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4:00 PM
@LeviMorrison I start thinking it's maybe just that someone is doing a large deployment :P
Time to use bitbucket!
@LeviMorrison I'm using it personally, no reason I should pay $7 to github for private repo :) I use github for work.
@tereško there is probably some merit to that comment
I hope they don't delete my repos :p
@tereško How about you
Have you visited a bar lately?
Or are you still on that beer-free curse?
4:02 PM
github down?
@I'll-Be-Back Yes.
@PeeHaa DocBook? :P
the tooth was removed 3 days ago
I was planning to buy github for private repo (for work use)
Not good now...
now the gaping hole needs to heal for ~2 weeks
then i will get drunk
4:04 PM
@tereško So you still are on that beer-free curse :P
@tereško Wish you a fast healing
and I hate you
Is there github alternative for private use, maybe hosted on my server?
@teresko liberal use of alcohol may in fact guard the wound from infection...
4:04 PM
@tereško ^_^
@I'll-Be-Back bitbucket
@I'll-Be-Back and if you want to host it on your own server, just use git, it can be a server as well
@Orangepill But I think the CO2 is the problem there.
Not the actual alcohol.
@MadaraUchiha There are non-carbonated alternatives to beer :)
@I'll-Be-Back gitosis, gitolite, dunno.
@Jasper Yes but with good web interface?
4:06 PM
1 min ago, by Madara Uchiha
@I'll-Be-Back bitbucket
What do you guys use for work?
12 secs ago, by Madara Uchiha
1 min ago, by Madara Uchiha
@I'll-Be-Back bitbucket
@MadaraUchiha no, because anything yeasty can cause festering and hard liqueurs will heat up deep tissue and can cause swelling
I don't like repeating myself much, @I'll-Be-Back
basically, i know a lot more about medicine then than you
4:06 PM
@MadaraUchiha LOL
@tereško than*
Probably though
@tereško than*
@I'll-Be-Back if you have a good client (which might be command line git, depending on your preferences) you don't need a web interface
@MadaraUchiha chat.stackoverflow.com/search?user=871050&q=transcript .. only about 90% of the time
@tereško dafuq?
When you search for "transcript" it shows you linked messages? :D
4:09 PM
Ah, because of the link, clever, clever.
@tereško that's all for a pulled tooth? Sucks. I'm glad I didn't have such restrictions when my wisdom teeth were pulled.
@tereško So 205 repeats, out of 23488 all-time messages
How's that only about 90% of the time? :P
@Jasper it wasn't the wisdom tooth , it was 6th on the bottom left
wisdom teeth are 8th
does that make such a big difference?
4:11 PM
actually it does , for several reasons
not questioning your knowledge, just interested
lets talk about php for a moment.
Go away.
@BenjaminGruenbaum you around?
4:33 PM
How do i know, whether my php application are running through mod_php or cgi in apache
I am using xampp on local
i just looked into phpinfo()
mod_php5 is loaded as well as cgi
@Rafee php.net/manual/en/function.php-sapi-name.php ? I haven't actually used it.
can we see in phpinfo
Is the only feasible way to use any generic-programming strategies in PHP to litter methods with if (!($arg instanceof $type)) throw new TypeException();? I know, square-peg/round-hole, but sane type-safety is a beautiful thing.
@ircmaxell What am I watching?
4:41 PM
@Danack Hold on, incoming 3v4l.
"incoming 3v4l"? All hands man your battle stations. Man your battle stations.
@Bracketworks countermeasures launched
Direct hit! Github down!
4:47 PM
Maybe I'm just naive but I don't really know why someone would want to DDoS github? Are the kittens evil and I just don't realize it?
@rdlowrey Blackmail?
I guess.
One reason for the kiddies is to see if they can. High profile target, pretty big, and assuming they have a reasonable protection which they deem satisfying to break.
An attempt to overload certain components and expose vulnerabilities => swiping private repos?
4:49 PM
@Bracketworks These kids and their lulz. If you're doing anything that's top-secret you definitely shouldn't be hosting it in a private github repo.
That'd be stupid.
Private repo on github is for privacy from the general public, not security.
How would DDOSing github allow anyone to access private repos?
It's a DDOS, not a penetration attack
@SweetieBelle Not a clue, just stream-of-conscious thinking.
4:52 PM
Putting 2000 people in a bank so that no one can get in and use it does not give you access to the contents of the safe.
@SweetieBelle No, but IIRC DDoS attacks in the past (not on github) have managed to expose vulnerabilities in services.
I think DDOS makes the server lazy to respond to http requests
i could be wrong though
@SweetieBelle I don't think that analogy translates perfectly, but fair enough
i'm regularly wrong about everything
4:53 PM
@Bracketworks A DDOS shouldn't help you find anything, it's just a mass-request. It's akin to crowding a building or forming a huge que at a checkout.
@Bracketworks It's not perfect, but it's reasonably accurate. I guess a better analogy is sending 2000 people to a buffet designed to serve 20. You can stop people getting any food but it doesn't mean you can get the recipe books from the kitchen.
They probably just said something the kids at 4chan didn't like...
@SweetieBelle Right, but when responses to high server load result in failed services, other dependent services may not failover/fallback expectedly. It's an edge-case for poorly designed architectures, but IIRC it's paid off in the past for some.
It's probably a notoriety thing 'Oh look we brought down github'.
@SweetieBelle I'd guess that.
isn't 4chan kindf so old @Jasper
4:56 PM
