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2:43 AM
Assertion fail in __zval_get_string_func, which causes segfault in release buil ・ Scripting Engine problem ・ #79829
Memory leak in zend_hash and zend_string ・ Scripting Engine problem ・ #79830
3:28 AM
Omfg, a local resident is filing a lawsuit against the local public school district over a face mask requirement and temperature checks for their child for when school starts back up
> In the lawsuit filed Friday morning, the plaintiff alleges that she, and her child, will suffer irreparable injuries based on the implementation of the mask and temperature check mandates because they infringe on the child's right to an in-person education within the public school.
I just can't even...
I think what bothers me the most is the waste of tax payer money for an inane lawsuit
Assertion `0' failed in increment_function ・ Scripting Engine problem ・ #79831
4:09 AM
my project that use laravel vuejs need redirect to login page automatically when user session expires
but now i just show alert that "Unauthenticated please login" ):
No one here speaks Laravel. jk
thank you for reply
Redirect response
2 hours later…
5:48 AM
@MarkR @NikiC @Girgias yeah sad as it is, I have always very pro for who can vote and for some to essentially loose their privilege to do so, even if it included myself out of fairness to the project as a whole. If you have not been taking part of the discussions actively and producing code for the project, it is fair to assume a certain disconnect from the project. I find this the case for Andi for example
6:05 AM
Assertion `prop_num >= 0 && prop_num.. ", which causes segfault in release buil ・ Scripting Engine problem ・ #79832
@cmb do have pecl.admin or how do we even grant karma for that anymore? (Looking at the master vcs requests)
Assertion `0' failed in decrement_function ・ Scripting Engine problem ・ #79833
3 hours later…
9:38 AM
@Kalle pecl.admin doesn't allow you to make master vcs accounts
Well, well, well, The Register picked up Microsoft dropping PHP 8 support: theregister.com/AMP/2020/07/10/microsoft_php
1 hour later…
10:46 AM
Git mergin'.
11:08 AM
@Girgias @Kalle The double colon RFC is still under "In voting phase" on the RFC page: wiki.php.net/rfc
(Also, state in the RFC still says "In voting")
11:38 AM
Segaults while running composer 2.0 ・ Reproducible crash ・ #79834
happy weekend 11ers
12:17 PM
@Ekin By the pool?
12:41 PM
@IluTov Fixed
@Derick I know that. I wanted to know who can grant such because we have some out standing VCS requests for PECL in the queue and they have been there fore months
12:57 PM
@Tiffany not yet :-) it's waaay too hot ma'am
1:14 PM
@Kalle It is pretty whack that over 1000 people can technically vote on RFCs
@Girgias there was someone on Twitter who would post polls and would vote on RFCs according to the winning decision in the polls
Crowdsourced RFC voting
@Tiffany That's not necesarilly a "bad" way of doing it
My issue is that we barely hit more than 60 votes on any given RFC (-exceptions) but the pool is way way way bigger
@Kalle I'm PECL admin, and I can approve PECL account requests, but I don't think it makes much sense to simply approve; there needs to be some time to review the suggested extensions, and sometimes also repos need to be set up.
On a related topic @cmb, might I ask how you feel about \Ext as a compliment to \PHP where PECL libs could be put? That wouldnt require renaming them if moved into core or back.
1:31 PM
Well, I'm no fan of such policy RFCs, because they are easily ignored in the future. For instance, there was wiki.php.net/rfc/class-naming, and we agreed on PascalCase except Acronyms, but ignored that since then. So why do we even spent time on such RFCs?
Well this time at least it was because we had RFC authors wanting to use namespaces in \PHP and the likes and people saying they'd vote against otherwise legit RFCs because the namespace question hadn't been given an answer
1:51 PM
Well, that's a valid reason, but I'm still afraid that even if the RFC passes, that wouldn't really solve anything, because those who wouldn't like that RFC would likely vote against concrete usages of that RFC. See e.g. the namespaces as single token RFC which may get "no" votes, just because people don't like @@ annotations.
Anyhow, wrt. Ext\ namespace: if that would only be for PECL exts, how would exts which are bundled, but also developed on PECL handle that?
2:21 PM
@IMSoP I think like this:
class Foo {
	public function __construct(Bar $bar) {

	public function dispatch(Quux $quux) {

// assuming ?? is the syntax for partially application of
// all the remaining parameters.
$fn = Foo::dispatch(??);

