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1:54 AM
Hi. I'm trying to make a script for chunk uploading. Chunk uploader sends a file to the server in pieces.

I append the pieces of data to a single file like this:


But the created file is damaged. For example when I upload video files they can't be played anymore. What's wrong?
who knows
@MarkR I thought maybe it's because of the unicode or something
I tried to upload a simple txt file. It wasn't changed. But binary files like videos are being changed
2:31 AM
@X4748-IR does your code take into account file size?
2:46 AM
If I have a conditional SQL query with an if condition, is it possible to log which query actually ran?
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5:16 AM
@Tiffany I solved it. Thanks
2 hours later…
7:41 AM
what is the form within a form?
8:19 AM
@mega6382 lol
9:18 AM
anyone got coronavirus yet?
I've had a dry cough for a few days, and my right ear stopped working
@Derick same here, same ear. :D
My ears still work, so I guess I'm safe so far.
9:36 AM
My ears are currently fine. Brain, not so much.
9:58 AM
Sorry, what are you saying? I can't hear you very well.
10:16 AM
I've just started the vote at wiki.php.net/rfc/write_once_properties :)
10:28 AM
10:46 AM
readline() missing return on documentation ・ Documentation problem ・ #79388
11:21 AM
I can't believe the 'immutable properties' RFC has gone to a vote, and worm isn't an available keyword.
public worm string $name = 'Wiggles';
(worm = write once read many, for those who think I've lost my mind)
@Stephen Sorry, noone was that clever to come up with such a perfect keyword! You should have suggested this earlier ^^ :D
@MátéKocsis I mean... I didn't invent the term. It's been around for decades. en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Write_once_read_many
You know it's release Tuesday when you get 40 emails from php-cvs because the security branch got merged into the normal ones
> Another restriction of “write-once” properties is that they can't have a default value. Thus, the following syntax is forbidden:
But the example shows perfectly valid syntax. I assume it's a mistake that it doesn't include <keyword>?
11:37 AM
@Stephen worm $hole = "black";
@TheodoreBrown Oh, yes, that's a mistake on my part. I'm fixing it ASAP
@Stephen oh :O why on Earth I didn't hear this abbreviation?? :)
@Girgias Security commits don't get merged, but get cherry picked
@MátéKocsis I'm not sure, why didn't you?
Me neither :) It was more like a rhetorical question :D
11:47 AM
@bwoebi Surely that's a paradox ... a worm hole is more... write many read never
that's a black hole
Errr yeah... I meant that :P

> @Stephen worm $hole = "black";
@Derick but they get merged into the "main" branches (PHP-7.2, PHP-7.3, PHP-7.4) first.
is that a merge, or also a cherry pick?
Good question – actually I'm not sure.
12:06 PM
I'm curious if anyone else who's developing on macOS uses a case sensitive volume for project work?
not necessarily boot volume, but a location for code (specifically I guess I mean code that will also run on a *nix machine)
12:28 PM
@cmb do you mind correcting something in web-php?
@Sjon what? :)
when you announced 7.3.14 you added 7.3.13 to releases.inc
when you announced 7.3.15 you added 7.4.2 to releases.inc
and now 7.3.14 is gone
Is anyone here familiar with composer and git?
I've made a repository on github. When I try to require it using composer it returns the following error:

Could not find a matching version of package hamedgasemi200/laravel-light-weight-chunk-uploader. Check
the package spelling, your version constraint and that the package is available in a stability which ma
tches your minimum-stability (dev).

This is my repository.