@Bracketworks Sure if they're relying on the request layer to prevent access instead of preventing by default and relying on the request layer to grant it, that could be an issue.
No one manage to DDOS google yet :P
Google servers are made of superman's ribs
@Simon_eQ I'm not calling them "The anonymous action group" (or even just anonymous)
@I'll-Be-Back Didn't Conficker DDOS Google in 2009?
4:57 PM
Hmm don't know
@SweetieBelle But did they manage to halt the servers?
@Simon_eQ I don't think they took the search down entirely but they slowed it to a crawl IIRC and took out Blogger.
One of the most fascinating hack I ever read about is, what happend to hpgary.
After that, I lost sense of the word security in general
4:59 PM
Don't think Microsoft has ever been truly DDOS'd
I wonder how long it took the web to invent the DDoS :P
Most impressive hacks are usually more to do with breaking social elements than breaking machinated security. Look at what happened to Cloudflare guy... some 14 year old got his social security and hijacked the whole Cloudflare DNS service and his private email accounts.
@igorw Good luck on the function import RFC vote. It's a good feature. Hope it's accepted (surely it will be).
But, HbGary was a security firm for US government agencies. Hacking the site designed to provide security of the highest caliber is something phenomenon. I realized that security is just non existing anymore. @SweetieBelle
If that site can get hacked. any site will
5:05 PM
@rdlowrey @salathe voted for it, so you know it's either going to get in by a landslide, or miss by a mile :-P
Anyway, time for me to go home
7.05PM :D
@SweetieBelle Using public wifi huh :)
how long do you need to ddos google? (i mean until their services fk up) :P
would anybody mind if i ask an SF type question here?
5:15 PM
@reikyoushin I think it depends on the number of PCs making the attack together.
@Simon_eQ serverfault
@Simon_eQ anyway do you have a vps?
No me. I know nothing of servervault.
@SweetieBelle I skimmed that; pretty nifty.
@reikyoushin had for one month
5:18 PM
@reikyoushin The topic goes for off topic questions as well (though the more off topic the bigger chance there's nobody who has the answer).
weird, I always thought it was servervault.
i suck at iptables.. i just need to know how to do these rules
was stuck on the firewall configuration part.. wiki.nikoforge.org/L2TP/…
FreeBSD is gay ...
I so want a PHP elephant, and ~$15 sounds good :)
I got 4 that I will pick up tomorrow
5:28 PM
how much is shipping to Canada? or no cross borders? :c
/me isn't shipping, they are for me :-D
why four??
because I want them :-D
two pink and two blue
@DaveChen one for office, one for sofa while watching tv, one beside home pc, and one on your bedside while you sleep.
in the space of one day it's like I travelled back in time 30 years, I've had to use spinlocks and now I'm considering implementing a mutex in assembly because bsd have done a half ass job, and have ignored complaints since at least 2001, probably before ...
5:33 PM
@JoeWatkins wow, that must have been quite the day :P
Wow ... look at this cult: thephpleague.com
> Members of The League follow the standards put forward by the PHP-FIG, follow the best practices detailed by PHP The Right Way and distribute all code through Composer.
@rdlowrey you're also supposed to use their namespace before they can accept your package
http://www.thephpleague.com/ I love the concept. I hate the elitist attitude. Can't we all be reasonable and inclusive?
5:37 PM
@Jasper Be careful. The PHP gestapo could be watching.
I misread it as the PHP-Plague.
thephpleague.com ... also known as "the minors." Any body good enough to play in the big leagues doesn't need a protective cocoon to pat them on the back and let them know they're not writing garbage code.
Just thought I'd check: there's 4 people in their irc channel. It's more than I expected, really.
And btw does anyone here ever read the php fig mailing list groups.google.com/forum/#!forum/php-fig ? The drama is magnificient!
lol 4 people ... any less and they would have to be the "phpfew"
5:40 PM
> but its rude because we've asked you not to
"We accept any packages into the group as long as they solve a valid problem, and follow the following rules: Use PSR-2, with League\ as the PSR-0 namespace." Lol - get to fuck.
@Danack I've unsubscribed for months
s/unsubscribed/been clean/
I don't understand how programmers can devote so much time to talking about code, rather than just writing code.
I spend a ton of time talking about code
5:55 PM
Sorry - meant more "talking about talking about how to talk about code" - e.g. the byelaws - groups.google.com/forum/#!topic/php-fig/qHOrincccWk
oh that, yeah, well. I guess that's just what happens when you cannot agree on a thing
Now that I got @PeeHaa's postal address I no longer wonder that he cant spell "morning" properly. He's basically living on a street with all letters garbled.
@Gordon lulz
6:07 PM
I had to read that street name very very slowly to understand it ;)
Yeah. It''s also pretty hard to find when being drunk :D
@ircmaxell those rules were a random draft I put together, its by no means ready for the internet. Somebody shoved a link on reddit.
but it IS on the internet!
You mean everything I put online without a password is public??????
6:10 PM
@PeeHaa depends on who you ask. The NSA will tell you everything is public regardless of the password
@webarto idiots!
@Simon_eQ I am not sure we wanted to know that detail about you ;)
6:13 PM
posted on August 15, 2013 by Anthony Ferrara

