:13 AM
@DaveRandom room topic changed to PHP: Support group for those afflicted with PHP. Don't ask to ask, just ask. Username auto complete is tab, not enter. Spaß ist verboten. Chat Guidelines : room-11.github.io [friday] [php] also we jizz on properly cut cables
4:33 AM
/me screams and runs through room 11 waving her arms
4:50 AM
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6:19 AM
@Girgias I wish I had the patience for working on such things
2 hours later…
8:33 AM
can anybody help me on this laravel file upload issue?

hi jay
2 hours later…
10:07 AM
@cmb What do I do with files like bugs.xdebug.org/file_download.php?file_id=655&type=bug ? (Linked from bugs.xdebug.org/view.php?id=2016 for which I also have no clue how to reproduce that)
@Derick these are crash report analysis files; the most relevant info in this file is the stack backtrace; maybe you have an idea about that? You may want to refer the reported to bugs.php.net/bugs-generating-backtrace-win32.php, so they can post the backtrace right away (including debug symbols).
I saw that stack trace, but it makes no sense
xdebug_init_oparray does not call execute_ex...
10:28 AM
"I'm running PHP 8.0.8 but downloaded debug-pack 8.0.10 because it was handy." ;)
I think it's best to ask them to install the [proper debug symbols](https://windows.php.net/downloads/releases/archives/), and also to install the Xdebug debug symbols (php_xdebug.pdb), and get a new stacktrace.
1 hour later…
11:59 AM
@MateKocsis Yeah, I get it, it's frustrating and pretty minimal >_>
12:55 PM
*long sigh*
can i use PHP constants in external files with same directory without include or require ??
If you have an autoloader (which you absolutely should) then you'd still be including / requiring.
@Girgias Exactly as Christoph said, "I haven't done a review, but given that RC2 is already out, it would be nice to have the migration guide in the manual." To add to that, I don't think it would hurt (much? at all?) to merge what is written now (in your PR) even if incomplete. That way, the guide would be available for translators to get started on, and further additions/improvements can be done incrementally.
@salathe Right, well I'll merge it then
I'll probably merge the never changes too, and will try to get on with writing the bit for intersection types
1:30 PM
@cmb Is there a tool on Linux I can use to decode this .mht files?
@Derick I don't know, but you come a long way by renaming to .html and opening in your browser.
I did try that, but there is too much mangling :-/
These ReturnTypeWillChange … sigh
1:47 PM
@cmb All says "install chrome", uh, no :-)
the user btw updated with a new file, but said that the symbols could not be found in Xdebug :-/ bugs.xdebug.org/view.php?id=2016#c6029
@Derick Possibly worth a try - github.com/dzcpy/mht2html
@Danack thanks, but that seems to go into an endless loop...
2:08 PM
@Danack This actually decodes it.... and I wrote most of that 11 years ago :-D github.com/zetacomponents/Mail/blame/master/docs/…
Do you all think using multiple null coalescing operators in a return adds too much cognitive load? For example...
    return $this->config[$configKey]
        ?? $this->getConfigFromConstant($configKey)
        ?? $default;
I know I would avoid it with ternary's and generally don't want to nest things like that, but there while technically nested it looks pretty sequential so I'm not sure
@cmb pastebin.com/raw/siCwKa7h — do you think it's possible that the name xdebug_init_oparray is a fake? It's a tiny function and I doubt that there is that much code in it (a5a0 instructions?!). And if you have an idea why the debug symbols didn't load for them, I'd be happy to hear.
@scorgn I didn't think that is too bad there.
@Derick I agree, but just wanted validation :P
Thanks for the output :D
@Derick I'll try to have a closer look. No idea from the top of my head.
@cmb Thanks!
2:46 PM
boi that is proper weird
@scorgn That's a completely reasonable use of ??, IMO. I've done things like that many times.
... first the complaint is that PHP doesn't have a regular release schedule... and now that it does, it's too often. sigh
3:02 PM
@scorgn I even do that vertical formatting like that, usually.
@Wes .....what
@Crell Okay cool, the vertical formatting definitely helps readability I think, even if it could fit on one line
@Tiffany Following your doc setup instructions, I'm now getting an error loading the website that index.inc couldn't be found. The page is rendering the header, then stopping.
