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12:00 PM
yes bc dates like AD
oh, you mean "Before Christ"
@dreamcoder After Death ?
@Sparkx before christ
12:01 PM
AD stands for"After Death"..meaning ..after the time of jesus christ..
I have tried to put my date string in the construcor of object like var d=new DateTime("datestring")
@ShyamK BC is an outdated way of saying BCE
politically correct it has to be before commone era (BCE)
How can i update html div with jquery, like chat window ?
Stand me corrected and beat me silly :D
I wanna build a jquery clock. Should I build it ffrom scratch or should I just modify an existing widget?
"Good designers (programmers) copy, great designers steal."

- Pablo Picaso
12:10 PM
"Hello world"
echo "Hello :)";
anyone knows a best memcached version for windows?
@SmootQ nope
@Haris , I see ... thanx
@SmootQ a best?
'cause , I work with php_memcache.dll (not memcached)... But have a critical error
ain't work .. in windows
still... what do you mean by 'a best' ?
12:15 PM
it means : last stable release for windows @markus
there can only every be one best, so it should be the best, or not?
How can i update html div with jquery, like chat window ?
and I think 'best' doesn't describe last stable release very well
@markus No, I mean , the stable one :)
@SmootQ , you really should not have a development server on windows
its a) painful b) hard to maintain
12:16 PM
critical error, what error?
I work in local windows platform, But distant server I work with linux
@HarisMuharemović , please learn javascript : eloquentjavascript.net/contents.html
Notice: memcache_set() [function.memcache-set]: Server (tcp 11211) failed with: Failed reading line from stream (0) in
@tereško thanks
this is my testing code @markus
$memcache_obj = memcache_connect('', 11211);
memcache_set($memcache_obj, 'mykey', 'Hello world', 0, 30);
echo memcache_get($memcache_obj, 'mykey');
12:17 PM
@SmootQ and why do you conclude that this has anything to do with your extension version?
you have no memcache server running on your localhost
@markus : Because I downloaded it from a website , and it was released there 2 years ago
I just downloaded php_memcache.dll , in fact
transit of venus happening today/tomorrow depending on your location and it wont happen for another 105 years :]
@SmootQ that doesn't make memcache run magically
@teresko , I don't really know, the same server is used for both php and memcache
12:19 PM
@CarrieKendall I don't have iPhone..
Just changing the port
So , @markus , what's the problem?
@CarrieKendall , while an interesting event , its , i think, already over and its not all that impressive to begin with
uhh, idk how that relates..
@tereško shrug, to each its own. i am just informing :] it happens in the states this evening
well .. it's at night
@SmootQ are you running a memcache server, are you loading the extension from within your php configuraiton, is the port open?
12:21 PM
yes , all this is done already
@SmootQ , can you access it directly ?
and in apache config
clarified :]
@teresko , what do you mean?
@markus , and in apach config, I have : Listen localhost:11211
@SmootQ and are you running a memcache server?
12:23 PM
nope , Listen sorry
@markus, But how? All I did is download php_memcache.dll... declare it in php.ini and open port in config apache, then test it
the set function of memcache returns false, by the way
it seems it doesn't set the data at all...
@SmootQ this dll ist just the php extensions API to talk to memcache
so of course it is not the server
you have to run a server too
to which the api can talk
8 mins ago, by tereško
you have no memcache server running on your localhost
@markus , I understand ... But where to find a server?
@SmootQ not find 'a server' install memcache
@teresko , I understand that ...thank you ^_^
12:27 PM
as teresko said 8 minutes ago ;)
@SmootQ , you download the source from memcached.org
@markus , sorry I'm really confused between Memcache, Memcached and Memcached... which is which?? hhhh
compile it , and run it
I downloaded it , But when trying to compile it with Dev c++
it seems that it doens't fine a file
@SmootQ Dude, it's memcache. Install linux first.
It then compiles with the tools available on the linux system.
That's what it has been written for.
12:30 PM
@hakre, and that's why I'm looking for memcache for windows :)))
@hakre , well .. it runs just fine on my freebsd
@SmootQ did you try googling it?
@SmootQ Take couchbase that is with a windows installer and has a memcache interface.
Should give you enough to play around with.
maybe thats his production server ^^
12:31 PM
And for your case will hardly make any difference (no idea what you do though, however even storing files into a directory might do the job for you)
that's what I did ...@markus , And I found this one :code.jellycan.com/memcached
@SmootQ when I google 'install memcache on windows' I get loads of stuff
that's from 2009, what about something fresher?
@SmootQ How many different applications have you compiled successfully on windows so far?
I downloaded it yesterday and when trying to install it , it requires a MCV7.dll file or something like that
12:32 PM
did you google MCV7.dll?
I copied it from windows directory, cause it's there
just copying dlls around doesn't install anything
@SmootQ You have some basic understanding what MVC7.dll is?
@hakre, Many applications
@hakre, I don't know what it's for
look, nobody in here has installed memcache on windows (it seems) so I would suggest using google further to drill down to the core of the problem or find alternative solutions
12:34 PM
So you tell me you have compiled many applications successfully on windows and you don't know what that .dll is?
@markus , I found another one for windows, I'll try it , thank you :)
the link I posted, contains this MVC7 topic!
Hey all :)
@hakre : I thought your question was compiling C++ applications for windows... I'm a beginner C++ programmer
hi @Jon
12:36 PM
PHP's aggravating grammar makes things complicated -- is there a way to simplify?
thanks in advance if anyone wants to take a look :)
hi @jon :)
Q: Getting reference to array element where array is accessible as $obj->$propName