Yesterday I was asked a rather interesting question about presenting technical presentations. While I don't think my method will work for everyone, I feel it's a good thing to talk about. So here's my method, and some advice that I would give first time presenters: Read more »

7 messages moved to bin
For some reason that reminds me of the time I had to explain to my wife the difference between Unix and Eunuch
@ircmaxell epic
@webarto that doesn't look like an implosion to me...
6:23 PM
@ircmaxell seeing as it hasn’t even launched yet you’re judging something that doesn’t even exist.
@ircmaxell Is he talking about the PHP league thing?
more sports and then the bus. ouch.
@cspray yep, they're having a rather extended discussion about it
(extended in twitter tems that is)
6:26 PM
Yet another craptastic "best practices" article: corephp.com/blog/php-best-practices-that-you-must-follow/…
But, but...if it doesn't exist yet how is it on the Internet with packages associated to the group?
@ircmaxell Is 7 real?
> 18) Start Playing With Objects
Really? That's a best practice?
> 16) Try a PHP Framework
6:28 PM
@cheesemacfly not "never", but yes, that can be a performance concern
Really? That's a best practice?
Didn't know it would make a difference
You may use:

$password = md5($password);

$password = sha1($password);

But I personally think that no public encryption algorithm is fully safe and you must create your own algorithm to make things really difficult for hackers.
@ircmaxell ... really?! really?
6:29 PM
> Comments are closed.
I'm not convinced by 7 at all, count() doesn't count anything, the loop might change the size of the array, that's a stupid thing to call best practice ...
I never manage to read one of these all the way through ...
@JoeWatkins I know you aren't holding your breath but I'll eventually post some debug output to help with the pthreads issue I have hanging out. Probably this weekend. Just been busy.
Those panels really suck on that resolution :P
6:33 PM
@PeeHaa Is that the twilight theme? It looks nice.
Wish mine is like that
@Simon_eQ Almost every IDE / texteditor will allow you to import a theme
@PeeHaa hmm, new to me.
@rdlowrey sounds good, weekend is pthreads time really ...
@JoeWatkins It's interesting how 7 doesn't mention foreach. That actually does improve the complexity of the code (because of what php arrays are), not all that much in real world cases, but since it is clearer code too, it's a good idea to just stick to foreach when possible
6:38 PM
In case anyone is interested in that:
Sounds of Science: Live public talk w/ results from my 1st year on Mars. Aug 15 7pm PT (10pm ET, 0200 UT) http://www.ustream.tv/nasajpl
@ircmaxell FWIW I think the desire to form a League or to define Best Practises or a "right way" isn't a bad thing. The bad thing is the absoluteness in which they form that. You MUST do it that way and that is THE best way. But the idea is not bad. I've been thinking about creating a Community of Practise for PHP or rather webdevelopment for some time now. But it would be more in a Craftsmen way and less prescriptive.
that's my problem
Not the concepts, but the elitist attitude both portray
(if you don't, you're not doing it right, or you're not extraordinary)...
90% of password security tutorials
well, if it's elite, then it's okay. but if it's only elitist, then better do some killer elite.
anyway, "I kill you" @Gordon.
what do you say guys ... we prefix our names with Sir, like Sir @hakre.
