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12:00 AM
screenshot ^^ ?
not if it's just boring....just if interesting.
12:39 AM
@Danack This message ain't clear Dan :p
DEADLYSIGNAL has to be one of the more O__O error messages I've seen. It sounds like the codename for some russian dead-hand.
@MarkR Hey at least I'm not corrupting the zend MM heap anymore
1:13 AM
That's quitter talk
4 hours later…
5:27 AM
chr(48) is falsy ・ *General Issues ・ #81456
3 hours later…
8:37 AM
Hmm thanks @PeeHaa didnt realise the server one is for inbound. The same issue seems to be with RequestInterface and RequestFactoryInterface. The properties that the factory method takes in is not enough to satisfy the methods/data RequestInterface. think am gonna forget these for now :(
actually maybe this one does. need to do more reading. Not sure when to use ServerRequest vs normal request now then
9:21 AM
it is somewhat annoying how circular the arguments around RFCs tend to be, though that's expected i suppose
"this should be done in a more generic way" "okay, then propose generics" "i don't wanna do that" "okay, then this is what I can do" "well do something more generic" "okay, well how about erased types" "i don't wanna do that" "okay, well how about bottom types" "i don't wanna do that" "okay, well how about type specific collections then" "i don't wanna do that"
"what do we want?" "LSP preserving parameter co-variance!" "when do we want it?" "as soon as someone else does it"
10:11 AM
The following command returns just the name of matched files: ls -R | grep php.ini
Any idea how can I get the full path of files?
why not use find?
@Shafizadeh You might want to look at using locate or find instead of ls
ah ok
2 hours later…
11:47 AM
@Girgias ascii lacks a decent up arrow, and I couldn't be bothered to look for a ↑ ... was hoping that the person was at least entertaining in their "PHP is slightly different from other languages" bug report.
me browsing twitter after i basically changed career "omg these people are nuts, still arguing about dependency injection vs traits vs extends and mocks vs integration tests" and then the realization "omfg i was one of them"
hello everybody :B
12:07 PM
@Danack Oh no it wasn't, just a "but why?"
2 hours later…
1:51 PM
kind of interesting - webpack.js.org/vote
2:25 PM
GitHubCopilot gave me a staging.airbnb.com/api link with a key that still works
@StatikStasis a streamer I watch started playing the Skyrim OST instead of in-game music, and I might be swayed to it now...
Pretty sure copilot is a lawsuit waiting to happen at this point
@AllenJB yes.
If anyone has feedback on Reduce burden of correcting user expectations before I post it to the github feedback page that would be appreciated. In particular, what other things do users commonly do, that people used to open source don't do?
2:47 PM
> what other things do users commonly do, that people used to open source don't do
Pay for software :P
lol that's basically what you talk about :)
Not sure you are looking for it, but not following up on issues
3:05 PM
ooooh phpstorm supports readonly now \o/
@PeeHaa not sure what you mean by 'not following up'? you mean like not responding to questions after someone has taken the time to respond to them?
More looking for things people do on issues where the end-user picks a fight when given feedback. Similar to how in this room, 50% of the room moderation results in users thinking arguing against the feedback is going to have a good result.
3:20 PM
@Danack yeah
@MateKocsis i give up on converting resources to opaque objects, I don't understand why shit is just not working and it's impossible to debug, if you want to work on it here's Stream Context (github.com/Girgias/php-src/tree/stream-context) and Process (proc_open) (github.com/Girgias/php-src/tree/proc-obj)
4:00 PM
@Derick, some progress regarding Xdebug zlib, but 1 test still fails when compression is disabled. Using capture/tracing logic doesn't appear to be quite right anyway.
4:18 PM
@Danack open to rephrasing suggestions? if so, how should I send them?
@Tiffany twitter I guess.
4:34 PM
Hi folks, I was a bit confused about naming a method. Should a prepare method return something or not? If not what should I call it? e.g
private function preparePayload($notification): array