JonSuppose that we have this code (simplified example): $propertyName = 'items'; $foo = new \stdClass; $foo->$propertyName = array(42); At this point I 'd like to write an expression that evaluates to a reference to the value inside the array. Is it possible to do this? If so, how? An answer...

@markus, @hakre, @teresko thanx a lot
@SmootQ I didn't know much more about it than you, I just used Google more efficiently
@markus, in fact : I'm not a good google searcher, I will do better with catching butterflies :P
12:38 PM
@Jon , there should be a less painful way to make that loop =/
@hakre hilarious
@SmootQ knowing how to use google is a number one priority for any programmer (and almost everybody else)
@markus, and this Memcached, is a bit confusing, I read an article yesterday and found :
There's Memcache, Memcached and Memcached ..all different
@tereško: Let's just assume that there is not :)
memcached (daemon) and memcached api
I must download memcached and not memcached I guess ;P
12:44 PM
@SmootQ , stop dicking around an install an NIX on VirtualBox
and use that as your development server
@teresko , Nix, VirtualBox? what's for?
to make a proper server environment
@SmootQ virtual box helps you to run 'virtual' (actually real) OSes of any flavour on your windows machine
teresko tells you to install virtual box and then install any unix os on that virtual box and use that system as your development environment. best idea would be to use an image similar to the one of your live environment
os if your server runs CentOS you'd install a centos image on virtual box
Okey, I understand that, I will download it and try it, But one more question
does it take a lot of RAM to use the virtual box?
you can set it to use as much ram as you want
my environment is limited to 256MB
the issue might be CPU , on my single-core netbook it tends to use up quite a lot CPU time
~30% or so
.. then again , we are all assuming that he will be able to set up a NIX server
12:53 PM
@teresko , @markus thanx
I have to go now, have a nice day
Considering the overwhelming response which doesn't hint to my answer, I'm starting to have doubts.
A: Max length for client ip address

ChristianPeople are talking about characters when one can compress an IP address into raw data. So in principle, since we only use IPv4 (32bit) or IPv6 (128bit), that means you need at most 128 bits of space, or 128/8 = 16 bytes! Which is much less than the suggested 39 bytes (characters). That said, y...