What do you think is wrong? I don't know that much about composer, I suppose the problem is in that file.
English help :) - What is a good name/word for the part of a function that defines it's name and parameter? e.g. function foo(string $bar): bool?
@hakre signature ?
12:39 PM
@Sjon sounds nice. Do you commonly call it that way?
@X4748-IR That package is not on packagist - packagist.org/search/…
@X4748-IR Unless you do not create / handle your own repository for packages, the default one is packagist. See here for more info: packagist.org/about
@hakre I do, and looking at en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Type_signature#Method_signature I'm not alone
@hakre yes, function signature is a typical way to refer to the name, parameters/arguments and return type
@Sjon ah, thanks! Fixed with git.php.net/?p=web/…
@hakre I didn't know about it. Thanks.
@cmb thanks!
12:43 PM
@hakre prototype is also not uncommon (en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Function_prototype)
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1:53 PM
@DaveRandom genuine as in "organic growth"
ftell retruns false on linux for STDIN ・ Streams related ・ #79389
2:11 PM
joh-eun a-chim (don't feel like looking up a Korean keyboard atm)
RFC: Write-Once properties
Keyword: readonly wins by miles

feasgar math
its not a good sign that there are 16 votes on the primary and 20 on the secondary
2:22 PM
@MarkR thats because there was no worm option.
@beberlei Yep, I was also a bit surprised when I saw it. :O
part of me wants to vote just for write-once, but I won't vote on RFCs that I don't understand well enough
It bugs me more and more that the wiki doesnt support STV
@Tiffany thanks for the explanation! It's a very responsible approach :)
2:27 PM
... stv?
Scottish tv?
... any number of other references found on wikipedia for 'stv'?
Transferable votes.
(Ranked preferences)
oh. when you said 'the wiki' I was expecting some kind of syntax or formatting
ooooo, makes sense
@MarkR Voting is done in a plugin, so perhaps there is a plugin that does do that?
@NikiC Seen this error?
==34782== Jump to the invalid address stated on the next line
==34782==    at 0x10264323: ???
==34782==    by 0x5513E5: pdo_sqlstate_fini_error_table (pdo_sqlstate.c:307)
==34782==    by 0x53EF89: zm_shutdown_pdo (pdo.c:349)
==34782==    by 0x87F8B7: module_destructor (zend_API.c:2563)
==34782==    by 0x87348B: module_destructor_zval (zend.c:761)
==34782==    by 0x88AF35: _zend_hash_del_el_ex (zend_hash.c:1305)
==34782==    by 0x88B001: _zend_hash_del_el (zend_hash.c:1328)
==34782==    by 0x88C810: zend_hash_graceful_reverse_destroy (zend_hash.c:1782)
@Derick nope
2:44 PM
@MátéKocsis where are you from?
/what timezone are you in
@PeeHaa Hungary! :)
He's in CET :D
oh lol
What was your guess (if you had one)? :)
nvm I just realized I got a off by 1 month error :P
Was looking at the rfc and got confused :P
2:47 PM
haha :D I see
Ugh, I hate Alpine. I don't have debugging symbols because "they'd take another 100 MiB of space", and if I install from source I can't reproduce the segfault.
@MarkR your RFC is still in the "active" section of the wiki overview page
Where abouts? I removed it from the voting phase and put it in implemented for 8.0, I just need to merge it and add a couple more tests Nikic requested.
@MarkR sorry my mistake
2:55 PM
np, as long as it's where it's meant to be
It's really difficult to work when you have to have a look at @beberlei's RFC watch every 5 minutes... :D
@MátéKocsis its more healthy than refreshing those damn awful corona news livetickers
@beberlei You can save clicking F5 if you just buy one of those scrolling LED things to put on your desk and program it to say "Society will collapse and we're all going to die"
we are?!?!?! i didnt see that on my live tracker yet
only 1-5%, so don't worry
3:07 PM
At least on the bright side it's greatly reducing our CO2 emissions, so that buys us some time for fighting climate change!
3:30 PM
wonder how much plastic is being wasted to help people
plastics part is overrated as factor towards co2 emissions, negative effects on environment + oceans is another issue though
transform the plastic islands into habitable islands
I'll just get my magic terraforming rod, brb
I bet more people are dying from climate change than covid and we just have a disconnect from it. That's speculation, of course, but the drastic reaction to one and not the other is kind of funny.
3:35 PM
The reaction to one has been to accentuate the other in really bizarre ways
I dread to think how many trees worth of toilet roll are going to languish in people's basements until they go mouldy
As long as they are dry they'll last until used.
