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1:08 AM
Having essentially fallen down a Wikipedia hole I just Googled "Diana Spencer"... turns out that done who died 23 years ago is headline news in multiple publications literally today
has it been 23 years? wow
5 hours later…
6:12 AM
Is there a change in PHP 8 related to constructors declared in interfaces? github.com/sebastianbergmann/phpunit/issues/4139
7:04 AM
reset(new \ArrayObject()) return (bool) false in php7.4 ・ *General Issues ・ #79390
2 hours later…
8:53 AM
@SebastianBergmann Does not look familiar
9:04 AM
@NikiC Thanks. I will try to reproduce this and, if I can, look at the generated code and into why it behaves differently in PHP 7 vs. PHP 8.
I have an input of time type and I want to post the value of it but I fail, with input of text type no prb.
  $S_id =  $_POST['time'] ;
  echo $S_id;
 <input type="time" name="time" id="time"> </time>
 <input type="submit"  name="submit" value="commit"> </input>
9:28 AM
And in today's Breaks By Nikita ;-) → xdebug.org/ci?r=2020-17-17-03-30-01@master-zts Did something with destructors change recently? Test file is github.com/xdebug/xdebug/blob/36216b91/tests/base/bug00389.phpt
/cc @NikiC
@bwoebi It was pretty obvious after seeing the dump, should be fixed by github.com/php/php-src/pull/5270
@Derick Expected
Though I'm surprised you're seeing this only now, that should be a fairly old change
In PHP 8 uncaught exception is no longer considered unclean shutdown and dtor will be called
A week perhaps?
@Derick Odd. At least on the PHP side this change is probably a few months old
But given that you have the test, I'm assuming you implement your own handling there, so ...
would it be too magical if array_column() was extended to support objects that implement Traversable?
9:44 AM
@NikiC I think it's related to me doing this change: github.com/xdebug/xdebug/commit/…
@Ja͢ck Yes, especially because we just removed array_key_exists for objects in 7.4
@Derick yeah, that looks like it
@Derick hmm, it doesn't support ArrayObject either .. that's a somewhat unfortunate decision imo
I don't think any of the built-in functions do anything besides real arrays
right, i guess they use h instead of H specifier
9:59 AM
When they were written, I doubt there was a H specificier. Or heck, any specifiers ;-)
oh, now i remember why i asked ... because of this: https://github.com/php/php-src/pull/1385/files#diff-246862e485897a77cdcef1c52d473a52
^^ my abandoned pr for all() and some() predicates :)
Anyone good with bash, AWK?
Q: docker-machine ssh trying to run part of command on local machine

JimboWhen running the following command: docker-machine ssh name-here "docker swarm init --advertise-addr $(hostname -I | awk '{print $1}')" I get the following error: hostname: illegal option -- I usage: hostname [-fs] [name-of-host] This is because the command is attempting to run hostname...

Should be a simple string replacement issue
10:25 AM
10:36 AM
@NikiC nice :-)
@Derick fwiw H should pretty much never be used
If you want to support objects somewhere, need to do it via get_iterator interface
Just working on the raw property hashtable is bound to give you unexpected results
11:01 AM
lol @cmb & @NikiC
race condition :P
Dom validate schema does not accepts tag <xs:assert test="..." /> ・ DOM XML related ・ #79391
@MátéKocsis I've merged github.com/php/php-src/pull/5250
For the readonly property patch this should mean that you can check for W/RW fetches early (inside read_property and get_property_ptr_ptr)
A lot of the rest of the patch should become obsolete with that, even though some error messages may regress
In particular you can't distinguish whether the "modification" is an attempt to acquire a reference, or a direct write
With that done, the main remaining issue should be the handling of unset()
11:28 AM
Well... there are some other possible complications. E.g. $obj->readonly[0] = 1 could actually be legal if $obj->readonly is an ArrayAccess object
But I think we'll just have to live with that not working?
that will be unexpected, I would say...
Maybe I'm taking the wrong tack on this, and we rather need more precise fetch modes that distinguish whether an object value should be treated as an indirect modification or not...
12:01 PM
get_object_vars() memory leak ・ Performance problem ・ #79392
12:59 PM
Null coalescing operator failing with SplFixedArray ・ SPL related ・ #79393
1:58 PM
@MátéKocsis Okay, reverted that change again ... github.com/php/php-src/pull/5273 may be a better alternative
Also no SimpleXML breaks in that case
You may want to try basing readonly props on that
Though given how the vote is looking right now, not sure this is even going to be relevant...