        return [
                Some Foo Response
@BasheerKharoti parameter type would help
@Tiffany Thanks for the reply but the question is about naming a method.
I will be using it the following way:
right, but a parameter type would help with clarity of naming the method
assuming a parameter type can be added, that is
$payload = $this->preparePayload($notification);
$this->httpClient->request('POST', $uri, $payload)
@Tiffany That's true
so is $notification an object? string? array? mixed?
4:38 PM
It is an object of type Notification
@BasheerKharoti 'create'
having a parameter type can simplify the method's name so that it's a verb without a noun so that checking the method's signature is all that's needed for understanding
@Danack Cool, thanks.
5:04 PM
@Tiffany Thanks for the feedback...I think Microsoft will be interested in alleviating this problem as it ties in with their corporate strategy, that they've spent about $10 billion on so far....
The reason why Microsoft acquired github was i) to acquire developer 'mindshare' i.e. acquire a platform that lots of developers use ii) to make it so that developers don't need to use external tools like PHPStorm, hence the integration of VS Code with github, and giving away a huge amount of CPU time through github actions, to kill off TravisCI.
And iii) at some point in the future, they'll roll out deploying to Azure as a very simple step to be done from within Github. The result of that is there could be a generation of developers who default to (and find it difficult to work without) Microsoft's products.
One of the bigger risks to that strategy to github being a shitshow for experience developers/projects to use......so making it slightly easier for projects to deal with people having shitty behaviour is something they are likely to do.
Somewhat annoyingly, dealing with the problem fully probably doesn't align with their interests - e.g. what I've written previously, as if they did something like that, it would weaken the potential hold Microsoft would have...
Though I'm often wrong.
@BasheerKharoti personally i would prefer $payload = $notification->getPayload() or $notifier->send($notification) ( where preparing the payload + sending the request are part of Notifier::send method )
5:20 PM
@Danack It depends if they already acknowledge a problem exists. If they do, then what you've written is something that can be used to help argue their point across. If they don't, what is written doesn't present the full scale of the problem, and does little to convince them that it is a problem that needs resolution.
Being vague and letting the other person draw their own conclusion from a statement can sometimes lead the person to form an entirely different conclusion... but again, it depends if they acknowledge a problem exists.
I think the first part of your feedback could probably build upon what the problem is, and why it's a problem (open-source developer burnout)
nadiaeghbal.com - "Previously, I focused on open source software, working independently and at GitHub to improve the developer experience. I published a book about open source developers, Working in Public: The Making and Maintenance of Open Source Software"
Github have a couple of employees who act as open source developer relations..... I'm pretty sure they're aware of the problem. But maybe not that they need to be part of the solution.
> "Nadia is one of today's most nuanced thinkers about the depth and potential of online communities, and this book could not have come at a better time." --Devon Zuegel, director of product, communities at GitHub
> "Nadia writes from a unique perspective at the intersection of open source, economics, and poetry. This is the definitive book on the dynamics of online creative communities." —Nat Friedman, CEO of GitHub
So....yeah.....they've probably been thinking about it as a problem.
hello guys
Hello 👋
Is there any way to tell php-composer, when installing a library, to place it at the beginning and that this is the first to be included?
@SaifEddinGmati FYI, if you look in Revolt, there's a squashed repo that we're going to use for going public. Your PR will need to be reopened there, but that should be a simple cherry-pick.
5:34 PM
composer install package/foo-package -first ???
something like this?
@Trowski okay 👍 will move it there :)
@FranciscoNúñez-TodoPoderoso what do you mean by "included first"?
you mean in composer.json require section?
@SaifEddinGmati i know that i can install via CMD or composer.json packages...
then what do you mean by "the first to be included"?
but i need that one of all the package will be include by the autload at first instance of all package installed
5:36 PM
@Danack they have written about tragedy of the commons, interesting
@SaifEddinGmati Does renaming repos break anything regarding PRs? The squashed repo will take on the same name as the current repo.
@Trowski not sure honestly, but it doesn't matter, i can rewrite the changes ^^
@SaifEddinGmati Ok, cool, appreciate it.
@FranciscoNúñez-TodoPoderoso "that this is the first to be included?" - I'm not sure what your'e doing, but requiring a package to be included first is almost certainly a wrong design approach.
@SaifEddinGmati basically avoiding race conditions during autoloading, so that dependencies don't encounter an error, but there's probably more nuance that I am missing (sorry for double ping)
5:40 PM
i agree with @Danack, and as far as i can understand there's two ways of doing it:

1. if you want to have a class that exists in another package, and want to have a class with the same name be included first, you can use require files feature in your library, then composer will loaded your files as soon as possible.

2. turn your library into a composer plugin, hijack the composer autoloader, load your files, then let the autoloader do it's job.
but if you are doing one of these things, you are probably doing something really wrong
not because I am doing something with:

register_shutdown_function([$this, "shutdownHandler"]);
set_exception_handler([$this, "exceptionHandler"]);
set_error_handler([$this, "errorHandler"]);

and in this case it is only used if it is the first library to load.

