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12:27 AM
@Danack is RfcCodex available for hacktoberfest? :S
3 hours later…
2:59 AM
what happens if i Amp\Loop::cancel($foo) and $foo was already cancelled? sorry for lazy, i'm not at my computer yet :P
looks like it just ignores the second call
2 hours later…
5:26 AM
jees i thought today was friday
2 hours later…
6:59 AM
morning room.
Have a happy weekend all \@/
3 hours later…
9:39 AM
I updated a VM from Fedora 32 (Git 2.26.2) to Fedora 33 (Git 2.28.0) and now "git fetch --prune" no longer works for my clone of php-src.git. I have no such problems for any of my other repositories (public GitHub repositories, private GitLab repositories). Any idea what I may be missing here?
9:56 AM
"no longer works" /me frowns
2 hours later…
11:35 AM
@Girgias there is a link to the details page on that page with the most meaningful link text "here"
@cmb Ah right
2 hours later…
1:06 PM
happy caturday
1:45 PM
2:15 PM
ADD_EXTENSION_DEP() fails for ext/standard and ext/date ・ Compile Failure ・ #80280
2:37 PM
@Danack 404, and not enough rep to view :(
3:19 PM
@Tiffany go back in time to early 2010's, answer a SO question about the most basic usage of a function, then come back to current time and you'll have rep up the wazoo.
half my "rep" is from telling someone to pass true as the second arg to json_decode a decade ago, and I'm apparently in the top 2% on SO.
but the link Dan posted was someone pasting - verbatim apparently - an assignment.
@Stephen annoying thing is I had started using SO back then but only lurked. I guess I didn't feel knowledgeable enough to "contribute" back then. Or I was too lazy to register for an account. I eventually got over that.
hey am so far saving user uploaded images/media into same linux server under "media" folder. employees are uploading 2gb of media a year so now it uses like 6gb in a shared hosting server. the site speed got little lower now. is there any better way to do this? for example, any external server just for media? to improve performance?
@Stephen hypothetically, asking a question about a new version of PHP, that you already know the answer to, allows you to get points for the question, and then double-dip on the answer e.g. stackoverflow.com/questions/17224798/how-to-use-php-opcache
@SatizhJ AWS S3.
But.......that's probably not related to a site getting slower.
3:36 PM
@Danack ... you asked the question, answered it yourself, and didn't choose your own answer as the correct one?
am I missing something
thanks, am assuming because its shared server ... sometimes other sites are taking heavy bandwidth and hence leads to this. is aws s3
@Danack am practically new to this aws s3. am assuming its a way to store data externally instead of storing in same server through their api. am i right
@SatizhJ Why does it get slower based on the cumulative size of files?
@PeeHaa Mainly happens when trying to upload more files at once.
i dont know, thats why am here
3:42 PM
It's impossible for us to tell you why your site is slow
That's something only you or perhaps your hosting provider should figure out
We can make guesses all day here, but without investigating the issue it's impossible to say
true that. i most tried to get help on about saving user uploaded files in best way to see if it solves
ill give a try on aws s3
Yeah, but throwing more technology at a problem which you do not (yet) fully understand most times will not result in a good solution
It does add more wasted time and complexity though
@SatizhJ you are using a computer, that is connected to the internet. You can use it to look up basic terms, rather than ask people to spend time summarisng stuff for you.
Hmm. Anyone remember where this conversation went? wiki.php.net/rfc/traits-with-interfaces
I had to compress a folder yesterday that ended up over 100GB. Granted, I had to use zip, so compression rate isn't the best.
That was a first for me
3:59 PM
If it's lots of files then there's benefit zipping it even if no compression is applied.
There were a lot of files. I had to use screen so my connection wouldn't be killed by the server
Took at least an hour or two
Probably longer but I stopped keeping track of time after a point
Weird task :)
Hosting provider for newspapers, some of which who've been customers for over a decade
hopefully archiving content will be automated at some point
1 hour later…
5:23 PM
Who can help me with WebRTC?