3:26 PM
Has anyone experienced something with PHPStorm where you'll just randomly click on it... and it'll instantly crash / close?
No crash dialog, just poof
user image
@MarkR no, but I suggest doing it's "clear caches" thing.
hmm good shout
@Wes wow that is awful :D
Is A0 some special magical macro? github.com/kamil-tekiela/php-src/commit/…
3:43 PM
I cannot reliably reproduce a crash even with Opcache tracing JIT enabled. However, when stress testing (ab -n 1000 -c 10), I get crashes but completely different backtrace.
These have the Xdebug debug symbols loaded; I have no idea why that didn't work for the bug reporter. Regarding the tiny xdebug_init_oparray(): this might not be that tiny due to aggressive inlining (especially since there are only 7 symbols exported from the DLL).
Maybe ask the reported whether this crash also happens without OPcache. And then they would need to get Xdebug debug symbols working some way …
@Derick, ^
@Crell are you rendering it as PHP?
I've had trouble getting the manual to work as PHP files in the past, like 404 errors and such. I didn't understand it well enough to resolve. It was suggested to render the docs to XHTML and that's worked for me so far.
@Crell if you render as PHP, you need to get github.com/php/web-php, and then symlink manual/en to to the PhD output. Afterwards start the built-in Webserver (php -S localhost:8888 .router.php)
@Tiffany Ah, I was not indeed. That was the issue.
@cmb Yeah, that's what I did per the docs, but had the wrong rendered format.
There was an issue with the built-in server and routing the files correctly, but I think it was an issue with how I configured my web server and my VM
you need to specify .router.php as router file (works well for me)
3:47 PM
/me gets the itch to write a new Makefile.
I'm going to have to postpone any work because I want to move. Visiting Chicago for a week ruined me :P I want to live in an urban area again.
"ruined me" in the sense of ever being satisfied and happy with where I live. I can't afford Chicago yet, but there are other places.
@cmb Is that a C0000005 error again? With which address?
@Derick C0000005 is a segfault (access violation in MS speak); the one I got is actually a STATUS_INTEGER_DIVIDE_BY_ZERO (C0000094)
102 return xdebug_counter_and_freq_to_nanotime((uint64_t)tcounter.QuadPart, nanotime_context->win_freq);

Doesn't have a / in it.
Maybe inlined too...
yep, might happen in xdebug_counter_and_freq_to_nanotime()
3:57 PM
 75 #if PHP_WIN32
 76 static uint64_t xdebug_counter_and_freq_to_nanotime(uint64_t counter, uint64_t freq)
 77 {
 78     uint32_t mul = 1, freq32;
 79     uint64_t q, r;
 81     while (freq >= (1ULL << 32)) {
 82         freq /= 2;
 83         mul *= 2;
 84     }
 85     freq32 = (uint32_t)freq;
 87     q = counter / freq32;
 88     r = counter % freq32;
 89     return (q * NANOS_IN_SEC + (r * NANOS_IN_SEC) / freq32) * mul;
 90 }
 91 #endif
Seems strange as to where...
can freq32 be zero?
PHP 8.1.0RC2 build missing php_oci8_12c.dll ・ OCI8 related ・ #81466
I'm not sure how that makes sense. (This is not my code, btw)
Somebody else wrote it...
There might be some Win API function that could be used instead.
I don't really understand this code, and I am unhappy that this whole timing PR has caused so much grief. First on OSX, and now on Windows.
Of course, the original author has disappeared... (mvorisek) :-/
4:03 PM
@Danack +1 for prodding the r/php mods a bit, I've found there's a lot of very useful information in response to Qs on there that gets nuked as soon as brendt wakes up, leaving a lot of posts with very little engagement.
@Tiffany LOL. The cost for Chicago suburbs varies widely depending on the suburb. There's also modestly sized cities like Peoria, Rockford, Springfield, Bloomington...
Note to self: Set the IDE to ignore the generated output directory if you don't want it to lock up every time you look at it funny.