2:13 PM
it's not miles away from 2/3
Perhaps, I should read more into it so I can vote on it without a guilty conscience
2:34 PM
@Tiffany What voting?
whether to force @PeeHaa to officially change his handle to @PooHaa everywhere on the internet
it's mostly a formality, foregone conclusion really
@PeeHaa you got coronavirus yet?
or just a load of corona?
mime_content_type Reporting Incorrectly Returning application/zlib ・ Filesystem function related ・ #79394
Nope don't think so :)
2:41 PM
@Tpojka RFC
@PeeHaa celebrate by drinking a bunch of corona
Can I do a beer instead? :P
SIGABRT from child when accessing website ・ FPM related ・ #79395
I don't mind a corona sometimes tbf
mostly in the summer
btw I probably asked it before @DaveRandom but is libdns@master v3?
@DaveRandom Only when it is hot,not your fake wet and cold summers
2:44 PM
yes it's unfinished v3, loads of API breaks
I think
I forget
it's ages since I did it
I'm pretty sure it was quite good though
I think I like it better than v2 yeah
@PeeHaa s/summers/mum/
Super annoying that the answers are kinda hardcoded in the message atm
Well all recordcollections that is
And yes I am way too deep into dns now :P
@Tiffany Ok, I meant which one.
3:00 PM
@PeeHaa yeh, it's also zomgfactorieslolwtfbbq
I clearly went temporarily insane
Sorry I can't hear you over all the factories I tightly couple to loosly couple my *coders
how temporarily/whether that has ended yet is unclear
new RecordFactoryFactoryFactoryFactoryFactoryFactoryFactory
@NikiC I've just seen that we were working on it! Thank you :)
Unfortunately, I've already started to say goodbye to the RFC :(
was it really a fault to break down the problem? Because it seems like..
but no problem, I can try it again with an improved proposal at a later time that addresses the majority of the concerns.. given if people really like the idea. But it seems that they vote no because of the special rules and probably because of cloning
@MátéKocsis It took scalar type hints 7 attempts and 5 years :-D
3:15 PM
@MátéKocsis haven't voted yet, cause I'm thinking about it, but sometimes people want more complex RFC sometimes more small ones
So you never really know in advance
@Derick 7?? Jesus Christ! :D I didn't know that. I tried to get some motivation from the typed properties RFC which also needed at least 2 tries :)
@Girgias Which aspects make you think? So what seems problematic for you?
@MátéKocsis cloning is the big one I think...I think the comments about special rules are kind of dumb....*herp derp this solution that has to work with PHP as it is, isn't a clean enough solution. Also, I would like the moon on a stick please.*
@Danack I can imagine.. :) But if even Java hasn't solved the problem of clone + final properties yet then I think we could also take our time to come up with good proposal for the problem.
@MátéKocsis I suspect that there's an overlap between the cloning solution, "Compact Object Property Assignment" and named parameters....
@Danack Yes! That was my idea too when I first saw the Compact Assignment RFC :) Actually, I've already wanted to write to the author of it that I'd be happy if he could also include on the cloning problem that I have :D
* include a solution for the cloning problem that I have :D
3:37 PM
@MátéKocsis 15 to 11 shows there is good interest, doing better than 50% in favor.
I got a year older today ...
@LeviMorrison Yes, that's my read as well. So the situation is not as bad as it could be :'D
@JoeWatkins You aged one year in one day?
he must have been working with PHP :p
@NikiC it's been building up all year, today it culminates in cake ...
3:43 PM
happy birthday @JoeWatkins
@NikiC time dilation, new bike goes really fast
happy cake day!
lockdown birthday, I'm not allowed to buy a birthday cake so the misses is baking (with kids) ... this doesn't always have a 100% success rate, so there might not be cake ... but there will be alcohol ...
@Tiffany To avoid "guilty conscience" put it in context of previous projects you've worked on. If you can with no doubt say 'Yes, it would be easier with this implementation' - than Yes, if you can not say Yes with no doubt - then no. As simple as that. And yw. :)
How can I select all header tags in a DOMFile using XPath syntax? I tried h*, but it didn't work.

3:56 PM
@NikiC I asked this in the voting thread, but would be very curious: would it be possible to perform engine optimizations for readonly properties?
happy birthday Joe :-)
@MátéKocsis Mostly haven't read it, because I'm busy lol, but I like the premise so
@JoeWatkins happy birthday :D
thanks ...
@Girgias Ah I see! What about starting to work on the float to string cast? :D I'll now have time for it XD
I have something to hand in on Friday but after that I'm good :D
4:08 PM
@MátéKocsis In theory we could perform CSE on them. In practice we don't do any CSE right now...