6:45 PM
@webarto Very good idea Sir!
@hakre that is all best practise you want to kill me for ;)
we be leet!
we be dragons, Sir!
@webarto you're not leet if you dont spell it l337 or 13E7
It took me seconds to figure it out, I guess it must be md5
6:46 PM
C0dr 3l1t3
php is wack
@webarto yeah, I'ma call you dude, sir from now on
@Gordon sir, that is very kind of you.
@Cygwinnian sir, please watch your tone!
You heard me PHP is wack
Evented IO for the win
Notepad Avatar your life!
6:48 PM
@Cygwinnian no one needs node.js anymore. we got github.com/rdlowrey/Amp now.
my new anonymous nickname
Who needs JS on the server when everybody has it in the browser?
I like the Duality of the Sir and an at, Sir @webarto
6:50 PM
@Gordon at times it can be a day collection too though...
@ircmaxell absolutely
15 messages moved to bin
@Cygwinnian People don't realize it but PHP can do exactly what node does when it's used as a programming language. You can't do it as a web SAPI, but it works just fine in the CLI.
@PeeHaa how many bytes freed? :D
Crap I forgot to actually free it
6:51 PM
PHP is like some weird sort of JavaScript with jQuery built in!!!!
@Cygwinnian I take offense to that remark
@Cygwinnian you could definitely make some easy friends in room 10
The jellyfish, the inoffical mascot of jQuery. youtube.com/watch?v=aJUuotjE3u8
PHP isn't as bad as jQuery
From that crap link "Start Playing With Objects" reminds me of “But I try not to think with my gut. If I'm serious about understanding the world, thinking with anything besides my brain, as tempting as that might be, is likely to get me into trouble.” - Carl Sagan
6:52 PM
@ircmaxell yes, its worse.
sorry people
i shouldn't have bashed on PHP like that
but it is pretty half baked to me
for instance, you cannot do proper math in PHP. you have to install the v8 engine and then you can run jquery on the server from php
@Cygwinnian Like most things, if you know how to use it well it's extremely powerful. If you don't (and most people don't), it's crap. The same can be said for any tool.
@rdlowrey dont you dare insult my golden hammer!
6:55 PM
@Gordon I can do it without jQuery though: gist.github.com/ircmaxell/5273410 !!!
@ircmaxell not enough jQuery
@Gordon Of course, I use ext/v8 so I can write all my PHP applications in javascript jQuery. It's the only thing that makes sense.
@rdlowrey admit it. your Amp thing is really just a thin wrapper around node.js
Busted. So busted.
6:58 PM
:11267593 again? huzzah \o/
STAHP IT! I can't get anything done with smiley up there promising to do things in places he shouldn't.
@Cygwinnian ... if you really are doing development on cygwin then I really don't care what you think anyway. Use a real OS.
Oh snap.
And just in case that sounds offensive, it's not meant to be. Internet loses intonation :)
6:59 PM
Yeah @rdlowrey you suck
Only if you ask nicely though.
@LeviMorrison Cygwinnian does sound like Darwinian, though, so that's worth a plus in my book :P
Stupid internet losing intonation every freaking time
@Danack lol
@PeeHaa DocBook?
@Danack We need to get @rdlowrey some aloe vera for that burn
7:00 PM
@MadaraUchiha You are suggesting to stab my co-workers?
And that's not "the people who follow Charles Darwin's teachings", but these little guys:
yeah food is ready. brb
I am very feeling generous today, I'll probably spend 500reps in security.
@LeviMorrison I'm on an Ubuntu right now
I just like the name Cygwin
@Gordon huh? :-P
Q: Is Google spying on all of us?