@GretchenRichards You should write your question before trying to get someone to agree to help you. If you write it in notepad, and then copy + paste it in here, even if no-one can help you now, you will have the question written down and you will be able to re-use it elsewhere aka sol.gfxile.net/dontask.html
5:55 PM
We can help you but you have to pay us lol
6:20 PM
cannot send binary data to popen ・ Filesystem function related ・ #80282
6:36 PM
@Jeeves can anyone repro this? (on windows)
I can't but I can imagine it being true
@SalOrozco for me, helping is a bit selfish (on my part) because if it's an interesting problem and I want to learn something new, I sometimes engage. However, that tends to help the other person very little, unless they need a human-standin rubber duck :P
You almost have to help them halfway. Force them to find the final answer. Not completely solve it for them.
A lot has to do with who you are dealing with too. Some people just get things quicker and you can just give them some clues, were they can figure it out by themselves.
Is there a way to display the top packages by package type on packagist.org? I can't find it if there is.
I'm curious about the top "project"s.
7:12 PM
@Girgias could I bother you sometime tomorrow with fixing my doc-en github fork and local repo? I need some hand-holding. :( I keep running into a merge conflict from my last PR back in May because it was an SVN commit. cmb suggested I reset my HEAD to a prior commit but I'm not sure which. I've been messing with interactive git rebase but I'm afraid of messing up my repo cause I try something, it ends up being not what I want, and I have to keep aborting.
7:28 PM
@Sara I can handle RC3 and RC4. During GA will be travelling, literally, so I won't be around to help with that :(
7:43 PM
@Tiffany I don't think that you can reasonably merge, since your commit is different from the one in the repo (has completly different hash). Just reset to any commit from February or earlier, and then pull --ff-only.
@cmb alright, thanks
8:05 PM
@cmb indeed. I don't actually really care all the that much tbh, I don't think I have ever had a use case for popen() :-P I always (always) want separate streams for stdout/stderr
yeah, but I wonder why this code exists
that's what I think of your stupid popen()
@cmb I find it best not to question that sort of thing
@DaveRandom poke
Among Us?
8:25 PM
@DaveRandom You up for a couple rounds of Among Us ?
We are here for you if you want
If not all good too. I won't think less of you, because that would be pretty much impossible
@StatikStasis stop spending time with your family dude
We are the people who matter
Come get sus
8:41 PM
9:02 PM
sorry guys my shit is weak
only just got in
need to eat, give me half an hour
No stress sir Random
9:17 PM
No cross-play between mobile and desktop?
It does
It should work on mobile too
Hmmm.. Tried to join but it couldn't find the game (from Android)
Maybe it's because the server was full
Let us ping you when the round ends
Ok, I'll try
9:22 PM
stabby stabby
@pmmaga ftr I reckon about once a month I think to myself "ugh, I wish I could go for a pint with @pmmaga"
Awww :) Miss you too
I haven't been too much around here
I became a dad 2 days ago :D
:O congrats
9:24 PM
and also ftr the reason I don't think that about you is because your spirit is in every can I ever drink
Gratz my duuuuude!
@DaveRandom hey you
@pmmaga holy fuck
hahaha thanks y'all
9:24 PM
All is good. Got pooped out correctly?
yeah! all good. just unfortunate that they are still in the hospital and I can't visit
but I was there for some hours after the birth
Son / daughter / php developer?
9:25 PM
daughter Alice :)
ooooh seriously! congratz @pmmaga
@DaveRandom yeah
Alice and Bob
9:26 PM
Alice Ceasar
I am just glad it is not a PHP developer
@DaveRandom hey you
yeah she'll know everything there is to know about encryption
@Tiffany ok so we have @bwoebi, whoever next has a child in #11 needs to call it Mallory and we are set
sure, they have to have an evil child, but that's the luck of the draw
pretty unisex name as well
albeit pretentious af
9:27 PM
@DaveRandom hm.