Please don't use your hands.
You're legally required to throw anything at your professors from 6 feet away
but I'm afraid that my RFC stats is going to be very bad given how controversial this topic is. So there's a good chance for me to have 2 RFCs and 0% acceptance rate XD
all of the coolest people have most of their rfcs rejected
@Girgias but I'm afraid that my RFC stats is going to be very bad given how controversial this topic is. So there's a good chance for me to have 2 RFCs and 0% acceptance rate XD
4:10 PM
I was wondering if the idea of 'const' would possibly be added to the zval itself, or if that's just plain madness?
it gets rejected, then a couple of years later, bob and or nikita do it again and it's all good ... that's how php development works I think ...
you might be right, @JoeWatkins :'D
I'm hoping there's no need for an RFC to promote errors on define considering the current behaviour is so obviously silly
noise suitable for a wedding perhaps ... /cc @PeeHaa @Ekin
@MarkR Oh boy...
4:12 PM
I've never had one rejected.
But that's because I've never made one.
in all seriousness, I'd love to record something for that, or be there to play ... no pressure ...
@NikiC :|
I take it you think there's zero chance of that
what sort of silliness are you thinking of?
@MarkR The last time it came up, a bunch of people came out of the woodwork and said, with completely straight faces (well, I can only assume...), that they heavily rely on constant redefinition not erroring. They define extra constants in a prepend script, and expect following defines to be skipped.
The existing E_NOTICE and false when redefining constants
4:15 PM
/me rolls eyes
In any case, we discussed this with Dmitry recently, and what we had in mind was to leave define() alone, and instead promote const to first class symbols
that's silly
the silliness being people not wanting to "fix" this
A 2016 RFC aimed at 8.0?
Which means that they will be subject to hoisting rules (you can use the constant before the const declaration, just like with functions) and will throw a fatal error on redefinition
Because just making redefinition throw is actually not very useful, we need them as first-class symbols if we want to do things like replace uses of constants with the constant
That would also allow us to preload constants, another current issue
It just seems that the standard handling for a function failing is E_WARNING, and we're turning things which are obvious programming errors into Error's, I don't know when there'd be a better opportunity than 8.0 along with all the other exceptions + engine warning changes?
4:21 PM
@MarkR Personally I don't care about define(), I only ever use const.
I mainly use define() because my values are usually pulled in from a config file somewhere and static function is muchos overkill. I have no idea what the metrics are for the wider ecosystem though
looking for a solution to store organised text for a knowledge base area for the site (eg numerous pages with help on using the site etc). The site is API driven so I don't have a DB. Any suggestions? Would sqlite work for this? (never used it)
SQLite is great when you only have a single concurrent user.
Well, single concurrent write user.
persistence would only be someone editing the text or adding a new page
it'd mostly be serving data to users
@MarkR Just warning you that it may not be so straightforward :) If you want to break out the other three error cases though, I don't see a problem with just changing those.
4:30 PM
@MátéKocsis Hey that would put us both at a 0% acceptance rate
@NikiC Exception out the class constants, case sensitive and scalars, and leave the multiple-define until people who really need to maintain their PHP 5.4 compatible codebases die of old age?
@Girgias haha! You are the guy who had the crazy idea to get rid of short tags :D :D
wonder if could get through bumping it to E_WARNING
@MarkR Or alternatively start a discussion on the mailing list. I just checked the last discussion, looks like part of the sentiment was just that we should do it in PHP 8
4:34 PM
@MarkR lol
I totally missed that
Too much other spam on the list
Aye, I've been clicking mark-all-as-read on quite a bit of it myself.
I genuinely didn't get it (or maybe it's in spam)
I've yet to figure out how how to send mail through my php account, when I want to start a new topic I have to send it through my personal gmail, it doesn't get picked up if I use thunderbird
@MarkR IIRC gmail no longer supports this.
Emails that were previously associated can still use the feature, but not new ones.
Is the PHP project actively moving away from ext-mysqli?
4:39 PM
Not that I am aware of. PDO more popular but mysqli supports some async ops, so until something else comes a long that supports async I bet it sticks around.
5:10 PM
What would it take, then, to get a version of PDO's bindParam function (with binding a single param) into mysqli? I suggested it to Internals a while back but I only had one comment
5:37 PM
@Machavity I think you're looking for wiki.php.net/rfc/howto :)
@cmb Does this look good enough for a full RFC then?