Am I wrong?
@Christian: Sounds good to me.
1:09 PM
posted on June 05, 2012 by till

Development, testing, staging and production — this is how most people devide up different environments for application development. Maintenance and setup of these environments is often not a trivial goal to achieve. Having worked with a couple different code bases and setups over the last decade, I often noticed things like environment specific hacks (if ($env == 'testing') { ... }) in appli

@Christian: That's technically correct, but it trades convenience for storage space (I don't think 16 vs 39 bytes would make a perf difference for sane numbers of addresses). Should explain why it's not popular.
@CarrieKendall Re-Post after a year or so, credits to the original poster ;)
I need to call this room to order a bit... there have been complaints, which are clearly evidenced by a quick review of this room, of... shall we say... close/down-vote irregularities?
@Jon Not only does it save storage space, but it also makes address manipulations (like determining whether the address is on a given network) considerably easier; indeed, if done right there should never be a need to convert the address into string form in the first place - it will just stay in binary until it needs to be displayed to a human.
Now: if something genuinely needs closing, fine.
1:13 PM
@MarcGravell huh?
What seems to be the problem?
yes, I'm looking at you ;p
got me there
But: if something is a bad answer, then calling for a mass pile-on of downvotes, especially if you don't leave any feedback, is ... not in the spirit of things.
@Feeds Ah cool, exactly the blog post I need for this week!
@eggyal: Sure. I 'm just rationalizing.
1:14 PM
@MarcGravell That doesn't sound like us?
If there is a problem with a post, please tell the user what key point they are missing. If you are just being a jerk, well: don't do that.
@MarcGravell any specific answer / question?
@MarcGravell Please share the data-set, the procedure definitions and the outcome of your calculations.
A: PHP - Global variable not accessible

marco-fisetThe problem you are facing is due to variable scope. In PHP, when you are inside a function or a class, you can't access global variables/objects without explicitly saying that you are using the global one. For example : $DB = 'This is my DB object'; //global variable class Controller { fu...

@Jon Aye. I'd have thought the fact that the answer being only 25 minutes old versus the rest at 2.5 years has more bearing on its lack of popularity? :)
1:15 PM
@RepWhoringPeeHaa That answer got downvoted yesterday based on requests here.
No explanation or correct answer was provided.
@eggyal: That too :)
So then this happened...
Q: I thought I posted a good answer

marco-fisetOk so I answered a question about PHP global variables, and my answer was right to the point and solved the OP's problem. I had two upvotes and the OP accepted my answer. However, maybe 3 hours later (when the question would have been burried deep below the newer ones) I got downvoted like crazy:...