Alice also works in a lot of languages, which is great
@bwoebi it's fine, you always get to be the innocent recipient, the only thing you have to do is be vigilant
@DaveRandom ENGYRQ
pizza will be done in 4 mins, + 10 mins eating time + 10 mins fucking about with setup
also, chillax dude :-P
game "quit due to inactivity" even though I just turned the server public
9:32 PM
going to get it for the desktop
Yeh, I did that, What of it?
phone! i'll join a bit later
@DaveRandom now watch Tiffany doing a hostile takeover of this room!
9:34 PM
I can't imagine @Tiffany doing a hostile anything
unintentionally pushing the "nuke the earth" button, sure
but not maliciously
<3 :-P
she tends to get lucky being an imposter, fyi
see! again :P
steam is making me reboot, brb
9:45 PM
P and T is suspect by default
just so you all know :P
congrats @Tiffany and @pmmaga
...that really makes it sound like @Tiffany is the mother of @pmmaga's child
9:47 PM
no kid coming out of here
which afaik is not true, although I would not put it past @Tiffany to just forget to tell us about that
I really should have put 2 different congrat statements
probably true
how much longer @DaveRandom?
9:48 PM
for those who want to join the voice chat discord.gg/8rBn3s
congrats @mega6382
@Tiffany waiting for windows updates, so between 30 and ∞ seconds
anyone knows whats "b" flag in this?
$fp = fopen($path,"wb");
I know "w" stands for "write"
however it has no effect in any scenario, afaik
(any more)
9:50 PM
you can pass the t (text) flag on Windows, but everything is in binary mode by default
I got it
basically it's legacy and you can ignore it
@Wes I don't supposed you have that halloween avatar you did a few years ago? seem to have lost it :-/
@pmmaga is still rocking his, I notice :-P
it's not on my gravatar for some reason
must have put it just on SO
okay @DaveRandom
waits with baited breath
@DaveRandom RJFFQQ
I thought it's "bated breath"?
10:00 PM
I have absolutely no clue
one of those things that people say and don't write
I have no idea of the origin, and thus no idea of the spelling
I have no idea what the etymology of "bated" would be though, whereas "baited" make sense... a baited fishing hook has an element of anticipatory excitement to it
I don't know though, I am regularly wrong about shit like that
@Tiffany Windows update is at 24%, btw
so shouldn't be too much longer, it's usualy 30% and then suddenly 100% with windows 10
@Tiffany #til
I bow to your superior knowledge of shit that doesn't matter
which sound facetious but I actually mean that :-P
join next game
peehaa made game public
I haven't even got it installed yet, and I am currently watching star trek waiting for my PC to update to 2004, it may be a while :-P
No stress
10:07 PM
Dave does not want to play
and yes before anyone says anything I haven't rebooted my computer for over 6 months and you can all fuck off.
like, right off
:-P <3
I see what you doing @DaveRandom, you insult people and then make them room owners so they shut up.
@DejanMarjanović fuck you
@DaveRandom how filthy of you!
Hey... thank you.
that took much longer than I wanted
This some Epstein stuff right here ladies and gents.
Hunter Biden
10:11 PM
tbf I nearly did it before but then I remembered that you can and will actually kill me, and maybe I should hold on to a little bit of power
Lucky you, I need to have a clear record for 3 more years until my citizenship test :D
I am still not allowed to visit your Island you know.
@Werner I assume that is a reference so niche that not only do I not know it, it's not even easy to google
other than the existence of a man with that name who is related to another man of contemporary significance
What kind of name is Hunter?
10:14 PM
@DejanMarjanović as I have said before, if I can do anything in terms of sponsorship or whatever (including a place to crash) then hit me up
if you want to come over, I mean
Thank you <3
that's a bit rubbish :-/
tbh the UK isn't a great place to visit rn anyway, at least I don't think so
setting aside covid, which obviousuly makes visiting places a bad idea in general
are you coming yet?
that's a bit personal
I miss traveling so much :-(
10:19 PM
Come on it's an awesome country, just shitty weather.