@RemiCollet Where can I find the source RPM of this: rpms.remirepo.net/enterprise/7.7/php81/x86_64/repoview/php.html ?
@RemiCollet Of course the moment I ask I find rpms.remirepo.net/SRPMS :-)
4:19 PM
What's a non-idiomatic, and not insulting way of saying "you are putting your thumb on the scale to get the result you want"?
@Dharman CFLAGS=-DA0=1 before buildconf
@MarkR I followed the chain a bit, but didn't find the context. What happened in r/php?
@Danack That didn't strike me as an insult?
@LeviMorrison someone asked where they can chat to php internal devs. brendt moderated the thread as off-topic.
And left it as closed even after people objected in the thread, and only restored it after I called him out on twitter.
@cmb which file is that in? I can't find it anywhere in php-src
4:25 PM
@Dharman you set that on the command line, before doing ./buildconf && ./configure && make
this is a classic way to comment out code for testing/development (e.g. when a feature is not yet ready, but you want to work on it). Nowadays, we have git, though.
ohh, that's peculiar.
i've seen it as an alias for #if 0 too
that explains a lot
see also bugs.php.net/bug.php?id=74536 (abies_0)
@Derick yeah, but it's idiomatic, which is something I try to avoid when talking to non-native english speakers aka on internals.
4:36 PM
@Danack Right, I didn't understand it, so it wasn't an insult ;-)
@Danack I suppose it falls under rule 4: No help posts.
> In general "help posts" are not allowed, as the answer is only of interest to the person asking it. But "where can info about X be found/discussed" is of interest to more people than just the asker, and so are on topic - assuming they are related to PHP.
it's not a clearcut one......but I think brendt was wrong, and persisted in being wrong when multiple people objected...
I find that it's usually the higher effort help posts that provide the most from the subreddit, at least until they get deleted.
And as he violates the /r/php rules to continually promote his own stuff, it's kind of icky for him to be so hard on other people.
I hang around phphelp generally, but it can be a cesspool of help vamps.
4:47 PM
@Danack Isn't he an /r/php moderator?
@ramsey yes. And so him flagrantly breaking the rules for his own benefit is eyebrow raising.
I have this same concern with one of the people who posts from @phpc on Twitter
@Danack I understand BC breaks for new features as the language progresses. It makes me feel bad because of my gripes I have had when console manufacturers do not make the games from the previous console backwards compatible into perpetuity.
@ramsey @phpc on twitter is mostly retweets...
4:53 PM
@Derick I know
@ramsey I don't know who is behind that account.....looking at the github account behind the phpcommunity site I thought it might be you, but I guess not.
@Danack It is me, but there's one other who also has access to the Twitter account. :-)
They like to tweet from their own account and then go retweet it from @phpc, and that bothers me. :-)
Tell them to stop doing that then... or revoke their access. duh.
I'm too non-confrontational. :-D
So be passive aggressive and remove their access and when they ask just send shrug emoji... no I'm kidding. That's never a good approach. =P
4:58 PM
@ramsey want me to do it?
Danack has no problems with confrontation.
is it supposed to be a secret who runs that account ? I've wondered about it in the past ...
@StatikStasis that is not what several of my previous bosses have said during reviews.
I've always found you to be blunt and to the point so I would disagree with your bosses... but I only know you through this little room on the Internet.
"Dan has a problem with confrontation" does not mean he is not confrontational ...
5:02 PM
@JoeWatkins It always amazes me that with so many things being very well documented-ish, some of these small things such as access and responsibility seem to be unknowns. But this happens all the time in every organization... even where I work so I should not be surprised I guess.
it means he goes around sticking his beard in peoples faces until he gets his own way ...
The secret PHP cabal.
@StatikStasis the phpc twitter and community accounts aren't anything to do with internals, they do not originate in official channels of any kind, they're community efforts
Ayup Joe, are you feeling a bit better more recently? I seem to remember you were having a rough time
@JoeWatkins Probably comes down to who it was and their perspective and a number of other variables to how it was taken. Some people don't like people that are direct.
^^ ah did not realize that.
5:06 PM
@JoeWatkins It's not a secret. It's me.