Now that answer is back to being voted positive.
@BilltheLizard You want to say, that those who downvoted did not act on their own behalf?
@BilltheLizard I'm here very often and I have never seen a request for downvotes, we have close requests but nothing like requests for downvotes obviously
so [dv-pls] isn't frequent here?
I imagined that did I?
'cos I have the database in front of me
1:17 PM
@MarcGravell It's called [delv-pls]
actually it is called both
again, database here
@MarcGravell The meaning is delete vote please.
[cv-pls] is, however from my observation, all within reason.
@hakre it means delete vote and has nothing to do with downvoting of answers
@markustharkun I just pinned two in the sidebar.
@hakre So, you're voting to delete answers?
1:18 PM
But my point, to re-iterate: if there is a problem with an answer, drawing attention to it is perhaps not unreasonable - but if you are going to do that, which could incur a sudden slew of votes: PLEASE SAY CLEARLY WHAT THE PROBLEM IS
@BilltheLizard I downvoted (both actually) because they are wrong imo
@BilltheLizard I vote mainly questions, sometimes I vote answers, too, incl. delete votes, yes.
@MarcGravell and @BilltheLizard there is delv and dv (which I have never seen so far) delv means delete and is a follow up to close in some cases
@RepWhoringPeeHaa That's fine. I don't have a problem with downvoting. But if you're going to call for everyone in chat to downvote an answer, leave a correct answer so people know what it's about.
so I'd like to know how many dv tags you have seen because that's something I have never seen in this room
1:20 PM
@hakre How do you vote to delete answers?
@BilltheLizard afik, we don't
@BilltheLizard how many dv-pls tags do you have in your log?
@BilltheLizard If I remember that right, there is a link called "delete" below an answer you can cast your vote with. But I think you know the procedure.
Most of the times someone in here will leave a nice comment when downvoting AFAIK
@markustharkun Exactly. You can't. Others are saying that the [dv-pls] is a request to delete answers.
@RepWhoringPeeHaa That's fine too.
@BilltheLizard Who says that?
1:22 PM
4 mins ago, by markus-tharkun
@hakre it means delete vote and has nothing to do with downvoting of answers
for `tag:dv-pls`
Truth	13
RepWhoringPeeHaa	7
tereško	7
Gordon	6
NikiC	4
@BilltheLizard Well, see the context, I was talking about delv-pls, not dv-pls
@MarcGravell Total count since the beginning of the chat or within that day?
again, whether downvote or delete-vote is moot; if you're going to pile-on, you are going to cause confusion and angst with people. So please say what the reason is why it is suddenly getting all that attention.
@MarcGravell Also check out how many comments where posted on those question/answers
and `tag:delv-pls`
NikiC	54
Gordon	47
hakre	28
RepWhoringPeeHaa	19
tereško	8
PeeHaa	6
(I cut off the low numbers)
1:25 PM
You will see that almost all have indeed a comment
at least the ones I just quickly checked.
That's what I mean, normally we're not voting for downvoting (or upvoting) just for closing regular questions for the house-keeping.
hello @petervaz
seriously, if the question/answer really is bad enough that it needs deleting, then that can be valid self-monitoring of the system - just keep it .... straight, eh?
anyone with cakephp experience could help me troubleshot an issue?
1:25 PM
(I'm done)
@MarcGravell I think we mostly do, really!
So no problem here? @MarcGravell (serious question)
I'm not here to bang heads together or start kicking people, if that is what you mean. Just: let's make sure it doesn't become a real problem please.
I think SO would be an even greater place if every tag had such an active quality control community like this chat turns out to be
I think it's important to leave a comment when you downvote for a serious reason.
1:27 PM
@hakre yes
yes, taking an active role in the quality of your tag's questions/answers is a good thing. As long as it doesn't become actively hostile.
@hakre Agreed. That didn't happen in this one case though, and now that has a bunch of sympathy upvotes as a result.
I didn't downvote, but that question/answer combo is only going to help people write horrible code.
@MarcGravell annoyance about the crazy influx of the same dangerous low quality stuff can maybe sometimes turn into a sort of impatient attitude which can be interpreted as hostile
(it also has a ton of upvotes thanks to the meta discussion)
1:29 PM
but really in general there is no hostility
@MarcGravell Which actually creates a problem now. As a Solomonic outcome I suggest to remove the question and it's answers completely.
I'm not a PHP person, so I have no idea if there is something really bad in there. But if I was new to PHP, I would genuinely want to know why it was -6 ... so that I understand whether it is good or bad code.
@MarcGravell so I'd say thanks for reminding us of the responsibility and guys let's make sure we submit great comments always
k, thanks all; have fun
1:32 PM