Simon _eQI am curious because, I experienced something bizarre recently. About a month ago, someone asked me to find out a price for a T-shirt printing machine, and probably for the first time, I pressed these keys and started searching, searching, for long and many found many results only using through t...

@Gordon wait... WHAT?
@ircmaxell it's funny because Ruby has gems and there is a gem called Berlusconi (Ex-Italian Capo Prime Minister) who allegedly had sex with Ruby, the prostitute.
7:26 PM
Oh, so i need to format that message properly
@AbhishekGahlot yes, put code into a single message and press ctrl-k or the Fixed Font that appears after you pasted the code (and only the code; not some other stuff)
Oops that didn't worked too.
@Simon_eQ that's a well know fact. Google changes your search results based on your previous search results to make them more relevant. As for eMail, google believes you have no right to privacy in that regard. And yes, they do analyse your eMail purportedly to display ads but no one knows for sure.
7:32 PM
@Gordon they came forward and said that they would read your emails. They said that when you signed up.
    const MODE   = MCRYPT_MODE_CBC;
    const KEY    = 'Some key';

    public function encrypt($plaintext)
        $td = mcrypt_module_open(self::CYPHER, '', self::MODE, '');
        $iv = mcrypt_create_iv(mcrypt_enc_get_iv_size($td), MCRYPT_RAND);
        mcrypt_generic_init($td, self::KEY, $iv);
        $crypttext = mcrypt_generic($td, $plaintext);
        return rawurlencode(base64_encode($iv.$crypttext));
Ok , this, way, its fine . Can anyone tell me why this function give different encrypted value for same string every time it loads
Hi, can someone tell me what the reason is for using call_user_func_array() in this code?
it's supposed to
call_user_func_array(array($this, 'start_el'), $cb_args);
and please don't use code like that
if you need encryption, use a library like Zend\Crypt\BlockCipher
7:34 PM
Why wouldn't I do $this->start_el($cb_args) ?
@Dan why not look at the docs? It explains it quite clearly
I have looked at the PHP page on the function, but I don't know why and when to use it.
@ircmaxell fine, is this code vulnerable or something. I am not been into cryptography much.
yes, it is vulnerable
@ircmaxell how?? i didn't expect to get different encrypted values, but i want to.
7:39 PM
first, your IV is incredibly weak, leading to trivial information disclosure. Second, you're not generating a MAC. So it's vulnerable to tampering as well.
/me has to go
Great, thanks for the info.
@ircmaxell bye bye, :)
@Gordon I've used a callback function many times...my question is more about why this code is written like it is.
I need to change my OS ... There's a memory leak in my gnome-shell process and it gets hungrier and hungrier.
In other words, why does it need to be a callback, why can't you just call the method from inside the class?
7:46 PM
@Dan impossible to say from just that one line
Well, my knowledge of classes is minimal..
the method start_el is from the parent class, would that be a factor?
@Dan start_el sounds like it starts an element. maybe in an event parser parser or something. if it's event based, it's usually using callbacks on certain events. but like I said, impossible to say without seeing the context and the class code
Yep, it opens the tag for each item in a navigation. e.g <li class="dynamic">
But yes, I appreciate it's little info, thanks for looking at it anyway.
@MadaraUchiha am now
7:55 PM
@Gordon In your answer: stackoverflow.com/a/2055506/1443490 Would ($i / 3) be considered an unknown fraction, $i always being an integer?
@rdlowrey thanks. it's too early to tell. if it gets in, @ircmaxell will have to help me implement function autoloading.
@rdlowrey Try awesome as a window manager
@BenjaminGruenbaum Was going to suggest area51.stackexchange.com/proposals/36772/…
Hebrew Language and Usage is at commitment :)
@igorw I'd explode into a fine mist of happiness if we get function autoloading. I've been working on my C a lot lately and will continue doing so. Hopefully before too long I can help out with that sort of thing as well.
7:56 PM
@MadaraUchiha I committed, but honestly I don't think I'll participate much.
@cheesemacfly wut? Oo
@Gordon I have been struggling trying to understand what an unknown fraction means. For example, with $i always being an integer, is $x = (int)($i/3) correct or does it fall in the case where I shouldn't use (int)?

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