@MarkR I'm okay, thanks for asking, being alive feels pretty normal at the moment ...
I just don't use it for self-promotion.
@JoeWatkins Glad to hear
@JoeWatkins I will reserve the full story when we meet in person next, but at two companies I have encountered people who have become used to getting their way, through the expedient of continually raising their voices louder than anyone else is comfortable responding to. And then they encounter little ol me.
@StatikStasis I consider dan the bulldog for internals, calling people out on breaking rules is important, and people are going to perceive you as confrontational for doing that ... but if they don't do that, what is the point of having rules ... I don't want to call people out on it and am glad there's someone around to do it ...
5:11 PM
for the record, I also try to offer emotional support in private where appropriate. I don't just annoy people...mostly.
@JoeWatkins If in any relationship you have with someone, if both always agree on everything... one of them is probably not being honest and is just going with the flow. Good discourse definitely brings about better results if handled civilly. We call it courageous conversation or courageous dialogue.
insert wife joke
in all seriousness, you could also both be compromising ...
@Girgias Thanks for moving things forwards. If it's worth anything, I'll try and find/make time to look things over but I can't make any promises these days.
There is nothing wrong with compromise if it is truly that. There is compromise to everything, but if it is always one sided... that's not bringing about the best result.
I just celebrated 20 years of marriage last week... we've only lasted that long because we've been willing to push back on one another in order to find the right compromise. ...although I would say I compromise more... but don't tell her I said that. =P
I must be 80% compromise, most battles are not worth winning, if my wife says we need to spend money or time on a stupid thing that I don't think is important, because for example, it's outside, I'm going to let her have her way, accepting it's important to her ... in the end we always have to agree on everything important, and we don't get there through being dishonest, it's all compromise ...
I just don't see the point in paying someone to make the driveway look a little tidier, when outside the gates are roads and mountains and we're not doing anything to make those tidier ... on the scale of things, it doesn't matter if the rocks on the driveway are a little pointy ...
5:17 PM
I agree completely. I may compromise more with my wife because I sleep in the same bed as her every night. But I don't with those at work or "virtual collaborators" on the Internet so it's important to be heard... and to determine if the hill is worth dying on.
Note: Building the hill worth dying on has been moved to the backlog as no-one could agree on what shape it should be and it ended up in a shouting match.
@JoeWatkins It's good to know those conversations are universal. =)
How would folks feel about a proposal to change the PHP minor version release cycle from 12 months to 18 or 24 months?
no thanks, not because of one loud person, not even if they're really loud, not even if everyone knows their name
This was something I’ve been thinking about since before mwop posted to the list
5:21 PM
that would really piss off all the people that adjusted their workflow to accomodate this release schedule, for some places, they are only just achieving this, for the ones that haven't they're going to have an impossible time convincing the people they didn't manage to convince yet if we suddenly change the cycle ... it's a terrible idea
harmful, even
As a library maintainer, the transition from 8.0 to 8.1 has been a headache
You'd also likely see a lot less contributions than the already small list of contributors to PHP if they think the results of their labour won't see the light of day to the wider community until 2, 3 years later
It seemed easier transitioning from 7.4 to 8.0
@ramsey I think having LTS versions might be a more productive conversation. But I think that would need to be tied into having companies fund that effort.
nobody has done anything bad in 8.1, everything that was being done is documented somewhere, probably discussed somewhere ...
I'll try being blunt ... people complaining at this point ought to just do a better job of being a library maintainer, complaining at this point in the release cycle tells me you're not out in front of changes you know might be coming, you know where to read and haven't, you knew work was coming and you didn't do it, or didn't look for it ...
internals isn't responsible for how you run your shit ...
5:27 PM
@salathe No worries, I do hope it is mostly okay :D
I'm not going to respond today, but maybe people should consider not having over a hundred repos that they maintain....
@Danack there's not really a queue of candidates for release managers lining up at the doors, extending the release schedule beyond 3 years is probably not reasonable, even if there are funds, 3 years is already longer than a lot of people stay at one employer
I'm not going to respond at all, to the thread, but may close the bug again ... side note, it should not be possible to re-open something marked not-a-bug unless the person who marked it not-a-bug or someone else with karma superior decides it's not a bug ...