@Tiffany thanks //cc @DaveRandom
@Derick I really really really wanted to ping you a minute ago and resisted bit since you are here anyway... :-P I wondered if you have had any kind of negative interactions with people around brexit/anti-eu lately?
I mean in terms of people being extra special arseholes
In person?
well yeh I guess so
No, but mostly because I haven't interacted with anybody since March.
10:22 PM
gov.uk/visit-europe-1-january-2021 According to this, you're on same level as Bosnia :D
@DejanMarjanović Nothing changes for me there... I've two passports ;-)
I feel oddly disconnected from the country I "belong" to because they seem to be generally against "outsiders", and I as an "outsider" in the same country I wonder what your experience is like
I don't like any of that ^ ftr
Ah the good ol' multiple passports switcheroo.
I'm in London, I bet it's very different.
Never had an issue here, maybe only on the 24th of June, 2016.
I'm white, my ENglish doesn't have much of an accent...
@Derick well yeh indeed and I'm in manchester, which is basically the same from that PoV
but I visit many places that are much less metropolitan for work
10:24 PM
I had only one odd interaction when I did the Thames Path in 2018, in Goring.
Flag shagger central.
although I don't have experiences from that
@Derick ...I have no idea where that is, but based on spelling alone I would but that in NL before GB :-P
Goring on Thames
yeh maps'ing it atm
@Derick lol :-P
Even I knew that :D
10:27 PM
sue me.
can't even make sarcy comments without typos
@Derick in a way I guess what interests me most is who was afraid
i.e. does xenophobia manifiest as fear or aggression
the latter being a more heightened form of the former
en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Scordisci @DaveRandom and still no visa-free :D
@DaveRandom I'll sue you if you don't join us in the game :p
and what effect covid has had on that, if any, given that fear of transmission of a virus is almost like the ultimate xenophobia
I was in a pub having lunch, where there was a gammon in the corner of the pub garden speaking loudly on the phone. I don't like people speaking loudly on the phone, so I was judging already.

With my fish and chips I was reading my book.

After 15 mins or so, I supposed he finished his phone call and asked me what I was reading. The moment I open my mouth I don't sound "English enough", so he asked where I was from. I said London. He said, no, where are you REALLY from? So I said, the Netherlands via Norway. Upon which he uttered "so one of the good Europeans". I told him the conversation
@Ekin "30%" :-P
not powercycled yet
10:31 PM
:D alright
@Derick Had to google gammon :D
@Derick I mean that's horrendous but it doesn't sound too threatening (at least, no more so than I would have felt)
it didn't.
it sucks that it happened though :-/
10:33 PM
Pro tip: Telling people to eat a spotted dick is obviously not OK.
Cheer up @Derick, could be worse, I am Russian 9/10 times.
I'm going to get ready to shout "OWN YOUR SHIT" once Jan 1st happens.
They have so no idea what's coming their way.
it sucks that so many people have to be collateral damage
The Mrs works for the Department of Transport. I know what they're up to freight wise.
10:35 PM
but omfg the next decade some people are going to get their come-uppance, and I have now reached the point where I might just stand back and laugh
@DaveRandom I watched yes, (prime) minister recently, it seems that anti-europe sentiment has been in britian for quite some time now
I might move to an indepedent scotland
and a middle class white male with a long history of employment in a highly skilled industry, you can do whatever the shit you like brah
And having MongoDB stock.
but also :-(
10:36 PM
That happens everywhere. For the most part, all of California is very diverse, there are some cities where people just stare or look at you as less of a person.
Looks like you're in for a Balkanization of your Island @DaveRandom en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Balkanization
yes :-(
I belong to a minority in my country, it is so bad for us that if the wrong kind of people find out, I might get killed, but that's very unlikely.
which one is that?