I suggest to CV the question because it's too localized and a duplicate on variable scope.
oh, and if someone could point out what is wrong on that answer, I'm sure the OP would appreciate it.
Ok, we need tereško :P
lol @webarto
Looks like I have a meta answer to post
1:35 PM
@RepWhoringPeeHaa yeah, would be sad to have the PHP chat associated with hostility
well some self criticism: it was a vandetta. maybe for a reason, but a vandetta. I took part in it passively (not doing any votes). That poor answer guy, I have to admit.
Commented accordingly; if someone would add or recommend re-wording, feel free.
what did i miss ?
@petervaz I've been using it for a while, what's up?
"remember that any global data is always guilty until proven innocent."
1:39 PM
@tereško check the stared quotes on the right :)
@MarcGravell it has been discussed on meta before that we do not need to comment when we downvote. its nice to do but not mandatory. happens very rarely and the ones i saw (not all) have been fairly obvious candidates for downvoting. as for delv-pls and cv-pls, there is a question on it on meta. we are doing the site a service with it.
@MarcGravell , please do not confuse and , they are completely different things applied to completely different cases
it is a fresh install but seems mod_rewrite isnt workig
1:42 PM
and to see if they are rare or not, compare them to
It wont load css/js
@Gordon if you are going to "pile on", it is probably worthy of explaining what the problem is - for the sake of all.
@petervaz Is it just css/js or does nothing work except the index file?
anyway, we've discussed it to death already, I suspect
@MarcGravell , also , the question (that someone cried about on Meta) , advertised bad practice , which is why community too action
1:44 PM
and I need to go shopping :p
it something really does need closing etc, I have no problem with that.
it brings the view template but unformatted, checking firebug I got 404 on css/js files
but : I have to run
1:45 PM
I can view the files if I type the full url, not cake one
cheers, happy shopping :)
what's going on?
@petervaz mod_rewrite is enabled in apache right? Have you used this apache install before successfully?
also , the whole stackoverflow.com/questions/10880838/… should be killed with fire
there are post that are bad ... then there are post like this
@ircmaxell start here
1:46 PM
I just installed yesterday, fresh machine. 'ran sudo a2enmod rewrite', restarted and it states mod rewrite is enable.
but otherwise cant tell, I'm not much of linux guy
btw , i find it funny , that the mod who arrived to "take the channel to order" , has no clue about php himself
@MarcGravell: If you want to discuss it further, I'd be happy to...
@tereško easy there killer...
@petervaz which version of cake is it?
@ircmaxell well .. i think that part of the problem is not seeing WHY the comment was bad
1:50 PM
@tereško Would you rather I look at it and say I don't know what to do with all this circlejerking then?
@BenBrocka, I'm using 1.3 for this project, got the same problem on my project and a fresh install, that is why I think something is fishy on the config side =/
(Given that I'm apparently the highest-scoring mod answerer for for some strange reason)
any idea would be apreciated
@BoltClock , yes
@petervaz I've had that problem before...but I thought I had just forgotten to enable mod_rewrite. I don't think Cake requires any other configuration in apache
1:51 PM
@BoltClock can you say thanks to Kev for me for handling my latest flag please.
@tereško OK, well, I don't know nor do I care for the circlejerking here
@Gordon I'll pass it on :)
@php-chat maybe a read up about group think would bring some additional perspective into this whole thing too... I think this room tends to suffer from it a bit at times
@BoltClock thanks
@petervaz It's trying to reach the CSS in the /app/webroot/css folder, right?
That's where it's returning a 404?
@BenBrocka, you think the 'a2enmod rewrite' could be misleading? Is there anything else I could try to enable?
1:53 PM
Dunno about that, I'm on Win... that should work though. Do none of your .htaccess rules work?
it is trying to reach 'http://localhost/site/css/default.css'
Good afternoon
@petervaz that should be the right URL, doesn't sound like it's hitting the right folder though. If you change index.php in /app/webroot does the /site/ page change?
I don't know, it seems to be working otherwise. Never had a problem configuring this, that is why I'm lost
If I hit 'http://localhost/site' it brings the main page fine, just without css/js
@petervaz does it work with AllowOverride All? zedic.com/ubuntu-mod-rewrite.html
2:00 PM
Anybody has a meta link saying comments are not mandatory?
the current stars suck
Not me, but this comment meta.stackoverflow.com/questions/134581/… got +9. They hate us our cv-ring :(