5:48 PM
guys what does it mean? "as usual I'm not following" .. Does it mean "I don't understand what you're saying"?
@PeeHaa yes it is. also hi
@Shafizadeh Yes
@JoeWatkins maybe this is something you might have some insight into reddit.com/r/PHP/comments/ptcraq/…
@JoeWatkins tbh, I think this ReturnTypeWillChange being a fatal error at some places was a mistake … saying that as an user of libraries
6:27 PM
@bwoebi Where is it a fatal error?
You mean if someone promoted deprecations to exceptions?
@Wes o/ :)
6:55 PM
@MarkR moderated out of existence ...
reddit has become tiresome
@JoeWatkins ... a long time ago ;-)
I dunno, boldness has increased in new guard, and now it becomes irritating ...
@ThW as you're here.... for github.com/ThomasWeinert/php-extension-sample although the branch names are reasonably obvious, is there a description of each of them anywhere? context - I linked them on phpopendocs.com/internals but it's slightly bare at the moment.
@NikiC meh, that must be it, really annoying, when people convert deprecations to exceptions. especially it being fully uncatchable with zend_exception_uncaught_error being invoked when that happens
@bwoebi TBH I think a lot of peoples migration woes come down to exactly that
No idea how we go there, but it seems like converting deprecations to exceptions is pretty much the status quo now
7:04 PM
@Danack No only what is in the repository. This repository is basically a documentation of my learning process.
lazy question, was there a change to glob between 7.4.20 and 7.4.23?
@ThW cool.
where a count($array) > 0 check would need to be changed to !empty($array)
@Danack not sure at which point I will get to update it. I need to update the hardware stuff and just got question about a WOW addon I wrote years ago.
which one? :P
7:08 PM
mark it as "PR's accepted"....
@Tiffany Venantes
oh wow
Wanna hear an unbelievable story? I got mugged 3 weeks ago.
o_O how?
They took my laptop bag, but the notebook (without the bag) was found the next day in a park. Got it back from the police a week later - without a scratch. My applications were still running.
7:23 PM
That is odd.
I did a factory reset.
Still healing, but this was a nice surprise.
@Dharman the metal pipe and the knife said otherwise...
A persuasive argument.
I'm sorry, btw
7:39 PM
@Dharman I believe that's the Oracle security model
@NikiC I would expect to be Oracle the guy on the left. :-)
8:30 PM
You know, properties on interfaces would be exactly what I want right this moment...
@Wes WES!!! \o/
@Tiffany LOL
@ThW Oh my goodness! Glad you're okay. What city or country? Did you have documents/files that were not saved anywhere else?
I have meeting fatigue after today... one 2 hour meeting, followed by one 1 hour meeting, short break, then one 1 hour meeting, followed by one more 2 hour meeting.
(object) casting of array should validate keynames ・ Class/Object related ・ #81467
8:50 PM
@StatikStasis Cologne, Germany. All my stuff is in Git. I opened another computer and did continue working. This actually helped a lot.
hey everybody \o
Lost a nice watch
@Wes hey wes. not sure why this guy was attacking you on twitter the other day, but for the record, I enjoy my mug and tshirt.
9:09 PM
Anyone know when ZEND_EXT_FCALL_BEGIN is used? I'm writing a zend ext and the fcall_begin_handler_func_t handler doesn't seem to get invoked in trivial cases. Going by the name I was expecting it to get invoked at the beginning of function calls.
Incident with Codespaces
@ThW That's good! But sorry to hear about the watch. Guess he just needed the time...
Badum tss...
@NikiC I didn't. Is that a PHP compile option? I'll look into it. Is this the best way to get a hook for each function call? I recall overriding execute_ex in the past..
@StatikStasis actually the watch lost the glass, the display was broken but it still did show the right time until it stopped 3 days later. (I found the next day)
9:20 PM
@Wes o/
I thought about using the marks on the watch to calculate the diameter of the metal tube.
@adsr what's it you're trying to do? There's a chance the new-ish observer api (which I dont have a great link for but github.com/SammyK/observer will give you a clue) might be what you're after.