You see a lot the past four years that Trump has been in office.
10:38 PM
@DejanMarjanović maybe (probably)
the internet
@Derick I am an Ahmadi, there prejudice by both the people and the law against us.
changes the geopolitical rules for pretty much everything
history is somewhat no longer relevant *
I'm really quite on the edge most of the time. Brexit, and now this abysmal handling of covid.
* except when it's relevant
Never things changed this fast, never the missiles will nuclear warheads flew faster :D
10:41 PM
It seems that there were a lot more people on the far right than people thought
The worst is yet to come too. 2021 will be a forking shirt show
@DaveRandom poke
@Derick the thing I keep reminding myself of is: Europe is still in an unprecedented time of peace, and even the very worst outcomes of Brexit don't result in imminent war. Things fluctuate but the overall trend is in the right direction, and also long as nice people keep being nice to each other, everything will be broadly fine.
kind of long for a mantra, I admit
if the climate change doesn't kill us first
@DaveRandom How they gonna war with, zee Germans?
10:45 PM
or at least make it horribly unbearable to live here
@Tiffany bill gates is still working on my computer, he's old, give him time
I'm going to watch Borat, and then going to snooze. G'night.
good night Derick
g'night indeed :-)
Tomorrow I'm walking the other 33km of the District Line
10:46 PM
that sounds fun
(20 miles for your Imperial System impaired people)
oh wow
long walk it is
@Derick I'm going to dress like Borat and walk to your house. G'night.
10:47 PM
@Ekin Meh. Longest has been 44km so far.
@DaveRandom ಠ_ಠ
:-) nothing challenging then heh
Jak sie masz
@Derick historical pics available
oh god ... I forgot about those
10:47 PM
Unwanted Harassment
honestly, it's been so long since I did loooong walks like that, taking out my doggo for 4km walks... hurts :-P
...as opposed to solicited harassment?
@DaveRandom Do you remember the great purge of room owners after Madara (long time ago) made about everyone RO? :-D
I'm btw. not opposed, it just reminds me of the old times
10:49 PM
Don't make us Romanian!
@bwoebi I remember it
IIRC Wes removed himself off and that was the end of it?
What happend?
@bwoebi I think this is a 10th birthday special :p
@bwoebi indeed, however you gotta shake things up occasionally :-P
also all the people I just added are deserving, I'm not going to remove anyone but also not going to stop anyone else doing so
how much longer on updates?
10:52 PM
also worth remembering that all RO really means is that you can view the history of deleted messages and you can move shit about, it's not like I just gave people god mode :-P
1 hour ago, by DaveRandom
@Tiffany waiting for windows updates, so between 30 and ∞ seconds
@DaveRandom And if someone does try to take over the mods will step in and fix it most likely
I literally have not rebooted for half a year as well
steam made me do it before it would launch, sorry
we have @Machavity too as a mod now
@mega6382 the system is self-regulating, you want there to be "enough" owners, if someone starts behaving like a dick the room will sort them out
I can't tell if ekin and peehaa are done
10:54 PM
I trust #11 to look after #11
I'm not
I mean, I'm done with my drink buuut
that's on @PeeHaa
@DaveRandom just a suggestion, but I think that @Wes and @StatikStasis should be made ROs too.
I have a welcome screen @Tiffany
@PeeHaa give @Ekin another tequila shot
10:56 PM
@DaveRandom see, it's easy to gain a couple sympathy points by promoting people, but it's definitely not going to earn any sympathy points if you remove them, the balance is vastly in favor of cluttering with new ROs
wait how was that not already a thing
@DaveRandom I thought he would be and was going through the list to make sure, but he wasn't
@Tiffany its windows, so that doesn't really mean much :p
@bwoebi true, but at the same time I don't see the problem with just having everyone who has proved themselves to be trustworthy being ROs
there's no reason to keep it being some little elite club, it doesn't give you any real power
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