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12:00 AM
In a way I hope that the current PSR-6 passes - as it will end the current school of thought of "MUST FOLLOW PHP-FIG" in most sane projects.
@Danack except it wont
I remain cautiously optimistic.
I want these emoticons here.
Where do I sign?
12:13 AM
Custom would be nice too.
We could make fun of people.
12:25 AM
yay, got the benchmark running at home :-)
on a different computer, so segfault still exists on other machine :-)
12:57 AM
Half of all Americans live in the blue counties, half live in the grey counties http://www.businessinsider.com/half-of-the-united-states-lives-in-these-counties-2013-9 http://t.co/4GNJOUV80S
I wrote a blogpost! Clicky: On Benchmarks
@ircmaxell Am I 1337 blogger yet?
1:12 AM
I think I have an allocation/deallocation problem
If you have a segfault, probably
nestedloop(12) - php:          0.16061401367188
nestedloop(12) - recki0:       1.52587890625E-5
nestedloop(12) - recki1:       1.2397766113281E-5
nestedloop(12) - recki2:       1.2397766113281E-5
nestedloop(12) - recki3:       8.6625417073568E-6
nestedloop(12) - jit:          0.0060552755991618
nestedloop(12) - hhvm:         0.013076623280843
nestedloop(12) - hippy-c:      0.013024727503459
sieve(30) - php:               0.1082558631897
sieve(30) - recki0:            INF
@AndreaFaulds no, because strcat() is thrashing memory allocations and memcpy
static inline void recki_if_recki0_strcat(long var1, int *validReturn) {
    reckistring * var11;
    reckistring * var10;
    long var9;
    zend_bool var8;
    zend_bool var7;
    long var4;
    reckistring * var3;
    reckistring * var2;
    var2 = recki_string_init("", 0, 0);
    var10 = recki_string_init("hello\x0a", 6, 0);
    if (var3 != NULL) {
    var3 = recki_string_copy(var2);
    var4 = var1;
    var8 = !var7;
| PHP 5.5.12-2+deb.sury.org~precise+1 | ReckiCT -O0 | ReckiCT -O1 | ReckiCT -O2 | ReckiCT -O3 | ReckiCT | HHVM - Array | HippyVM - master
simple() | 18215.68182 | 2.57955 | 1.14773 | 1.09091 | **1.00000** | 191.75000 | 991.22727 | 639.68182
simplecall() | 16281.71560 | 2.14679 | 1.84404 | 1.15596 | **1.00000** | 65.84404 | 339.0091
good night
1 hour later…
2:38 AM
@Danack I just pushed some updates in the amp dependency and tagged an artax 1.0.0-rc3. I'm hoping this resolves the issues you were seeing (though I can't say for sure without you actually testing it). Let me know how it goes for ya. Thanks. /cc @Fabien
Hello, I have to create a web application that consumes a restful api. The app is read only but it will be used by 10k users + every day. I am exploring using php as a solution but I have never used it before. I believe I would like to cache some of the data on the server so that the database will not get too much unnecessary traffic. Any ideas where a tutorial for this is?
2 hours later…
4:46 AM
Can anyone help me
Q: Invoke a function when file upload cancel is clicked in Jquery

JenzIn my project, I want to upload an image file. On uploading that file I am calling an ajax function and storing the details in the db. Below shown is my form with file input. <form action="campaign.php" method="post" id="upload_new_camp" style="visibility:hidden;" enctype="multipart/form-data">...