Oh that looks cool
Unfortunately I'm writing against an old version of PHP for work
Rasmus is upgrading us to 8 soon. Now if only we can get beyond 3.10 kernel lol
But yes basically that, fprintf(stderr, "now in function %s", ...);
@adsr from which version?
9:31 PM
@adsr that does not sound to bad. Here is still a lot 5.x around.
Yes not bad at all. The old kernel is more annoying
9:50 PM
Using the execute_ex approach for now
10:02 PM
I'm attempting to add pagination to a SQL query. I'm referring to a coworker's code as an example to get a feel for what I have to do. Their code uses a boolean and checks against rowCount(), and sets the boolean to false if the check fails, which breaks out of a do while loop. I wanted to try doing it based on the fetch results... gist, but my code either loops infinitely, or loops 500 times and breaks.
not sure if it's doable without a separate boolean...
What's the difference between ZEND_INIT_FCALL and ZEND_INIT_FCALL_BY_NAME?
10:18 PM
@Tiffany Why not use break?
@Girgias Good q. I tried writing code to get the compiler to hit this case but I can't figure it out github.com/php/php-src/blob/…
Or perhaps I have a better question @Tiffany wha re you not using a prepared statement?
10:44 PM
hello bros i have new of this librery i have improve some of its...
Do we really need an entire screen filled with images?
@PeeHaa I do not know there is a great diversity of tastes. If they seem bad to you, ask even a moderator to remove them.
You realize I can remove messages right?
I don't know ... I don't care what you do.
@FranciscoNúñez-TodoPoderoso hi. when someone gives you gentle feedback, sometimes it's good to take it.
Also, I am not a bro.
10:55 PM
ok bro.
btw you should probably clear about what you are asking, as 'improve' is quite vague.
I have not asked for anything to improve ... I'm sorry, I just smoked a joint and I'm not 100 XD .. anyway, thanks for the observations
The images are screenshots to show the result of the execution of the Output Handler library in which I have advanced a little this week.
11:04 PM
@FranciscoNúñez-TodoPoderoso you shouldn't take up the time of other people, when you aren't in a position to talk clearly.
not much
11:19 PM
half of the universe is above you, and you say "not much"?
grumble grumble
Somehow starting from scratch for a function autoloader is easier then trying to go from Anthony's old PR
11:33 PM
@Girgias I was going to update the draft words for that to i) separate the registering functions to one function per type and ii) see how much people would object to being able to return a callable:
function fnAutoloader($fn_name)
    if ($name === 'sayHello') {
        return function ($person_name) {
            printf("Well hello there %s.", $person_name);


@Danack I mean, I actually haven't started doing any "concrete" work, more set-up so that there is only one place I need to add support for it
Also where is your draft again?
but yeah, the different types of autoloader should be separate, as if any of them every need to have function signature changed (or support for a different type in future, requires different parameters), that would be annoying.
Tbh I was planning on going that route to some extent
But great to know that I might not need to write words
Sigh - just switched to a Green energy provider last week... now they're bust because the government only wants to bail out the top 6. Bunch a cvnts.
theyr'e expecting about 80 to go under i think
11:43 PM
@PeeHaa no good reason other than my query doesn't accept user input. I can try break, but the code is wrapped in multiple loops that I don't fully understand and I was afraid break might have negative consequences.
Rather, that part of the code doesn't interact with user input
a while true and a break would be fine (and cleaner)
@Tiffany your code seems fine, though I am tired - but I would be more explicit as while (($kRow = $oResults->fetch(\PDO::FETCH_ASSOC)) !== false). suspect you may need to debug it to find why it's looping more than you expect.
You probably also want an order in there
@Danack wouldn't it need to loop at least once to build the initial query before fetching results?
You're also not fetching all your data before you start yielding
Copy it to an array first
11:56 PM
@Tiffany not sure what you mean, and think that's a sign I should go to bed.
> If you do not fetch all of the data in a result set before issuing your next call to PDO::query(), your call may fail. Call PDOStatement::closeCursor() to release the database resources associated with the PDOStatement object before issuing your next call to PDO::query().
g'nite Danack

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