i saw an article about china, that probably the people dying from covid are made up by people living longer from less pollution. human live is not something you can add up and substract and compare, so i am warry of that result
wary *
@Derick kisses :)
> human live is not something you can add up and substract
3:37 PM
live = life :P
In china you can :P
@beberlei over 5% of the people who have ever lived are currently alive
that is clearly not sustainable :-P
If china hadn't tried to suppress this thing in the first place chances are the stock market wouldn't have crashed 40%
and less people would be dying
@DaveRandom That does not calculate if you realize everybody has two parents.. .EXPLAIN THAT!
user image
3:38 PM
@MarkR honsestly i believe that was a very unlikely outcome even with different reaction from china
@Derick INSERT INTO @Derick SELECT * FROM books
I've made quite a few changes to my life that are environment friendly. Recently my brother-in-law came to live with us. He generates 4x the amount of waste my family of 5 was producing all by himself. At least he skateboards everywhere so he isn't using gasoline...
14 days of incubation period, spread via people that are asymptomatic.
@beberlei Arresting and disappearing doctors who present an accurate portrayal of it doesn't exactly fill one with confidence
@LeviMorrison Yes, we can all do our bits... but without a proper (country, continent, planet) level policy, it's never going to do enough
3:40 PM
@MarkR no but it doesn't actually affect anything in a meaningful way, you may as well try and build a dam to stop neutrinos reaching earth from the sun
Yeah, I'm actually looking at things called "agrihoods", which are way more conscious about living in harmony with nature. At least then I'd have some neighbors who also care.
Go full amish
Eating less meat, and not having any food waste helps... quite a lot
I'm a bit of a germophobe, so I use nitrile gloves when I perform housework I consider "dirty" ... but I become conscious of how many gloves I'm using and ... sometimes it's debilitating, I don't want to use gloves because it's wasteful, but I need to keep my environment hygienic
yes, my sentence is unfinished... I couldn't finish my thought
I'm helping my dad rejuvenate his farm. We're in the early stages, but so far it's promising.
3:42 PM
I also don't drive anywhere, although I do fly a lot/too much
I think it will be far more environmentally friendly and more productive -- win-win. That's what we need more of: solutions that have tangible benefits in the short term.
Don't fall too much in the "it needs to be organic" falacy though
I need to walk more often
/me walks everywhere
though, I've had my car for ten years, and only put 40k miles on it, it had 66k when I bought it (was five years old at that time, it's 15 years old now)
3:43 PM
See the right hand column on derickrethans.nl
I walked further than my parents drove last year - over 5mm
5 mega meters
sounds weirder than 5000 km :-)
@Derick thought you said millimeters for a moment, I was going to protest :P
yes, 5Mm, not 5mm :D
yes, thought there was a missing capital :P
it very definitely reads as millimetres
@Derick Mostly we're changing the way his animals graze; they no longer roam the whole area eating whatever they want (they are picky). Instead we section it off into smaller pastures so that the pasture actually gets some rest. It's a big increase; some studies have shown 4x and 10x improvement to production, and we'll get our first taste of how much it will help us specifically this year.
3:46 PM
O_O 5 megameters = 3106 miles, we know Derick gets his cardio
Also, "eat less meat" is a bit oversimplified. There's no way we can grow vegetables on most my dad's 17 acres; it's too steep and rocky. But the animals can graze it. That's food we otherwise wouldn't have that's high in protein and quite nutritious. Basically, I'm saying it's more important to know where you food comes from.
But yes, if it's coming from a factory farm then "eat less meat" is accurate.
@LeviMorrison if the farm can't grow vegetables, what production is being improved?
@Tiffany More grasses and food for the cows.
Hopefully soon that will be more generalized; hoping to add goats which will eat weeds.
It doesn't sound like your father's farm is a large scale one?
No, just 17 acres. Family farm.
It's a rural place, and farming is what most people are involved in. If the practice can catch a larger hold in the community there would be enormous benefits. I know of a few other people who do it, one of which has more like 200 acres, which helped persuade my dad to do it.
3:51 PM
Right. Massive scale beef farming is a problem.
Yeah, industrial scale animal farming is really destructive.
produces so much CO2
plant-based meat is slowly becoming popular, but I wonder how environmentally friendly it is to produce plant-based meat for general consumption