It is useless if the composer autoload places it in the position that he wants ...
ah, in that case, use composer require files :)
I wouldn't do that automatically when stuff is autoloaded. Do it manually in your code, at the start of the app would be far less magic.
example: https://github.com/azjezz/psl/blob/1.9.x/composer.json#L24

composer will load that file as soon as `vendor/autoload.php` file is loaded
@SaifEddinGmati but it is a package what I have rather I am doing ... XD
5:43 PM
@Trowski is it going public soon?
@SaifEddinGmati Monday is the plan.
1.0 or public pre-release?
Public pre-release. I'd like to merge your PR and have a couple discussions before we even tag 0.1
1.0 will be much further in the future.
good idea 👍
was planning on keeping psl "zero-dependencies" but i guess 2.0 will be "one-dependency" 😛
It seems that I do not explain myself quite well.

I'm creating a library, which I want Developers to be able to install via composer, ok.

This library implements: register_shutdown_function(), set_exception_handler(), set_error_handler().

When creating it, I run into the problem that composer includes libraries as required.

for example you would have to do something like this:

include_once `vendor/autoload.php`
use Error\ErrorImplement;
new ErrorImplement();


include_once `vendor/autoload.php`
5:50 PM
@SaifEddinGmati It's more like a runtime, so I guess that's a reasonable single dependency. :)
in your library, add a file `src/bootstrap.php`, containing the following:


use Error\ErrorImplement;
new ErrorImplement();

in your composer.json ( of the library ), add the file to require-files ( example: https://github.com/azjezz/psl/blob/1.9.x/composer.json#L24 ), and that's it! now that function will run automatically when user installs your library!
@SaifEddinGmati thank you I had not thought of it
@SaifEddinGmati Why do they call this file bootstrap ??? is it some standard ??
no, you can call it whatever you want
I get cringe every time I see that name knowing that there is a css library with the same name XD
5:53 PM
"bootstrap" just makes sense to me 🤷‍♂️
@cmb Xdebug has its log file still open, and you can't unlink open files on Windows. Probably best to just add a @ to the unlink, or move the unlink up to the --CLEAN-- section?
@FranciscoNúñez-TodoPoderoso there's a js framework named after whatever name you are going to use
@FranciscoNúñez-TodoPoderoso huffingtonpost.co.uk/entry/…
@Danack TravisCI killed itself off really.
I don't have a good link, but you should look at how computers start working when turned on.
@Derick They had a business plan, of getting people to pay for CI, and then that business plan was nuked from orbit, by Microsoft giving github actions away for free/cheap, with better integration with.....github.
And yeah, the way the company was sold to investors who don't seem to really get software dev made it go away faster than it could have, but the fundamental business plan just no longer made much sense.
5:58 PM
@Danack They made a mistake by starting out free.
@SaifEddinGmati I still think that it can do some kind of problem, if before my library there is another that does something similar and is instantiated or initialized first ...
we see what happens XD
@Danack thank you
@SaifEddinGmati Yep.
Revolt? Now that's an odd name for software.
6:08 PM
Naming is hard.
@FranciscoNúñez-TodoPoderoso i think "set handlers" functions return the previous handler, you check if there's a previous handler, and maybe creator a contaminator function that calls both your handler, and the previous one.
6:55 PM
Enum: ReflectionMethod->getDeclaringClass() return a ReflectionClass ・ Reflection related ・ #81457
7:26 PM
@SaifEddinGmati i can check if exist a previus handler?
7:56 PM
Regression in PHP 8.1: Incorrect difference after timezone change ・ Date/time related ・ #81458
8:12 PM
you can.

$previous = set_error_handler(null);
if ($previous) {
// this is the previous one
} else {
// there isn't one.
same with other functions
9:02 PM
@Derick you can unlink() on Windows as of PHP 7.3.0, but that requires the file to be opened with FILE_SHARE_DELETE access; fopen() can't do that; VCWD_FOPEN() should do that by default.
Might be an option to rewrite Xdebug for this when you're no longer support 7.2. For now, silencing the unlink() might indeed be the best option. I'll see to it tomorrow.
2 hours later…
11:29 PM
hmm, I'll think about that... never been to keen using these VCWD things

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