5:31 AM
@HendryTanaka you should not spread deprecated functionality anymore in your answers
you could at least only give the correct SQL and leave the mysql_* function out of it
5:53 AM
@CSᵠ Why?
because you're promoting deprecated functionality
what do you mean by deprecated?
deprecated can only mean one thing @HendryTanaka
@Danack bet he doesn't listen still ...
@JoeWatkins I think that function is working well right?
mysql is deprecated, end of story ...
6:02 AM
@JoeWatkins What's newest after mysql?
mysqli or pdo
@HendryTanaka open up the php.net page on mysql_query()
@JoeWatkins If someone out there already created a website using mysql_* function so what should they do? Rebuild from zero?
refactor ... also I get annoyed when people ask me questions they can answer for themselves ... I tell my kids off all the time for doing that ... use your head ...
@JoeWatkins Fine joe, just take it easy. It will take along time to rebuild it
6:07 AM
the internet is getting old, you should remember that
mysql wasn't deprecated yesterday, you have had plenty of time ... to complain that it's takes too long, years after the extension became deprecated is dumb ... to argue that it's better to keep using it, also dumb ...
@JoeWatkins Yo're right joe, sorry for annoying you
Btw. What is the suitable table type for using PDO transaction guys?
6:38 AM
The coding love
Intern taking notes
6:49 AM
what do you mean by that?
7:08 AM
good morning
@HendryTanaka Table type?
@SecondRikudo it sounds like "how to hack pentagon with visual studio 08" :) not even 12
@nikita2206 No, it sounds like "How do I hack pentagon with an orange unicorn?"
7:25 AM
good meurning :)
@rikudo read something in warning box here
@HendryTanaka it's called storage engine
@HendryTanaka InnoDB is mainly used when you need transactions
read more here
8:13 AM
@PeeHaa How are you investigative skills this morning? :P
8:29 AM
hey guys
how´s everyone today?
could anyone tell me if this peace of code is correct?:
 require "phpmailer/class.phpmailer.php"; //include phpmailer class

    // Instantiate Class
    $mail = new PHPMailer();

    // Set up SMTP
    $mail->IsSMTP();                // Sets up a SMTP connection
    $mail->SMTPAuth = true;         // Connection with the SMTP does require authorization
    $mail->SMTPSecure = "ssl";      // Connect using a TLS connection
    $mail->Host = "smtp.gmail.com";  //Gmail SMTP server address
    $mail->Port = 465;  //Gmail SMTP port
    $mail->Encoding = '7bit';
// Send To
$mail->AddAddress("recipientemail@gmail.com", "Recipient Name"); // Where to send it - Recipient
i tryied and tried and i always get the erros: could not authenticate
posted on October 23, 2014 by kbironneau