my hope is it's safer than industrial farming, but would like to see the numbers
I wonder if it's even healthy. It's so processed it's hard to say.
Probably better to just eat beans, nuts, and so on.
Plant based meat makes no sense D: I want a steak
4:05 PM
I don't understand the whole thing about imitating meat with plants.
Vegetarian/Vegan can be absolutely tasty.
without it looking and feeling like meat...
Something something easing transition?
I don't get it either tbh
I like a good steak (and lamb), but as it's so bad for the environment I now eat it perhaps once every two weeks ... and not in 18 oz portions
Very different from the "american" diet.
I don't mind eating "lesser" parts of an animal be it in a stew, or others. IMHO that's the most whack thing is that everyone want's only the best pieces of the animal, meaning that we throw away like 80% of it
Too much for sure. I read a statistic that people throw away like a ⅓ of the food they buy
I think in our house it's perhaps 1/250th. We either eat it or don't buy it. No leftovers.
I waste a reasonable amount of chicken
I live on my own so unless im eating it 3 days in a row, it's out of date
4:12 PM
how come?
freeze it
The only thing I'm bad at keeping up are vegetables u.u I buy some peppers thinking I'll do some cooking, get invited out for a couple of days, can't cook all of it >_>
You can solve that by not having any friends.
Or you can pickle them
Pickle your friends?
4:15 PM
your choice which :D
I don't want to eat my friends tho :|
If a mermaid was a canibal, is that technically eating sushi?
This escalated fast
Man I want sushi now :(
4:17 PM
@Girgias Ahaha I don't think bell peppers have ever gone bad in my house. It's probably our #1 vegetable.
@MarkR if a centaur eats a horse, is that cannibalism?
I want barbecue, and since dining inside restaurants isn't allowed until the end of March, some are waiving delivery fees...
@LeviMorrison my fridge is kinda shait
I think it's maybe too cold or not enough
can't you adjust it?
Well I tried multiple time and it still freezes
4:19 PM
I was so happy when Tesco started having Chicken Drummers in the frozen isle. That was proper retro throwback to school days, except now I just buy a bag and cook my own rather than paying 40p each at school
mine has a knob to where I can make it colder or warmer
So my fridge is mostly filled with water
Well too cold and it freezes milk/meat
(bottled water)
You need to clean it out
4:20 PM
I did it 3 times already
Each time it froze
call a repairman?
It's kinda functional RN
Seems like maybe it's worth calling in a service, yeah.
@Girgias Sounds like it's not level then
Well en empty fridge isn't great so that's what explained a lot of the early freezing (according to my mum)
@Derick possible
4:21 PM
@bwoebi If you have a PHP checkout handy, can you test github.com/php/php-src/pull/5250 on Zend/tests/bug78531.phpt with -d opcache.jit_buffer_size=1M -d opcache.jit_debug=-1 and tell me what it dumps?
@Girgias my fridge is mostly empty, my stuff doesn't freeze
There's a weird CI failure on the macos+jit configuration, and I can't figure out how it could possibly happen
I need to get back to doing uni work ... but I don't wanna
I need lunch
@Girgias Frozen vegies are the awesome....
4:32 PM
I have a steam cooker, put some long-cut carrots in there for a bit, nom nom
crap, reminds me, I still need to buy a steamer thing that I can use in a saucepan
just ordered a bunch of stuff off amazon this morning ...
who is jackjim and why is he spamming a bunch of links on a bug report, including a github profile
why are they*
Jack and Jim are male names
sure, it could be someone just using it as an alias, but if you're using masculine names, it's reasonable to assume the person is male
I'm female, I use a female name
@Tiffany Did you just assume your gender!?
yes, yes I did
4:43 PM
@Tiffany you can report their user on github as a spammer, and they'll be blocked quite quickly.
5:20 PM
omg @Ja͢ck is alive
got coronavirus yet?
nah, not even the beer
but my current employer did turn us into homebound salary workers
Are there any additional security considerations when comparing opcache in shared memory vs opcache preload directive?
@Xerkus opcache preload does not necessarily run as the same user as you php-fpm pools
5:22 PM
Say, if application config is pushed to preload
So you may wish to set the opcache.preload_user to be the same as your pool, or whichever user you wish to limit the execution to
Exploring the topic in relation to discourse.laminas.dev/t/…
5:40 PM
Hello, I have a MySQL table which has utf8 encoding, and although the following Python code does insert the string (which is in Greek), the next piece of code in PHP adds some strange symbols to the database which cannot be read at all.