// could be equivalent to
$fn = function (Bar $bar, Quux $quux) {
    $instance = new Foo($bar);

    return $instance->dispatch($quux);
But also would require a check for the class existing and the dispatch method existing when creating the closure. /cc @crell It might not fit in type systems very well, but it's a useful thing...
s/existing/existing and being publicly callable.
2:42 PM
@cmb Would also get placed into \Ext - This came about because of the question of how to move libraries in / out of PHP without changing their names or aliasing.
I think it would just be better to not have a top level namespace for Ext and let them just use their own Namespace and import that
How Sodium got bundled is just whack
also on my way to install Manjaro because Windows has really annoyed me
3:01 PM
Well, while php.net reserves the global namespace, still "suddenly" using certain namespaces (e.g. \Sodium) is likely an even bigger BC break than introducing some classes or functions in the global namespace.
3:19 PM
Hence the desire to shove them in a singular NS
3:32 PM
Hello, I'm having a number eg. 64 and trying to subtract the maximum number that is dividable by 10. For example: 64 - 60 = 4

And know what was the number I subtracted (60). Any directions or functions I should read?
Look at moderus, or just integer division
Is it possible to unsubscribe from a specific thread in the mailing list?
Thank you Mark
Take mod 10 of the input
@GabrielCaruso Don't think so
@Girgias :'(
3:34 PM
I don't make the rules sadly :(
Is not even rules, probably just a "feature request" :D
4:00 PM
@GabrielCaruso Which thread? :D
I was also looking for the unsubscribe button in gmail in case of the "Instance as boolean" thread :D
But I'm also tempted to do so in case of the "UniqueInterface" thread
4:16 PM
@GabrielCaruso if you haven't already, turn off notifications for the mailing list, and only read it when you're in the mood to do so.
> Another more flexible alternative would be to add magic methods at
refcount = 1 and refcount > 1, possibly __owned() and __shared(int
unsubscribing intensifies
4:39 PM
@Danack wtf did I just read? Can I get that for copy on write arrays too? ... sigh.
4:52 PM
I don't know, I kind of went blind halfway through.
Also, tony marston emailed me directly about namespaces.......supporting my position...... :cry:
@Danack ...I'm sorry...
5:30 PM
@Danack did you ever call him out on his shit back in the day when he was unblocked?
5:41 PM
only mildly.
5:57 PM
@NikiC is there anything blocking the removal of deprecated MBString INI settings or is it just that you didn't have time to look at it? github.com/php/php-src/pull/5334
6:40 PM
@Danack If I follow that correctly, the problem I see is the same: You don't know generically what the construction requirements are for the object, so the engine or other application code cannot reliably build it for you on-the-fly. You'd basically need to provide a factory method, in which case public static function dispatch(Bar $b, Quux $q) is already available and could be easily partialed if you want.
@Girgias Looking at your saner numeric ... PR, I think I caused you quite some conflicts, right? Sorry for that :)
@MátéKocsis a tiny bit
But I'm also fixing up the commits
I had some changes mixed up
@Crell the generated function would have the parameters of both the constructor and the method, and they are passed appropriately to each.
What you're describing there is almost the opposite, then. You're de-partialing a function. In which case... just make it a standard function in the first place and partial if needed.
7:05 PM
@MátéKocsis Guess :p
@Danack Great advice
1 hour later…
8:06 PM
Hey everyone! I am looking for a new job opportunity, I am able to start as soon as 2 weeks from this Monday. I'm not opposed to moving to a different city or even a different country for a job opportunity (obviously, the moving would have to be after the pandemic). Currently I work mostly with Laravel and I recently purchased a test voucher for the official Laravel Certification. If anyone knows of any opportunities I'd love to hear about them!
Segfault in php_str_replace_in_subject ・ Scripting Engine problem ・ #79835
Segfault in concat_function ・ Scripting Engine problem ・ #79836
Assertion `0' failed in zend_get_type_by_const, segfault on release build ・ Scripting Engine problem ・ #79837
Segfault in zend_mm_alloc_small ・ Scripting Engine problem ・ #79838
Assertion `source_list->ptr == prop' failed. ・ Scripting Engine problem ・ #79839
8:33 PM
@Jeeves What are these segfault/assert failure floods these days? Someone is sending the same issues over and over again or we really have that many issues?
Based on the example script it looks a lot like fuzzing
Must be running them by the millions
github.com/Changochen this is the person, looks like
Guess that proves it xD
what is CTF?
@Tiffany capture the flag
8:39 PM
I know it can be capture the flag, but it looks like this is different?
9:14 PM
@Tiffany The premise is that a CTF challenge is a hacking challenge
He's probably looking for some weird PHP behaviour he can use for a CTF challenge he's creating
he has quite the collection of opened bugs
Better to have them now then during the CR cycle :p
@MátéKocsis someone said for one of the ob_start reports, that there is a bad assumption inside ob_start.....so maybe they will be fixed by the same fix. But briefly looking at the others, they seem varied...

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