/* by Mitko Dimitrov */

8:54 AM
good mornings
@ThW Got a site with FluentDom that isn't picking up links on the page, can I bother you for some ideas as to why?
@Fabien Yes, I will have a small working lag however :-)
$links[] = \FluentDOM($html, 'html')->find('//a[@href]')->map(
            function ($node) {
                return $node->getAttribute('href');
9:02 AM
is_int((int)$_REQUEST['a']) is this correct, as in I want an integer, but parameters is passed trough url, so it's a string, thats why I want to cast to int and check the value again, but is this the way to do it?
ok, if you're not manipulating the document - the direct api will be faster and more flexible. eval.in/private/d9eebb1acbdda1
This finds 97 links
Ah fair enough, thanks.
This are the 97 links you're looking for? :-)
They are indeed. :)
Out of curiosity why aren't they picked up with the way I was doing them?
9:24 AM
not sure, I will have to check it
@Fabien: might be, that I did a mistake by making find() work more like the jQuery spec.
Well hopefully it's a helpful use-case or something.
Morning Dave
@Fabien strange, your source works for me
9:30 AM
did you do a var_dump() on links or used a loop?
It's as pasted above. Strange indeed. I guess not overly important as the code you supplied works fine.
9:42 AM
See also: HTML source
@DaveRandom lol :D
9:58 AM
@DaveRandom So glad I have my volume down at work :D
Oh does it have sound as well? Didn't realise that, would have tagged it :-S
I don't have any speakers on my work machine
I really do mind either, for exactly this reason
10:18 AM
@JoeWatkins so, this is probably not a fight I particularly want to start, but just offering up an opinion to kick around re. __toKey(): no more magic methods, more interfaces. For something like __toKey() an interface would IMO work better in terms of clean code (instanceof > method_exists). Stuff like magic property/method accessors less so, as they relate specifically to object internal functionality, but casting functions relate to external beheviours and therefore (IMO) an interface is good
I love that when you move a post you also move the stars
@BartekBanachewicz and it gets broken
@BartekBanachewicz Where can I order a copy?
10:31 AM
@BartekBanachewicz 3. It's not Javascript
@bwoebi nobody cares about javascript
@bwoebi Java(script)?
@DaveRandom from the author, I suppose
@DaveRandom eih, both
10:32 AM
@BartekBanachewicz is there a TL;DR version available ?
javascript sucks (shh, don't tell in the js room that I said this) :D
@jAndy lol
@AwalGarg TRAITOR !!!
JavaScript sucks! :D
No wait, C++ sucks more almost as much!
@Jimbo en garde.
someone move that javascript sucks message to javascript
10:33 AM
if you want some blood
Please !!!
I didn't think language debates could go downhill this fast
@Jimbo I would move that to the C++ room but I pissed them off a bit recently because I went there when drunk :-/
* misses powers *
10:34 AM
@DaveRandom move it to C++ room xD
@DaveRandom s/drunk/had just enough drinks to be able to discuss in the c++ room
@DaveRandom Haha, those guys are just upset they write with a crap language
@PeeHaa oh, your avatar changed
Ooooh @PeeHaa added more avatar decoration
10:35 AM
@PeeHaa Put your face on it with a sweeping brush
@Jimbo My face is not intarnet material. I mean c'mon you have seen it :P
@AwalGarg Haskell is not on that list :(
@BartekBanachewicz which means it is not a proper language
@AwalGarg The java can be an article
haha yes
10:36 AM
@PeeHaa Man, I saw 90% of the other PHP devs there. you're fine ;)
@Jimbo Here's the thing: I don't mind C++ that much (there are much more insidious evils) and I don't mind those guys. We take friendly-ish pot-shots at each other but I personally don't want to actually piss them off in case I ever need them to help me...
@AwalGarg I didn't know "proper" meant "is on that list"
@BartekBanachewicz you now know
Be yeah RE my avatar @wes created a holloween one, but I think it will always work
@Jimbo :D
@DaveRandom implying we will help even if you're friendly
10:39 AM
idk, you guys have actually been helpful to me in amongst the scorn before
I'm seeing too much love between PHP and C++ guys right now
So, about JavaScript...
@DaveRandom why would userland test for that interface ?
Amusement: Watching other developers work with dates and times.
I'm in a friendly mood atm. Probably because I wrote some VB the other day, so literally anything else seems like a win
@JoeWatkins Depends, what would happen if I tried to use an object that wasn't hashable?
10:44 AM
I'm still writing that C# thing that dynamically loads dlls, got a separate DLL just for the interfaces, it's actually really nice :-)
@Jimbo Go make love with @benjamin
you mean as an array key ? same as before ...
@Jimbo Wait, you have a DLL with nothing but interfaces in?
illegal offset warning
^ not handlable sanely
10:45 AM
that's what happens now ...
if you use any object ...
@DaveRandom Yes. This means it can be referenced by other devs and they know what they need to code to, so that when my dynamic dll loader kicks in, it can call all the stuff it expects
if (!$objectFromOutsideTheCurrentCodeUnit instanceof Hashable) { throw ... }
@DaveRandom HashTable. In PHP!?!?
Plus can type-hint for Hashable
Useful for a custom collection
no T @bwoebi
10:46 AM
misread, sorry
@bwoebi No, talking about interface instead of magic method for __toKey
I'm just throwing it out there, haven't though it all the way through
Also, Hashable is an arbitrary name I picked out of the air
I'm not sure if it makes sense to test for magic ...
we don't have interfaces for any of this stuff ...
that's the only one isn't it ?
Yes, but we also don't have a lot of the things that would make sense with interfaces (other cast types, for ex)
10:50 AM
I think we can let this be declared in userland if required ... there is nothing stopping userland defining the interface ...
Stuff like __get() and __call() doesn't make sense with an interface
we don't want it to be normal to have to declare that you implement a bunch of interfaces on any object you expect to behave normally ...
we could provide a default implementation ... but it can't have the same kind of contract as Object.hashCode ... so I'm not sure what to do there ...
@JoeWatkins Yeh but it's not "behaving normally", is it? Otherwise the magic method wouldn't exist at all, or would at least have a default implementation
we should have a default ...
draft ;)
we should have a default but ....
> As much as is reasonably practical, the hashCode method defined by class Object does return distinct integers for distinct objects. (This is typically implemented by converting the internal address of the object into an integer, but this implementation technique is not required by the JavaTM programming language.)
@JoeWatkins Yeh but without a common ancestor for all classes that's not really sanely possible
10:52 AM
if I do that, I'll get "you are leaking implementation details" ...
it's not intractable though, we can introduce a default ....
but not sure what it should look like and what kind of contract it should fulfil and so what kind of contract the programmer is expected to fulfill ...
@JoeWatkins spl_object_hash, really
That's the only sane thing to do for a default, IMO
@DaveRandom gross
I'm not saying it isn't, just saying that it's the only thing that would ever get accepted
11:02 AM
because impl, but also because coupling to some other ext seems horrible ... again I think best to leave the default implementation down to the programmer ... they can be coupled to spl if they like ...
I'm not sure if this is right place to ask question but i hope somebody will have solution.
Last night i was working on project and editing style.css Power gone off and pc was shut down. I turned PC again on and file i was editing was full of NULL blocks (when i open it with notepad++) and in editor is empty. What the hell?
@Stol3x No problem. Just revert back using version control
@PeeHaa There was no version control
There's your problem
i can't explain now why i didn't use it. is there any possibility it stayed in some xampp temp folder or what?
11:24 AM
Don't know, but I highly doubt that
The best I can offer is: "let this be a (hard) lesson"
if it's gone i gonna kill myself, or my boss will
@Stol3x Write down your will just in case. There is a pretty big chance you are going to need it
If you haven't opened the page in a web browser yet, you could try your web browsers cache. I like to have my dev server I preview changes from on a different "machine" (even if it's a VM on the same box) as it creates a sort-of backup of changes in progress.
i did. oh shit
So... who wants to help me debug how to bypass linkbucks.com/AV0Qd :) There's an XHR call which gets the end-url. That XHR call is a combination of a token + a value. The token can be found in the html quite easily and the value is just two JS vars summed. However even with the correct URL the call doesn't work :(
11:27 AM
@JoeWatkins May I kindly remember you, that there are still some issues waiting to be resolved? github.com/krakjoe/phpdbg/issues I'm currently busy enough with xml and phpng port…
damnit forgot about that @Fabien sorry :(
@PeeHaa Different site :)
ah :)
And no worries.
windows temp folder is empty
laravel cache is empty
browse cache is replaced now? oh shit, what now?
11:27 AM
@Stol3x production site?
is few days behind the localhost
Yeap. You're most likely fucked.
@Stol3x Cry in the corner. Or maybe cut yourself really badly so there's like blood everywhere and you have to go to hospital and hope the boss forgets about it by the time you get back.
chrome cache is full of null...
today was release day. fucking electricity, i gonna sue them
why even that happened? it shouldn't erase whole file ffs
Blame the boss for not investing in UPS's for all developers
11:32 AM
@Stol3x look in %userprofile%\Local Settings\Temp\N++RECOV
(if it exists)
Q: Does Notepad++ backup pre-edited files anywhere?