Here is my Python code which works well:
sql = "INSERT INTO mag_events (mag_device_id, event, need_confirm, msg) VALUES (%d, 'send_msg', 1, 'Η ΣΥΝΔΡΟΜΗ ΛΗΓΕΙ ΣΥΝΤΟΜΑ.')" % mag_id

And here is my PHP code which does not work:
mysqli_query($mysqli, "INSERT INTO mag_events (mag_device_id, event, need_confirm, msg) VALUES ('$magIDtoSend', 'send_msg', '1', '$msg
@CDoc it's possible your PHP editor is not set to UTF-8....and so it's sending the characters with the wrong encoding.
If you run something like:
i had not imagined coming back to php after 4 years and still see mysqli_query()
Jun 12 '18 at 12:52, by Danack
Apr 14 '15 at 23:24, by Danack
function showRawCharacters($result) {
    $resultInHex = unpack('H*', $result);
    $resultInHex = $resultInHex[1];
    $resultSeparated = implode(', ', str_split($resultInHex, 2)); //byte safe
    echo $resultSeparated;

$foo = serialize("woot\x00Yeah");

but with your greek string, you should be able to check the encoding against the proper utf-8 encoding: fileformat.info/info/unicode/char/0395/index.htm
also, bobby tables
@CDoc you really want to use a prepared statement for this, and bind the params. You have a massive security hole in your code.
I think there's a setting for rejecting invalid strings from reaching the DB...but I can't find it trivially.
5:47 PM
@CDoc utf8 BOM might also affect things. Make sure your editor does not use it. BOM is invisible special marker at the start of the file
^ which is completely pointless in UTF-8 and should never be used ever for anything
Except trolling.
yes it is good for that
nothing like a good ol' "headers already sent in..."
@Danack Sure but first it would be perfect if I'd find a proper encoding solution... :/
@Xerkus I've used Notepad++ to double check that BOM isn't there...
idk, does mysqli_set_charset() help in any way?
5:53 PM
let me try
alternatively, you may want to consider to keep using python
and by heresy you mean that they should be using postgres, right?
$mysqli -> set_charset("utf8"); worked... I've loled a bit....
You guys saved my entire week.
i've never saved a week before
6:01 PM
You did now :P
Now fix the massive security hole in your code.
@Danack hehehehehe
Give a mean a fish and he has food for a day, give a man a direct answer and he will have security holes for the lifetime of the project :P
@CDoc I would recommend you to use PDO instead of mysqli and use prepared statements
6:20 PM
I just poured what I thought was caramel sauce on a brownie... it's honey barbecue sauce... D:
which doesn't taste that bad, but... I wasn't expecting it...
@Tiffany high kitchen have many unexpected combinations. Congratulations for leveling up. ;D
@Ja͢ck indeed
@Ja͢ck didn't realize you were probably being sarcastic. I'm autistic, unless you're explicit about being sarcastic, I make a fool of myself. :D
and ruin the mood
@Tiffany oh, i wasn't being sarcastic ... my company has accustomed me to never assume gender unless explicitly stated, as silly as that may sound
fair enough
6:33 PM
plus, advocating the use of singular 'they' is a good thing (tm)
Anyone familiar with elasticsearch?
I know you can store an array of values in a keyword type, but I'm thinking of storing an array hundreds if not thousands of values per record. I don't know if there's any reasons I shouldn't
I know it's way not related to PHP lol
@Alesana that sounds bad...You should dig into how elasticsearch operates it's indexes, and the figure out if you should exclude those values from being indexed or otherwise help elasticsearch do it's job.
