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12:05 AM
@DejanMarjanović Why not DaveArandom?
@bwoebi TIL arandom. Thanks, Dave.
12:44 AM
@Tiffany The thing is I've got multiple copies of the repo, as the French one doesn't have GitHub I use that as my "baseline" and only work the master branch on that one. So not really sure how applicable it is to your setup
@Girgias probably not applicable :/ thanks anyway
What you could do is add a git worktree which you reserve for SVN and you merge into that, but that might still conflict :/
4 hours later…
4:30 AM
do i need to call amphp's call() only if i need to use yield, right?
2 hours later…
6:31 AM
@Derick pastebin.com/raw/2Q7Ub9sP is what I get.
1 hour later…
7:45 AM
8:21 AM
8:51 AM
@SebastianBergmann Sounds like git/gitolite might need an upgrade. Email systems@ and prey?
9:23 AM
@Wes yes
i think i did everything correctly but sometimes the process still hangs and i don't know why :(
2 hours later…
11:15 AM
in ubuntu, we have www-data as the user of apache, what's the same thing in centos ?
11:37 AM
@Wes code?
@NikiC is it intentional that ReflectionUnionType is not final?
12:04 PM
@MateKocsis Is ReflectionNamedType final?
Not intentional though, I'm okay with making it final in the interest of being defensive
@MartinAJ nobody, I think
I'm not certain though
12:26 PM
@MartinAJ Check apache.
12:40 PM
@Machavity you're trying to be encouraging, but volunteering other people for a lot of work is less appreciated than you might think.
@Tiffany you should practice telling people to piss off.
@Tpojka correct
Also, should be configurable in /etc/httpd/conf/httpd.conf.
12:59 PM
@Danack my threshold varies
1:45 PM
Good morning! or afternoon! or evening! depending on if you're one of those people who has the joy of setting their clocks wrong this day
US has a week
You change your clocks by an entire week? I'm not sure I want to work an extra week O_O
2:07 PM
would be beneficial for PHP 8.0.0, though
It's already November, that much closer to not eating turkey cause people are dumb
Well two options there.... a) ship the PHP team off world and then expose Earth to a large gravitational field and hope tidal forces don't break it in half or b) sweet talk Sarah and Gabriel.
b seems easier if everyone is up against it.
I'm bad at daylights saving time, so bad I don't even remember the right name for it
2:36 PM
@Tpojka They should just make it so you can rotate the back face.
Probably. But this seemed more reasonable at the moment. :D
3:13 PM
@Tpojka this would just confuse me, or maybe that's the intention
3:24 PM
DST was invented as a way to make @Derick 's life harder.
BTW, there's a PHP 8.0 migration guide draft which likes to be fleshed out and improved :)
3:57 PM
@Tiffany Recently I saw one (unfortunately, can't find now where was it): numbers are from 0.99 to 11.99. :D
4:09 PM
I would just give up trying to tell the time, after getting it wrong about four different times
"it's something o'clock"
you can always read the time from the shape, you don't read the numbers
if people read the numbers on a clock face, more people would understand roman numerals
That requires being able to recognize the shape to begin with, which I'm also not good at
I'm reaching a point where I'm so consistently bad at time math that I'd rather leave it up to a computer to figure it out for me
DateTime and DateTimeImmutable <3
Do you know an English word for the opposite of "realtime"?
4:20 PM
@Shafizadeh Give more context.
More context:
I want to get notified (realtime & ? ) when there is a request booked related to the service(s) I provide
"aggregated" or "summarised" perhaps
I see .. thanks
4:22 PM
it's not really the opposite, as such
yeah not opposite, "aggregated" is the word I was looking for
I'd perhaps shy away from using real-time for any kind of remote notifications.
"Notifications will be sent every xy minutes|hours|days or immediately when there is..."
4:58 PM
@DaveRandom so how did the update go? is stream running now?
5:46 PM
In php i created a following url and it works.

But now project is in Laravel.
So when i create route like following.
Route::get('/checkout/stripe-success/{session_id?}', 'User\UserController@stripe_success')->name('checkout-stripe-success');

Then i use like following
echo route('checkout-stripe-success', ['session_id' => '{CHECKOUT_SESSION_ID}']);

But i got error like:
Missing required parameters for [Route: checkout-stripe-success] [URI: checkout/stripe-success/{session_id}].

Can someone please help me to solve this issue?
6:26 PM
@cmb git reset worked, and --ff-only worked, I updated my fork via --force, is that correct?
also, what's the reason for picking a commit from before February? was it before we started moving from SVN to git/github?
@Danack I... wasn't aware I was volunteering anyone for anything. She wanted to be more like Sara and I was kidding about being a RM as the fastest path. I'm sure there's easier (and saner) paths
3 hours later…
9:42 PM
@Tiffany yes, that looks about right. I picked February, because I think you wrote something about March, and actually you could have reset to the very first commit. :)
@cmb gotcha, thanks!
1 hour later…
10:49 PM
Anyone has experience with fixing (being able to fix) an iPhone? :)
> Support for calling non-static methods statically may be removed in the future.
11:20 PM
@cmb I have it checked out locally. I'll make some time tomorrow after work to go through it.

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