StanIf I've accidentally modified a configuration file using Notepad++, saved it, and then closed the file - is there any possibility that Notepad++ may have saved the pre-modified content in a temporary file somewhere? I need to recover the configuration file - any ideas how I can do this?

Also use version control
(although this is not a substitute for a proper backup, either)
Any ideas on this one @PeeHaa ?
@Fabien I'm kinda dicking around on my phone atm. While at the same time stuffing my face because client is paying. So no not really ;)
@Fabien I don't see the xhr?
11:46 AM
A: Calculate nearest hours to 00:00 in PHP

hek2mglThe answer depends on the date (not only the time). This is because of daylight saving time changes. For example might 3:00 being closer to 00:00 then 21:00 on the time where daylight saving time will set back hour.

Am I stupid that I don't get that?
@DaveRandom Chrome? Should be able to filter to XHR requests and it appears after 5 seconds.
@Fabien No I mean the code that invokes it
@DaveRandom The setup is around line 155
@Fabien Of the HTML or the external JS file?
11:52 AM
Hi Guys, I've been working on developing a search engine for my site (Attn Motorcycle Fans) but am having trouble
for example; On this page: classifieds.your-adrenaline-fix.com
If you type Honda into the search box you'll see there are lots of models to choose from / query against
typing something such as CRF 450 (Which is clearly in the results as you'll see after querying Honda
doesn't return anything
11:55 AM
Here's my query (Anonoymized)
$Q = "(SELECT * FROM table1 WHERE MATCH (Row1, Row2, Row3) AGAINST ('$Query' IN BOOLEAN MODE) AND ExpirationDate > NOW()) UNION (SELECT * FROM Table2 WHERE MATCH (Row1, Row2, Row3) AGAINST ('$Query' IN BOOLEAN MODE) AND ExpirationDate > NOW())";
but why won't it retrieve CRF 450 or any variants?
@Fabien Suggest something capable of executing the JS (i.e. PhantomJS)
Fair enough. Probably have to eventually. Shame I got through to getting the correct request...
@YourAdrenalineFix Massive SQL injection flaw...
@Fabien If you have got that far, are you adding the referer header correctly?
11:59 AM
How ya figure? Plus, I'm just trying to get it working, then I can sanitize
@DaveRandom Should be. I'll double check

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