@Danack I thought it sounded bad. I'll read the article, thanks!
It might be easiest to just chuck some example data in, and then inspect how large the indexes become. It should be reasonably obvious - as in if the indexes grow a lot bigger than the raw data is, then it's not a good match. If they're smaller, then maybe.
Yeah, probably a good idea
I'm wondering if using elasticsearch for what I'm trying to do is even the best solution at this point
I might just be using it because it's what I know
6:45 PM
hard to say.....maybe write down what your data looks like so people can advise?
It's just metrics of the accounts we have, we're going to be storing different metrics about them so we can have an algorithm give us an engagement score for an account based on those metrics. If an account's engagement score drops we can contact them to avoid losing them. In the future we'll use machine learning to detect if an account has a high probability of leaving us
So mostly it's a date, account ID, and metrics such as videos watched (count), quizzes taken, etc... then I was also thinking of including all the IDs of those videos
I don't know much about machine learning so I'm pretty excited to delve into it
Approx how many accounts do you have <1k, >1k, >10k, >100k or >1million?
Each account consists of multiple users
It's just for our b2b side of things
tbh....I'd probably just store the data in mysql and worry about scaling it later. Elasticsearch doesn't sound like the right tool, because it doesn't sound like you're going to be retrieving the data through search....
It's quite likely you'll need to load all your data into memory to analyze it, but as it sounds like it fits in memory, that won't be a problem.
7:02 PM
hmm. I would need a few different association tables in mysql as well to solve what an array in elasticsearch would solve
But you might be right
I really like the aggregation functionalities that elasticsearch has though
@bwoebi Thanks
mov $0x10ed2f940, %rax
mov %rax, (%r14)
cmp $0x0, 0x8(%rax)
jnz .L70
That clearly aint right
@Ja͢ck I hate extra ambiguity added to the language. New dedicated word would much better.
7:58 PM
@PeeHaa memcached
8:22 PM
@beberlei @Gordon @Derick Gotten a chance to play with the instrumentation hooks?
@LeviMorrison thursday or friday
Sorry, no time yet
No worries; just want to keep it on your mind :)
Hi Guys, anyone here who worked with Shopify? I am trying to figure out a way to edit something on checkout but couldn't find any solid thing after two days struggle
8:26 PM
> couldn't find any solid thing
That's because it's all liquid
hahah good one @Alesana
I want to provide conditional shipping, like if one of the item in order belong to certain category I remove Free Shipping from shipping options
I think my direction is wrong as even google is not helping
8:49 PM
Hi. Can you guys help me a bit with my Laravel package? I'm trying to make one. I saw on many websites and some packages that they add provider path to their composer file, but no matte what I do. I keep getting this error:

Class 'MyGithub\Repository\Providers\ServiceProvider' not found

And this is where I address my provider in composer

"extra": {
"laravel": {
"providers": [
As an MCVE you can check my repository out

9:17 PM
@PeeHaa You're like a modern day Ghandi!
9:50 PM
@NikiC Can I somehow help you debugging or do you manage to trace it back yourself?
@StatikStasis :-)
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