@BoltClock it is fairly disappointing to see a SO mod present himself so unprofessionally. i think the circle jerk you're referring to is a collective group of programmers who are TRYING to make SO a better place for people to come and learn the right way. there are other forums that people can go to that do not strive to make their answers clear, concise, and RIGHT. isn't that one of the ways that SO separates itself from those subpar resources? (serious question)
@Donut :-)
was that the mods busily starring each other so that we would be left with something?
2:03 PM
I think @MarcGravell 's points are valid. people should a. comment when they downvote or b. upvote a comment that explains their reasoning behind a downvote. But I think coming in cursing up a storm about people who are genuinely trying to help is a bit over the top.
@BenBrocka, yeah, this info from zedic is different, going to try that for a while.
One can forget to leave a comment
@Donut one can forget not to be a jerk ;)
@hakre maybe we need to edit the tag description .. so that there are no people to insist some bullshit about architecture oO
@petervaz so you've seen the cakephp book's rules? Those should work...
2:07 PM
@CarrieKendall: Trying to make anything better in the wrong way does not justify the intent (obligatory Hitler reference here). What the regulars of this room do every so often is OK by the letter of the law, but for what it's worth I too find it not constructive. At times you could also attach heavier adjectives. Agree with you that BoltClock should strive to not offend with his words, but agree with him on the deep down.
And, yet again, Godwin is proved to be right.
@eggyal: liiiiiiiiiitle bit of trolling :)
Hello strangers, welcome to the PHP room.
You will be assimilated, resistance is futile.
@petervaz You've got the right read/write perms set up on the server too, right?
2:13 PM
@BenBrocka, I made it, I needed to allow override on the sites-enabled dir, which I didn't know because it is different from what I did before, also one of my .htaccess didn't came from svn and was missing.
@BenBrocka thanks a lot for your help
@MarcGravell I wonder how many of the downvotes on that answer really came from us in here, because I just checked it and I didnt dv it because it technically answers the question. Just because something is requested in here doesnt mean all of us follow that request. Unless db say different, we should get the benefit of doubt here, too.
@petervaz ahh, a missing .htaccess could do it. No problem
@Jon I think 9 times out of 10 there is ONE person to be held accountable. Not a circle jerk. Also, what both of you are referencing has little to do with the problem that i think @MarcGravell intended to address.
@Gordon .oO( I wonder how much (or not!) of an impact the "cv-ring" has, in real terms. )
@CarrieKendall: You mean there's usually a single abettor? I don't spend much time here, but if people take turns being this hypothetical abettor -- wouldn't then it be a fair assessment?
2:18 PM
cv-ring does have real impact
you misunderstand my insinuation :]
@ircmaxell any numbers for that? (I really don't spend enough time here [on chat] or on SO to say one way or the other)
@CarrieKendall: Could be, sorry for that. Anyway have to go so cheers everyone :)
@salathe no, but look at the cv-pls list, and how many of those were closed by members of this room ( a lot)
@salathe judging by cvbacklog we are doing quite good with closing stuff. its still fighting windmills though.
2:21 PM
Will we delete stackoverflow.com/questions/10880838/… or leave it to avoid further confrontation?
also, my star about the venus transit got overrun :[
In the end, there are no scripts to cv or dv or del-v. It still up to the individual voters to decide to do it or not. I don't have any problem with cv-pls or delv-pls. I think they are great concepts as it helps moderate by community. dv-pls I don't care for, because it's not moderation, but punishment. Instead, I prefer to just post the answer and let others decide what to do (flag, dv, etc)
@RepWhoringPeeHaa but it doesn't automatically cast the vote
@ircmaxell ofc not
2:23 PM
which is what I was getting at by saying there are no scripts
Ok, quiet now, we are being watched.
Everyone is always watch everywhere (George Orwell anyone)?
There is a lot of cool history with the transit of venus, especially considering Captain Cook's voyage for it, which took him to the east coast of Australia (at least if you are an Australian).
Could someone of you write a respone to meta.stackoverflow.com/questions/134581/… from our side?
Explaining why the answer was bad (not "useful") and why the action was appropriate
I'd do myself but got to go
@NikiC wokring on it
2:30 PM
@NikiC why justify it when its not even clear that it was us. i didnt dv it.
@ircmaxell i dont think downvoting is punishment. if an answer is clearly wrong, it should be indicated.
yes, but downvoting doesn't really indicate that. It just punishes the poster. A series of comments as to why it's wrong is far better than an arbitrary -1
mass downvoting just doesn't send the right signals, it may be theoretically ok
2:35 PM
I posted a quick answer:
A: I thought I posted a good answer