2 hours later…
7:17 PM
@MátéKocsis Indeed, still don't think it's a crazy idea tbh. But still need to deprecate implicit support for short tags
Just need to find the time to do it
8:01 PM
DateTime hour incorrect during DST jump forward using setTime ・ Date/time related ・ #79396
8:19 PM
Session Variable failed to pass for weird reason ・ Scripting Engine problem ・ #79397
8:43 PM
@Girgias I hope you noticed my sarcasm ^^
A bit :p
But apparently a bunch of people thought it was crazy so
You passed it the first time, it was just the potentially devastating problem with the implementation
Unfortunately it had given the hold-backs more time to mobilise in time for vote 2
@Girgias I see. Somehow I don't hate them very much, but I'd be for getting rid of them
I don't really care about them either, what I do care is engine behaviour controlled by an INI setting
9:00 PM
Guys, I'm looking for the correct term, help me out?

How do you define a Full Page overlay upon click (on website front-end)?
Like a full screen menu
or anything that just completely overlays 100% of the page
Trying to make a full screen menu
modal? (talking to me?)
9:01 PM
Modal Windows
I owe you
a kidney
and my ramen stock from cantine
I'll take a lung instead. They seem more handy to have spares of in the current climate.
9:04 PM
It's always kidney or lung
I'd take lungs too
so kidney it is
take it
and go
9:13 PM
@Machavity basically, yes. An RFC needs some more formalism; you get a template when you actually create the RFC. I suggest that you register an account and apply for RFC karma on internals@.
@MarkR What's the simplest way to Modal FS on WP? (I should ask JS?)
Sorry I've no idea about wordpress.
Ok, wordpress asidee
Standard practice to modal window?
needs fullscreen
9:27 PM
and trigger upon click
jquery is standard (applicable on any web environment?)?
It's one of the standard tools. It's limited in what in can do, but it's a lot easier to use for people who haven't done lots of Javascript programming.
btw there will almost certainly be a plugin for wordpress that you could use out there.
But possibly just doing it yourself through jquery might be easier to get it exactly as you want.
Yeah WP plugins are like Jeans at a discount store
they're all OK
9:35 PM
but ...
I tried a couple, most implement their own Hamburger Toggle (uneditable
yeah.....this is one of those things, that if you can do it yourself, you're better off doing it yourself...
Hence... HALP
(thx for link btw)
You wouldn't have a JSFiddle project laying around by any chance?
9:39 PM
Any idea on how to change this particular modal fade animation?
to make it fade in from top
layout I'll manag
look at me, Im a pro
10:15 PM
Apologies in advance if this is against etiquette, but if anyone knows a switched on/adaptable Php dev with some “ops chops” who’s looking for work right now, please ping me
Anyone knows how to make a fullscreen container split in two sub-containers (50% width each)
10:52 PM
@Stephen define "looking for work"
meaning, I am full time employed but also skint :-P
I'm run off my feet until Fri but after that I have time outside UK office hours
11:11 PM
Can anyone remember any RFCs that are either similar to, or could be solved more easily if named parameters were a thing in PHP? Other than "Default / skip params" and the "Compact Object Property Assignment" one.
Nope, but I want to take the opportunity to lobby for allowing array destructuring in function signatures, which kind of solves some of these issues tangentially but is also valuable in its own right, though it would need to be improved to be ergonomic.
['a' => $a, 'b' => $b] = $rhs;
// if these were equivalent for example:
[a: $a, b: $b] = $rhs;
// then we could possibly do something like this:
function foo([a: $a, b: $b]);
And since 99% of the time those variable names and keys are going to match, we could possibly allow omitting the variable name (it can't be the other way, because of how existing array destructuring works that would be positional destructuring).
function foo([a:, b:]); // looks weird though, dunno, this I am less sure on
// We can add type matching
function foo([a: int $a, b: string $b]);
// and I only thought of this now, but hilariously if we combine them...
function foo([a: int, b: string]); // wow, PHP uses modern syntax!
/cc @Danack
> And since 99% of the time those variable names and keys are going to match
That's one of the points I'm trying to put into clear words for why the "Compact Object Property Assignment" isn't a good idea as it is. Right now, it exposes internal property names as part of the api for using that object. Which sounds wrong.
11:47 PM
@LeviMorrison btw did you feel the earthquake near(ish?) to you?
it's been a while since i've compiled php from sources .. what would be the reason for me to add LDFLAGS="-lxml2 -lsqlite3" to make it link properly?
@Ja͢ck probably....though those should be set by the extension I would have thought...
hmm, there's a pattern ... i had added _CFLAGS and _LIBS env variables for those, maybe i should remove them and specify with --with-libxml=... instead
yeah.....tbh it kind of sounds like you're compiling in a situation where you've added hacks to work around other hacks......

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