NikiCJust to complement Marc's answer from the point of view of someone who actually has some knowledge of PHP: The original answer (which was later edited) was correctly describing scoping in PHP, but proposed to solve the problem by importing global variables into the function. This is considered v...

feel free to edit
Q: Is there a way to prevent gang up downvoting?

bluefeetThis question is stemming from the post I thought I posted a good answer. This user was obviously targeted by chat users who didn't like the answer or disagreed with it and decided to down-vote without providing feedback, etc. I know this was corrected for this user but is there any mechanism...

this is in direct response to the "I thought i posted a good answer" question
A: I thought I posted a good answer

RepWhoringPeeHaaI was one of the people who downvoted your answer (as well as the other answer) as well as I am one of the regulars in PHP chat. Let's start with the why: because the answer basically is wrong. I mean the answer works, but it isn't considered best practice (understatement). The use of the global...

stackoverflow.com/questions/10898671/saving-record-mysql-php too localized, obvious mistake which renders useless as soon as discovered, see comment
A: I thought I posted a good answer

ircmaxellI think that this indicates a deeper problem with a lot of SO answers. The point of the site is not to help individuals, but to help the community. That's why the Not Constructive and Too Localized close-vote types exist. The power of the site is not in helping an individual, but in helping the c...

2:46 PM
so, maybe this room should abandon the dv-pls tag!
bunch of hogwash in Meta
A: Saving record mySQL PHP

Kamil DąbrowskiUSING SIMPLE QUERY. mysql_query('INSERT INTO spotted_maintenance () VALUE() ');

2:51 PM
So what's the criteria for downvoting mysql_* functions? always?
or only if the OP is clearly using something else?
@MikeB only if you downvote every other answer containing a (soft-)deprecated function or feature.
consistency is key then
@MikeB dont dv mysql questions. if anything i leave a comment about the soft deprecation
Of course.. it explains it to everyone and it doesn't cost me rep to downvote
Which begs the question.. why would I downvote deprecated questions/answers?
I didn't dv, but really, mysql_* depreciation is talked about a lot here...
2:56 PM
"I posted an answer that directly contradicts the number one rule of good programming. It was very poor advice. Now I really want my rep back." ... Really?
What's lost in that discussion is that the answer was TERRIBLE.
where's that comment?
its sad that people still have to write mysql_*, what is really sad is people who think they are doing the right thing using it.
@ircmaxell No, that's me putting words in the OP's mouth.
@Paul As I have said before you mostly cannot blame the people. Blame the many many bad resources on the internet about this topic
or mixing it with PDO which seems to be common these days.
2:58 PM
@RepWhoringPeeHaa And downvote the answers that would create MORE bad resources :)
@rdlowrey I am giving him the benefit of the doubt
the internet's memory is too long
@rdlowrey Oh if that burns you read this guys responses to what I had to say:
@rdlowrey I heard there is a tag for that ;)
I usually leave a comment accompanying a downvote, but if the answer is so obviously incorrect I hardly feel it's necessary.

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